PGA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for PGA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "PGA" answer was first appeared in "23 Nov 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Trevino’s org.". It was authored by Lois Sidway. Recently, the "PGA" answer has been used for "9 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "___ Championship". It was authored by Doug Peterson and Christina Iverson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "___ Tour (8)". "PGA" appeared 119 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "PGA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
9 Dec 2023 25A ___ Championship Doug Peterson and Christina Iverson
12 Nov 2023 61D Grp. that goes on tour Garrett Chalfin
5 Oct 2023 49A Senior ___ Championship (annual event) Daniel Bodily
28 Sep 2023 19A ___ Tour Ricky Cruz
10 Jul 2023 59D ___ Tour Brad Wiegmann
3 Jul 2023 28A Links org. Sam Buchbinder
2 Mar 2023 9D Grp. of club owners? Malaika Handa
4 Aug 2022 60D Tour group, for short Ella Dershowitz
2 Apr 2022 42A Org. with clubs, in two senses Kyle Dolan
24 Mar 2022 39D Org. for paid drivers Jess Shulman
11 Jan 2022 1D ___ Tour Ross Trudeau
25 Nov 2021 21D ___ Tour Chase Dittrich
22 Sep 2021 65D Sports org. with the Ryder Cup Grant Boroughs
18 Aug 2021 35A Babe Zaharias was the first woman to compete on its tour, in brief Alina Abidi
20 Jun 2021 112D Tour grp. Michael Lieberman
26 Mar 2021 42A Club club, for short Daniel Larsen
4 Mar 2021 36A Org. for drivers Blake Slonecker
25 Dec 2020 42A Tour grp. Erik Agard and Wendy L. Brandes
22 Dec 2020 23A Org. whose members may be fore-warned? Amy Yanni and Jeff Chen
8 Nov 2020 79A Driver’s org., no matter how you slice it? Evan Kalish and Caitlin Reid
31 Jul 2020 28A Org. for good drivers Claire Rimkus and Erik Agard
29 Jul 2020 57A Links org. Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
22 Jan 2020 7D ___ Tour Alex Eaton-Salners
10 Dec 2019 44A Ryder Cup org. Eric Berlin
16 Nov 2019 43D Open organization, for short Daniel Larsen
8 Oct 2019 58D Org. offering member instruction, of course! Ross Trudeau
1 Apr 2019 34D Links org. Joel Fagliano
26 Dec 2018 38D Org. whose members are teed off? Howard Barkin
23 Sep 2018 118D Tour grp. Andrew Zhou
5 Sep 2018 57A Course overseer, for short Amanda Chung, Karl Ni and Erik Agard
21 Jul 2018 46A Sports org. since 1916 Jason Flinn
30 May 2018 15D Org. with a lot of links on its website Sande Milton and Jeff Chen
3 Apr 2018 32D Org. concerned with eagles and birdies Damon Gulczynski
21 Oct 2017 56D ___ Championship (event since 1916) Samuel A. Donaldson and Brad Wilber
27 Sep 2017 8D ___ Tour Jacob Stulberg
3 Sep 2017 92A Grp. of people puttering around? Andrew Zhou
10 Jul 2017 57A Links org. Timothy Polin
15 Feb 2017 37A Org. for drivers Jesse Eisenberg and Patrick Blindauer
15 Dec 2016 29D Sports org. with pitching Jacob Stulberg
6 Jul 2016 1D Green jacket org. David Woolf
28 Jun 2016 32D Links org. Alex Vratsanos
11 Mar 2016 22A Green org.? Martin Ashwood-Smith
8 Sep 2015 25A Org. whose members may be putting on a show? Jacob Stulberg
21 Jun 2015 86A Org. whose website has a lot of links? Timothy Polin
15 Mar 2015 51A Tour grp. Dan Feyer
12 Jan 2015 19A Links org. Jason Flinn
1 Jan 2015 53D Org. that’s most likely to appreciate this puzzle? Jill Denny and Jeff Chen
22 Dec 2014 36D Links org. Lynn Lempel
8 Jan 2014 6D FedExCup org. Sam Ezersky and Victor Fleming
27 Oct 2013 111A ___ Tour Brendan Emmett Quigley
9 Sep 2013 24D Links org. Gary Cee
