PIT is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for PIT in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "PIT" answer was first appeared in "5 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Frank Norris novel, with “The”". It was authored by Manny Nosowsky. Recently, the "PIT" answer has been used for "1 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Locale for an orchestra". It was authored by Jeffrey Lease. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Set (against) (6)". "PIT" appeared 91 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "PIT" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
1 Oct 2023 58D Locale for an orchestra Jeffrey Lease
16 Sep 2023 51D ___ crew Jonathan Kaufman
23 Jun 2023 49A Mine Kunal Nabar
8 May 2023 41D Part discarded from a peach Catherine Cetta
19 Apr 2023 38D Place to retire in a hurry? Joe Deeney
10 Jan 2023 18D Avocado’s center Emily Rourke
23 Nov 2022 22D Word before bull or after ball Erica Hsiung Wojcik and Matthew Stock
18 Oct 2022 41A ___ stop (chance to refuel) Dan Schoenholz
4 Jun 2022 25A Area near a stage Scott Earl
28 Nov 2021 63D Fruit detritus Jeff Kremer
6 Nov 2021 52D Stone Brooke Husic and Will Nediger
1 Aug 2021 51A Hole Matthew Stock
8 Apr 2021 29D Hardest part of a date Jake Halperin
17 Mar 2021 45A Barbecue spot Peter A. Collins
15 Nov 2020 79A Hole in the ground Caitlin Reid
20 Sep 2020 32D Where an auto racer retires? Sam Trabucco
15 Sep 2020 1A Orchestra site Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
21 Jan 2020 8D Orchestra locale Carl Larson
30 Oct 2019 23D Ball ___ (play area) David Steinberg
10 Oct 2019 63D Mango’s center Tracy Gray
6 Oct 2019 46A Quarry, e.g. Howard Barkin and Victor Barocas
17 Jul 2019 20A Peach’s center Ada Nicolle
18 May 2019 37A Hard core Andy Kravis and Erik Agard
26 Dec 2018 34D Orchestra’s place Howard Barkin
6 Mar 2018 14A Fruit center Bruce Greig
19 Jan 2017 27A Mine, e.g. Jacob Stulberg
30 Oct 2016 48A Set (against) Caleb Madison
30 Sep 2015 36D Word before boss or bull Freddie Cheng
18 May 2015 6D Poe’s “The ___ and the Pendulum” Gene Newman
23 Apr 2015 7D Commodity-trading card game David Steinberg and Bruce Leban
11 Jan 2015 104A Quarry, e.g. Peter A. Collins
8 Oct 2014 62D Indy service area Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
31 Aug 2014 76A Seed Joel Fagliano
11 Apr 2014 50D Hog roasting locale Peter Wentz
18 Aug 2013 5D Set (against) Elizabeth C. Gorski
12 Aug 2012 109D Animal trap Patrick Berry
8 Apr 2012 28D Set (against) Daniel A. Finan
29 Aug 2011 40A Quarry, e.g. Andrea Carla Michaels and Michael Blake
13 Aug 2011 46A See 62-Down Tim Croce
24 Jul 2011 59D Stomach area Kurt Mueller
15 Apr 2011 18D Mine Patrick Berry
7 Jun 2010 32A Deep hole Lynn Lempel
24 May 2010 41D Indy 500 service area Bob Johnson
2 May 2010 71D Classic Parker Brothers card game Kelsey Blakley
27 Oct 2009 1D Quarry Chuck Deodene
30 Oct 2008 32A Outdoor cooking spot Chuck Hamilton
19 Oct 2008 44A Stomach section Joe DiPietro
17 Jun 2008 26D Peach stone Steven Ginzburg
4 Jun 2008 42A Place to refuel Billie Truitt
14 Mar 2008 62D Gambler’s place Kevin G. Der
22 Aug 2007 61D Word with boss or bull Patrick Blindauer
9 Jul 2007 29D Cherry seed Peter A. Collins
22 May 2007 37D Cockfight area Roger Wolff
17 Apr 2007 63A Peach center Jennifer Nutt
4 Mar 2007 17D Stomach part Randolph Ross
12 Nov 2006 89A Dogfight enclosure Patrick Berry
3 Jul 2005 6D Band’s place on Broadway Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 May 2005 6D Plum part Frank Longo
15 Feb 2005 36D Indy 500 locale Gene Newman
29 Nov 2004 62D Peach center Kendall Twigg and Nancy Salomon
24 Nov 2004 59A Barbecue site Adam Cohen
14 Sep 2004 8D Peach part Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
3 Jun 2004 12D Locale in a Poe story Mike Torch
30 Mar 2004 67D Orchestra area Sarah Keller
25 Oct 2003 23A Set (against) Rich Norris
7 Oct 2003 43D Fruit center Steve Jones
3 Aug 2003 70A Mine Jim Page
14 Mar 2003 6D Set (against) Kevin Hagen
1 Feb 2003 60A Trading place Rich Norris
11 Nov 2001 34A Part of a theater Joe DiPietro
6 May 2001 5A Place to stop for gas Manny Nosowsky
3 Nov 1999 30A Place to refuel Greg Staples
4 Aug 1999 55A Casino area Richard Silvestri
29 Jul 1999 37D It may be bottomless David J. Kahn
2 May 1999 104A Stop for gas Jim Page
13 Dec 1998 43A Commodities exchange area Richard Silvestri
28 Oct 1998 7D Plum’s center Alan Arbesfeld
18 Nov 1997 37D Raucous card game Peter Gordon
29 Oct 1997 43A Indy stop Kelly Clark
23 Jun 1997 55D Orchestra’s location Shannon Burns
24 Jan 1997 52A Depression D. J. Kahn
19 Jan 1997 75A Hollow B. Klahn
5 Dec 1995 42A This can be bottomless Robert Katz
9 Jun 1995 24D Crater A.J. Santora
4 Jun 1995 80A Slob’s home Bryant White
26 May 1995 25A Set (against) Randolph Ross
14 Jun 1994 57A Mining area Jonathan Schmatzbach
23 May 1994 38D Word before bull or stop Jonathan Schmatzbach
16 Feb 1994 38A Poe story setting John Greenman
1 Feb 1994 53A Quarry Robert Zimmerman
5 Dec 1993 16D Frank Norris novel, with “The” Manny Nosowsky

Here you get PIT answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If PIT will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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