LEO is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for LEO in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "LEO" answer was first appeared in "22 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Name of 13 popes (2)". It was authored by Fred Piscop. Recently, the "LEO" answer has been used for "4 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Summer zodiac sign (3)". It was authored by Sean Ziebarth. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Sign of summer (14)". "LEO" appeared 230 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "LEO" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
4 Dec 2023 38A Summer zodiac sign Sean Ziebarth
22 Nov 2023 20D Constellation whose mane and shoulders are known as “the Sickle” Will Pfadenhauer
28 Aug 2023 63D One of three fire signs, with Aries and Sagittarius Brian Callahan
10 Aug 2023 40A Anyone born in late July or early August Natan Last and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
8 Feb 2023 15A One of the fire signs Chase Dittrich
5 Dec 2022 17A Only three-letter zodiac sign Tracy Gray
15 Oct 2022 57D “Titanic” co-star, familiarly John Hawksley
9 Oct 2022 111D Soccer star Messi, familiarly Jessie Trudeau and Ross Trudeau
19 May 2022 55A Constellation next to Ursa Major Alex Rosen
8 May 2022 90A Certain summer baby Matthew Stock and Chandi Deitmer
20 Mar 2022 70D Soccer star Messi, to fans Brad Wiegmann
13 Feb 2022 63A Fifth sign David Steinberg
31 Oct 2021 55D One of the fire signs Alex Eaton-Salners
7 May 2021 24A Constellation that Regulus is part of Brooke Husic
15 Mar 2021 2D Zodiac sign before Virgo Philip K. Chow
6 Feb 2021 1A First name in Russian literature Kameron Austin Collins
22 Dec 2020 60D Sign before Virgo Amy Yanni and Jeff Chen
16 Nov 2020 15A Writer Tolstoy Jennifer Nutt
8 Nov 2020 103A Sign of summer Evan Kalish and Caitlin Reid
29 Oct 2020 26A Sign before Virgo Kurt Weller
19 Aug 2020 23A Passionate sort, it’s said Brandon Koppy
26 Jul 2020 37A Regulus is its brightest star Trenton Charlson
24 Jun 2020 65A Jed’s adviser on “The West Wing” Joe Deeney
8 Jun 2020 34A Only three-letter sign of the zodiac Kyle Dolan
9 Dec 2019 8D Sign before Virgo Ellis Hay
14 Oct 2019 37A August 1 birth, astrologically Gary Cee
9 Oct 2019 41A Constellation whose brightest star is Regulus Alan Arbesfeld
24 Jul 2019 13D Person born in late July Jake Halperin
28 Jun 2019 36A Any of 13 popes Bruce Haight and David Steinberg
21 May 2019 4D July-August sign Evan Kalish
15 Apr 2019 35A Summer zodiac sign Patrick Blindauer and Samuel A. Donaldson
7 Apr 2019 116D The Lion Peter A. Collins
29 Jan 2019 30A Lion in the heavens Benjamin Kramer
6 Jan 2019 76A Bill Clinton or Barack Obama Zhouqin Burnikel
19 Dec 2018 36A Warm, action-oriented sort, they say Seth A. Abel
4 Dec 2018 32D Summer zodiac sign Peter Gordon
28 Nov 2018 66D Sign of summer David J. Kahn
27 Sep 2018 37A Sign of summer Daniel Kantor
10 Sep 2018 53A Only three-letter zodiac sign Jacob Stulberg
11 Aug 2018 25A Proud, passionate type, supposedly Ryan McCarty
26 Jun 2018 60D Summer sign Zhouqin Burnikel
23 May 2018 31D Writer Tolstoy David Steinberg
22 May 2018 41D Zodiac constellation Jeff Stillman
3 Apr 2018 17A “Seinfeld” uncle Damon Gulczynski
7 Mar 2018 32A Emmy- and Oscar-winning Melissa Natan Last, Andy Kravis and the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
