INCA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for INCA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "INCA" answer was first appeared in "17 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Peruvian of yore". It was authored by Sidney L. Robbins. Recently, the "INCA" answer has been used for "18 Aug 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Empire that functioned without money". It was authored by Kameron Austin Collins. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Ancient Peruvian (13)". "INCA" appeared 189 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "INCA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
18 Aug 2023 50D Empire that functioned without money Kameron Austin Collins
9 Jul 2023 53D Builders of braided fiber bridges Christina Iverson
2 Jun 2023 49D ___ Empire John Ewbank
28 May 2023 5A ___ Kola (Peruvian beverage partly owned by Coca-Cola) Chandi Deitmer and Taylor Johnson
15 Feb 2023 10A “Ruler,” in Quechua Sean Ziebarth
5 Jan 2023 14A To whom Mama Cocha was goddess of the sea Emily Carroll
3 Nov 2022 21D Ancient worshiper of Pachamama (“earth mother”) Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
28 Aug 2022 40D Sapa ___ (ancient emperor’s title) Ori Brian
24 Jun 2022 5A Creator of terraced agricultural fields known as andenes Sophia Maymudes and Margaret Seikel
15 Jun 2022 5A ___ Empire, a.k.a. the Realm of the Four Parts Rob Baker
28 Oct 2021 22A Worshiper at the ancient Qorikancha (“Golden Temple”) Alan Massengill
18 Jun 2021 6D People who built the Qhapaq Ñan, or “Royal Road,” which stretched roughly 3,700 miles Daniel Larsen
8 Jun 2021 63A Quechua speaker of old Christopher Adams
7 Feb 2021 16D Andean empire member Katie Hale and Christina Iverson
31 Jan 2021 91A Person fluent in Quechua Jim Hilger
26 Dec 2020 4A Creators of quipus, knotted strings used to record census data and other information John Guzzetta
7 Dec 2020 5A Old South American empire Barbara Lin
16 Nov 2020 25D Member of an early Andean civilization Jennifer Nutt
11 Oct 2020 7D Sapa ___ (title for Atahualpa) Gary Larson
1 Aug 2020 10D Worshiper of the goddess Mama Quilla (“mother moon”) Adam Aaronson and Paolo Pasco
25 Jul 2020 49D Speakers of Quechua Royce Ferguson
5 Jul 2020 58D Machu Picchu builder Laura Taylor Kinnel
14 Mar 2020 38A Member of an old Western empire Peter Wentz
26 Dec 2019 44A Early Cuzco resident Trenton Charlson
19 Mar 2019 44D Ancient speakers of Quechua Daniel Larsen
7 Feb 2019 33D Indigenous Peruvian Morton J. Mendelson
20 Sep 2018 11D Worshiper of the sun god Inti Sam Ezersky
15 Aug 2018 56A Machu Picchu builder Kathy Wienberg
31 May 2018 58D Inti worshiper Dominick Talvacchio
30 May 2018 14D ___ Trail (path in the Andes) Sande Milton and Jeff Chen
13 Mar 2018 68A Ancient Andean Carl Worth
3 Dec 2017 72A Early Cuzco dweller David Steinberg
23 Nov 2017 64A Smallpox victims of the 1500s Howard Barkin
15 Jun 2017 16A Sun god worshiper Richard F. Mausser
30 May 2017 1A Peruvian of long ago Neville Fogarty
16 Jan 2017 38A Ancient Peruvian John Wrenholt
21 Dec 2016 23A Ancient sun worshiper Jeff Chen and Seth Geltman
22 Sep 2016 21A With 5-Down, creator of 24,000+ miles of road before 1600 Jeffrey Wechsler
25 Jul 2016 40A Ancient Peruvian Kevin Christian
6 Mar 2016 110D ___ Empire David J. Kahn
4 Jan 2016 28D Ancient alpaca herder Herre Schouwerwou
17 Dec 2015 52D Worshiper of Inti David Kwong
3 Dec 2015 54D Sun worshipers Patrick Merrell
24 Jun 2015 14A Quechua speaker Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
9 Jun 2015 16A ___ Empire Roy Leban
11 May 2015 11D Early Peruvian Joe DiPietro
27 Mar 2015 50D ___ Empire David Kwong
18 Jan 2015 101D Early cultivator of potatoes Joe Krozel
24 Dec 2014 10D Conquistador’s foe Adam G. Perl
