NRA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for NRA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "NRA" answer was first appeared in "3 Feb 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Brady bill opposer". It was authored by A.J. Santora. Recently, the "NRA" answer has been used for "1 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "New Deal-era org.". It was authored by Jem Burch. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "New Deal inits. (9)". "NRA" appeared 259 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "NRA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
1 Dec 2023 52D New Deal-era org. Jem Burch
30 Nov 2023 40D Org. sued by the State of New York in 2020 Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen
31 Oct 2023 9D Gun lobby org. Kathy Lowden and Erik Piepenburg
18 Jun 2023 37D Controversial org. that filed for bankruptcy in 2021 Joe DiPietro
20 Dec 2022 22A Org. that’s pro-Second Amendment Peter Koetters
14 Aug 2022 122D Ambrose Burnside was its first president, for short Jeff Chen and Jim Horne
17 Jul 2022 119A F.D.R. initiative for workers’ rights Greg Slovacek
2 Jun 2022 34A 1930s Depression-fighting org. Michael Lieberman
11 Mar 2022 55D Org. targeted by Moms Demand Action Robyn Weintraub
30 Dec 2021 54A New Deal inits. John Ewbank
8 Dec 2021 63D Food industry lobby, in brief Philip Koski
8 Nov 2021 42D Org. supporting the Second Amendment Carl Larson
14 Oct 2021 28A Food industry lobby, for short Matt Fuchs
13 Oct 2021 53A New Deal agcy. Brianne McManis
18 Sep 2021 20D 150-year-old org. that filed for bankruptcy in 2021 Ryan McCarty
13 Jun 2021 27D Advocacy grp. that filed for bankruptcy in 2021 Stephen McCarthy
22 Apr 2021 44D New Deal inits. Jem Burch
24 Mar 2021 23D Grp. opposed by March for Our Lives Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
21 Mar 2021 118D Food service industry lobby, for short Julian Kwan
7 Mar 2021 66D Legislation that was part of F.D.R.’s New Deal Celeste Watts and Jeff Chen
26 Aug 2020 56D New Deal program with the slogan “We Do Our Part,” in brief Carl Larson
5 Mar 2020 19A Org. that sticks to its guns Zhouqin Burnikel
22 Feb 2020 30D New Deal org. Trenton Charlson
28 Jan 2020 43A New Deal inits. Trenton Charlson
8 Nov 2019 57D Org. targeted by Moms Demand Action Peter Wentz
8 Sep 2019 8D Big D.C. lobby Joe DiPietro
24 Aug 2019 42A Org. with magazines on magazines Sam Ezersky
31 Jul 2019 57A 1930s Depression-fighting org. Dan Caprera
5 Jun 2019 40A Range org. Rich Proulx
12 May 2019 7D Packers’ org.? Victor Barocas
23 Apr 2019 63D Big D.C. lobby Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
15 Apr 2019 17A Gun advocacy grp. Patrick Blindauer and Samuel A. Donaldson
8 Apr 2019 3D Second Amendment-supporting grp. Tracy Gray and Jeff Chen
26 Feb 2019 61D Org. whose monthly magazine advertises magazines Alex Vratsanos
9 Feb 2019 19A Its PAC is the Political Victory Fund Ryan McCarty
4 Feb 2019 57D Arms-loving grp. Ali Gascoigne
4 Dec 2018 2D Org. opposed by Everytown for Gun Safety Peter Gordon
23 Nov 2018 31A Org. behind the magazine America’s 1st Freedom Temple Brown
12 Nov 2018 53A Org. with the longtime leader Wayne LaPierre Kathy Bloomer
