LAP is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for LAP in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "LAP" answer was first appeared in "15 Mar 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Appearance at a sit-down?". It was authored by David J. Kahn. Recently, the "LAP" answer has been used for "14 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Kid’s seat on Santa". It was authored by Matthew Linzer. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Once around the track (9)". "LAP" appeared 136 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "LAP" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
14 Nov 2023 12D Kid’s seat on Santa Matthew Linzer
23 May 2023 57D Napkin’s place Lee Taylor
25 Apr 2023 67D Once around the track Grant Boroughs
24 Apr 2023 14A Drink like a cat … or a place for a cat Emily Carroll
20 Mar 2023 15A Place to lay a napkin Adam Vincent
9 Mar 2023 54A Unsafe car seat? Simeon Seigel
24 Feb 2023 17A It’s 328 feet in an Olympic-size pool Margaret Seikel and Sophia Maymudes
24 Sep 2022 35A Equivalent of 400 meters, often Martin Ashwood-Smith
9 Sep 2022 35D Unit in Mario Kart games Brandon Koppy
31 May 2022 24A Napkin holder Sam Buchbinder and Brad Wilber
29 May 2022 79A Drink (up) Daniel Bodily and Jeff Chen
1 Mar 2022 63A Once around the track Lisa Senzel and Jeff Chen
18 Jan 2021 58D Drink like a cat Jeff Stillman
12 Dec 2020 44A Drink, in a way Sid Sivakumar and Brooke Husic
1 Oct 2020 43A Spot for a napkin Adam Fromm
27 Sep 2020 80D Where crumbs might accumulate during a meal Alex Eaton-Salners
25 Sep 2020 36D Something you can’t have while standing up Rachel Fabi
18 Sep 2020 56D Race unit Anne and Daniel Larsen
9 Sep 2020 62D Length of a 400-meter run Jakob Weisblat
28 Jun 2020 26D Lick (up) Jon Schneider and Anderson Wang
21 Jun 2020 37A Pool unit Byron and Harrison Walden
26 Apr 2020 96D ___ dog Royce Ferguson
20 Apr 2020 1A Once around the track Lynn Lempel
2 Dec 2019 28A Place to set a baby or a napkin Lynn Lempel
30 Sep 2019 1D You need to sit down for this Lynn Lempel
13 May 2019 1A Drink, as water from a dish Gary Larson
3 Mar 2019 81A Individual’s segment of a 4 x 400 relay Tony Orbach and Andrea Carla Michaels
19 Feb 2019 55A Place for a baby David Alfred Bywaters
17 Feb 2019 114D Length of a pool and back David Kwong
1 Oct 2018 7D Once around the track Chuck Deodene
14 Jun 2018 16D Place for a grandchild, maybe Joe Krozel
27 Mar 2018 56D Baby sitter? Peter Koetters
26 Mar 2018 61D One of 200 in the Indy 500 Andy Kravis
20 Jan 2018 16A Spot for Spot Alex Vratsanos
7 Dec 2017 11A Circuit Dan Schoenholz
16 Nov 2017 59D Something you have in a chair Alex Eylar
30 Sep 2017 54D Pass on a track Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
17 Sep 2017 85A Child’s seat, maybe Mark MacLachlan
6 May 2017 22A It disappears after rising Joe DiPietro
30 Jan 2017 65A Swimming unit Zhouqin Burnikel
18 Jan 2017 43D Place for a grandchild, maybe Matthew Sewell
20 Dec 2016 12D Trip around the track Timothy Polin
10 Oct 2016 42A Spot for a cat Patrick Merrell
4 Oct 2016 60D Once around the track Sam Buchbinder
22 Aug 2016 34D Pool unit Emily Carroll
21 Aug 2016 25A Nascar unit Kathy Matheson and Jeff Chen
16 Jun 2016 19A Total revolution Timothy Polin
2 Mar 2016 42D Cat’s seat, maybe Fred Piscop
16 Jan 2016 52A What nobody can stand to make? Sean Dobbin
22 Sep 2015 20A One mile, at Churchill Downs Victor Barocas and Tom Pepper
30 Aug 2015 23A One time around Lee Taylor
5 Mar 2015 54A Race unit Jim Peredo
23 Aug 2014 18D User’s circuit Timothy Polin
18 Jun 2014 54A Napkin’s place Amy Johnson
27 May 2014 6D Drink like 5-Down James Tuttle
13 Oct 2013 57A Cat’s resting place, maybe Jeff Chen
11 Sep 2013 15A Word before dog or dance Patrick Blindauer
21 Jun 2013 4D Sitting formation Michael Sharp
21 Feb 2013 69A What cats and waves do Paul Hunsberger
16 Sep 2012 82D Common place for something to drop David Steinberg and Barry Haldiman
