SEGA is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for SEGA in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "SEGA" answer was first appeared in "19 Jul 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Nintendo rival (11)". It was authored by Christopher Hurt. Recently, the "SEGA" answer has been used for "30 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Gaming company with the Yakuza franchise". It was authored by Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Nintendo rival (11)". "SEGA" appeared 100 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "SEGA" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
30 Nov 2023 33D Gaming company with the Yakuza franchise Jeffrey Martinovic and Jeff Chen
16 Nov 2023 1A Sonic boom generator? Paolo Pasco
6 Jun 2023 58D Genesis console maker Daniel Jaret
26 May 2023 6A Company whose name, aptly, is an anagram of GAMES minus a letter Hemant Mehta
16 Apr 2023 98D Genesis creator Mike Hobin
19 Feb 2023 85D Company that created a Sonic boom? Rebecca Goldstein
11 Jul 2022 18A Sonic the Hedgehog game company Roy Greim
18 May 2022 33D Dreamcast console maker Andy Kravis
4 Apr 2022 29D Genesis console maker Derek J. Angell
5 Dec 2021 44A Maker of the classic video game Frogger Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
29 Nov 2021 63A Nintendo competitor Enrique Henestroza Anguiano
5 Aug 2021 19A Total War game company Adam Wagner
14 Jul 2021 34A Genesis creator Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
27 May 2021 62A Super Monkey Ball company Barbara Lin
12 Feb 2021 32A Company whose most famous product once claimed it “does what Nintendon’t” Grant Thackray
2 Feb 2021 14A Sonic the Hedgehog company Adesina O. Koiki
3 Sep 2020 26D Sonic the Hedgehog creator Sid Sivakumar
26 Feb 2020 22A Maker of the old Dreamcast game console Francis Heaney
27 Nov 2019 37D Dreamcast maker of old Matthew Sewell and Jeff Chen
22 Aug 2019 63D Nintendo rival Emily Carroll
9 Jul 2019 39D Video game giant Bruce Haight
9 Apr 2019 41A Forever and a day / Genesis maker Alex Eaton-Salners
1 Dec 2018 23A Genesis name Ryan McCarty
28 Oct 2018 59D Maker of the game Zaxxon Erik Agard
11 Oct 2018 6D Company in the book “Console Wars” Johanna Fenimore and Jeff Chen
27 Sep 2018 36A Brand name derived from the phrase “Service Games” Daniel Kantor
30 Jul 2018 71A Dreamcast console maker Gary Cee
27 May 2018 103D Sonic the Hedgehog creator Andrew Chaikin
20 Nov 2017 36D Game company that created Sonic the Hedgehog Peter Gordon
22 Jan 2017 12D Gaming giant Dan Schoenholz
2 Aug 2016 40A Onetime Nintendo rival Paula Gamache
17 Apr 2016 108D Phantasy Star maker Howard Barkin
13 Apr 2016 58D Its mascot is Sonic the Hedgehog Tony Orbach
24 Jan 2016 125A Arcade giant Francis Heaney and Brendan Emmett Quigley
17 Oct 2015 46D Creator of Saturn Timothy Polin
21 Jun 2015 14D [Video games] Timothy Polin
4 May 2015 7D Tokyo-based game maker Zhouqin Burnikel
1 Mar 2015 63D Maker of Dreamcast games Finn Vigeland
19 Jan 2015 68A Big name in video games Jean O’Conor
23 May 2014 18A Genesis source David Steinberg
7 Feb 2014 55D Sonic creator Ned White
26 Jan 2014 30D Dreamcast maker Daniel A. Finan
9 Dec 2013 30D ___ Genesis, old game console Nina Rulon-Miller
15 Oct 2013 53D Gaming giant Patrick Blindauer and Andrea Carla Michaels
21 Jun 2013 11A Streets of Rage maker Michael Sharp
2 Jun 2013 23D ___ Genesis Elizabeth C. Gorski
29 May 2013 46A Sonic the Hedgehog’s company Gary Cee
15 Mar 2013 43D Zaxxon maker Joe Krozel
15 Feb 2013 32A Knuckles the Echidna’s company Tom Heilman
17 Nov 2012 21A Genesis origin? Tim Croce
6 Nov 2012 1D Genesis maker Erik Agard
4 Sep 2012 43A Video game manufacturer Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
12 Mar 2012 26D Company whose mascot is Sonic the Hedgehog Lynn Lempel
18 Nov 2011 46A Big maker of consoles Joe DiPietro
25 Jul 2011 5D ___ Genesis (old video game console) Nina Rulon-Miller
29 May 2011 104A Creator of Genesis Jeremy Newton and Tony Orbach
30 Nov 2009 3D Dreamcast game company Oliver Hill
19 Oct 2009 24A Nintendo competitor Lynn Lempel
20 Sep 2009 96A Company founded in 1940 as Standard Games Michael Ashley
19 Aug 2009 14A Game Gear company Peter A. Collins
30 Jun 2009 71A Sonic the Hedgehog’s company Steve Dobis
23 Mar 2009 24A Game company behind Sonic the Hedgehog Randy Sowell
30 Nov 2008 33D Genesis creator Richard Silvestri
26 Oct 2008 82D Genesis creator Daniel C. Bryant
14 Oct 2008 67A Nintendo rival Lucy Gardner Anderson
1 Sep 2008 57D Nintendo rival Andrea Carla Michaels
12 Feb 2007 9D Big video game maker Lynn Lempel
29 Oct 2006 113A Big name in games Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 Aug 2006 103D Creator of Genesis Seth A. Abel
22 Apr 2006 25A Creator of Genesis Brendan Emmett Quigley
12 Apr 2006 58A Dreamcast company Elizabeth C. Gorski
10 Sep 2005 61A Mortal Kombat maker David J. Kahn
17 Jul 2005 69A Dreamcast game maker David J. Kahn
10 Apr 2005 19D Nintendo rival Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Nov 2004 112A Genesis maker Kumar Balani
2 Mar 2004 35A “___ does what Nintendon’t” (old slogan) Charles Barasch
1 Feb 2004 90A Game Gear company Roy Leban
11 Sep 2003 43A Dreamcast maker Patrick Merrell
18 Jul 2003 26A Dreamcast maker Sherry O. Blackard
22 Sep 2002 9D Arcade name Alan Arbesfeld
3 May 2001 69A Genesis source Trip Payne
1 May 2001 59D Nintendo competitor Stanley Newman
21 Mar 2001 58D Nintendo rival Greg Staples
17 Feb 2001 56D Nintendo rival Robert Bridges
19 Dec 2000 23A Nintendo rival Fred Piscop
13 May 2000 34D Dreamcast producer William S. Cotter
19 Aug 1999 22A Video game name Cathy Millhauser
9 Jul 1999 43D Big name in video games Ingrid Truemper
3 Dec 1998 47A Big video game name Cathy Millhauser
13 Jul 1998 6A Big name in computer games Bill Ballard
22 Feb 1998 87D Big name in games Fred Piscop
18 Jan 1998 83A Big name in games Ed Early and Bob Klahn
17 Jan 1998 5D Sonic the Hedgehog maker Rich Norris
22 Jun 1997 76A Big name in video games Matt Gaffney
20 Apr 1997 100A Big name in games Charles M. Deber
2 Jan 1997 32D Nintendo rival M. Gaffney
3 Sep 1996 3D Electronic game giant Andrew Goldstein
14 Jan 1996 110D Nintendo rival C. Millhauser
25 Sep 1995 59D Nintendo rival Gregory E. Paul
19 Jul 1994 60D Nintendo rival Christopher Hurt

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