15 Feb 2018 11A One of the fire signs Peter Gordon
11 Feb 2018 25A Zodiac feline Matt Ginsberg
28 Jan 2018 44D Fifth sign Priscilla Clark and Jeff Chen
16 Jan 2018 23A Only three-letter astrological sign David Steinberg
15 Jan 2018 29A The lion in summer? Agnes Davidson and Zhouqin Burnikel
7 Dec 2017 56A Sign of summer Dan Schoenholz
7 Nov 2017 62D One of 13 popes Greg Poulos
25 Oct 2017 15A MGM roarer Jules P. Markey
16 Oct 2017 18A Writer Tolstoy Jennifer Nutt
27 Sep 2017 6D Durocher in the Baseball Hall of Fame Jacob Stulberg
26 Sep 2017 21A Lion observed at night Joy Behar and Lynn Lempel
9 Aug 2017 31A Soccer’s Messi, informally Adam G. Perl
23 Jul 2017 58D Certain fire sign Caleb Madison
5 Jun 2017 11D Sign between Cancer and Virgo Paul Coulter
4 Jun 2017 93A Bill Clinton or Barack Obama Tom McCoy
28 Mar 2017 34A DiCaprio, to fans Ryan Milligan
19 Mar 2017 59D Regulus’s constellation Grant Thackray
1 Feb 2017 20D Passionate, outgoing sort, astrologically Matthew Sewell and Jeff Chen
4 Jan 2017 27D Barack Obama, astrologically Samuel A. Donaldson
6 Dec 2016 34D MGM lion Ed Sessa
7 Nov 2016 41A Sign before Virgo Bruce Haight
28 Jun 2016 38D Obama, astrologically Alex Vratsanos
30 May 2016 48A Zodiac lion David Woolf
6 Apr 2016 61D “The Revenant” star, to fans Timothy Polin
29 Mar 2016 60D Many an August birth Peter A. Collins
28 Feb 2016 75D Astral lion Timothy Polin
27 Feb 2016 62D “The Wolf of Wall Street” star, familiarly Julian Lim
26 Jan 2016 50D Shortest zodiac sign, lexically Sam Ezersky
19 Jan 2016 37D Sign before Virgo Byron Walden
19 Dec 2015 33A Regulus’s constellation Damon Gulczynski
25 Nov 2015 24D DiCaprio, in tabloids Duncan Kimmel and Clara Williamson
22 Sep 2015 64A DiCaprio, to friends Victor Barocas and Tom Pepper
20 Aug 2015 5D “Seinfeld” uncle Jules P. Markey
25 Jun 2015 61D Sign of summer David Poole
11 Jun 2015 23A One of 13 popes Lewis E. Rothlein
21 Apr 2015 10A July-August sign Gerry Wildenberg
20 Apr 2015 42D DiCaprio, in tabloids Tom McCoy
26 Mar 2015 30A White House chief of staff on “The West Wing” Byron Walden
24 Mar 2015 5D Sign of summer Robyn Weintraub
2 Mar 2015 64D Sign between Cancer and Virgo Andrea Carla Michaels
21 Feb 2015 25A Constellation near Ursa Major Doug Peterson and Brad Wilber
28 Jan 2015 19D Barack Obama, astrologically Gary Cee
4 Jan 2015 9D Enthusiastic, sociable, confident type, it’s said Finn Vigeland
28 Dec 2014 53A Sign of summer Joe Krozel
24 Nov 2014 37D Only three-letter zodiac sign Robert Seminara
7 Oct 2014 59D Fierce sort, astrologically Matt Skoczen and Victor Fleming
26 Aug 2014 13D Guitarist Kottke Victor Fleming
22 Jul 2014 61D Fierce, loyal sort, it’s said Joel Fagliano
25 Jun 2014 21D Baseball’s Durocher … or his astrological sign Patrick Merrell
1 May 2014 39A Confident, ambitious, loyal sort, supposedly Brandon Hensley
22 Apr 2014 44D Lion constellation Ed Sessa
5 Jan 2014 65A MGM symbol Alan DerKazarian
23 Sep 2013 10D Novelist Tolstoy Susan Gelfand
16 Sep 2013 21A Sign before Virgo Ed Sessa
7 Sep 2013 22A Guitar maker Fender Julian Lim
10 Jul 2013 36A A fire sign Ed Sessa
7 Jul 2013 17D ___ McGarry, chief of staff on “The West Wing” Joel Fagliano
27 Jun 2013 16A Barack Obama, for one Sean Dobbin
14 May 2013 40D Virgo preceder John Lieb
21 Apr 2013 106D Rex of the jungle Jonah Kagan
11 Feb 2013 66D Sign between Cancer and Virgo Gary Cee
