LIEN is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for LIEN in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "LIEN" answer was first appeared in "11 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Debt satisfier". It was authored by Robert H. Wolfe. Recently, the "LIEN" answer has been used for "3 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Legal claim (8)". It was authored by Tracy Bennett. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Property claim (10)". "LIEN" appeared 124 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "LIEN" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
3 Dec 2023 26A Legal claim Tracy Bennett
8 Aug 2023 18D Legal claim Zachary David Levy
2 Apr 2023 31D One may be on the house Jeremy Newton and Tracy Gray
15 Jan 2023 8D Certain collateral Michael Schlossberg
26 Nov 2022 33A Bank holding Kanyin Ajayi
14 Oct 2021 68A It may be on the house Matt Fuchs
26 Sep 2021 111A Property claim Priyanka Sethy and Matthew Stock
30 Jun 2021 33A Mortgage claim Christopher Adams and Adam Aaronson
7 Apr 2021 16A Property claim Adrian Johnson
21 Dec 2020 32A Financial claim Sarah Keller and Derek Bowman
13 Aug 2020 61A Property claim Jon Olsen
28 May 2020 11D Property interest Tracy Bennett
8 Mar 2020 95A Way of securing payment Laura Taylor Kinnel
27 Oct 2019 96A Bad thing to come up in a title search Michael Paleos
23 May 2019 58D It might be attached to a car Alex Vratsanos
26 Feb 2019 2D Protection for a lender Alex Vratsanos
7 Dec 2018 39A Tax ___ Sam Trabucco
20 Nov 2018 59D Claim on a house Zhouqin Burnikel
26 Aug 2018 41D Security agreement Olivia Mitra Framke
23 Jul 2018 32A Hold on property Todd Gross
9 Dec 2016 27D Home security measure David Phillips
21 Apr 2016 1A Collateral, of a sort Alex Bajcz
3 Dec 2015 35D Financial claim Patrick Merrell
21 Aug 2015 6D Security measure David Steinberg
30 Jul 2015 24D What a title may come with Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 Jul 2015 53A Lender’s security Ellen Leuschner and Jeff Chen
21 Jun 2015 50D Debtor’s burden Timothy Polin
1 May 2015 56D Property restriction David Steinberg
22 Mar 2015 68D There might be one on a car Jeremy Newton
11 Sep 2013 17D Legal encumbrance Patrick Blindauer
4 Jul 2013 15A A title may come with one Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
29 May 2013 66A Lender’s security Gary Cee
24 Mar 2013 114A Property encumbrance Dan Schoenholz
22 Feb 2013 32D It may be on the house Martin Ashwood-Smith
10 Feb 2013 108A Repo justification Patrick Berry
6 Sep 2012 36A Home security measure Ben Pall
7 Jun 2012 25D Property claim Joe Krozel
24 May 2012 25A Payment guarantee Derik Moore
13 Feb 2012 3D Legal claim Ellen Leuschner and Victor Fleming
4 Sep 2011 36A Security interest Dana Delany and Matt Ginsberg
30 Jun 2011 32D Property lawyer’s concern David Poole
17 Feb 2011 65A Bank holding Mike Nothnagel
4 Nov 2010 39D Part of a home security system? Mike Nothnagel
27 Jun 2010 111D Certain claim Michael J. Doran
20 Feb 2010 44A See 1-Down Paula Gamache
27 Dec 2009 74A Mechanic’s ___ Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Dec 2009 15A Debtor’s worry Jack McInturff
16 Nov 2009 48D Property claim James Mulhern and Ashton Anderson
1 Jun 2009 23D Property claim John Farmer
28 Dec 2008 66D Legal claim on property Patrick Berry
30 Nov 2008 60A Bank holding Richard Silvestri
22 Oct 2008 37D Claim against property Gary J. Whitehead
30 Sep 2008 9D Property claim Allan E. Parrish
16 Mar 2008 40A It’s put on some houses Elizabeth C. Gorski
