OMAHA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for OMAHA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "OMAHA" answer was first appeared in "13 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Gerald Ford’s birthplace (2)". It was authored by Thomas W. Schier. Recently, the "OMAHA" answer has been used for "31 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Largest city in Nebraska (5)". It was authored by Kathy Lowden and Erik Piepenburg. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "D-Day beach (9)". "OMAHA" appeared 123 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "OMAHA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
31 Oct 2023 48D Largest city in Nebraska Kathy Lowden and Erik Piepenburg
21 Aug 2023 4A Largest city in Nebraska Jennifer Nutt
14 Jul 2023 42A City where Gerald Ford and Malcolm X were born Jonathan Kaufman
16 Apr 2023 43D Hold ’em variation Mike Hobin
26 Jan 2023 45A The “Gateway to the West” Dan Ziring and Quiara Vasquez
23 Jan 2023 28D Largest city in Nebraska Adrian Johnson
26 Dec 2021 25A Poker variety similar to Texas hold ’em Christina Iverson
20 Dec 2021 14A Nebraska city nicknamed the “Gateway to the West” Anne Rowley
6 Jul 2021 16A D-Day beach name Katie Hale
27 May 2021 55A City that’s home to the N.C.A.A.’s College World Series Barbara Lin
6 Mar 2021 45D Birthplace of Malcolm X Sid Sivakumar
16 Oct 2020 2D City in which Malcolm X was born Damon Gulczynski
16 Jul 2020 32A Where I-80 crosses the Missouri River Evan Kalish
22 Dec 2019 55D 1935 Triple Crown winner Laura Taylor Kinnel
14 Apr 2019 109D Poker variety Will Nediger
3 Dec 2018 51D Nebraska’s largest city Lynn Lempel
2 Aug 2018 41D Home to TD Ameritrade Xan Vongsathorn
22 Jul 2018 83A City across the Missouri from Council Bluffs Patrick Merrell
15 Oct 2017 75D Home of Berkshire Hathaway John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
24 Apr 2017 24A Nebraska’s capital before Lincoln Gary Cee
10 Apr 2017 18D Largest city in Nebraska Lonnie Burton
30 May 2016 7D Warren Buffet, the Oracle of ___ David Woolf
1 May 2016 2D Home of the daily World-Herald Joel Fagliano and Byron Walden
26 Jan 2016 55D City NE of Lincoln Sam Ezersky
13 Oct 2015 60A Nebraska’s largest city Patrick Berry
12 Aug 2015 31A The Wizard of ___ (nickname of Warren Buffett) Tom McCoy
5 Jul 2015 27D Union Pacific headquarters Elizabeth C. Gorski
26 Mar 2015 48D Home of Warren Buffett Byron Walden
16 Nov 2013 16A Where Union Pacific is headquartered David Steinberg
11 Nov 2013 1D Nebraska’s largest city Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Oct 2013 14A Mutual of ___ (insurance giant) Gary Cee
30 Sep 2013 37D Mutual of ___ Ian Livengood
9 Aug 2013 1A Where Union Pacific is headquartered Patrick Berry
25 Mar 2013 44A Nebraska’s largest city Adam Prince
2 Mar 2013 42D Clarkson College locale Barry C. Silk
12 Aug 2012 65D D-Day code name Patrick Berry
17 Jul 2012 4D Nebraska home of Berkshire Hathaway Peter A. Collins
26 Jun 2012 24D ___ Steaks Mike Torch
25 Jun 2012 64A Nebraska city or tribe Nancy Kavanaugh
24 May 2012 30D 29 + 80 Derik Moore
26 Oct 2011 45D Gerald Ford’s birthplace Milo Beckman
10 Oct 2011 54D Midwest city whose name is a poker variety Ian C. Livengood
16 May 2011 8D Largest city in the state where Lincoln is the capital Ian Livengood
20 Mar 2011 96D Home of ConAgra Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Mar 2011 14A Sioux adversary Jeremy Newton
28 Jan 2011 16A Home of Creighton University Kevin G. Der
26 Jan 2011 16A Normandy beach David Murchie
5 Dec 2010 7A Midwest city named for an Indian tribe Ben Pall
3 Oct 2010 81D Site of the College World Series Daniel A. Finan
18 Feb 2010 47D Nebraska tribe Caleb Madison
23 Dec 2009 51D 1935 Triple Crown horse Jonathan Porat
22 Sep 2008 6A Mutual of ___ (insurance giant) Peter A. Collins
11 Feb 2008 56A Mutual of ___ Ken Bessette