27 Sep 2018 25D Org. whose first-ever presidential endorsement was Ronald Reagan Daniel Kantor
27 Jun 2018 31D Big D.C. lobby Ned White
24 May 2018 42A Grp. with a firearms museum Erik Agard and Andy Kravis
16 Apr 2018 42D Gun enthusiast’s org. David Woolf
22 Feb 2018 31D Publisher of American Hunter magazine, for short Zhouqin Burnikel
6 Feb 2018 62D Org. that sticks to its guns? Bruce Haight
18 Jan 2018 55D Major group HQ’d in Fairfax, Va. Ryan McCarty and Alan Southworth
24 Dec 2017 77A Range grp. Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
18 Dec 2017 62D Gun lovers’ org. Bruce Haight
26 Nov 2017 118D Second Amendment org. Jeff Chen
28 Sep 2017 26A Org. with millions of members HQ’d in Fairfax, Va. Joe Krozel
3 Sep 2017 35D Publisher of the magazine America’s 1st Freedom, for short Andrew Zhou
31 Aug 2017 28D F.D.R.-created program with the slogan “We Do Our Part” Zachary Spitz
2 Jul 2017 89A Piece org.? Patrick Blindauer
7 Jun 2017 31D Second Amendment advocacy grp. Timothy Polin
2 May 2017 28D Hunters’ org. David J. Kahn
15 Jan 2017 29A Packers’ grp.? Joel Fagliano
19 Dec 2016 16A Gun rights org. Jason Mueller
4 Dec 2016 74A Org. with the magazine America’s 1st Freedom Bruce Haight
23 Nov 2016 3D Org. for piece keepers? David Steinberg
13 Nov 2016 10D Major D.C. lobby Joel Fagliano
4 Sep 2016 84A Grp. sponsoring the Muzzle Loading Championship Tom McCoy
17 Jul 2016 120D Body with many arms, for short Jerry Miccolis
26 Jun 2016 68D Org. with the Eddie Eagle safety program Priscilla Clark and Jeff Chen
27 Mar 2016 47A Grp. that gets the lead out? Patrick Blindauer
6 Mar 2016 118D Packers’ org.? David J. Kahn
28 Feb 2016 14D Piece corps, briefly? Timothy Polin
2 Feb 2016 64D 2nd Amendment advocate Peter A. Collins
25 Nov 2015 18A Grp. on the range? Duncan Kimmel and Clara Williamson
11 Nov 2015 64D Powerful D.C. lobby David Steinberg
25 Apr 2015 33A Org. with many magazines James Mulhern
22 Apr 2015 12D “From my cold, dead hands!” org. Alex Vratsanos and Sam Ezersky
4 Jan 2015 33D Shooters’ org. Finn Vigeland
25 Dec 2014 38A 20-Across grp. Xan Vongsathorn
17 Oct 2014 42D Carrying people, for short? Michael Ashley
12 Oct 2014 111D See 69-Down Pawel Fludzinski
14 Sep 2014 55A Org. that takes donations for the strapped? Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer
24 Aug 2014 37D Brady Campaign opposer, for short Patrick Berry
13 Dec 2013 29A “Stand and fight” grp. Gary Cee
29 Nov 2013 22A Grp. supported by 17-Acrosses Ned White
15 Oct 2013 34A Powerful org. with HQ in Fairfax, Va. Patrick Blindauer and Andrea Carla Michaels
6 Aug 2013 58A Big guns in D.C. lobbying? Lynn Lempel
17 Feb 2013 16D Org. with an eagle in its logo Ian Livengood and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
6 Feb 2013 15A Pistol PAC-ers? Peter A. Collins
29 Dec 2012 49D Supporter of the Heller decision, 2008: Abbr. Joe Krozel
13 Dec 2012 46A Org. with lots of big shots? Sam Ezersky
15 Nov 2012 19A Org. that’s a topic in “Bowling for Columbine” Andrew Reynolds
13 Nov 2012 46D Big inits. for hunters Don Gagliardo and Zhouqin Burnikel
4 Nov 2012 61D Org. for big shots? Brendan Emmett Quigley
