LAB is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for LAB in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "LAB" answer was first appeared in "19 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Experimentation station (2)". It was authored by Stanley Newman. Recently, the "LAB" answer has been used for "8 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Word after chocolate or chemistry". It was authored by Daniel Hrynick. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Chocolate ___ (7)". "LAB" appeared 129 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "LAB" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
8 Nov 2023 50A Word after chocolate or chemistry Daniel Hrynick
10 Sep 2023 1D Titration station Adam Wagner
8 Aug 2023 30A Chem class component Zachary David Levy
30 May 2023 1D Place for experiments Kathryn Ladner
7 May 2023 31A Place to run some tests Will Nediger
30 Jan 2023 48D Place to wear goggles David Steinberg
14 Dec 2022 4D Place to conduct forensics Matthew Stock
16 Nov 2022 26D Word with chocolate or crime John Hawksley
2 Oct 2022 72A Most popular dog breed in the U.S., familiarly Kathy Bloomer
11 Aug 2022 23A Setting for part of “Frankenstein” David Tuffs
17 Jul 2022 74D Place to wear goggles Greg Slovacek
11 Apr 2022 1A Chemist’s workplace Rachel Simon
17 Feb 2022 30D Setting for the 1962 hit “Monster Mash” Aaron M. Rosenberg
25 Nov 2021 59A Chocolate ___ Chase Dittrich
12 Nov 2021 57D Where to fill a flask with alcohol Patrick John Duggan
4 Nov 2021 60D Test site David Steinberg
13 May 2021 59D Chocolate ___ Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
10 May 2021 45A Scientist’s workplace Zhouqin Burnikel
5 May 2021 42A Word with science or chocolate Bryce Hwang, Rahul Sridhar and Akshay Ravikumar
29 Mar 2021 19A Part of a chem class Lynn Lempel
11 Nov 2020 63D Most popular U.S. dog breed, familiarly Alex Bajcz
4 Apr 2020 42A Chocolate ___ Yacob Yonas
12 Feb 2020 40A Research facility Rich Proulx
13 Oct 2019 106D Place to wear smocks Erik Agard
20 Sep 2019 44D “Frankenstein” setting Luke Vaughn
17 Sep 2019 58A Something that may be chocolate-coated? Paul Coulter
6 Sep 2019 6D Setting in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Mark Diehl
12 Oct 2018 52D The International Space Station, e.g. Erik Agard and Bruce Haight
4 Jun 2018 5D Place for experimenting Zhouqin Burnikel
4 Jan 2018 27A Indoor place in which coats are worn Daniel Mauer
29 Aug 2017 35A Word before coat or rat Adam G. Perl
24 Aug 2017 11D Chocolate ___ Neil Patrick Harris and David Steinberg
12 Jun 2017 59D Chemist’s workplace Dan Margolis
21 May 2017 87D Test site Randolph Ross
7 May 2017 112D Test site Natan Last, Finn Vigeland and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
2 Apr 2017 57D Where cultures thrive? Jerry Miccolis
6 Mar 2017 22A Component of a science course Susan Gelfand
27 Dec 2016 30D Research site Herre Schouwerwou
8 May 2016 105A Chocolate ___ David J. Kahn
8 Feb 2016 21A Setting for much of “Breaking Bad” Paolo Pasco
18 Oct 2015 68A Where safety goggles may be worn Dan Schoenholz
25 Aug 2015 19A Chem class site John E. Bennett
24 Nov 2014 59D See 58-Down Robert Seminara
11 Jun 2014 48A Part of a science credit Ian Livengood
24 May 2014 52D Media ___ Peter Wentz
9 Jan 2014 39D Experiment site Caleb Emmons
6 Jun 2013 42D Chem class may have one James Tuttle
16 Apr 2013 51D Photo ___ Peter Broda
3 Feb 2013 95A Chem ___ Dan Schoenholz
28 Jan 2013 32D Experiment site Jaime Hutchison and Victor Fleming
19 Dec 2012 60D “CSI” setting Mike Buckley
10 Nov 2012 60D Chocolate ___ David Quarfoot
4 Oct 2012 48A Place for a particle accelerator Bill Thompson
24 Apr 2012 4D Experimentation station Adam G. Perl
5 Apr 2012 53D Testing zone Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Dec 2011 37D Part of many a science course Elizabeth C. Gorski
