OTT is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for OTT in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "OTT" answer was first appeared in "3 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Giant Mel (6)". It was authored by Bill Click. Recently, the "OTT" answer has been used for "8 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Canadian N.H.L. team, on scoreboards (2)". It was authored by Robert Logan. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Polo Grounds legend (7)". "OTT" appeared 185 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "OTT" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
8 Dec 2023 26A Canadian N.H.L. team, on scoreboards Robert Logan
22 Nov 2023 67A New York Giant known as “Master Melvin” Will Pfadenhauer
18 Jun 2023 84A Famed Giant slugger Joe DiPietro
8 May 2023 38D Mel in the Baseball Hall of Fame Catherine Cetta
10 Jan 2023 23A Baseball great Mel Emily Rourke
19 Dec 2022 48D Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel Jennifer Nutt
20 Nov 2022 81D Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel Joe Deeney
9 Jan 2022 28D Baseball’s “Master Melvin” Timothy Polin
6 Oct 2021 23A Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel Jules Markey
29 Nov 2020 82D Baseball’s Mel Eric Berlin
20 Sep 2020 115D Mel of baseball Sam Trabucco
20 Jun 2020 12D “Master Melvin” of baseball Stella Zawistowski
16 Mar 2020 32D Mel who played at the Polo Grounds Gary Cee
19 Jan 2020 86A First National Leaguer to hit 500 home runs Victor Barocas
8 Jan 2020 48D New York Giants giant Mel Amanda Yesnowitz and Joon Pahk
30 Dec 2019 22D Six-time N.L. home run champ Mel Gary Larson
4 Sep 2019 44D Mel who hit 511 home runs Patrick Blindauer
24 Mar 2019 43D First N.L. player to hit 500 home runs Trenton Charlson
21 Nov 2018 31A Six-time N.L. home run leader in the 1930s and ’40s Brandon Koppy
7 Sep 2018 20A Mel in Cooperstown Josh Knapp
2 Aug 2018 7D A giant among Giants Xan Vongsathorn
6 Feb 2018 37D Mel who was the first N.L.’er to hit 500 home runs Bruce Haight
13 Jan 2018 9D N.H.L. Eastern Conference team, on scoreboards Alan DerKazarian
30 Dec 2017 40A Subject of Durocher’s “Nice guys finish last” sentiment Damon Gulczynski
25 Dec 2017 51A Mel honored in Cooperstown Lynn Lempel
8 Dec 2017 37A Sportsman whose #4 was retired Paolo Pasco
11 Mar 2017 20A To whom Durocher was referring when he said “Nice guys finish last” Natan Last
2 Nov 2016 65A Polo Grounds great Mel Andrew Kingsley
30 May 2016 31A Baseball Hall-of-Famer Mel David Woolf
11 Dec 2015 22A Giant legend Barry C. Silk
8 Aug 2015 11D He hit 35 in ’34 Alan Arbesfeld
26 Jul 2015 52A Canadian N.H.L. team, on scoreboards Ellen Leuschner and Jeff Chen
19 Jul 2015 71D The “O” in Ogden Nash’s alphabet of baseball players Tom McCoy
17 Jun 2015 67D See 11-Down Molly Young and David J. Kahn
28 Apr 2015 58A The Senators, on sports tickers José Chardiet
8 Apr 2015 33A First National Leaguer with 500 homers Zhouqin Burnikel
10 Feb 2015 8D Baseball’s Mel Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
8 Feb 2015 92A A Giants giant Jeremy Newton
5 Nov 2014 63D Mel with 511 homers Gareth Bain
1 May 2014 28D Baseball great who had a career batting 1-Down of .304 Brandon Hensley
10 Mar 2014 39A Mel of the Giants Kelly Clark
29 Dec 2013 4D First National Leaguer with eight consecutive 100-R.B.I. seasons Joel Fagliano
28 Oct 2013 64D Giant among baseball’s Giants Ed Sessa
10 Feb 2013 28A 1951 Cooperstown inductee Patrick Berry
15 Jan 2013 48A Slugger Mel Peter A. Collins
18 Dec 2012 33A Super Giant Adam G. Perl
28 Aug 2012 47A Baseball’s Mel Lou Borenstein
12 Aug 2012 14D 1951 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee Patrick Berry
