SLED is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for SLED in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "SLED" answer was first appeared in "18 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Kane’s Rosebud". It was authored by Joy L. Wouk. Recently, the "SLED" answer has been used for "4 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "What a toddler in a snowsuit might be pulling". It was authored by Sean Ziebarth. "SLED" appeared 182 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "SLED" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
4 Dec 2023 61A What a toddler in a snowsuit might be pulling Sean Ziebarth
1 Sep 2023 28D Winter Olympics sight Robert Logan
2 Aug 2023 66A It goes downhill fast Barbara Lin
2 Jul 2023 84A Coast, in a way Rebecca Goldstein and Rafael Musa
6 Jun 2023 53D Winter conveyance Daniel Jaret
8 May 2023 62A Winter toy Catherine Cetta
23 Apr 2023 75D Toy that may have a rope Katie Hale and Scott Hogan
8 Mar 2023 69A Kane’s Rosebud, for one Miranda Kany
29 Jan 2023 18D Item tossed into a fire at the end of “Citizen Kane” Rich Katz
11 Dec 2022 15A What a cafeteria tray can be used as Laura Taylor Kinnel
29 Aug 2022 12D Snow day conveyance Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
3 Aug 2022 11D Musher’s vehicle Daniel Bodily
6 Jul 2022 13D Unlikely Christmas present in Hawaii Sam Koperwas and Jeff Chen
22 May 2022 78A Ride in “Calvin and Hobbes” David and Karen and Paul Steinberg
26 Jan 2022 59D Coaster Michael Schlossberg
30 Dec 2021 68A Coaster John Ewbank
22 Nov 2021 22A Toy that goes up slow and comes down fast Stella Zawistowski
6 Sep 2021 4D Transport down a winter hill Joshua Rosenblatt
15 Jun 2021 57D “Calvin and Hobbes” conveyance Owen Travis
26 May 2021 57D “Ethan Frome” vehicle Will Nediger
9 Mar 2021 67A Transport down a hill Simon Marotte
3 Jan 2021 36A Item lugged up a hill Paolo Pasco
2 Nov 2020 45A Vehicle that travels in only one direction Luke Vaughn
9 Jul 2020 1D Travel tirelessly? Joe Kidd
25 Mar 2020 67A Go downhill fast Laura Taylor Kinnel
12 Nov 2019 53D Iditarod vehicle Gabrielle Friedman and Jakob Weisblat
6 Oct 2019 75D Runners support it Howard Barkin and Victor Barocas
1 Sep 2019 19A Something dogs may pull Finn Vigeland
17 Jun 2019 6D Toboggan, e.g. Erik Agard and Yacob Yonas
24 Mar 2019 119A Tireless racer Trenton Charlson
14 Feb 2019 38D Where to see two runners side by side John E. Bennett and Jeff Chen
17 Jan 2019 54A Toboggan, e.g. Ross Trudeau
18 Dec 2018 30A Conveyance for Calvin and Hobbes Ross Trudeau
11 Nov 2018 128A Vehicle that requires no fuel Eric Berlin
3 Aug 2018 14D Skeleton vehicle, in the Olympics David Steinberg
10 Jul 2018 64A Conveyance used either lying down or sitting up Alex Eaton-Salners
11 Feb 2018 62A Conveyance in “Calvin and Hobbes” Matt Ginsberg
26 Nov 2017 95A It goes downhill Jeff Chen
3 Oct 2017 46A Huskies’ haul Chuck Deodene
23 Sep 2017 29D ___ dog Robyn Weintraub
11 Sep 2017 20A “Calvin and Hobbes” conveyance Erik Agard and Paolo Pasco
14 Apr 2017 61A Seasonal transport Andrew Kingsley
19 Mar 2017 8D See 66-Across Grant Thackray
24 Feb 2017 61A Something pulled uphill Andrew Zhou
18 Feb 2017 45A One may make tracks Steve Overton
14 Jan 2017 29A With 26-Down, bit of winter fun Andrew Kingsley
11 Dec 2016 54A Skimobile, informally Tom McCoy
31 Oct 2016 69A Toboggan, e.g. Peter A. Collins
30 Oct 2016 110D Cold-weather conveyance Caleb Madison
