STAN is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for STAN in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "STAN" answer was first appeared in "11 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Saxophonist Getz (4)". It was authored by Robert H. Wolfe. Recently, the "STAN" answer has been used for "7 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Persian suffix meaning “land”". It was authored by Rebecca Goldstein. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Lee of Marvel Comics (10)". "STAN" appeared 198 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "STAN" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
7 Dec 2023 55A Persian suffix meaning “land” Rebecca Goldstein
3 Dec 2023 10D Die-hard fan, in modern lingo Tracy Bennett
20 Jul 2023 41D Wawrinka of tennis Drew Schmenner
17 Jun 2023 28A The dad on TV’s “American Dad!” Ryan McCarty
11 Apr 2023 34A Uberfan, in modern lingo Taylor Johnson and Jeff Chen
28 Nov 2022 49D Eminem hit that has become slang for a superfan Chloe Revery
17 Nov 2022 35A Suffix in the names of seven U.N. members Hoang-Kim Vu and Jessica Zetzman
14 Nov 2022 71A Big fan, in modern lingo Taylor Johnson
3 Nov 2022 17A Persian for “country” Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
6 Sep 2022 34D Lee who co-created the X-Men Trenton Charlson
22 Jul 2022 34D Man’s nickname that’s a baseball team’s nickname backward David Steinberg
2 Jan 2022 92A Devotee, informally Paolo Pasco
12 Oct 2021 30D Obsessive fan, in slang Conor Sefkow
17 Sep 2021 11D Actor Sebastian ___ Matthew Stock
10 Jun 2021 32D Ending of seven country names Sheldon Polonsky
31 May 2021 62A Obsessive fan, in slang Michael Lieberman
27 Apr 2021 22D ___ Lee, longtime head of Marvel Comics Jeff McDermott
7 Dec 2020 26D Ending of seven Asian countries’ names Barbara Lin
1 Dec 2020 47D Ollie’s partner in old comedy Byron Walden
13 Sep 2020 113D Comic book publisher Lee MaryEllen Uthlaut
18 Jun 2020 12D Lee known for his cameos Ricky Cruz
14 Jun 2020 106A Ollie’s foil, in old films Randolph Ross
20 May 2020 67D Van Gundy of the N.B.A. Natan Last, Andy Kravis and The J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
2 May 2020 50D Obsessive fan, slangily Paolo Pasco
17 Mar 2020 8D Pal of Kyle and Kenny on “South Park” Ross Trudeau
10 Mar 2020 66A Baseball’s Musial David J. Kahn
18 Feb 2020 30D Lee of Marvel Comics John Guzzetta
9 Feb 2020 100D Laurel of Laurel and Hardy Brian Kulman
8 Nov 2019 27A Extreme devotee, in modern lingo Peter Wentz
5 Nov 2019 38D Kyle and Kenny’s friend on “South Park” John Guzzetta
4 Nov 2019 28D Ollie’s partner in old comedy Trent H. Evans
5 Aug 2019 17A ___ the Man (old baseball nickname) Tracy Gray
14 May 2019 54D Obsessive fan, in modern slang Damon Gulczynski
31 Mar 2019 60D Hall-of-Famer Musial Andrew J. Ries
22 Feb 2019 26D Getz who was nicknamed “The Sound” Daniel Nierenberg
16 Oct 2018 3D Lee of Marvel Comics Ed Sessa
15 Sep 2018 36A Persian for “place of” David Liben-Nowell