5 Jan 2013 54D Constellation that looks like a bent coat hanger Barry C. Silk
14 Dec 2012 53A It’s a sign Paula Gamache
16 Oct 2012 31A ___ the Lip (major-league nickname) Bill Thompson
10 Oct 2012 60D DiCaprio, to pals Pete Muller
27 Sep 2012 6D 48-Down follower Joel Fagliano
28 Aug 2012 34A Classic actor ___ G. Carroll Lou Borenstein
10 Aug 2012 43A Many a summer baby John Lampkin
3 Jun 2012 21A A fire sign Patrick Berry
23 May 2012 54A MGM roarer Eric Williams
14 Feb 2012 38A Sign before Virgo Paula Gamache
8 Jan 2012 7D Constellation whose brightest star is Regulus Tony Orbach
1 Jan 2012 112D Sort who’s a natural leader, supposedly Patrick Berry
26 Nov 2011 49D Fender of Fender guitars Brad Wilber
2 Aug 2011 6D 1-Across’s roarer Albert R. Picallo
26 Jun 2011 61A Summer sign David Levinson Wilk
15 Jun 2011 25D Actor Gorcey Jeffrey Wechsler
16 May 2011 6A Zodiac lion Ian Livengood
21 Nov 2010 70D MGM symbol Clive Probert
27 Oct 2010 21D Fierce sort, astrologically Jay Kaskel
28 Feb 2010 104D “The West Wing” chief of staff ___ McGarry Yaakov Bendavid
18 Jan 2010 41A Sign before Virgo Adam Cohen
4 Dec 2009 4D One may be conceived on Veterans Day Martin Ashwood-Smith
9 Aug 2009 119D One of 13 popes Patrick Blindauer & Andrea Carla Michaels
14 Jun 2009 90A Jerry’s uncle on “Seinfeld” Brendan Emmett Quigley
3 Mar 2009 61A A fire sign Jeffrey Wechsler
31 Dec 2008 6D “Bus 9 to Paradise” author Buscaglia Tim Wescott
28 Oct 2008 37A MGM’s lion Allan E. Parrish
8 Aug 2008 39A Jed’s first chief of staff on “The West Wing” Mike Nothnagel
20 Mar 2008 35A Cheerful, proud, powerful sort, it’s said Stephen Edward Anderson
10 Mar 2008 26A Sign before Virgo Ken Bessette
14 Feb 2008 32A Uncle ___ of “Seinfeld” David J. Kahn
20 Nov 2007 59D Zodiac beast Larry Shearer
12 Nov 2007 37D Virgo’s predecessor Harvey Estes
9 Oct 2007 35A Sign before Virgo Timothy Powell
18 Sep 2007 63D Fierce type, astrologically Chuck Deodene
4 Aug 2007 31D Olympics theme composer Arnaud Byron Walden
11 Jun 2007 6D Fierce type, astrologically Harriet Clifton
20 Feb 2007 6D Preceder of Virgo Jonathan Gersch
22 Aug 2006 28D The MGM lion Michael J. Doran
30 Jul 2006 119A Constellation near Cancer Victor Fleming and Bonnie L. Gentry
16 Jul 2006 106D August person Ashish Vengsarkar
1 Jun 2006 29D Bill Clinton, to the stars? Ethan Cooper
23 Mar 2006 39A Regulus’s constellation Ethan Cooper
15 Mar 2006 5D Assertive type Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
10 Dec 2005 26A Florida’s Saint ___ University Henry Hook
4 Dec 2005 54D Writer Rosten Eric Berlin and Craig Kasper
29 Nov 2005 36A Sign before Virgo Adam Cohen
6 Oct 2005 65A Late July birth Daniel C. Bryant
13 Sep 2005 60D Late July baby Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke
14 Aug 2005 117D Late July delivery Patrick Merrell
18 Jul 2005 58A August 1 sign Randy Sowell
14 Jul 2005 37D “Seinfeld” uncle Kevan Choset
12 May 2005 8D Generous, creative, but bossy type, so it’s said Manny Nosowsky
9 May 2005 59D Zodiac lion Jim Hyres
1 Mar 2005 26A Roarer in film intros Gilbert H. Ludwig
9 Feb 2005 28D Bossy but generous type, supposedly Alan Arbesfeld
27 Dec 2004 64A Sign after Cancer Levi Denham
16 Oct 2004 58D Home to Regulus Dana Motley
30 Sep 2004 23A Bert Lahr, astrologically Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
18 Feb 2004 15A “Seinfeld” uncle Mitch Komro
9 Jan 2004 13D Regulus is in it Bob Peoples