31 Oct 2012 19A “From my cold, dead hands!” sloganeer Stu Ockman
29 Oct 2012 45A Right-to-bear-arms org. Gareth Bain
11 Jul 2012 55A Depression-era agcy. Allan E. Parrish
8 Jul 2012 45A Org. full of big shots? Joel Fagliano
23 Jun 2012 62D Its first pres. was Gen. Burnside Laura Sternberg
15 May 2012 61A Big D.C. lobby Susan Gelfand
10 May 2012 6D Sight-seeing grp.? Jules P. Markey
28 Apr 2012 65D Grp. with a piece plan? Gary J. Whitehead
13 Feb 2012 59D Gun enthusiast’s org. Ellen Leuschner and Victor Fleming
13 Oct 2011 65D Heat org.? John Farmer
1 Oct 2011 63D Kind of card David Quarfoot
26 Jul 2011 66D Gun lobby org. Michael Black
7 Jun 2011 44D Org. defending the Second Amendment David Liben-Nowell
9 May 2011 19A Gun owners’ org. Nina Rulon-Miller
30 Apr 2011 29A Heat-seeking grp.? Frederick J. Healy
4 Apr 2011 7D Org. that sticks to its guns? Lynn Lempel
3 Apr 2011 30D New Deal inits. Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg
1 Apr 2011 22A Range grp. Elizabeth A. Long
18 Mar 2011 25A Ulysses S. Grant was its eighth pres. Patrick Merrell
9 Feb 2011 18A 1930s org. with a blue eagle logo Victor Barocas
17 Jan 2011 19A Gun enthusiast’s org. Elizabeth C. Gorski
9 Jan 2011 109D Big D.C. lobby Patrick Berry
16 Dec 2010 27A Grp. at home on the range? Charles Deber
10 Oct 2010 114D New Deal inits. Patrick Merrell
1 Aug 2010 79D Publisher of Shooting Illustrated, for short Brendan Emmett Quigley
10 Jul 2010 37A Firing squad?: Abbr. Joe DiPietro
28 Mar 2010 72A Colt’s fans, for short? Ed Sessa
13 Mar 2010 44A Arm supporters, for short Tyler Hinman and Byron Walden
25 Dec 2009 18A “Piece” org. Paula Gamache
7 Dec 2009 57D Gun rights org. Ed Sessa
27 Aug 2009 28D Lobby in a D.C. building? Derek Bowman
19 Aug 2009 25A Org. concerned with firing practices? Peter A. Collins
6 Aug 2009 28A New Deal org. Dan Naddor
3 Aug 2009 61D Gun lobbyists’ org. Janet R. Bender
9 Jul 2009 32D Colt fans, for short? Ashish Vengsarkar
4 Jul 2009 37D PAC for those who pack? Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel
24 Jun 2009 15A Many-armed org.? Corey Rubin
29 Mar 2009 104D It has many arms: Abbr. Elizabeth C. Gorski
4 Mar 2009 25A Oldest U.S. civil liberties org. C. W. Stewart
4 Jan 2009 75A Many-armed org.? Daniel A. Finan
24 Dec 2008 64D Org. with good aims? Warren Biro
20 Dec 2008 59D Org. with the Eddie Eagle safety program Brad Wilber
5 Dec 2008 61D Packers’ org.? Joe Krozel
19 Nov 2008 36D Gun enthusiasts’ org. Peter A. Collins
28 Oct 2008 66D New Deal inits. Allan E. Parrish
14 Oct 2008 27D Gun lobby inits. Lucy Gardner Anderson
8 Oct 2008 22A Org. with an eagle in its logo Peter A. Collins
23 Sep 2008 34A Gun lobby org. Richard Chisholm
18 Apr 2008 61D Colt’s fans? Joe DiPietro
23 Mar 2008 76A Prominent D.C. lobby Robert W. Harris
25 Feb 2008 25A Org. that publishes American Hunter Randall J. Hartman
30 Dec 2007 38D Second Amendment advocacy grp. Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Dec 2007 24A Shooters’ grp. Nancy Salomon
7 Nov 2007 45A Pro-gun org. Richard Chisholm
19 Aug 2007 42D Org. of which U. S. Grant was once president Elizabeth C. Gorski
22 Jul 2007 7D “Piece” org. David Levinson Wilk