11 Nov 2014 15A Ancient South American James Mulhern
2 Oct 2014 14A Member of an old empire David Woolf
29 Jun 2014 119A Terrace farming pioneers Byron Walden
29 Mar 2014 50D Highlander of old Barry C. Silk
24 Feb 2014 56D Ancient Peruvian Adam G. Perl
4 Nov 2013 48A Ancient Peruvian John Lieb
27 Aug 2013 58D Ancient Andean Jacob McDermott
6 Aug 2013 10D Llama herder of old Lynn Lempel
1 Aug 2013 12D South America’s ___ Trail Timothy Polin
8 May 2013 57D ___ Empire (bygone domain) Bruce Venzke
11 Feb 2013 27D Ancient native of 45-Across Gary Cee
23 Dec 2012 107D People conquered by the Spanish Joe DiPietro
9 Sep 2012 56A Viracocha worshiper Kevin G. Der
15 Aug 2012 51A People who valued vicuña wool Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Jul 2012 3D Their empire was the Land of the Four Quarters Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Jun 2012 58D Ancient Peruvian Peter A. Collins
1 May 2012 19A Ancient Andean Zoe Wheeler and Aimee Lucido
18 Apr 2012 19A Victim of Pizarro Steven Riley
28 Mar 2012 16A Pizarro foe Joe DiPietro
4 Jan 2012 33D Resident of the ancient city Choquequirao Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 Dec 2011 59D Ancient Peruvian Gary Cee
18 Oct 2011 12D Machu Picchu resident Patrick Berry
28 Sep 2011 58D Machu Picchu builder Steve Salitan
11 Apr 2011 13A Ancient Peruvian Ian Livengood
31 Mar 2011 26D Member of a mountain empire Jeremy Horwitz and Tyler Hinman
23 Nov 2010 1A Native encountered by Pizarro Richard Chisholm
1 Nov 2010 7D Early Peruvian Holden Baker
10 Oct 2010 43A Cuzco native Patrick Merrell
20 Sep 2010 22D Machu Picchu resident Bernice Gordon
18 Aug 2010 33D Member of an empire founded by Manco Capac Alex Boisvert
30 Jul 2010 6D User of a record-keeping device called a quipu Kevin G. Der
18 Jul 2010 3D Quechua speaker Robert W. Harris
30 Jun 2010 22D Quechua speaker Kristian House
15 Jun 2010 60D Member of a Pre-Columbian empire Jill Winslow
2 May 2010 65A Peru’s ___ Trail Kelsey Blakley
16 Apr 2010 54D Old victim of the Spanish Eric Berlin
8 Apr 2010 3D Certain ancient mummy Matt Ginsberg
29 Nov 2009 21A Old alpaca wool gatherer Will Nediger
5 Jul 2009 118D Cuzco inhabitant Tony Orbach and Amy Reynaldo
2 Jul 2009 14A People conquered by the Spanish Elizabeth C. Gorski
1 Jul 2009 4D Atahualpa, for one David J. Kahn
11 Mar 2009 4D Ancient Peruvian Caleb Madison
11 Jan 2009 9D Member of an empire that ended in the 16th century David J. Kahn
14 Dec 2008 26D Viracocha worshiper Trip Payne
19 Oct 2008 118A Victim of Pizarro Joe DiPietro
27 Jul 2008 4D One of a people conquered in 1533 Mike Nothnagel and David Quarfoot
25 Jun 2008 43A Atahualpa’s people Rob Cook
3 Jun 2008 7D Pizarro foe Pete Muller
12 Mar 2008 32A Clive Cussler’s “___ Gold” Larry Shearer
17 Feb 2008 70D Atahualpa, e.g. Henry Hook
12 Dec 2007 57A Machu Picchu dweller Daniel Kantor
27 Nov 2007 66A Cuzco native Julie Ann Bowling
7 Oct 2007 2D Foe of Pizarro Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
17 Jul 2007 7D Old llama herder Natan Last
27 Apr 2007 13D Temple of the Sun worshiper Randolph Ross
19 Dec 2006 57A Ancient Andean Sarah Keller
5 Dec 2006 15A Machu Picchu builder Kenneth J. Berniker
27 Nov 2006 19A Ancient Peruvian Marlon R. Howell
30 Oct 2006 9A Early Peruvian Nancy Salomon
24 Sep 2006 10D Old inhabitant of 14-Across Mark Diehl and Kevin McCann
2 Sep 2006 54A Highlander of old Mel Rosen
25 Aug 2006 47A Sun worshiper David Levinson Wilk
10 Apr 2006 2D Ancient Peruvian Gary J. Whitehead
23 Mar 2006 60A Worshiper of the sun god Inti Ethan Cooper
12 Jan 2006 53A Ancient royal Kyle Mahowald
19 Dec 2005 19A Ancient Peruvian Richard Hughes
5 Dec 2005 6D Old Peruvian Gary Steinmehl
20 Nov 2005 26D No fan of Pizarro, certainly Patrick Merrell