14 Dec 2011 22D “Chocolate” dog Tim Croce
6 Nov 2011 71D Photo developer Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Jun 2011 62D Chem class component Lynn Lempel
21 Jan 2011 26A Chocolate ___ Pete Mitchell
2 Aug 2010 56D “Chocolate” dog Diane Baker van Hoff
9 Jun 2010 60D Science course requirement, maybe Gary Whitehead
3 Mar 2010 59D Part of many a psych course Peter A. Collins
4 Aug 2009 26A Where to run some tests Alan Arbesfeld
16 Sep 2008 10D “Chocolate” dog Michael Langwald
11 Aug 2008 16A Experiment site Thomas Heilman
4 Jun 2008 23A Experiment site Billie Truitt
28 Sep 2007 1D Distillation location Harvey Estes
5 Sep 2007 28D Part of a science course Richard Silvestri
22 Apr 2007 87D Inventor’s place Victor Fleming
10 Mar 2007 47A Part of a certain college course Patrick Berry
5 Nov 2006 111A F.B.I. facility Derrick Niederman
24 Aug 2006 55D Test site Gary Steinmehl
9 Jul 2006 80D Research center Patrick Berry
20 Jun 2006 23A Pharmaceutical facility Steve Salmon
23 Apr 2006 1D Buddy of the Clintons, e.g. Joe DiPietro
19 Mar 2006 29D Family pooch Michael Shteyman
11 Jan 2006 53A Test site Mel Rosen
3 Jan 2006 39D Family dog, for short Lynn Lempel
25 Nov 2005 32A Photo ___ Joe DiPietro
17 Aug 2005 61D Dr. Frankenstein’s workplace Kyle Mahowald
9 Aug 2005 38A Family dog, for short Victor Fleming
26 Jul 2005 34A Science class feature Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
6 Jul 2005 39A Popular family dog, familiarly Raymond Hamel
13 Jun 2005 58A Chem class Earl W. Reed
7 Feb 2005 59D Research room Gordon Seaberg
2 Dec 2004 58A Science center Patrick Berry
31 Aug 2003 82D Maze site, maybe Fred Piscop
3 Aug 2003 6D The Clintons’ Buddy, e.g. Jim Page
24 Jul 2003 57D Part of a science course Rich Norris
19 Jul 2003 63D Where to find some solutions Bob Peoples
12 Jul 2003 51D Big pooch Manny Nosowsky
6 Jan 2003 61D Place for beakers Sarah Keller
2 Sep 2002 1D Chem class Norma Johnson and Nancy Salomon
7 Aug 2002 58A Test site Randolph Ross
1 Apr 2002 52A Certain retriever, briefly Roger Barkan
1 Apr 2002 23D Igor’s place Roger Barkan
23 Jan 2002 58A Test locale Alan Arbesfeld
19 Dec 2001 32A Rat’s place Don West
5 Apr 2001 59D See 60-Down Cathy Millhauser
12 Feb 2001 5D See 58-Down Gregory E. Paul
16 Apr 2000 2D You may see a reaction in one Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Mar 2000 44A Place with microscopes Gregory E. Paul
24 Dec 1999 26D Kind of coat Brendan Emmett Quigley
20 Dec 1999 64D Chemist’s workplace Nancy Salomon
16 Dec 1999 62D Family dog, for short Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
21 Feb 1999 114D Big pooch Fred Piscop
24 Jan 1999 48D Photo ___ Robert Malinow
27 Mar 1998 59D Film processing place Alan Jay Weiss
15 Mar 1998 49A Where Jekyll became Hyde Frank Longo
8 Dec 1997 45D Inventor’s workplace Mary E. Brindamour
6 Dec 1997 48A Retriever, for short David J. Kahn
20 Oct 1997 45A Physicist’s workplace Peter Gordon
7 Sep 1997 12D Testing site Randolph Ross
21 Aug 1997 64D Test place Martin Ashwood-Smith
15 Apr 1997 34A Science shop Jonathan Schmalzbach
8 Apr 1997 60D Part of a science class Fred Piscop
12 Sep 1996 58D Science course requirement K. Hodge
21 May 1996 58D Rat-racing room, for short J. Schmalzbach
12 Nov 1995 12D Chem. classroom Randolph Ross
8 Nov 1995 18D Big dog, familiarly Glenn E. Sykes
2 Jul 1995 41A Trial locale Alex K. Justin
28 Apr 1995 61D Etna locale Rich Norris
6 Dec 1994 22A Research room Wayne Robert Williams
9 Sep 1994 9D Dog, for short Bob Klahn
10 Jul 1994 55A Test site Alvin Chase
27 Jun 1994 9D Big, friendly dog, for short Wayne Robert Williams
18 Mar 1994 62D Retriever, informally Mark Diehl
19 Jan 1994 55A Experimentation station Stanley Newman

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