27 Jan 2008 99A Poker game with four hole cards Mike Nothnagel
21 Aug 2007 32D D-Day beach Tom Heilman
10 Feb 2007 16A Transcontinental railroad city Bob Peoples
11 May 2006 9A Card game similar to Texas Hold’em Joe DiPietro
12 Mar 2006 14D Creighton University site Daniel C. Bryant
5 Mar 2006 57D Hold ’em variation Ashish Madhukar Vengsarkar
14 Jan 2006 6D Where the Enola Gay plane was built David Quarfoot
10 Oct 2005 15A City on the Missouri Holden Baker
31 Aug 2005 52D City on the Missouri Alan Arbesfeld
3 Feb 2005 16A Siouan language Elizabeth C. Gorski
19 Jan 2005 66A Cornhusker city Leonard Williams
22 Sep 2004 57A Midwest home of ConAgra David J. Kahn
5 May 2004 39A 1935 Triple Crown winner Nancy Salomon
7 Apr 2004 1A Cornhusker State city Nancy Salomon
26 Jan 2004 8D Nebraska city Patrick Merrell
27 Aug 2003 9A City across the Missouri from Council Bluffs Manny Nosowsky
13 Apr 2003 15D Boys Town neighbor Charles Deber
25 Mar 2003 12D Cornhusker’s city John Greenman
7 Jan 2003 24D Missouri River city Peter Gordon
17 Nov 2002 34D City across the river from Council Bluffs Richard and Judith Martin
26 Oct 2002 38D Creighton University site Rich Norris
22 Oct 2002 17A Nebraska’s largest city Michael Shteyman
5 Sep 2002 65A It’s on the Missouri Michael Shteyman
9 Dec 2001 32D Where Union Pacific is headquartered Cathy Millhauser
5 Nov 2001 25D Nebraska’s first capital Jenny Gutbezahl
9 Oct 2001 27D D-Day beach Peter Gordon
6 Oct 2001 16A 1935 Triple Crown winner Rich Norris
28 Aug 2001 18D Nebraska city Alan Arbesfeld
21 Nov 2000 39D Plains tribe Robert Zimmerman
9 Sep 2000 50A Siouan tongue Dana Motley
14 Aug 2000 47D University of Nebraska campus site Nancy Kavanaugh
31 May 2000 2D D-Day beach M. Francis Vuolo
7 Nov 1999 35D City named for an Indian tribe Brendan Emmett Quigley
9 Sep 1999 16A 1935 Kentucky Derby winner Sam Bellotto Jr.
7 Sep 1999 62A D-Day beach David Ainslie Macleod
13 Aug 1999 2D Where Fred and Adele Astaire were born Frances Hansen
25 Jul 1999 22A Home of Creighton University Charles M. Deber
14 Jun 1999 5A Mutual of ___ Norma Steinberg
3 May 1999 5A Largest city in Nebraska Nancy Kavanaugh
19 Apr 1999 28D D-Day beach Gregory E. Paul
15 Apr 1999 51D Brando’s birthplace Cathy Millhauser
24 Mar 1999 40A Largest Cornhusker city Nancy Salomon
26 Feb 1999 47A Fighter of the Sioux Martin Ashwood-Smith
26 Jan 1999 14A D-Day beach Brendan Emmett Quigley
7 Jun 1998 87D N.C.A.A. World Series site Randolph Ross
19 May 1998 16A Nebraska’s biggest city William S. Cotter
14 May 1998 9D Fred Astaire’s birthplace Frank Longo
2 Nov 1997 2D Union Pacific terminus Nancy Nicholson Joline
12 Oct 1997 96A Siouan language Nancy Salomon
3 Sep 1997 18A City near Boys Town Hugh Davis
20 Aug 1997 4D College World Series site Chuck Deodene
12 Jun 1997 52D City on the Missouri Gilbert H. Ludwig
13 Jan 1997 5A Mutual of ___ G. E. Paul
6 Nov 1996 61A D-Day beach M. E. Skolsky
21 Sep 1996 14A 1935 Triple Crown winner R. H. Burns
2 May 1996 1A 1935 Triple Crown winner D. J. Kahn
21 Jan 1996 67A Marlon Brando’s birthplace R. Wolfe
1 Oct 1995 55D Siouan tongue Frank A. Longo
27 Sep 1995 20A Nebraska Indian David J. Kahn
19 Jul 1995 50D City east of Boys Town Nancy S. Ross
7 May 1995 20D D-Day beachhead Bob Klahn
11 Apr 1995 60A 1935 Triple Crown winner Gregory E. Paul
9 Mar 1995 15A Creighton University site Alex Vaughn
13 Feb 1995 54D D-Day beach Sidney L. Robbins
10 Jan 1995 15A 1935 Triple Crown winner Christopher Page
4 Jan 1995 16A Council Bluffs neighbor Stephanie Spadaccini
30 Nov 1994 15A D-day beach Joan Scott
3 Nov 1994 16A Mutual of ___ Cathy Millhauser
13 Dec 1993 34A Gerald Ford’s birthplace Thomas W. Schier

Here you get OMAHA answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If OMAHA will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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