10 Jun 2013 36D Augusta National org. Zhouqin Burnikel
26 Mar 2013 21D Ryder Cup org. Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson
3 Mar 2013 101A Duffer’s org. Samuel A. Donaldson
28 Dec 2012 42D Grp. interested in long drives Ashton Anderson
22 Aug 2012 44D Links org. Peter A. Collins
19 May 2012 51D Wanamaker Trophy org. Patrick Berry
9 May 2012 22D Green org.? Eshan Mitra
1 Sep 2011 18D ___ Tour Joel Fagliano
29 Apr 2011 48A Green grp.? David Quarfoot
1 Mar 2011 43D Masters org. C. W. Stewart
28 Nov 2010 61A Swingers’ grp. Jeremy Newton
12 Jun 2010 42A Club wielder’s club: Abbr. Joe DiPietro
13 Apr 2010 15A Sports org. with a tour Alex Boisvert
4 Jan 2009 91A “Tour” grp. Daniel A. Finan
1 Jun 2008 78A Club wielders’ grp. Patrick Berry
7 May 2008 6D Eagle shooters’ grp. Richard Silvestri
18 Feb 2008 24D Tour grp.? Lynn Lempel
15 Dec 2007 11D Org. with aces and chips Rich Norris
25 Sep 2007 45A Org. for drivers? Randall J. Hartman
14 Aug 2007 60D Organizer of one of four Grand Slam events: Abbr. C. W. Stewart
18 Jun 2007 31A Club discussed in clubhouses: Abbr. Randall J. Hartman
11 Jan 2007 29A Senior ___ Tour Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
20 Jun 2006 11D Holder of a Grand Slam event, for short Steve Salmon
11 Jun 2006 68D Org. whose members’ lies are discussed on TV Maxwell H. D. Johnson Jr.
4 Jun 2006 114D Org. for drivers Patrick Blindauer
15 May 2006 22A Links org. John R. Conrad
3 May 2006 28D Tour organizer, for short Lisa Wiseman
3 Oct 2005 22D Links org. Roy Leban
22 May 2005 116A Tour grp. A. J. Santora
17 Feb 2005 1D Sports org. since 1916 Patrick Merrell
16 Feb 2005 59A Driver’s org. Richard Silvestri
1 Feb 2004 86D Tour grp. Roy Leban
14 Jan 2004 1D Links org. Fred Piscop
28 Dec 2003 104A Swingers’ grp. Seth A. Abel
28 Oct 2003 10A Links org. Brendan Emmett Quigley
23 Jun 2003 34D Org. for Tiger Woods Raymond Hamel
31 Dec 2002 29D Links org. Gene Newman
8 Dec 2002 108D Links letters Peter Gordon
29 Sep 2002 93A Tour grp. Randolph Ross
9 Sep 2002 56A Links org. William I. Johnston
16 Feb 2002 31D Grp. concerned with slicing and chipping Frank Longo
9 Sep 2001 11D Tour grp. Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
7 May 2001 63D Links org. Nancy Salomon and Bob Frank
4 Feb 2001 31D Annual tourn. holder Frank A. Longo
21 Jan 2001 35A Grp. concerned with clubs Con Pederson
7 Dec 2000 48A Drivers’ org. Henry Hook
14 Nov 1999 105A Grp. with holes in its organization Lloyd E. Pollet
2 Nov 1999 46A Vijay Singh org. Bernice Gordon
10 Aug 1999 10D Masters holder: Abbr. Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Jul 1999 20A Org. for swingers? John Wolting
29 Jul 1999 47A Tour operator David J. Kahn
20 Jan 1999 25D Links letters Fred Piscop
8 Dec 1998 40A Ernie Els’s org. Frances Hansen
25 Dec 1997 26D Vardon Trophy awarder: Abbr. A. J. Santora
28 Sep 1997 93A Player’s grp. Robert H. Wolfe
22 Jul 1997 5A Nicklaus’s org. Fred Piscop
20 Jun 1997 32D Golfing initials Manny Nosowsky
26 Apr 1997 45A Masters holder, briefly Frank Longo
20 Mar 1997 29D Couples grp. A. J. Santora
23 Feb 1997 64D Tour organizer, for short Nancy Nicholson Joline
7 Feb 1996 51A Links letters Frank A. Longo
7 Jun 1995 39D Nick Price’s org. Martin Schneider
25 May 1995 55A Grp. of swingers Harvey Estes
2 Feb 1995 2A Links org. Bob and Sharon Klahn
13 Jul 1994 60D Links grp. Jonathan Schmatzbach
20 Apr 1994 2D Tour org. Walter Webb
30 Mar 1994 20A Couples’s org. Eileen Lexau
23 Nov 1993 59D Trevino’s org. Lois Sidway

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