22 Jul 2012 7D Mel who was portrayed in “Field of Dreams” Brendan Emmett Quigley
1 Jul 2012 41A First National Leaguer with 500 home runs Dan Schoenholz
30 May 2012 5D Giant who swung for the fences David J. Kahn
29 May 2012 33A Hall-of-Famer Mel Daniel A. Finan
1 May 2012 20A Great Giant Zoe Wheeler and Aimee Lucido
15 Apr 2012 17D Slugger Mel Kevin G. Der
4 Apr 2012 30A Baseball Hall-of-Famer who batted left and threw right Zoe Wheeler
30 Mar 2012 7D Giant among Giants Joe Krozel
7 Dec 2011 41A Polo Grounds great Julian Lim
9 Nov 2011 13D Giant legend Paula Gamache
13 Oct 2011 10D First N.L.’er to hit 500 home runs John Farmer
6 Sep 2011 38A Mel who batted left and threw right Susan Gelfand
22 Aug 2011 17A Giant Mel Milo Beckman
19 Jul 2011 60D Giant Mel Mark Feldman
12 Jun 2011 98A Baseball’s Master Melvin C. W. Stewart
23 Apr 2011 57D N.H.L. Senators, on scoreboards Mike Nothnagel
10 Apr 2011 76D Giant of old Paula Gamache
1 Apr 2011 42A Giant #4 Elizabeth A. Long
9 Aug 2010 25A Giants great Mel David Poole
7 Jun 2010 7D Slugger Mel Lynn Lempel
11 Mar 2010 44A Polo Grounds legend John Farmer
1 Mar 2010 70A Giant great Mel Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 Feb 2010 6D Target of Durocher’s “Nice guys finish last” sentiment Josh Knapp
13 Feb 2010 57A John who pioneered time-lapse photography Ashish Vengsarkar
30 Oct 2009 10D Diamond figure on a 2006 postage stamp David Levinson Wilk
12 Oct 2009 38D Mel who was #4 at the Polo Grounds Richard Chisholm
27 Sep 2009 27A Famous Giant Patrick Berry
2 Sep 2009 38A Giant slugger Jim Hyres
20 Jul 2009 32D Hall-of-Famer Mel Pancho Harrison
8 May 2009 3D Giant on the cover of Time magazine, 1945 John Farmer
24 Mar 2009 35D Mel in Cooperstown Pancho Harrison
15 Jan 2009 46A 12-time baseball All-Star Patrick Blindauer
7 Sep 2008 78D Giant star of the 1930s and ’40s Randolph Ross
26 Jun 2008 44D Giant among Giants David J. Kahn
28 May 2008 5D Little Giant of the Giants C. W. Stewart
13 Apr 2008 36A Former Giants giant Cathy Millhauser
21 Feb 2008 34A Hitter of 511 lifetime home runs Peter A. Collins
10 Feb 2008 19D Polo Grounds legend Bill Zais
27 Jan 2008 128D Giant born in Louisiana Mike Nothnagel
21 Jan 2008 42A Baseballer Mel Andrea Carla Michaels
19 Dec 2007 32D Baseball’s Little Giant Victor Fleming
4 Dec 2007 54D Hall-of-Famer Mel Alison Donald
11 Nov 2007 11D Member of the 500-home run club Alan Arbesfeld
9 Oct 2007 55A Baseballer Mel Timothy Powell
22 Aug 2007 26A Giant in Cooperstown Patrick Blindauer
10 Jul 2007 63D Baseball’s Master Melvin Pete Muller
8 Jul 2007 15D Old Polo Grounds headliner Elayne Cantor and Nancy Salomon
8 May 2007 54A Giant great Mel Sarah Keller
25 Mar 2007 123D Polo Grounds legend Fred Piscop
11 Dec 2006 39D Giant slugger Mel David J. Kahn
7 Aug 2006 22D Hall-of-Famer Mel Lynn Lempel
4 Jun 2006 61D 12-time baseball All-Star, 1934-45 Patrick Blindauer
9 Apr 2006 6D Polo Grounds slugger Paula Gamache
27 Feb 2006 67A Mel who played at the Polo Grounds Ed Early
12 Jan 2006 25D Giant of note Kyle Mahowald
10 Oct 2005 23A Giant Hall-of-Famer Holden Baker
23 Sep 2005 3D Giant of note Levi Denham
11 Sep 2005 3D Giant at Cooperstown Patrick Berry
31 Jul 2005 97A Giant of a Giant Mark Feldman
19 Jul 2005 39A Giants outfielder Mel Trip Payne
3 May 2005 37A Giant Mel Gary Steinmehl
25 Feb 2005 26A 11-time 1930’s-40’s All-Star Eric Berlin
6 Feb 2005 40A Giants manager before Durocher Joel Kaplow
16 Jan 2005 8D Polo Grounds standout Damon J. Gulczynski
12 Jan 2005 27D The Little Giant Alan Arbesfeld
12 Dec 2004 113D Giant of old Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
14 Nov 2004 80D Giant of note Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