31 Jul 2012 65D Drink like a cat Michael Sharp
23 Jul 2012 47D Swimming unit Lynn Lempel
2 Feb 2012 28A Accept eagerly, with “up” Stu Ockman
13 Nov 2011 23D Come full circle? Jeremy Newton and Tony Orbach
14 Jul 2011 25D What cats do … or sit on Brendan Emmett Quigley and Ian Livengood
3 Apr 2011 74A Seat for toddlers Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg
22 Mar 2011 56D Swimmer’s workout unit Albert R. Picallo
20 Mar 2011 4D Down, with “up”? Brendan Emmett Quigley
7 Feb 2011 23A ___ of luxury Lynn Lempel
20 Dec 2010 60D Napkin’s place Donna Hoke
7 Jun 2010 41A Place for a baby to sit Lynn Lempel
30 Apr 2010 23A Heat unit? Natan Last
8 Mar 2010 37A Once around the track Stanley Newman
30 Dec 2009 40D Michael Phelps workout unit Adam Cohen
27 Jun 2009 53D You could stand to lose it Trip Payne
19 Jun 2009 59D Provider of PC support David Levinson Wilk
21 Jan 2009 56A Talladega unit Fred Piscop
9 Jun 2008 53D Once around the track Paula Gamache
9 Apr 2008 23A Place for a housecat Daniel Kantor and Jay Kaskel
14 Jan 2008 39A Once around a track Robert Dillman
17 Dec 2007 41A Napkin’s place Richard Chisholm
11 Nov 2007 125D Child seat? Alan Arbesfeld
23 Aug 2007 60D Race unit Joe Krozel
6 Aug 2007 63D Nascar unit Allan E. Parrish
15 Jul 2007 27A Complete circuit Patrick Berry
18 May 2007 57A Area of responsibility David Quarfoot
2 Feb 2007 59A Spot for Spot? David J. Kahn
13 Sep 2006 36D Big lead in a race Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
28 May 2006 41D Baby’s resting spot Timothy Powell
27 Jan 2006 56D Sometime PC supporter Sherry O. Blackard
29 Dec 2005 35A Familiar place for a cat David Pringle
24 Jul 2005 88A Sitter’s acquisition Frank Longo
16 Jul 2005 10D Circuit Michael Shteyman
25 Apr 2005 13D Once around the track Alison Donald
10 Feb 2005 58A Place for many a PC Frank Longo
30 Dec 2004 53D Drink from a dish Kyle Mahowald
6 Nov 2004 22A Clipboard alternative Kyle Mahowald
3 Aug 2004 51A Race unit Roy Leban
11 Apr 2004 115D One can’t stand having this Patrick Merrell
4 Aug 2003 18D Napkin’s place Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
3 Aug 2003 113D Baby seat? Jim Page
8 Mar 2003 20A Baby seat, say Patrick Berry
8 Dec 2002 91D Small dog’s spot Peter Gordon
20 Aug 2002 5D Pool distance Bob Peoples
27 Nov 2001 22D Drink like a dog Ed Early
8 Aug 2001 12D 1/4 mile, maybe Sam Bellotto Jr.
6 Jul 2001 29A Area of responsibility Brendan Emmett Quigley
10 Dec 2000 55A Computer site Rich Norris
2 Nov 2000 56D Napkin holder Henry Hook
16 Apr 2000 69A Computer support, sometimes Elizabeth C. Gorski
24 Jan 2000 35A Napkin’s place Randall J. Hartman
29 Dec 1999 61D Luxurious place? Robert O. Dillman
24 Dec 1999 58A You stand to lose it Brendan Emmett Quigley
19 Jul 1999 30A Race unit Gregory E. Paul
2 Jun 1998 8D Napkin’s place Elizabeth C. Gorski
11 May 1998 31A Once around the track Gregory E. Paul
19 Apr 1998 105D Spot for a computer Rich Norris
26 Mar 1998 33A Work surface, sometimes Cathy Millhauser
29 Jan 1998 22A What you stand to lose? Frances Hansen
20 Jan 1998 35A Dog’s drink, or resting spot Randall J. Hartman
5 Nov 1997 1D Full circle A. J. Santora
15 Aug 1997 45A Get up and it’s gone Joe DiPietro
10 Jun 1997 60D Drink like Fido Fred Piscop
2 May 1997 25A Grandchild’s seat Matthew L. Jones
9 Apr 1997 20A Napkin’s place Norman S. Wizer
2 Apr 1997 33A Drink from a dish Mark Elliot Skolsky
22 Mar 1997 64D One round Rich Norris
8 Mar 1997 60A Word with top or dog Rich Norris
10 Oct 1995 31A Race part Janet R. Bender
10 Jul 1995 28A Drink cat-style Sidney L. Robbins
17 Apr 1995 28D In the ___ of luxury Kenneth Witte
6 Apr 1995 51A Soft splashing sound Lois Sidway
18 Dec 1994 32A Napkin holder Manny Nosowsky & Bob Klahn
23 Aug 1994 30A Drink cat-style Peter Gordon
28 May 1994 8D You can’t stand for this Gerald R. Ferguson
15 Mar 1994 45D Appearance at a sit-down? David J. Kahn

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