6 Aug 2003 45A Sign of summer Jay Livingston
11 Jul 2003 19A Sign of summer Patrick Berry
17 Dec 2002 7D Celestial feline Tyler Hinman
28 Oct 2002 31D Sign before Virgo Randy Sowell
30 May 2002 26A Cancer follower Peter Gordon
29 May 2002 10D Charlemagne’s crowner Alan Olschwang
8 May 2002 63A Natural leader, in astrology Fred Piscop
7 Feb 2002 26A Regulus’s constellation Patrick Berry
6 Feb 2002 2D Writer Rosten Joe DiPietro
1 Feb 2002 60D The Sickle is in it Pat M. Hugel
8 Jan 2002 42D Sign of summer Janet R. Bender
30 Oct 2001 28A Summer sign Barbara Olson
17 Apr 2001 22A August 1 birth Greg Staples
30 Jan 2001 51A Fifth sign of the zodiac David J. Kahn
4 Jan 2001 44A Durocher, astrologically(!) Nancy S. Ross
24 Dec 2000 98A Combative sort, they say Bill Zais
28 Nov 2000 5D Gorcey of the Dead End Kids Richard Hughes
15 Oct 2000 13D Papal name Patrick Berry
10 Oct 2000 22D Prideful one, astrologically Frances Hansen
27 Aug 2000 2D ___ Minor (northern constellation) Dana Motley
8 Jun 2000 22A What DiCaprio isn’t, astrologically Mark Diehl
24 May 2000 33D DiCaprio, to fans Chuck Deodene
21 May 2000 48D Where Regulus is Matt Gaffney
12 Apr 2000 59D Many an August birth Peter Gordon
25 Feb 2000 58D Fierce type, astrologically William S. Cotter
14 Feb 2000 66D Virgo’s predecessor Nancy Kavanaugh
17 Oct 1999 84A Summer house? Bob and Sharon Klahn
2 Aug 1999 52D Durocher or DiCaprio Stephanie Spadaccini
11 Jan 1999 24A DiCaprio, to fans Randall J. Hartman
11 Dec 1998 5D Regulus’s constellation Joe DiPietro
3 May 1998 80A Name of 13 popes Brendan Emmett Quigley
25 Dec 1997 35D Bill Clinton, astrologically A. J. Santora
3 Oct 1997 3D Constellation near Hydra Martin Ashwood-Smith
28 Sep 1997 72A One of 13 Popes Robert H. Wolfe
26 Sep 1997 38D Roarer Chuck Deodene
17 Aug 1997 10D Guitar designer Fender Cathy Millhauser
20 Jun 1997 29A Energetic, strong-willed type, supposedly Manny Nosowsky
18 Apr 1997 47D Sign of summer Martin Ashwood-Smith
6 Mar 1997 52D King’s name Shannon Burns
22 Dec 1996 35D Sign of summer F. Hansen
6 Oct 1996 2D Composer Delibes R. Max Hopkins
23 Sep 1996 39A One born in early August S. L. Robbins
15 Jul 1996 22D Author Buscaglia S. Spadaccini
24 Apr 1996 8D Constellation with the star Regulus G. Dean
10 Mar 1996 35A Generous and strong-willed one, supposedly F. & L. Sabin
28 Jan 1996 22A Early August arrival M. W. Perry
1 Oct 1995 114D Sign of a leader, it is said Frank A. Longo
20 Aug 1995 55A Bert Lahr’s sign Cathy Millhauser
4 Jun 1995 32A One of a dozen Bryant White
28 May 1995 34D Felis ___ (lion) Matt Gaffney
15 May 1995 24A Sign before Virgo Ernie Furtado
16 Apr 1995 120A Turn-of-the-century Pope Matt Gaffney
11 Apr 1995 43D Sign after Cancer Gregory E. Paul
4 Apr 1995 40A August birth, most likely David J. Kahn
21 Feb 1995 64D Pope who excommunicated Martin Luther Martin Schneider
19 Jan 1995 55D Singer Sayer Bryant White
16 Jan 1995 47A Writer Rosten Walter Covell
15 Jan 1995 117D One of 13 popes Ernie Furtado
21 Mar 1994 28D Mr. Durocher Sidney L. Robbins
31 Jan 1994 48A Sign of summer Janet R. Bender
13 Dec 1993 25A Sign of summer Thomas W. Schier
9 Dec 1993 53D The M-G-M lion Janie Lyons
22 Nov 1993 41D Name of 13 popes Fred Piscop

Here you get LEO answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If LEO will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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