16 May 2004 118D Legendary Giant Patrick Berry
5 Apr 2004 40A Baseballer Mel Jim Hyres
5 Oct 2003 106D Polo Grounds hero Richard Silvestri
16 Sep 2003 7D Hall-of-Famer Mel Michael Doran
25 May 2003 128A Giant teammate of Mize David J. Kahn
7 May 2003 27A Giant of note Alan Arbesfeld
31 Mar 2003 61D Baseball’s Mel Patrick Merrell
12 Feb 2003 58A Polo Grounds legend Ed Early
21 Jan 2003 18D Mel of the Polo Grounds Richard Chisholm
13 Dec 2002 61D Giant legend Bob Peoples
21 Jul 2002 66D Giants legend Trip Payne
20 Jul 2002 28A Giants manager before Durocher Dana Motley
31 May 2002 28A Master Melvin of baseball Patrick Berry
22 Feb 2002 4D Player with 511 career home runs Elizabeth C. Gorski
9 Feb 2002 50D Teammate of Hubbell and Terry Rich Norris
6 Feb 2002 41A Giant Giant Joe DiPietro
24 Jan 2002 34A 1940’s Giants manager Brendan Emmett Quigley
17 Jan 2002 55D The Little Giant Sherry O. Blackard
26 Oct 2001 36A First of the 49-Across to hit 500 home runs Peter Gordon
23 Sep 2001 73A Giant star of the 1930’s-40’s Randolph Ross
21 Sep 2001 42A Former Giants manager Brendan Emmett Quigley
25 Jul 2001 33D Giant Giant Richard Hughes
8 Jul 2001 56A Old Polo Grounds star Michael S. Maurer
26 Jun 2001 45A Giant Hall-of-Famer Stephen Windheim
3 Jun 2001 9D Polo Grounds legend Bob Peoples and Nancy Salomon
9 Apr 2001 35D Polo Grounds legend Mel and Peggy Rosen
2 Feb 2001 25A Scorer of 1,859 runs Martin Ashwood-Smith
29 Dec 2000 4D Old Polo Grounds favorite David J. Kahn
18 Nov 2000 6D Baseball immortal Rich Norris
16 Nov 2000 57D Giant of old Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
28 Oct 2000 7D Giant from Gretna Elizabeth C. Gorski
1 Sep 2000 27A First N.L.’er to hit 500 homers Joe DiPietro
26 Jun 2000 24A Baseball great Mel Peter Gordon
22 Jun 2000 25A First National Leaguer to hit 500 home runs Robert B. Baker
14 Jun 2000 26D Baseball’s Master Melvin Nancy Salomon and Sherry O. Blackard
15 Mar 2000 18A Giant of old Jim Page
26 Feb 2000 28A Polo Grounds headliner Bob Klahn
19 Sep 1999 127A Polo Grounds hero Manny Nosowsky
17 Jul 1999 55D His “4” was retired Rand H. Burns
8 May 1999 30A Giant of old Richard Hughes
11 Apr 1999 120D Baseball’s Mel Matt Gaffney
10 Jan 1999 105A Baseball’s Master Melvin David J. Kahn
7 Nov 1998 8D He hit 511 career homers Raymond Hamel
18 Oct 1998 42D Six-time home run champ David J. Kahn
5 Oct 1998 35D Giant slugger Mel Peter Gordon
19 Apr 1998 47A Six-time N.L. home run champ Rich Norris
19 Feb 1998 45A Giant of a Giant A. J. Santora
18 Jan 1998 143D Polo Grounds legend Ed Early and Bob Klahn
9 Apr 1997 57D Six-time home run champ Norman S. Wizer
14 Mar 1997 4D Baseball All-Star, 1934-44 Manny Nosowsky
11 Mar 1997 29A Member of the 500 HR club Alan Arbesfeld
19 Mar 1996 55D Baseball’s Mel P. Jordan
13 Dec 1995 10D Polo Grounds great Ernie Furtado
17 Nov 1995 61D Giant of a Giant Fran & Lou Sabin
12 Nov 1995 51D Giant slugger Randolph Ross
1 Oct 1995 51A Mel of the diamond Frank A. Longo
6 Aug 1995 99A Baseball’s Master Melvin Manny Nosowsky
3 Aug 1995 59A Home run hitter of old Wayne Robert Williams
13 Jun 1995 48A Giant Mel Trip Payne
26 Apr 1995 61D Legendary Giant Wayne Robert Williams
3 Apr 1995 5D Giant Mel Randall J. Hartman
21 Mar 1995 64A 30’s home run king Harvey Estes
6 Mar 1995 1D Giant slugger Randall J. Hartman
28 Nov 1994 41D Giant giant Jonathan Schmalzbach
21 Nov 1994 37D Hall-of-Famer Mel Norman S. Wizer
29 Sep 1994 64D Giant star Randolph Ross
16 Aug 1994 56D Legendary Giant Wayne Robert Williams
12 Jun 1994 28A Hall of Famer Mel Frances Hansen
10 Feb 1994 23D Master Melvin Manny Nosowsky
3 Dec 1993 58D Giant Mel Bill Click

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