RENO is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for RENO in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "RENO" answer was first appeared in "1 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Janet of Justice (3)". It was authored by Tap Osborn. Recently, the "RENO" answer has been used for "5 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "City mentioned at the start of the Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil”". It was authored by Nate Cardin. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Gambling mecca (7)". "RENO" appeared 218 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "RENO" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
5 Dec 2023 22D City mentioned at the start of the Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil” Nate Cardin
27 Oct 2023 20A It was called Big Meadows on the California Trail Adrian Johnson
8 Oct 2023 107D Home makeover, informally Sid Sivakumar
18 Aug 2023 3D Home makeover, informally Kameron Austin Collins
17 Feb 2023 9D Contractor’s project, informally Jem Burch
26 Dec 2022 62D Nevada’s “Biggest Little City in the World” Kurt Weller
23 Dec 2022 46A Tahoe neighbor Brandon Koppy
13 Dec 2022 28D City that’s an apt rhyme for “casino” Julietta Gervase
24 Aug 2022 55A Onetime “divorce capital” of the U.S. Colin Ernst
15 Aug 2022 38D Nevada gambling city Simon Marotte
10 May 2022 56D Janet ___, first female attorney general Lou Weiss
1 Feb 2022 32A Nevada’s third-largest city Zhouqin Burnikel
25 Jan 2022 4D Home to the Atlantis casino Ray Brunsberg and Ellen Brunsberg
2 Jan 2022 48A Final Fantasy character who shares his name with a U.S. city Paolo Pasco
18 Oct 2021 45D Nevada slots city Freddie Cheng
11 Jul 2021 2D Where Johnny Cash shot a man, in song Ashish Vengsarkar
10 Jun 2021 8D First female U.S. attorney general Sheldon Polonsky
7 May 2021 15A City SW of Pyramid Lake Brooke Husic
5 Apr 2021 30A Nevada city on the Truckee River Zhouqin Burnikel
22 Jan 2021 26A Western city where copper-riveted jeans were invented Daniel Larsen
10 Oct 2020 16A “911!” preceder Brian Thomas
16 Sep 2020 60D Western home of the National Automobile Museum Paul Coulter
14 Sep 2020 66A Gambling mecca north of Carson City John Guzzetta
13 Sep 2020 78D Eight-year member of Clinton’s cabinet MaryEllen Uthlaut
4 Sep 2020 57A Seat of Washoe County Brian Thomas
29 Jul 2020 29A Apt rhyme for “casino” Amanda Chung and Karl Ni
18 Jul 2020 14D City north of Washoe Lake State Park John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
15 Jun 2020 41D Nevada city Olivia Mitra Framke
17 Nov 2019 101D Clinton’s attorney general for all eight years Randolph Ross
15 Nov 2019 26D City near Virginia City Debbie Ellerin
23 Oct 2019 40A City SE of Plumas National Forest Jennifer Nutt
5 Oct 2019 48D Ashcroft’s predecessor as attorney general Trenton Charlson
21 Sep 2019 58A City near Sparks Joon Pahk and Erik Agard
8 Sep 2019 59A Home of minor-league baseball’s Aces Joe DiPietro
25 Aug 2019 108D Major city bisected by I-80 Matt Ginsberg
15 Jun 2019 54A City near Tesla Gigafactory 1 Ryan McCarty
28 Apr 2019 28A Home to the Triple-A Aces Brendan Emmett Quigley
13 Apr 2019 55A Sparks can be seen at its edge Debbie Ellerin
1 Apr 2019 19A Nevada casino city Joel Fagliano
19 Mar 2019 34A Gambling locale Daniel Larsen
5 Mar 2019 56A Where Johnny Cash shot a man, in song Joe Deeney
23 Dec 2018 51D City near the Sierras David Alfred Bywaters
