NASA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for NASA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "NASA" answer was first appeared in "17 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Shuttle group". It was authored by Brett Blaylock. Recently, the "NASA" answer has been used for "2 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Launch party? (4)". It was authored by Royce Ferguson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Cape Canaveral org. (8)". "NASA" appeared 157 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "NASA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
2 Dec 2023 47D Launch party? Royce Ferguson
29 May 2023 1A Org. that operates the James Webb telescope Katie Hale and Zachary David Levy
16 Mar 2023 59A Ingenuity org. Rebecca Goldstein
22 Dec 2022 15A Org. in 2016’s “Hidden Figures” David Steinberg
11 Nov 2022 1A Launch party? Brooke Husic and Erik Agard
31 Aug 2022 14A Org. that sent Perseverance to 63-Across Joe Deeney
13 Jul 2022 25D Perseverance’s org. Addison Snell
20 Apr 2022 41D Org. behind the Artemis program Joseph Greenbaum
27 Sep 2021 1A Org. exploring Mars Zachary David Levy
12 Sep 2021 6D Org. that flew a helicopter on Mars in 2021 Alex Rosen
19 Aug 2021 62A Org. known for counting backward Oliver Roeder
5 Jul 2021 21A Org. with missions to Mars Peter Gordon
22 Jun 2021 53A Org. with programs that are taking off? Matt Frederick
24 Mar 2021 1D Org. with Perseverance Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
15 Jan 2021 46D “Hidden Figures” org. Josh Knapp
20 Dec 2020 28D Org. with boosters Randolph Ross
11 Oct 2020 18D Mission-driven org. Gary Larson
15 Jul 2020 19A It might send you to the moon Lee Higbie and Jeff Chen
29 Jun 2020 62A Cape Canaveral org. Peter Gordon
20 May 2020 6D Org. with skyrocketing expenses? Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
10 May 2020 110A Org. behind the New Horizons project Adam Fromm
5 Apr 2020 88D Org. in charge of the 23-Down Jim Peredo
5 Jan 2020 15A Mission-driven org. Will Nediger
18 Sep 2019 35A Launch party? John Wrenholt
6 Mar 2019 12D Big employer in Huntsville, Ala. Mary Lou Guizzo and Erik Agard
22 Jan 2019 55D Org. behind the New Horizons probe John E. Bennett and Jeff Chen
20 Dec 2018 62A Org. behind the InSight mission Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
25 Sep 2018 22D Org. prominent at Cape Canaveral Ross Trudeau
29 Aug 2018 45D Org. doing exploratory work Alex Bajcz
12 Nov 2017 91A Mariner’s org. Ed Sessa
9 Sep 2017 49A Team in Houston John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
23 Jul 2017 108D Grp. with a mission Caleb Madison
12 Jul 2017 16A Moon unit? Elayne Boosler and Patrick Merrell
28 May 2017 101A Org. involved in a probe Andrew Zhou
6 Apr 2017 8D Org. that hires many engineers Damon Gulczynski
3 Apr 2017 35A Org. that operates the Jupiter orbiter Agnes Davidson and Zhouqin Burnikel
12 Mar 2017 51D Grp. that might have a launch party Alan Arbesfeld
26 Nov 2016 21A Org. featured in 16-Across Paolo Pasco
25 Sep 2016 108D Pluto flyby org. Jim Holland and Jeff Chen