16 Jul 2007 46A Shooters’ org. Elizabeth A. Long
4 Jun 2007 32A Second Amendment rights org. Steve Kahn
27 Dec 2006 61D Piece-keeping grp.? Manny Nosowsky
6 Aug 2006 121D Org. that publishes American Hunter Mark Feldman
5 Jun 2006 57D Pro-Second Amendment grp. Fred Piscop
1 Jun 2006 64A Org. full of big shots? Ethan Cooper
6 Jan 2006 59A 67-Across citers: Abbr. David Levinson Wilk
2 Dec 2005 30A Org. to which eight U.S. presidents have belonged Patrick Merrell
28 Nov 2005 18D Gun lovers’ org. Kevan Choset
6 Nov 2005 61D New Deal agcy. Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 Oct 2005 37D Big D.C. lobby Levi Denham
18 Sep 2005 91D Colt fan’s org. Joe DiPietro
20 Jul 2005 13D Big D.C. lobby Roy Leban
11 Jun 2005 65D Org. of which eight U.S. presidents have been members Patrick Merrell
22 May 2005 33D Org. concerned with barrels A. J. Santora
21 May 2005 57A F.D.R. initiative Rich Norris
10 Apr 2005 72A Big D.C. lobby Elizabeth C. Gorski
6 Apr 2005 24A Pro-Second Amendment grp. Michael Doran
5 Apr 2005 23A Gun rights grp. Harvey Estes
18 Mar 2005 31A Piece activists?: Abbr. Ed Early
13 Mar 2005 7A D.C. lobbying grp. Patrick Merrell
11 Mar 2005 51A New Deal inits. Manny Nosowsky
23 Feb 2005 31D Anti-Brady Bill org. Lee Glickstein
10 Dec 2004 54D Million Mom March target: Abbr. Frank Longo
10 Oct 2004 71D Big D.C. lobby Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 Aug 2004 40A New Deal agcy. Ed Early
13 May 2004 23A Grp. whose mascot is Eddie Eagle Patrick Merrell
20 Feb 2004 59A Program begun under F.D.R. Bob Peoples
10 Feb 2004 31D Org. whose members are packing? Seth A. Abel
15 Dec 2003 63D Gun owners’ grp. Sarah Keller
2 Dec 2003 40D Pro-gun rights org. Harvey Estes
6 Aug 2003 64A Heston was its pres. Jay Livingston
15 Jul 2003 29D Gun rights org. Harvey Estes
18 May 2003 43A F.D.R.-era agcy. Nancy Nicholson Joline
5 May 2003 58D Gunners’ org. Mel Taub
28 Mar 2003 10D Rod squad?: Abbr. Cathy Millhauser
24 Feb 2003 35D Gun lobby, briefly Gregory E. Paul
20 Feb 2003 32A Grp. vigorously backing the Second Amendment Peter Sarrett
16 Feb 2003 43A New Deal inits. Charles M. Deber
5 Jan 2003 117D Charlton Heston org. Elizabeth C. Gorski
25 Dec 2002 8D 1930’s program, for short Patrick Merrell
24 Dec 2002 65D Org. for people with arms Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
20 Nov 2002 38A New Deal letters Manny Nosowsky
10 Nov 2002 53D Strong D.C. lobby Cathy Millhauser
13 Oct 2002 82D 1930’s inits. Elizabeth C. Gorski
20 Sep 2002 28A PAC whose members pack? Kevin Hagen
2 Sep 2002 8D Gunner’s grp. Norma Johnson and Nancy Salomon
7 Aug 2002 59A Big D.C. lobby Randolph Ross
4 Jul 2002 53A Org. with the symbol Eddie Eagle Nathaniel Weiss
12 May 2002 114D Big guns in D.C.? Alan Arbesfeld
24 Jan 2002 42A Piece activists?: Abbr. Brendan Emmett Quigley
11 Oct 2001 69A Powerful PAC Nancy S. Ross
5 Oct 2001 42A Piece advocates?: Abbr. Elizabeth C. Gorski
9 Sep 2001 89D Big pol. campaign donor Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
19 Jul 2001 57D Org. that fought the Brady bill Marjorie Richter
10 Jun 2001 64D See 49-Down Cathy Millhauser
19 Mar 2001 65D Pres. Charlton Heston’s group Peter Gordon