20 Dec 2018 14A ___ Sweeney, leading character in “Anything Goes” Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
15 Dec 2018 30D Setting of a 2000s Comedy Central police show Erik Agard
21 Aug 2018 58D Gambling mecca John Lieb and Andrea Yañes
1 Aug 2018 54D Former attorney general Janet Sande Milton and Jeff Chen
4 Jun 2018 43A City north of Carson City Zhouqin Burnikel
4 May 2018 27A Apt rhyme for “casino” Michael Hawkins
2 May 2018 64A City near the California/Nevada border Bryant White
24 Mar 2018 38A Home of Triple-A baseball’s Aces Byron Walden
6 Jan 2018 48A City at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Peter Wentz
3 Sep 2017 87D Western city bisected by I-80 Andrew Zhou
4 Aug 2017 10D City near Pyramid Lake Damon Gulczynski
19 Apr 2017 58A Eight-year Clinton cabinet member Emanuel Ax and Brad Wilber
12 Dec 2016 68A Late attorney general Janet Mark McClain
17 Oct 2016 16A Nevada’s so-called “Biggest Little City in the World” Damon Gulczynski
6 Sep 2016 59A Former attorney general Janet Timothy Polin
30 Jun 2016 21A City whose name, appropriately, rhymes with “casino” Jonathan M. Kaye
27 Jun 2016 53D Cabinet member who once appeared beside her impersonator on “S.N.L.” Kevan Choset
6 Jun 2016 55D City at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mary Lou Guizzo
6 May 2016 3D Seat of Washoe County Julian Lim
27 Apr 2016 44A Attorney general parodied by Ferrell Jeff Stillman
15 Jan 2016 17A Virginia and Truckee Railroad terminus Patrick Berry
31 Dec 2015 7D City near Sparks Ben Tausig
6 Dec 2015 17D City near Lake Tahoe Patrick Berry
29 Jul 2015 23A Eight-year member of Clinton’s cabinet David J. Lieb
18 May 2015 59D So-called “Biggest Little City in the World” Gene Newman
17 Apr 2015 34A Ashcroft’s predecessor in the cabinet Mary Lou Guizzo
23 Mar 2015 39D Nevada city Michael Dewey
14 Mar 2015 18A Role for Ferrell on “S.N.L.” James Mulhern
2 Jan 2015 42D Member of Clinton’s cabinet for all eight years David Steinberg
23 Sep 2014 33A Home of the University of Nevada Gerry Wildenberg
26 Jul 2014 47D Subject of a Will Ferrell “S.N.L.” impersonation Julian Lim
17 Jun 2014 67A Gambling mecca Zhouqin Burnikel
4 Jun 2014 64A Place to place your bets Jim Hilger
21 May 2014 31D City mentioned in “Folsom Prison Blues” Mike Buckley
25 Feb 2014 56D Clinton attorney general Janet Matthew E. Paronto and Jeff Chen
21 Jan 2014 60D City NNE of Tahoe Todd Gross
11 Jan 2014 42A Stop on Amtrak’s California Zephyr Martin Ashwood-Smith
14 Jun 2013 51A Terminus of the old Virginia and Truckee Railroad Patrick Berry
20 May 2013 53A Nevada gambling mecca Tim Croce
13 Apr 2013 24A City near Pyramid Lake Martin Ashwood-Smith
12 Mar 2013 15A City with Aces Ballpark Bruce Sutphin and Neville Fogarty
25 Nov 2012 69D City near Virginia City Jeff Chen
19 Sep 2012 26D Silver State city Michael Shteyman
30 Jan 2012 53D City near Lake Tahoe Francesco Trogu
12 Jan 2012 17D Where Harrah’s started Gareth Bain
21 Nov 2011 29D Gambling mecca Peter A. Collins
25 Jul 2011 57D Nevada city near Lake Tahoe Nina Rulon-Miller
10 Apr 2011 66D City east of the Sierra Nevada Paula Gamache
30 Jan 2011 7D City NNE of Tahoe Kevin G. Der and Jessica A. Hui
23 Jun 2010 56D Setting for the movie “Sister Act” Alex Boisvert
26 May 2010 14A “___ 911!” (former Comedy Central show) Anna Shechtman
17 Jan 2010 44D City near old silver mines Cathy Allis
22 Jun 2009 41A Nevada gambling mecca Fred Piscop
25 May 2009 51D See 46-Across Peter A. Collins