25 Aug 2016 35D “For the benefit of all” org. Andrew Zhou
17 Apr 2016 52D Explorer’s grp. Howard Barkin
1 Apr 2016 35D Curiosity org. Peter Gordon
13 Dec 2015 94A Org. in “The Martian” Tracy Gray and Andrea Carla Michaels
9 Nov 2015 10A Curiosity rover launcher Pawel Fludzinski
30 Sep 2015 60D Probe-launching org. Freddie Cheng
21 Sep 2015 62D Apollo org. Bruce Haight
7 Sep 2015 5A Shuttle program org. Paula Gamache
24 Aug 2015 31D Cape Canaveral org. Lynn Lempel
29 Mar 2015 54D Grp. with a launch party? Alan Arbesfeld
24 Feb 2015 54D Cape Canaveral org. Elizabeth A. Long
15 Jan 2015 32D Booster org. Herre Schouwerwou
2 Oct 2014 55D Org. with lofty goals? David Woolf
22 Aug 2014 6D Curiosity producer Sam Ezersky
17 Aug 2014 5A Initiator of a probe, maybe Caleb Madison
14 Apr 2014 14A Launcher of the Curiosity rover Gareth Bain
23 Mar 2014 46D Pioneer org. Ian Livengood
9 Dec 2013 69A Cape Canaveral acronym Nina Rulon-Miller
19 Nov 2013 33D 2011 launcher of Curiosity David J. Kahn
7 Aug 2013 55D Friendship org. of 1962 Erik Wennstrom
19 Jun 2013 20A Org. with launch parties? Richard F. Mausser
17 Feb 2013 96D Opportunity creator Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
2 Nov 2012 19A Grp. organizing booster shots Derek Bowman
26 Sep 2012 27A Curiosity’s launcher Peter A. Collins
27 Jun 2012 32D Mariner’s org. Mike Buckley
20 May 2012 15D Launch party? Alan Arbesfeld
17 Feb 2012 8D Mariner’s grp. Ian Livengood
29 Dec 2011 12A Opportunity maker? David Steinberg
19 Oct 2011 18D Grp. that sends things up Patrick Berry
27 Jun 2011 55D Cape Canaveral org. Joseph Samulak
15 May 2011 120A Org. in a big race of years past Cathy Allis
1 Mar 2011 17A LEM maker C. W. Stewart
21 Nov 2010 48A Org. with the motto “For the benefit of all” Clive Probert
7 Oct 2010 6D Nimbus launcher of 1964 Patrick Blindauer
15 Sep 2010 57D Astronaut’s letters Zoe Wheeler, Brown University ’12
12 Aug 2010 57A Cong. established it in 1958 Barry Boone
12 Jul 2010 66A Mission control org. Freddie Cheng
7 May 2010 9D Org. with the motto “For the benefit of all” Tyler Hinman
6 May 2010 4A Columbia org. Dan Naddor
27 Mar 2010 3D Launcher launched in 1958 Samuel A. Donaldson
29 Nov 2009 88D Astronaut’s insignia Will Nediger
25 Sep 2009 37D Grp. famous for its send-ups? Robert A. Doll
16 Sep 2009 12D Rocketeer’s org. Maura B. Jacobson
31 May 2009 9A Satellite org. Kelsey Blakley
12 May 2009 3D Shuttle org. Wayne and P. K. King
25 Mar 2009 61A Orbiting telescope launcher Jerry E. Rosman
26 Dec 2008 42D Pioneer’s org. Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Oct 2008 23A “The Right Stuff” subj. Brad Wilber
4 Oct 2008 16A Rover’s watcher Matt Ginsberg
13 Sep 2008 22A World Wind developer Will Nediger
2 Sep 2008 35A Letters on Endeavour Stanley Newman
4 Jul 2008 64A Ames Research Center org. John Underwood
5 Jun 2008 45D Columbia org. James Sajdak
26 Dec 2007 22A Rocket launcher Jim Page
29 Oct 2007 12D Shuttle-launching org. Fred Piscop
18 Sep 2007 15A Payload delivery org. Chuck Deodene
3 Jun 2007 33D Pioneer org. Kelsey Blakley
27 Nov 2006 59A Mission-to-Mars org. Marlon R. Howell