15 Oct 2000 60A Firing squad?: Abbr. Patrick Berry
10 Oct 2000 41A New Deal org. Frances Hansen
1 Oct 2000 66A Org. with a big PAC Nancy Nicholson Joline
16 Aug 2000 16A Second Amendment rights grp. David Levinson Wilk
2 Jul 2000 104A Blue Eagle org. Nancy Nicholson Joline
3 May 2000 19A Grp. all fired up about firing? Nancy Salomon
16 Apr 2000 95D Shooters’ org. Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 Feb 2000 27A Big D.C. lobby Rich Norris
4 Jan 2000 49A New Deal inits. Joy L. Wouk
26 Dec 1999 67A Supporter of arms, for short Greg Staples
22 Nov 1999 33A 1930’s Depression org. Frances Hansen
4 Nov 1999 55D Second Amendment promoter: Abbr. Matthew Lees
3 Nov 1999 41A Gun grp. Greg Staples
12 May 1999 44D Org. that sticks to its guns? Nancy Salomon
23 Apr 1999 6D Supporter of arms, for short Harvey Estes
16 Aug 1998 86D “We Do Our Part” org. Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Jun 1998 49A Second Amendment defender: Abbr. Alan Arbesfeld
11 May 1998 36A Gun grp. Gregory E. Paul
28 Apr 1998 2D Second Amendment lobby, for short Manny Nosowsky
7 Feb 1998 30A Shooting match sponsor, for short Frank Longo
21 Dec 1997 82D Blue Eagle inits. Frances Hansen
9 Nov 1997 102D Marksmanship org. founded in 1871 Rich Norris
12 Oct 1997 106A Gun grp. Nancy Salomon
25 Jul 1997 55D Grp. on the range? Harvey Estes
19 Jul 1997 55D Important 1930’s inits. Robert H. Wolfe
23 Jun 1997 58A Gun grp. Shannon Burns
7 Jun 1997 53D Org. with 3.4 million members Martin Schneider
12 May 1997 57D Gun enthusiast’s grp. Hugh Davis
9 Mar 1997 81A “We Do Our Part” org. June Boggs
25 Feb 1997 54A Org. that sticks to its guns Gregory E. Paul
2 Feb 1997 46A Blue Eagle initials R. Silvestri
16 Jan 1997 62D Second Amendment supporters: Abbr. W. R. Williams
5 Nov 1996 42D Much-debated political inits. Jeremiah Farrell
23 Aug 1996 13A Grp. that sticks to its guns M. Ashwood-Smith
14 Aug 1996 22D Second Amendment advocate: Abbr. G. E. Sykes
22 May 1996 37A Powerful D.C. lobby R. Hughes
15 Mar 1996 46A Powerful D.C. lobby A. J. Santora
29 Jan 1996 12D Shooters’ org. G. Paul
31 Oct 1995 29D Powerful D.C. lobby Rich Norris
8 Oct 1995 143D New Deal agcy. Nancy Nicholson Joline
17 Sep 1995 72A Brady Bill opponent Stanley Newman
25 May 1995 35D Depression fighter: Abbr. Harvey Estes
23 May 1995 61A Gun lobby inits. Jay Livingston
8 May 1995 57A Pistol-packing org. Deborah Trombley
30 Apr 1995 121D 3-million-member sporting grp. Warren W. Reich
6 Mar 1995 62D Gun lobby grp. Randall J. Hartman
29 Jan 1995 108A “We Do Our Part” org. Bryant White
6 Nov 1994 55D Gun lobby A.J. Santora
4 Nov 1994 63D Inits. of 1933 Matt Jones
2 Nov 1994 37A Shooters’ org. Harvey Estes
17 Oct 1994 57D F.D.R.’s Blue Eagle grp. Jonathan Schmatzbach
17 Sep 1994 28A Sporting org. with three million members Rich Norris
26 Aug 1994 62D Powerful D.C. lobby Timothy S. Lewis
3 Jul 1994 124D Washington power grp. A.J. Santora
15 May 1994 81A Important D.C. lobby Charles M. Deber
6 Apr 1994 59D Blue Eagle agcy. of the 30’s Ed Stein
15 Feb 1994 20A Blue Eagle initials Jonathan Schmatzbach
3 Feb 1994 39D Brady bill opposer A.J. Santora

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