15 Oct 2016 23A Follower of a team Mark Diehl
24 Jun 2016 21A Dog team’s burden Patrick Berry
22 Jun 2016 57D Flexible Flyer, e.g. Fred Piscop
21 Apr 2016 21A Vehicle in “Frozen” Alex Bajcz
30 Mar 2016 52A “Calvin and Hobbes” conveyance Andrew Reynolds
21 Mar 2016 45A Luge, e.g. Michael Hawkins
10 Mar 2016 43A It’s inclined to provide entertainment for kids Ed Sessa
9 Mar 2016 1A Gift from 1-Down John Guzzetta
25 Dec 2015 59A Traditional Yule gift Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
3 Sep 2015 62D Hillside thrill-ride need Merl Reagle (1950-2015)
16 Jul 2015 51D Gravity-powered vehicle Paula Gamache
12 Jul 2015 126A Flexible Flyer, e.g. Patrick Berry
7 Jul 2015 66A Transport for Calvin and Hobbes Daniel Raymon
14 Mar 2015 21A Runners’ spot James Mulhern
7 Nov 2014 29D Malamute’s burden Patrick Berry
30 Apr 2014 66A Large item in Santa’s bag, maybe Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Mar 2014 32D Iditarod vehicle Tom Pepper
16 Oct 2013 34D Anchorage-to-Nome racer Samuel A. Donaldson
11 May 2013 55D Coast, in a way Matt Ginsberg
31 Jan 2013 58A Toboggan Mike Buckley
6 Jan 2013 48A Place for runners Dan Feyer and Andrea Carla Michaels
21 Dec 2012 34D Go downhill fast? Zoe Wheeler
30 Nov 2012 63A Olympic vehicle Gary Cee
18 Nov 2012 117A Vehicle to take over a jump Timothy Polin
3 Sep 2012 13D Iditarod transport C. W. Stewart
15 Apr 2012 118D Zero-emissions vehicle Kevin G. Der
28 Aug 2011 122A Wheelless vehicle Patrick Berry
23 Aug 2011 61A Toy sometimes pulled with a rope Michael Farabaugh
11 Aug 2011 62A Vehicle for Calvin and Hobbes Parker Lewis
16 Jul 2011 22A One drawn to igloos Patrick Berry
1 May 2011 72D Bob, e.g. Xan Vongsathorn
17 Feb 2011 42A Bob, e.g. Mike Nothnagel
6 Feb 2011 103D Runner’s place David J. Kahn
2 Dec 2010 56D Something that’s fun on the coast? Joe Krozel
28 Sep 2010 38D Toboggan, e.g. Michael Torch
30 Dec 2009 1A Iditarod vehicle Adam Cohen
24 Sep 2009 52D Beloved object of 28-Down Brendan Emmett Quigley
30 Aug 2009 128A Bob in the Olympics Ashish Vengsarkar and Narayan Venkatasubramanyan
6 Apr 2009 1A Iditarod vehicle Dustin Foley
1 Mar 2009 115A Runner’s place Robert W. Harris
25 Feb 2009 26A Ride with runners Kelly Browder
24 Feb 2009 37D Musher’s carrier Stephen Edward Anderson
2 Jun 2008 66A Iditarod vehicle Barry Boone
15 Apr 2008 44A Inuit’s transport Ken Bessette
18 Mar 2008 13D Iditarod entry David Pringle
4 Mar 2008 22A Sleigh Kevin Donovan
21 Nov 2007 14D Inuit’s ride Kelsey Blakley
3 Jun 2007 27A Vehicle on 30-Across Kelsey Blakley
3 Apr 2007 65A Dog team’s burden David Quarfoot and Mike Nothnagel
18 Feb 2007 15A Runner’s place David Kwong and Kevan Choset
23 Nov 2006 65A Runner’s place Ari Halpern
13 Aug 2006 7A Sight near an igloo Derrick Niederman
6 Jul 2006 13D Source of many spills Pete Muller
1 Feb 2006 66A Flexible Flyer, for one Elizabeth C. Gorski
1 Nov 2005 64A Iditarod entry Sarah Keller
14 Aug 2005 40D It’s involved in many spills Patrick Merrell
10 Aug 2005 71A It goes tirelessly Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
12 Jul 2005 4D Musher’s transport Nancy Salomon
29 May 2005 47D Coaster with runners Frank Longo
30 Jan 2005 120A Husky vehicle Derrick Niederman
26 Jan 2005 25A Gravity-powered vehicle Stanley Newman
30 Dec 2004 41D Go downhill Kyle Mahowald
7 Jun 2004 61A Toy used on hills Lynn Lempel
29 May 2004 53A Husky burden Patrick Berry
23 May 2004 56A Spill producer Deb Amlen and Nancy Salomon