9 Apr 2009 26D Ashcroft’s predecessor Patrick Blindauer and Tony Orbach
30 Mar 2009 15A Western locale called the Biggest Little City in the World Andrea Carla Michaels
28 Dec 2008 93A “___ 911!” (comedy series) Patrick Berry
17 Nov 2008 42D Western gambling mecca Paula Gamache
23 Oct 2008 54D The Biggest Little City in the World Patrick Blindauer
7 Oct 2008 8D Gambling mecca Kevin G. Der
24 Jul 2008 26D Slots spot Matt Ginsberg
13 Jul 2008 2D Only female attorney general Matt Ginsberg
13 Apr 2008 20A Where “I shot a man” in Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” Cathy Millhauser
26 Mar 2008 51A Clinton cabinet member satirized by Will Ferrell Michael Langwald
16 Mar 2008 35D Clinton’s attorney general Elizabeth C. Gorski
7 Nov 2007 21A Clinton cabinet member Richard Chisholm
23 Sep 2007 20A Comedy Central’s “___ 911!” David Levinson Wilk
3 Sep 2007 47D City near Lake Tahoe Sarah Keller
1 Jun 2007 8D Silver State city David Quarfoot and Katy Swalwell
1 Jan 2007 54D Nevada city Randy Sowell
10 Dec 2006 53A Seat of Washoe County, Nev. David J. Kahn
27 Nov 2006 8D Gambling mecca Marlon R. Howell
1 Nov 2006 27A Splitsville? Paula Gamache
22 Aug 2006 36A Janet of the Clinton cabinet Michael J. Doran
3 Jul 2006 65A City near Carson City Randall J. Hartman
19 May 2006 13D Frequent target of old Ferrell “S.N.L.” skits Patrick Berry
20 Mar 2006 39D City near Tahoe Earl W. Reed and Nancy Salomon
31 Dec 2005 13D City named for a Civil War general Robert H. Wolfe
19 Dec 2005 15A Former attorney general Janet Richard Hughes
4 Nov 2005 12D Civil War general Jesse Martin Ashwood-Smith
5 Oct 2005 64A Clinton’s attorney general Nancy Salomon
1 Oct 2005 15A City surrounded on two sides by Toiyabe National Forest Joe DiPietro
16 Sep 2005 26D Home of the National Automobile Museum Craig Kasper
4 Aug 2005 36A Setting for betting Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 Jun 2005 14A City for a quickie marriage or divorce Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
26 Apr 2005 34A Gambling mecca Sarah Keller
3 Mar 2005 50D Western vacation destination Byron Walden
6 Jan 2005 15A Ex-attorney general Robert H. Wolfe
27 Oct 2004 30D Clinton’s attorney general Nathaniel Weiss
30 Sep 2004 42D Spot for slots Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
26 Sep 2004 36A Splitting point Joe DiPietro
10 May 2004 58D It’s north of Carson City Joy M. Andrews
20 Apr 2004 17A Where to get hitched in a hurry Allan E. Parrish
24 Feb 2004 24D Former Attorney General Alan Arbesfeld
19 Feb 2004 35D Splitsville Alfio Micci (1918-2004)
1 Dec 2003 19A Divorce mecca John Greenman
28 Oct 2003 53D Ashcroft’s predecessor Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 May 2003 35D Ashcroft’s predecessor Lynn Lempel
16 May 2003 61A Hitching place Michael Shteyman
27 Apr 2003 53D City named for a Union general Jon Delfin
18 Mar 2003 11D University of Nevada locale William Schaub
10 Mar 2003 47D Janet in the Clinton White House Gail Grabowski
5 Mar 2003 13D Gambler’s destination Tyler Hinman
14 Feb 2003 62A It has many hitches M. Francis Vuolo
26 Nov 2002 31A Where people arrive to split Alan Arbesfeld
28 Jul 2002 105D Elopers’ destination, maybe Nelson Hardy
20 Mar 2002 36D Get-hitched-quick spot Elizabeth C. Gorski
11 Mar 2002 47D Nevada city Peter Gordon
6 Mar 2002 62D Attorney general from Miami Richard Silvestri
27 Feb 2002 16A Ashcroft’s predecessor at Justice Brendan Emmett Quigley
21 Nov 2001 56D City at the foot of the Sierra Nevada M. Francis Vuolo