5 Sep 2018 16A Comic book legend Lee Amanda Chung, Karl Ni and Erik Agard
25 Jun 2018 60D Lee of Marvel Comics Kathy Wienberg
29 Apr 2018 109D “___ Against Evil” (IFC series) Peter Wentz
13 Feb 2018 1D Baseball’s Musial Bruce Haight
12 Nov 2017 19D Lee who co-created the Avengers Ed Sessa
27 Sep 2017 10A “South Park” kid voiced by Trey Parker Jacob Stulberg
20 Aug 2017 83D Lee of Marvel Comics Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
13 Aug 2017 52A Lee of Marvel Comics Eric Berlin
27 Jun 2017 51D Superhero creator Lee John Guzzetta
20 Feb 2017 5A Musial in the Baseball Hall of Fame Ed Stein and Paula Gamache
14 Jan 2017 50D N.B.A. coach Van Gundy Andrew Kingsley
9 Jan 2017 5A Ending on several central Asian country names Neville Fogarty
17 Aug 2016 55D Musial in Cooperstown Mark McClain
13 Aug 2016 15D Eminem song about an obsessed fan Patrick Berry
2 Aug 2016 45D Tennis great Smith Paula Gamache
9 May 2016 49A ___ Lee, creator of Spider-Man Dan Schoenholz
3 May 2016 13D “South Park” boy John Westwig
12 Apr 2016 8D “South Park” boy Alan DerKazarian
28 Mar 2016 5D ___ Lee of Marvel Comics Gary Cee
13 Feb 2016 10D Van Gundy of the N.B.A. Peter Wentz
20 Dec 2015 15A Tennis’s Wawrinka, winner of the 2015 French Open Peter Wentz
6 Oct 2015 55D Ending of several central Asian country names Zhouqin Burnikel
1 Feb 2015 115D “South Park” boy David Steinberg
26 Jan 2015 54D Musial of Cardinals fame Ian Livengood
8 Aug 2014 51A With 45-Across, Thor’s co-creator Bruce Haight
17 Jul 2014 53A Ollie’s partner in comedy Alan Arbesfeld
6 Jul 2014 85D Title name in a 2000 Eminem hit Daniel C. Bryant
21 Mar 2014 10D Pollster Greenberg Brendan Emmett Quigley
15 Feb 2014 54D “Mr. Mom” director Dragoti Julian Lim
22 Jan 2014 17A “South Park” boy Jared Banta
14 Dec 2013 32D “South Park” boy Martin Ashwood-Smith
12 Nov 2013 54D Persian suffix that ends seven country names Mike Doran
3 Nov 2013 114A Lee of Marvel Comics Andy Kravis and Victor Barocas
24 Apr 2013 9A Asian nation suffix Clive Probert
25 Mar 2013 43A “South Park” boy Adam Prince
22 Mar 2012 20D “South Park” boy Alan Arbesfeld
9 Aug 2011 24D Lee of Marvel Comics Tony Orbach
8 Aug 2011 19A Hall-of-Famer Musial Ian Livengood
5 Aug 2011 39D Persian for “place of” Barry Silk
27 Jun 2011 57D Kyle and Kenny’s friend on “South Park” Joseph Samulak
15 May 2011 122A Saxophonist Getz Cathy Allis
12 Apr 2011 33D ___ the Man (Cardinal nickname) Barry C. Silk
23 Feb 2011 4D Satirist Freberg Barry C. Silk
13 Dec 2010 42A Musial of the Cardinals Patrick Blindauer
5 Sep 2010 38A Eminem song that samples Dido’s “Thank You” Will Nediger
4 May 2010 63A Baseball great Musial Doug Peterson
26 Mar 2010 47D Coveleski of Cooperstown Henry Hook
24 Mar 2010 59D Ollie’s partner Peter A. Collins
18 Sep 2009 24A Satirist Freberg Charles E. Gersch
17 Feb 2009 67A Lee of Marvel Comics Kristian House
30 Jul 2008 29D Laurel from England Elizabeth A. Long
27 Jul 2008 98D Pal of Kenny and Kyle Mike Nothnagel and David Quarfoot
17 Jul 2008 60D Avant-garde filmmaker Brakhage Elizabeth A. Long
