MAP is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for MAP in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "MAP" answer was first appeared in "19 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Legend locale? (2)". It was authored by John M. Samson. Recently, the "MAP" answer has been used for "16 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Rand McNally product (3)". It was authored by Michael Lieberman and Andrea Carla Michaels. "MAP" appeared 128 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "MAP" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
16 Oct 2023 13D Rand McNally product Michael Lieberman and Andrea Carla Michaels
26 Sep 2023 46A Mercator projection, e.g. Shannon Rapp and Rebecca Goldstein
4 Aug 2023 5D Feature of open-world video games Brandon Koppy
26 Apr 2023 60D Plan (out) Aaron M. Rosenberg
20 Feb 2023 6A Treasure seeker’s aid Emily Carroll
11 Jan 2023 29A Talking item in Dora the Explorer’s backpack Victor Barocas
2 Dec 2022 39A What may come as a relief? Scott Earl
30 Jun 2022 24D Guide showing relief, maybe Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson
7 Feb 2022 63D Treasure hunter’s aid Rebecca Goldstein
26 Jan 2022 23A Site of a legend Michael Schlossberg
25 Dec 2021 37A The oldest known one was found carved into a mammoth tusk (∼25,000 B.C.) Johan Vass
13 Aug 2021 55D See 14-Down John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
20 Jun 2020 55D Front desk handout Stella Zawistowski
10 Jun 2020 42D Election night graphic Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
25 Apr 2020 9D Concierge handout Andrew J. Ries
16 Apr 2020 39D Park ranger’s handout Alan Arbesfeld
10 Apr 2020 20A It can show you the way Byron Walden
9 Apr 2020 14A World view? Alex Eaton-Salners
2 Apr 2020 1A Graphic in a weather report Evan Mahnken
13 Jan 2020 1D Treasure hunter’s aid Alan Arbesfeld
12 Sep 2019 10D Posting at many a park entrance Grant Thackray
2 Sep 2019 46A National park freebie Zhouqin Burnikel
22 Apr 2019 45D Something with a “You are here” arrow Bruce Haight
21 Apr 2019 118A Chart Grant Thackray
11 Feb 2019 63D It may include the words “You are here” Howard Barkin
14 Jan 2019 23D It helps to know where you’re going Craig Stowe
30 Oct 2018 39A Help in finding buried treasure Jules Markey
14 Jul 2018 49D Plan out Kameron Austin Collins
18 Jun 2018 20D An “X” might “mark the spot” on one Ross Trudeau
31 May 2018 4D It has dots for spots Dominick Talvacchio
9 Dec 2017 31A Site ___ (web page listing) Stu Ockman
1 Nov 2017 23A Mall aid Herre Schouwerwou
31 Jan 2017 1D Help at the entrance to a mall Neil Padrick Wilson
19 Jan 2017 55D Plot Jacob Stulberg
17 Jan 2017 64D Reference in “Treasure Island” Timothy Polin
18 Aug 2016 54D Subway station feature Parker Lewis and Jeff Chen
14 Aug 2016 65D Driving aid Ian Livengood
9 Jul 2016 29A Station display Josh Knapp
9 Jun 2016 36A Navigational aid Damon Gulczynski
3 Nov 2015 64A Uber app feature Brendan Emmett Quigley and Joel Fagliano
12 Oct 2015 23D Page in an atlas Patrick Merrell
14 Sep 2015 1A Hiking trail reference Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Jun 2015 29D Pirate’s aid David Poole
23 Apr 2015 10D X setting, maybe David Steinberg and Bruce Leban
11 Feb 2015 60D Common almanac feature Will Treece
30 Aug 2014 56A Key holder? David Steinberg
20 Aug 2014 20A Google Earth offering Zhouqin Burnikel
17 Aug 2014 114D Plan (out) Caleb Madison
19 Jul 2014 52D Battle-planning aid Barry C. Silk
30 Jun 2014 9D Poster with a “You are here” label Ed Sessa
5 May 2014 53A Atlas page Lynn Lempel
14 Apr 2014 31A Cartographer’s drawing Gareth Bain
18 Mar 2014 72A Explorer’s aid David Kwong
16 Oct 2013 20A Navigational aid Samuel A. Donaldson