14 Aug 2005 33D Ancient people Patrick Merrell
3 May 2005 27D Ancient Peruvian Gary Steinmehl
18 Dec 2004 53D Worshiper of Inti Dana Motley
30 Oct 2004 48A Candidate for mummification Byron Walden
18 Oct 2004 46A Ancient South American Steve Kahn
3 Jun 2004 57D ___ Trail in the Andes Mike Torch
27 May 2004 12D Andean ancient Cathy Millhauser
14 Apr 2004 64A Clive Cussler thriller “___ Gold” Randolph Ross
22 Feb 2004 75A Quechua speaker Nancy Nicholson Joline
19 Jan 2004 12D Ancient Peruvian Zach Jesse
18 Nov 2003 15A Early Peruvian Denise M. Neuendorf
5 Oct 2003 1D The ___ Trail (route through Peru) Richard Silvestri
24 Jul 2003 14A Atahualpa, for one Rich Norris
16 Jun 2003 28D Peruvian Indian Norma Johnson
30 May 2003 10A Temple of the Sun worshiper Patrick Berry
5 Mar 2003 15A Member of a bygone empire Tyler Hinman
11 Nov 2002 24A Ancient Andean Gregory E. Paul
30 May 2002 2D One conquered by the conquistadors Peter Gordon
3 Apr 2002 63A Machu Picchu native Fred Piscop
11 Dec 2001 69A Empire builder of old Peru A. J. Santora
25 Nov 2001 34A Son of the Sun Bob Klahn and Harvey Estes
26 Sep 2001 54D Builder at Cuzco Stephen Budiansky
20 Aug 2001 1A Peruvian of old Sherry O. Blackard
1 Mar 2001 15A Empire builder Nancy S. Ross
31 Aug 2000 43D Atahualpa subject Gene Newman
14 Jun 2000 43A Ancient Andean Nancy Salomon and Sherry O. Blackard
11 Jun 2000 77D Holder of ancient riches Nelson Hardy
30 May 2000 57D Victim of Pizarro Fred Piscop
13 Oct 1999 6A Machu Picchu builder David Levinson Wilk
4 Jul 1999 88A Machu Picchu worshipper Greg Staples
9 Jun 1999 51D Ancient Andean Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 May 1999 10D Member of a bygone empire Cynthia Joy Higgins
15 Apr 1999 2D Ancient terrace farmer Cathy Millhauser
30 Mar 1999 31D Cuzco-centered empire Randy Sowell
9 Mar 1999 40A Peruvian native Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
26 Sep 1998 3D Manco Capac, e.g. Jerry Ferguson
10 Sep 1998 15A Ancestor of the Q’ero Indians Christopher Hurt
5 Aug 1998 2D One in an old empire Patrick Jordan
24 May 1998 45A Pre-Columbian Peruvian Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
30 Apr 1998 60D Machu Picchu resident Kelly Clark
7 Apr 1998 62A One conquered by Pizarro Randy Sowell
6 Apr 1998 16A Early Peruvian Kenneth Witte
6 Mar 1998 27D Cuzco inhabitant Brendan Emmett Quigley
5 Nov 1997 21A Early Peruvian A. J. Santora
3 Aug 1997 31A Quipu maker Peter Gordon
28 Mar 1997 23A Bygone empire Jim Page
26 Mar 1997 18A Atahualpa was one Richard Silvestri
16 Feb 1997 64A Early empire builder M. Gaffney
6 Jan 1997 4D Andean of old S. L. Robbins
17 Dec 1996 35A Early Andean G. E. Paul
10 Sep 1996 50D Machu Picchu dweller G. E. Paul
22 Aug 1996 48D Early Andean R. Norris
25 Jun 1996 49A Machu Picchu resident Randall J. Hartman
14 May 1996 2D Old Peruvian G. E. Paul
30 Apr 1996 59A Machu Picchu builder G. E. Paul
3 Feb 1996 22A Atahualpa, for one W. R. Williams
31 Dec 1995 20D Machu Picchu native Bob Klahn
19 Dec 1995 49D One whom Pizarro encountered Marie Heller
20 Jun 1995 29D Old-time Peruvian Jon Delfin
24 Apr 1995 52D Early Peruvian Sidney L. Robbins
17 Feb 1995 60A Quechua Arthur S. Verdesca
16 Jan 1995 1A Pizarro victim Walter Covell
14 Nov 1994 22A Peruvian native Sidney L. Robbins
24 Oct 1994 50A Native of old Peru Sidney L. Robbins
16 Oct 1994 99D Quechua ruler Raymond Hamel
26 Sep 1994 4D Native Peruvian Sidney L. Robbins
7 Sep 1994 6A Pachacuti was one Cathy Millhauser
27 Jul 1994 3D Atahualpa,. e.g. Nancy Joline
23 Jul 1994 43A Indian name meaning “ruler” Randolph Ross
31 May 1994 50D Peruvian Indian Roger H. Courtney
18 Jan 1994 5A “Son of the Sun” Joy L. Wouk
17 Jan 1994 43A Peruvian of yore Sidney L. Robbins

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