11 Oct 2001 31A Clinton cabinet member Nancy S. Ross
19 Sep 2001 11D City near Sparks Steven Dorfman
11 Sep 2001 8D Gambling locale Joan Yanofsky
31 Jan 2001 2D Betting setting Jon Delfin
12 Nov 2000 31D Union city? Joe DiPietro
24 Oct 2000 51D Where people split Alan Arbesfeld
23 Oct 2000 33D Nevada city Nancy Salomon and Marjorie Berg
18 Sep 2000 37A One-time divorce mecca Sherry O. Blackard and Lyell Rodieck
2 Aug 2000 14A First female U.S. Attorney General Elizabeth C. Gorski
16 Jul 2000 76D City on the Truckee David J. Kahn
12 Jul 2000 52D City near Sparks William A. Ballard
25 Jun 2000 53D City near Mt. Rose ski area Cathy Millhauser
2 Jun 2000 30A Washoe County seat Manny Nosowsky
23 May 2000 30A City north of Carson City Monica Krausse
14 May 2000 134A It has many slots Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
10 May 2000 65A Tahoe gateway Zack Butler
1 Feb 2000 4D Clinton Cabinet member A. J. Santora
26 Dec 1999 72D City near Virginia City Greg Staples
14 Dec 1999 56D It’s NE of Tahoe Richard Chisholm
26 Nov 1999 3D Separation station? Roger Phillips
20 Oct 1999 19A Place to play blackjack Richard Silvestri
18 Oct 1999 5A Atty. Gen. Janet Nancy Salomon and Karen Riekert
18 Aug 1999 3D City at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas Nancy Salomon
6 Aug 1999 10D Better place? Raymond Hamel
29 Jul 1999 68A City NE of Tahoe David J. Kahn
21 Jul 1999 57D Clinton Cabinet member Noah Dephoure
12 Jul 1999 32A Gambling mecca Carol R. Blumenstein
24 Jan 1999 72D Harrah’s locale Robert Malinow
21 Dec 1998 29D Snap-marriage locale Fred Piscop
27 Sep 1998 3D Civil War major general Jesse Randolph Ross
19 Jun 1998 2D Western city named for a Civil War general A. J. Santora
2 Mar 1998 56D Clinton Attorney General Jeremy Thomas Paine
7 Oct 1997 48A Janet of Justice Richard Hughes
23 Sep 1997 65A Gamblers’ mecca Nancy Salomon
20 Aug 1997 69A MGM Grand site Chuck Deodene
5 Aug 1997 21A Attorney General Janet William Bernhardt
17 Jul 1997 54D Vegas rival Wayne Robert Williams
11 Jun 1997 27A Janet of the Justice Department Rich Norris
27 Feb 1997 11D Seat of Washoe County Raymond C. Young
25 Feb 1997 13D Gambler’s mecca Gregory E. Paul
13 Feb 1997 16D Slots site F. Longo
25 Dec 1996 16A Site of the MGM Grand N. S. Ross
16 Dec 1996 14A Attorney General Janet S. Spadaccini
20 Oct 1996 109D Seat of Washoe County R. Ross
2 Oct 1996 3D Cabinet member Janet K. Hodge
10 Aug 1996 58A City named for a Civil War general R. Norris
2 Jul 1996 13D America West destination Bette Sue Cohen
23 Jun 1996 17D MGM Grand site F. Hansen
23 Apr 1996 3D Janet of Justice N. Steinberg
14 Apr 1996 19A Clinton Cabinet member Henry Hook
23 Feb 1996 23D The Battle of Little Bighorn major A. J. Santora
8 Oct 1995 51A Justice chief Nancy Nicholson Joline
28 Sep 1995 53D Civil War general Jesse Matt Gaffney
6 Jun 1995 56D City near Tahoe Sidney L. Robbins
4 May 1995 13A Spark’s sister city A.J. Santora
2 Apr 1995 76D Barr’s Cabinet successor Norman S. Wizer
8 Feb 1995 13D Escalator inventor Jesse Cathy Millhauser
7 Feb 1995 40A City near Sparks Matt Gaffney
2 Jan 1995 30D Nevada city Sidney L. Robbins
4 Dec 1994 79D Gambling haven Robert H. Wolfe
6 Nov 1994 93A City near Sun Valley A.J. Santora
8 Jul 1994 46D Where exes are made Manny Nosowsky
17 Apr 1994 86A Clinton Cabinet member R. M. Hopkins
19 Dec 1993 9D City west of Sparks John M. Samson
1 Dec 1993 49A Janet of Justice Tap Osborn

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