8 May 2008 29A Spider-Man creator Lee Harvey Estes
16 Jan 2008 65A Getz of jazz Barry C. Silk
10 Dec 2007 11D Baseball’s Musial Lynn Lempel
4 Nov 2007 63A Berenstain of kid-lit’s Berenstain Bears Bob Klahn
4 Oct 2007 42D 1972 Wimbledon winner Smith Sheldon Benardo
27 Aug 2007 59D ___ Lee of Marvel Comics Steven Ginzburg
8 Aug 2007 29D 1970s tennis great Smith Donna S. Levin
11 Jun 2007 64D Baseball’s ___ the Man Harriet Clifton
7 Jun 2007 24A Suffix meaning “land” in some country names Nancy Salomon
3 Jun 2007 7D Smith who won the 1972 Wimbledon Kelsey Blakley
15 May 2007 32D “South Park” boy who’s always crying “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” John Halverson
11 Apr 2007 60A Asian nation suffix Bruce Adams
13 Oct 2006 50D A “South Park” kid Eric Berlin
15 Sep 2006 9D Smith who won Wimbledon in 1972 Harvey Estes
12 Sep 2006 17A Lee of Marvel Comics James R. Leeds
21 Jun 2006 30D Asian nation suffix Barry C. Silk
15 May 2006 55D Ollie’s partner in comedy John R. Conrad
16 Feb 2006 67A Satirist Freberg Levi Denham and Nancy Salomon
3 Feb 2006 49D “Land,” in central Asia Manny Nosowsky
12 Jan 2006 34A Hall-of-Famer Musial Kyle Mahowald
7 Jan 2006 21A 1971 U.S. Open winner ___ Smith Jim Hyres
2 Jan 2006 40A Ollie’s partner in old comedy Linda Schechet Tucker
15 Nov 2005 34A Cartoonist Drake Sarah Keller
6 Nov 2005 13D “South Park” boy Elizabeth C. Gorski
2 Nov 2005 42A Lee of Marvel Comics Randall J. Hartman
21 Oct 2005 44D Novelist Barstow Louis Hildebrand
12 Oct 2005 10A Asian nation suffix Paul Guttormsson
10 Oct 2005 17A Laurel or Musial Holden Baker
11 Jul 2005 64A Baseball’s Musial Janice M. Putney
28 Jun 2005 71A ___ Smith, who won the 1972 Wimbledon Jim Hyres
1 Feb 2005 8D Ollie’s partner Kevan Choset
30 Nov 2004 36D Mikita of hockey Joan Yanofsky
7 Nov 2004 79D Asian ending for “land” Con Pederson
19 Sep 2004 6D 1972 Wimbledon winner Smith Kyle Mahowald
10 Aug 2004 13D Ollie’s partner in old comedy Sarah Keller
23 Jul 2004 27A ___ Drake, longtime illustrator of “Blondie” David Levinson Wilk
14 Apr 2004 38D “The Man” of Cardinals history Randolph Ross
14 Mar 2004 103D Hockey’s Mikita Craig Kasper
11 Mar 2004 7D Cartoonist Drake Jeremy Thomas Paine
1 Mar 2004 14A Jazz’s Kenton Gail Grabowski
16 Dec 2003 59A Comedic Laurel M. Francis Vuolo
2 Nov 2003 71D Lee who created Spider-Man Elizabeth C. Gorski
27 Oct 2003 1D Musial of the Cards Richard Miller
12 Oct 2003 92A With 74-Down, Marvel Comics founder David J. Kahn
20 Sep 2003 28D 1972 Wimbledon winner Smith Bob Peoples
20 Jun 2003 62A Writer Berenstain famous for the Berenstain Bears Bob Peoples
17 Feb 2003 58D Funnyman Laurel Alan Arbesfeld
26 Jan 2003 31A Satirist Freberg Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
11 Dec 2002 58D Hockey great Mikita Alan Arbesfeld
20 Oct 2002 19D One of the deer hunters in “The Deer Hunter” Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
30 Sep 2002 8D Laurel of comedy Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