5 May 2004 13D Musher’s transport Nancy Salomon
29 Feb 2004 28D Source of spills on hills Patrick Merrell
5 Nov 2003 22D Runners carry it Nancy Kavanaugh
23 Sep 2003 5D Coaster Nancy Salomon and Gail Grabowski
11 Sep 2003 58D With 34D, a racing vehicle Patrick Merrell
11 Aug 2003 6A Eskimo’s vehicle Randall J. Hartman
18 Mar 2003 22A It rides on runners William Schaub
29 Dec 2002 58A Transportation with rails Richard Silvestri
20 Jul 2002 13D Need for Santa Dana Motley
14 Jul 2002 119A Husky burden Patrick Berry
5 Jul 2002 3D Kind of dog Manny Nosowsky
1 Jun 2002 4D Coaster Rich Norris
10 Apr 2002 46A Husky’s burden Gregory Casagrande
9 Apr 2002 61A Musher’s transport Nancy Salomon and Harvey Estes
9 Mar 2002 56D Runners’ place Dana Motley
15 Jan 2002 58D Runners carry it Kelly Clark
17 Dec 2001 56A Classic Christmas toy Christina Houlihan
21 Nov 2001 1D Enjoy some winter fun M. Francis Vuolo
2 Oct 2001 11D Toy attached to a rope Richard Hughes
24 Sep 2001 13D Winter toy Norma Steinberg
12 Aug 2001 91D Place for runners Nancy Nicholson Joline
8 Jul 2001 136A Arctic transport Michael S. Maurer
25 Jun 2001 34A Gravity-powered vehicle Stanley Newman
22 May 2001 46A Husky’s tow John D. Leavy
24 Mar 2001 27A Have fun on a white bed? Mark Diehl
27 Feb 2001 13D Winter toy M. Preston Sherwood
30 Jan 2001 67A Transport dating from the Stone Age David J. Kahn
31 Oct 2000 56D Huskies’ load Bill Zais
14 May 2000 137A Firewood carrier Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
24 Apr 2000 45A Downhill racer Peter Gordon
10 Apr 2000 13D Arctic vehicle Ed Early
7 Apr 2000 54D Runners carry it Richard Silvestri
16 Feb 2000 14D It has runners Gene Newman
11 Jan 2000 13D Winter toy Fran and Lou Sabin
4 Jan 2000 67A Inuit’s transport Joy L. Wouk
1 Dec 1999 45A Eskimo’s need Bill Zais and Nancy Salomon
22 Oct 1999 56D Inuit’s item Martin Ashwood-Smith
10 Jul 1999 27D Perennial Christmas gift Rich Norris
7 Jan 1999 52D Where runners are found William I. Johnston
13 Dec 1998 76A Bob in the Olympics Richard Silvestri
3 Nov 1998 10A Winter transport Ed Early
13 Jul 1998 57D Winter toy Bill Ballard
24 May 1998 87A Runners’ location Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
11 Mar 1998 8D Take to the hills? Bette Sue Cohen
5 Mar 1998 65A Iditarod Trail transport Wayne Robert Williams
2 Feb 1998 68A Child’s Christmas gift Gregory E. Paul
3 Sep 1997 38D Musher’s need Hugh Davis
15 Aug 1997 64A Kind of dog Joe DiPietro
14 Feb 1997 26A Go-devil J. R. Conrad
21 Jan 1997 31A Downhill runner T. W. Schier
17 Dec 1996 14A It goes with runners G. E. Paul
3 May 1996 42A Zero-wheeled vehicle H. Estes
27 Apr 1996 63A Coast F. Hansen
21 Apr 1996 82D Racing vehicle M. Gaffney
28 Jan 1996 114A Kind of dog M. W. Perry
4 Dec 1995 62A Santa’s vehicle Sidney L. Robbins
20 Nov 1995 7D Winter transportation Sidney L. Robbins
26 Oct 1995 50D Malamute’s burden Jim Page
20 Aug 1995 74A Iditarod sight Cathy Millhauser
19 Aug 1995 62A Coast Bryant White
2 Jul 1995 31D Kind of dog Alex K. Justin
27 May 1995 54D Runners’ locale A.J. Santora
10 Apr 1995 6A One going downhill Sidney L. Robbins
13 Jan 1995 42D Bob, for one Judith Perry
23 Oct 1994 45D Inuit conveyance Cathy Millhauser
5 Sep 1994 64A Flexible Flyer, for one Julian Ochrymowych & Amy Goldstein
11 Feb 1994 71A Coaster Harvey Estes
18 Jan 1994 68A Kane’s Rosebud Joy L. Wouk

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