LEASE is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for LEASE in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "LEASE" answer was first appeared in "6 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Safe deposit box item". It was authored by Arthur S. Verdesca. Recently, the "LEASE" answer has been used for "7 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Rental contract". It was authored by Rebecca Goldstein. "LEASE" appeared 77 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "LEASE" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
7 Dec 2023 14A Rental contract Rebecca Goldstein
26 Aug 2022 48D See 47-Down Robert Logan
11 Mar 2021 37A What might come with a flat fee Leslie Rogers
7 Feb 2021 123A It may need to be broken to move Katie Hale and Christina Iverson
14 Jan 2021 4D What a letter needs Aimee Lucido and Ella Dershowitz
17 Dec 2020 63A Rent Kathryn Ladner
6 May 2020 30D Rental agreement Ali Gascoigne
24 Dec 2019 20A Renter’s contract Alex Eaton-Salners
14 Sep 2019 20A See 12-Down Peter A. Collins
8 Sep 2019 109D Auto dealer’s offer Joe DiPietro
11 Oct 2018 43A Home pages? Johanna Fenimore and Jeff Chen
15 May 2017 14D Car deal that’s not a purchase Peter Gordon
8 May 2017 47A Auto deal for nonbuyers Zhouqin Burnikel
14 Sep 2016 42D Paper for a pad Dan Schoenholz
15 Mar 2016 5D Alternative to buy Gordon Johnson
29 Nov 2015 33A You may leave when it’s up Alex Vratsanos
11 Oct 2015 27D Focus of urban renewal? David J. Kahn
8 Oct 2015 42A Auto option Stu Ockman
17 Sep 2015 3D Charter Timothy Polin
6 Aug 2015 67A Many a one-year agreement Gary Cee
10 May 2015 107D It might have an escalator Jacob Stulberg
24 Aug 2014 62D Letter arrangement? Patrick Berry
21 Jun 2014 40A Home pages? Brad Wilber and Byron Walden
27 Jan 2014 20A Renter’s document James Tuttle
22 Apr 2013 20A Apartment dweller’s agreement Allan E. Parrish
4 Nov 2012 24A Fixed-term agreement Brendan Emmett Quigley
10 Aug 2012 10D 16-Across agreement John Lampkin
5 Apr 2012 44D It has terms regarding a term Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Oct 2011 32D Tenancy document Dan Feyer
5 Jul 2011 67A Alternative to purchase Andrea Carla Michaels and Johanna Fenimore
13 Mar 2011 98D Car dealer’s offering Patrick Berry
18 Feb 2011 48A Take temporarily Patrick Berry
16 Nov 2009 15A Rent James Mulhern and Ashton Anderson
16 Aug 2009 56D Housing arrangement Randolph Ross
29 May 2009 56A Flat piece of paper? Randolph Ross
5 Sep 2007 69A Pad paper? Richard Silvestri
22 Jan 2007 21A Renter’s agreement C. W. Stewart
17 Jun 2006 50A Flat arrangement? Robert H. Wolfe
10 Jan 2006 7D Place for a renter’s signature David J. Kahn
17 Jan 2005 32A Rent Alison Donald
26 Dec 2004 34D Car dealer’s offering Hal Turner
27 Nov 2004 46A It can put you in your place Byron Walden
2 Feb 2004 43D Renter’s paper Gregory E. Paul
15 Jun 2003 105D Not buy, maybe Cathy Millhauser
26 Feb 2003 14A Take for a while Greg Staples
28 Jul 2002 120A Document from a letter Nelson Hardy
5 Jun 2002 26D Flat agreement Richard Silvestri
27 Mar 2002 46D Take temporarily Sarah Keller
12 Mar 2002 26D Rent Sarah Keller
31 Aug 2001 60A Car document Elizabeth C. Gorski
12 Aug 2001 68D Charter Nancy Nicholson Joline
5 May 2001 40A Let Randolph Ross
18 Feb 2001 17D Auto dealer’s offer David J. Kahn
10 Dec 2000 52A Alternative to buy Rich Norris
7 Oct 2000 28A A letter provides one Chuck Menning
10 Sep 2000 32A Car dealer’s offering Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Jul 2000 16D Where security is discussed David J. Kahn
9 Jul 2000 50A Take for a while Manny Nosowsky
17 Oct 1999 168A Pad paper? Bob and Sharon Klahn
13 Jan 1999 60A Co-op contract Richard Silvestri
9 Jan 1999 44D Paper for a pad Harvey Estes
15 Oct 1998 7D Buy alternative David J. Kahn
17 Aug 1998 44A Lend-___ Act Gregory E. Paul
30 Jul 1998 64A This might give you a flat Rich Norris
30 Mar 1998 68A Renter’s paper Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Aug 1997 55D Pay for monthly Chuck Deodene
11 Jul 1997 51D Letter paper? Bob Klahn
27 Jan 1997 48A Contract with a car dealer F. Piscop
25 Nov 1996 46D Renter’s paper M. Huret
13 May 1996 63A Landlord’s paper S. L. Robbins
21 Mar 1996 36D Certain car deal H. Estes
28 Nov 1995 30D Let Norman S. Wizer
19 Jul 1995 55D Renter’s contract Nancy S. Ross
16 Jul 1995 41D Business owner’s paper Naomi Geller Lipsky
17 Apr 1995 27D Alternative to purchase Kenneth Witte
27 Sep 1994 43D Rent Eileen Lexau
6 Feb 1994 116A Safe deposit box item Arthur S. Verdesca

Here you get LEASE answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If LEASE will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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