22 Jul 2002 1A Comical Laurel Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
5 May 2002 111D Kenton of jazz Patrick Berry
14 Feb 2002 49D See 40-Down Janet R. Bender
5 Feb 2002 13D “South Park” kid Alan J. Weiss
16 Jan 2002 62D Satirist Freberg Linda Bushman
25 Nov 2001 100A Cartoonist Drake Bob Klahn and Harvey Estes
2 Oct 2001 33D Baseball’s Musial Richard Hughes
19 Sep 2001 12D Ollie’s partner Steven Dorfman
12 Mar 2001 60D ___ Lee of Marvel Comics Gregory E. Paul
1 Mar 2001 13D Cartoonist Drake Nancy S. Ross
26 Feb 2001 63A Jazzman Kenton Norma Steinberg
20 Feb 2001 64A Lee or Musial Steven Dorfman
26 Nov 2000 29D “South Park” boy Patrick Berry
14 Jul 2000 60A “A Kind of Loving” novelist Barstow Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Feb 2000 44A Hockey’s Mikita Manny Nosowsky
2 Feb 2000 54D Kenton of jazz Richard Chisholm
20 Jan 2000 38A Jazzman Getz Jeremy Thomas Paine
21 Nov 1999 99D Hall-of-Famer Coveleski Patrick D. Berry
19 Nov 1999 52D 1972 Wimbledon winner Smith Manny Nosowsky
11 Oct 1999 8D Saxophonist Getz Gregory E. Paul
10 Oct 1999 26A Hockey’s Mikita Cathy Millhauser
12 Sep 1999 91A Quarterback Humphries Nancy Scandrett Ross
10 Aug 1999 27A Jazzman Getz Brendan Emmett Quigley
25 Dec 1998 30A Actor Shaw of “Tough Enough” Ed Pegg Jr.
13 Dec 1998 35A Spider-Man creator Lee Richard Silvestri
6 Dec 1998 130A Cartoonist Drake Marjorie Richter
26 Sep 1998 12D Cartoonist Drake Jerry Ferguson
25 Jun 1998 56D Cartoonist Drake Stanley B. Whitten
2 May 1998 54D Quarterback Humphries Jeff Herrington
29 Apr 1998 44A Ollie’s sidekick Gayle Dean
5 Aug 1997 22A Ollie’s partner in slapstick William Bernhardt
19 Jul 1997 50D Cartoonist Drake Robert H. Wolfe
29 Mar 1997 22A One of the hunters in “The Deer Hunter” Fran and Lou Sabin
5 Jan 1997 99D Cartoonist Drake W. R. Williams
4 Dec 1996 37A The Man M. E. Skolsky
11 Nov 1996 58D Getz or Kenton S. Spadaccini
25 Jul 1996 63A Pitcher Belinda A. J. Santora
22 Jul 1996 60A Baseball’s Musial S. L. Robbins
15 Jul 1996 59D Getz or Kenton S. Spadaccini
4 Dec 1995 33D Baseball’s ___ the Man Sidney L. Robbins
12 Nov 1995 115D The Man Randolph Ross
12 Jun 1995 37A Baseball’s ___ the Man Robert Zimmerman
26 Apr 1995 55A Cartoonist Drake Wayne Robert Williams
5 Apr 1995 60D Mikita of hockey Wayne Robert Williams
9 Mar 1995 32D Cartoonist Drake Alex Vaughn
20 Nov 1994 102A ’70s tennis champ Smith Matt Gaffney
24 Oct 1994 41A Mr. Musial Sidney L. Robbins
5 Oct 1994 3D With 39-Across, “The Girl From Ipanema” saxophonist Fran & Lou Sabin
13 Sep 1994 30D Cartoonist Drake Gregory E. Paul
11 Sep 1994 32A Bandleader Kenton Louis Sabin
26 Aug 1994 69A Baseball Hall-of-Famer Coveleski Timothy S. Lewis
28 Apr 1994 53D Mr. Musial Randy Sowell
20 Mar 1994 66A Kenton of jazz Joel Davajan
1 Mar 1994 14D Laurel or Musial D.J. Listort
28 Feb 1994 50A Saxophonist Getz Sidney L. Robbins
23 Feb 1994 48D Comics publisher Lee Joel Davajan
11 Dec 1993 56D Saxophonist Getz Robert H. Wolfe

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