16 Aug 2013 49A Aid in getting back on track Dana Motley
10 Jan 2012 65D Treasure hunter’s aid Gary Cee
4 Oct 2011 59D “The Amazing Race” necessity Dan Feyer
13 Dec 2010 10A Rand McNally product Patrick Blindauer
20 Nov 2010 36D Whole world in one’s hands? Joe DiPietro
31 Jul 2010 44A Legend locale Barry C. Silk
10 Jan 2010 34A Subway posting Mel Rosen
22 Dec 2009 57D Explorer’s aid Robert A. Doll
11 Sep 2009 5D It might tell you where you stand Caleb Madison
18 Aug 2009 39D Aid in locating a pirate’s treasure Tony Orbach
27 Jul 2009 1D Atlas page Allan E. Parrish
1 May 2009 8D It may contain the whole world Joon Pahk
24 Feb 2009 28A G.P.S. offering Stephen Edward Anderson
12 Jan 2009 45A Atlas page Lynn Lempel
9 Dec 2008 11A Prospector’s aid C. W. Stewart
12 Nov 2008 30D Tourist’s aid Peter A. Collins
23 May 2008 57D Word with weather or world Patrick John Duggan
16 May 2008 53A Back-of-airline magazine feature Kevin G. Der
12 May 2008 42D Treasure seeker’s aid Randall J. Hartman
19 Apr 2008 51D Relief provider, maybe Bob Klahn
20 Feb 2008 61D War room fixture Chuck Hamilton
30 Apr 2007 62D Rand McNally product Allan E. Parrish
10 Aug 2006 60D Encyclopedia graphic Todd McClary
6 Aug 2006 30A Tourist’s aid Mark Feldman
31 May 2006 43A It shows the way Trip Payne
25 Feb 2006 58D “The Amazing Race” prop Henry Hook
16 Jun 2005 11A World view Elizabeth C. Gorski
13 May 2005 6D Captain’s aid Robert H. Wolfe
10 Nov 2004 47A Avis offering David J. Kahn
17 Oct 2004 58A Traveler’s aid Manny Nosowsky
29 Aug 2004 76A Information booth handout Manny Nosowsky
8 Aug 2004 44A Hiker’s aid Bill Zais
5 Jan 2004 12D Atlas page Allan E. Parrish
26 Oct 2003 149A It’s scaled Patrick Merrell
22 Apr 2003 32D Traveler’s guide Nancy Kavanaugh
19 Jan 2003 52D Plot out Eric Berlin
7 Nov 2002 28A See 19-Across Patrick Merrell
9 Sep 2002 36A Latitude/longitude shower William I. Johnston
4 Sep 2002 57D Glove compartment item Eric Berlin
26 May 2002 46A World view Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Mar 2002 31D Treasure hunter’s aid John Greenman
30 Dec 2001 79A It may come with a key Elizabeth C. Gorski
23 Jul 2001 4D Blueprint Ethan Cooper
8 Apr 2001 39A Weather forecast staple Randolph Ross
6 Apr 2001 27D It may have a projection David J. Kahn
12 Jan 2001 41D Car rental freebie Mark Diehl
12 Nov 2000 35A You may be lost without it Joe DiPietro
11 Jun 2000 86D Plan (out) Nelson Hardy
19 Feb 2000 32A This might be given some latitude Rich Norris
26 Dec 1999 41A Encyclopedia offering Greg Staples
2 Dec 1999 25A Item in an airline magazine Mel Taub
17 Nov 1999 64D Navigator’s aid Fred Piscop
21 May 1999 9D Traveler’s check? Martin Ashwood-Smith
26 Feb 1999 38A Relief provider? Martin Ashwood-Smith
24 Nov 1998 30D Navigator’s need Jeremy Thomas Paine
12 Apr 1998 117D It works according to scale Randolph Ross
17 Mar 1998 1A “You are here” posting Nancy Salomon and Bob Klahn
5 Nov 1996 67A Treasure hunter’s aid Jeremiah Farrell
15 Sep 1996 89D Driver’s aid A. K. Justin
25 Aug 1996 100D Tour book feature R. Silvestri
5 Jun 1996 59D War room fixture G. R. Ferguson
25 Apr 1996 1A Prospector’s aid W. Canine
27 Aug 1995 1A Plot Martin Schneider
17 Aug 1995 61D Triple-A handout Rand H. Burns
13 Jul 1995 21D Plan, with “out” A.J. Santora
27 Jun 1995 31A Bygone gas station freebie Diane C. Baldwin
18 Jun 1995 27A War room fixture Rich Norris
2 May 1995 28A Triple-A handout Susan Smith
6 Mar 1995 59D Glove compartment item Randall J. Hartman
4 Oct 1994 57D Glove compartment item Stanley B. Whitten
27 Aug 1994 5A Plan Joy L. Wouk
28 Jul 1994 9D Plan Bryant White
5 Mar 1994 27A “Treasure Island” prop Manny Nosowsky
19 Dec 1993 116A Legend locale? John M. Samson

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