18 Oct 2006 48A High-flier’s org.? John Farmer
16 Oct 2006 12D Astronaut’s insignia Paula Gamache
27 Sep 2006 8D G-suit acronym Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Aug 2006 37A Opportunity creator Todd McClary
18 Jun 2006 95A Booster grp.? Ben and Mark Tausig
14 Feb 2006 8D Voyager launcher Kevan Choset
22 Sep 2005 3D Rover’s owner Patrick Merrell
5 May 2005 50D Org. with a mission Chris Sallade
10 Mar 2005 58D Pathfinder’s parent Ed Early
14 Feb 2005 15A Exploration org. Janet R. Bender
23 Nov 2004 22D Inits. on Mars Kurt Mengel
11 Oct 2004 59A Space shuttle launcher Jim Hyres
22 Aug 2004 46D Explorers’ org. Cathy Millhauser
16 Aug 2004 17A Rocket scientist’s employer Joy C. Frank
27 May 2004 26D Org. with far-out goals? Cathy Millhauser
26 Jan 2004 72A Space capsule insignia Patrick Merrell
23 Nov 2003 39D Mission control grp. Leonard Williams
12 Oct 2003 13A Employer of many scientists David J. Kahn
5 Oct 2003 111A Shuttle launchers Richard Silvestri
29 Sep 2003 5A Mission Control org. Richard Chisholm
25 Jul 2003 38A Magellan’s grp. Michael Shteyman
29 Jun 2003 93D Apollo’s creator Rich Norris
14 Jan 2003 31A Houston-based org. Adam G. Perl
7 Jan 2003 38D Space shuttle org. Peter Gordon
28 Sep 2002 28D Carpenter’s employer, once Raymond Hamel
13 Sep 2002 8D Pad owner Mel Rosen
25 Jun 2002 19A Launch agcy. Kelly Clark
28 May 2002 52D Canaveral letters Ed Early
19 May 2002 47A Org. with a mission Cathy Millhauser
6 May 2002 7D Shuttle org. Peter Gordon
11 Dec 2001 32A Astronaut’s insignia A. J. Santora
2 Jun 2001 55D Magellan’s org. Jim Page
28 May 2001 59D Rocket org. Gregory E. Paul
8 Apr 2001 1D Atlas acronym Randolph Ross
23 Jan 2001 29A Space race acronym Nancy Salomon
22 Jun 2000 58D Its work is done in stages Robert B. Baker
15 May 2000 56D Jet Propulsion Lab grp. Gregory E. Paul
1 Apr 2000 21A Rocket launcher Manny Nosowsky
14 Sep 1999 19A Shuttle scheduler Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Sep 1999 62A “Apollo 13” subject Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Mar 1999 9D Discovery grp. Fred Piscop
24 May 1998 4D Mercury org. Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
7 Dec 1997 77D Discovery grp. Randolph Ross
24 Nov 1997 1D Mars Pathfinder launcher Alex K. Justin
22 Jul 1997 13A Cape Canaveral grp. Fred Piscop
22 Apr 1997 10A Org. for 7-Down Gerald R. Ferguson
1 Apr 1997 11D Cape Canaveral org. Patrick Jordan
16 Dec 1996 49D “The Right Stuff” org. S. Spadaccini
16 Jun 1996 93A Agcy. since 1958 N. N. Joline
21 May 1996 16A Org. with a mission J. Schmalzbach
13 May 1996 23D Cape Canaveral org. S. L. Robbins
23 Apr 1996 54D Cape Canaveral org. N. Steinberg
23 Nov 1995 49D Apollo acronym Dorothy Elliott
14 Mar 1995 52D Cape Canaveral acronym Bob Klahn
22 Feb 1995 53D Discovery grp. Wayne Robert Williams
19 Feb 1995 75D Grp. behind Magellan Alfio Micci
23 Jan 1995 49A Cape Canaveral org. Sidney L. Robbins
7 Jan 1995 6D Endeavour initials Randolph Ross
15 May 1994 94A Org. with a mission Charles M. Deber
17 Feb 1994 26D Shuttle group Brett Blaylock

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