31 Jan 2008 55D Collateral option Paula Gamache
23 Jan 2008 67A Property attachment Henry Hook
17 Jan 2008 12D It may be on a property Matt Ginsberg
28 Nov 2007 19A Legal basis of a repo Ray Fontenot
29 Oct 2007 31D Claim on property Fred Piscop
13 Jun 2006 28A Means of enforcing tax compliance Janet R. Bender
16 May 2006 58A Mortgage company’s claim Nancy Salomon
7 May 2006 76A Claim of a sort Trip Payne
29 Dec 2005 10D Means of security David Pringle
7 Dec 2005 15A Legal claim Manny Nosowsky
13 Nov 2005 89A Something that may be on a house Brendan Emmett Quigley
3 Jul 2005 58D Legal safety net Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Jan 2005 69D Property lawyer’s concern Damon J. Gulczynski
15 Aug 2004 18D Property law topic Brendan Emmett Quigley
8 Jul 2004 38A Bank holding Scot Ober
3 May 2004 58D Legal claim Gregory E. Paul
13 Apr 2004 65A Property right Bill Ballard
2 Jul 2003 43A Property claim Barbara Olson
15 Jun 2003 52A Bank claim Cathy Millhauser
16 May 2003 24D Form of security Michael Shteyman
3 Apr 2003 39A A creditor may hold it Jim Hyres
23 Nov 2002 30A Financial security Dana Motley
23 Oct 2002 62A Creditor’s claim Nancy Salomon and Nancy T. Shack
3 Jul 2002 58D Bank holding Peter Gordon
18 Apr 2002 37A Debtor’s worry Patrick Berry
15 Apr 2002 16A Claim on property James P. Sharp
20 Dec 2001 7D Debt protection Rich Norris
26 Nov 2001 51A Certain legal protection Bette Sue Cohen
30 Sep 2001 91A It may be on a house Con Pederson
10 Jun 2001 51A Certain encumbrance Cathy Millhauser
25 Feb 2001 109A Bank holding Greg Staples
15 Jan 2001 62A Legal claim Janet R. Bender
8 Oct 2000 91A Certain attachment Richard Silvestri
21 Aug 2000 1A A property may have one on it Dave and Diane Epperson
9 Jul 2000 52A Bank security Manny Nosowsky
10 Feb 2000 20A Lender’s recourse Manny Nosowsky
12 May 1999 7D Legal claim Nancy Salomon
5 May 1999 45A Bank holding Lois Sidway
9 Mar 1999 18D Lender’s claim Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
4 Jan 1999 11D Mortgage Gregory E. Paul
17 Nov 1998 66A Property claim Arthur S. Verdesca
2 Nov 1998 12D Legal claim Sheldon Benardo
2 Oct 1998 23A It may be on the house John Wolting
13 Aug 1998 17D Lender’s protection A. J. Santora
28 Jul 1998 42D Mortgage, e.g. Robert Dillman
5 Apr 1998 98A Lender’s protection David J. Kahn
1 Apr 1998 53D Mortgage Alan Arbesfeld
5 Feb 1998 3D Legal encumbrance Cathy Millhauser
23 Jan 1998 30D Bank claim Brendan Emmett Quigley
4 Nov 1997 3D Property encumbrance Thomas W. Schier
13 Jun 1997 63A Bank holding Bob Klahn
11 May 1997 102A Tax ___ Nancy Nicholson Joline
29 Apr 1997 64A Bank claim Jeff Herrington
27 Apr 1997 77D Collateral, maybe Matt Gaffney
15 Oct 1996 17A Claim on property G. E. Paul
3 Oct 1996 29A Statutory ___ J. R. Leeds
16 Sep 1996 45A Mortgage R. J. Hartman
16 Jun 1996 73D Bank claim N. N. Joline
24 Apr 1996 34D Debt security G. Dean
26 Feb 1996 30D Mortgage N. Steinberg
16 Jan 1996 49A Mortgage R. Hartman
28 Sep 1995 12D Property encumbrance Matt Gaffney
10 Jul 1995 7D Property claim Sidney L. Robbins
1 Jul 1995 28D Kind of holder Eileen Lexau
7 Feb 1995 24A Property restriction Matt Gaffney
14 Aug 1994 14D Claim Deborah Kathryn Trombley
11 Jun 1994 48D Legal restriction Daniel R. Stark
17 Jan 1994 65A Bank holding Sidney L. Robbins
13 Jan 1994 26A Mortgage interest Harvey Estes
11 Dec 1993 67A Debt satisfier Robert H. Wolfe

Here you get LIEN answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If LIEN will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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