The "PAPER" has been set as the answer to the hint "Loser to scissors, winner over rock" from New York Times Crossword for 08 Jan 2024.

Clue Source Date
Loser to scissors, winner over rock New York Times 08 Jan 2024
Product sold in reams
Daily print news _, like The Jerusalem Post (5)
Father, perhaps would begin to write on it
(and 6 Across) Each parsnip can be turned into Christmas decorations (5,6)
Lightweight lantern material LA Times Mini 17 Dec 2023
Origami need Newsday 10 Dec 2023
Set of exam questions in thing bought from a news-stand (5)
Rock ___ scissors, hand game (5)
Treatise (5) Puzzler 22 Nov 2023
Origami need Thomas Joseph 31 Oct 2023
Origami supply Newsday 05 Oct 2023
Dead-tree edition material Universal 15 Aug 2023
Origami need Thomas Joseph 20 Jun 2023
Word before “plane” or “crane” Universal 05 Jun 2023
Loser to scissors Universal 24 Mar 2023
Origami need LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2023
Plastic alternative Newsday 02 Dec 2022
Origami necessity USA Today 16 Nov 2022
Origami material USA Today 01 Nov 2022
“Rock, ___, scissors”
Eg, The Times The Times Concise 31 Oct 2022
Origami need Thomas Joseph 21 Oct 2022
It’s beaten by scissors in a game Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2022
Harmless sort of tiger may be decorative on the wall The Times Cryptic 04 Aug 2022
Kirigami need USA Today 03 Aug 2022
Copier need Thomas Joseph 26 Jul 2022
It covers rock, in a children’s game Universal 26 Jul 2022
See 11 The Guardian Cryptic 13 Jul 2022
Pressure on one copying exam questions The Guardian Cryptic 04 Jul 2022
Each year having a written test The Times Cryptic 24 May 2022
Sheet used for writing, with a name originating from Greek
Government report The Times Concise 09 May 2022
It’s for writing and wrapping Irish Times Simplex 02 May 2022
I’m a toothy shredder with a taste for documents. My first name is the same as my favorite snack. What is my first name?
Grocery bag option USA Today 27 Feb 2022
“___ Towns,” John Green’s 2008 novel that won him the Edgar Award for best young adult novel
Academic essay The Guardian Quick 25 Jan 2022
Acronym for the Donald C. Backer radio telescope in South Africa The Guardian Weekend 15 Jan 2022
To the audience, type of TV view material The Guardian Cryptic 13 Jan 2022
To the audience, type of TV view material
Rock beater Thomas Joseph 08 Jan 2022
Game option represented by a flat palm New York Times 02 Jan 2022
Stationery item The Telegraph Quick 13 Dec 2021
Copier under pressure in exam The Times Cryptic 09 Dec 2021
Exercises found in standard composition The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2021
News publication The Telegraph Quick 16 Nov 2021
It beats rock USA Today 29 Oct 2021

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