STARR is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for STARR in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "STARR" answer was first appeared in "24 Jan 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "One of the Beatles". It was authored by Janie Lyons. Recently, the "STARR" answer has been used for "6 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Hall-of-Fame QB Bart". It was authored by Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight. "STARR" appeared 81 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "STARR" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
6 Dec 2023 69A Hall-of-Fame QB Bart Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight
21 Feb 2023 30A Fab Four drummer Daniel Raymon
13 Jan 2023 47A Beatle who wrote and sang “Don’t Pass Me By” Brad Wiegmann
9 Nov 2022 5D Bandmate of Lennon, McCartney and Harrison David Tuffs
4 Mar 2022 19A ___ Carter, protagonist in 2018’s “The Hate U Give” David Distenfeld
4 Oct 2020 41D Texas county on the Mexican border Sam Ezersky
22 Jun 2020 44A “The Hate U Give” heroine Sid Sivakumar
16 Mar 2020 28A Drummer Ringo Gary Cee
3 Dec 2019 1A Bart who was the first Super Bowl M.V.P. Ed Sessa
25 Aug 2019 33A Edwin with the 1970 #1 hit “War” Matt Ginsberg
19 Aug 2019 36A Bandmate of McCartney, Lennon and Harrison Peter Gordon
20 Jul 2019 44D 1990s’ ___ Report Sam Trabucco
20 Jan 2019 5D Fab Four name Richard Crowe
15 Nov 2018 33A Comic strip reporter Brenda Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
18 Sep 2018 64A Bandmate of Harrison, Lennon and McCartney Greg Johnson
16 Jul 2018 68A Ringo of the Beatles Erik Agard
23 Mar 2018 17A Edwin of 1960s-’70s R&B Erik Agard
17 Mar 2018 28D Edwin with the 1970 #1 hit “War” Roland Huget
17 May 2017 4D Beatle who sang “Octopus’s Garden” Paul Hunsberger
21 Mar 2017 33A Super Bowl-winning QB Bart George Barany and John D. Child
16 Nov 2016 4D Bart or Ringo Jim Peredo
5 Jul 2016 50D ___ Report (political document of 1998) Jules Markey
30 Mar 2016 27A Fab Four surname Andrew Reynolds
6 Sep 2015 47A Fab Four surname Patrick Berry
12 Aug 2015 50D Rock’s All-___ Band Tom McCoy
28 Mar 2015 29D Best successor David Steinberg
25 Jul 2014 25A Aptly named N.F.L. M.V.P. of the 1960s Peter A. Collins
18 Nov 2013 9A Drummer Ringo Edgar Fontaine
28 Jul 2013 44D A Beatle Andrew Reynolds
25 Jul 2013 9D Football Hall-of-Famer Bart Patrick Blindauer
24 May 2013 2D 1998’s ___ Report Joe Krozel
21 Feb 2013 56D “Octopus’s Garden” singer Paul Hunsberger
20 May 2012 62D Outlaw Belle who is said to have harbored Jesse James Alan Arbesfeld
14 May 2012 52D Ringo who sang “Yellow Submarine” John Dunn
12 Oct 2011 5D Fab Four name Gary Cee
31 Jan 2011 13D Ringo on drums Andrea Carla Michaels
22 Sep 2010 69A Brenda of comics Peter A. Collins
11 Sep 2010 47A Whitewater navigator? Brad Wilber
25 Jun 2010 57A “It Don’t Come Easy” singer, 1971 Robin Schulman and Byron Walden
9 Dec 2009 9D M.V.P. of the first two Super Bowls Peter A. Collins
4 Nov 2008 9D Beatles drummer Peter A. Collins and Joe Krozel
19 Sep 2008 47A Packers QB whose #15 jersey is retired Alex Boisvert
22 May 2008 11D “The ___ Report” (1998 reading) Richard Silvestri
8 May 2008 68A “It Don’t Come Easy” was his first solo hit Harvey Estes
5 Dec 2007 53D Fab Four name Allan E. Parrish
27 Sep 2007 31D ___ Report of the 1990s Peter Wentz
16 Nov 2006 29A Edwin with the 1970 #1 hit “War” Kevin Donovan
5 Nov 2006 124A Fab Four name Derrick Niederman
15 Oct 2006 86D See 108-Down Norma Johnson & Nancy Salomon
12 Sep 2006 38D Reporter Brenda of the comics James R. Leeds
18 Dec 2005 73D Best replacement Ethan Cooper and Michael Shteyman
28 Jul 2005 14A 1998’s ___ Report Eric Berlin
3 Mar 2005 43A Kay who sang “Wheel of Fortune,” 1952 Byron Walden
22 Feb 2005 7D Fab Four drummer Ed Early
6 Nov 2004 45A Subject of James Carville’s “… And the Horse He Rode In On” Kyle Mahowald
10 Aug 2004 34D Football legend Bart Sarah Keller
14 Dec 2003 102D Brenda of the comics Elizabeth C. Gorski
8 Jun 2003 113A 10-Down member Elizabeth C. Gorski
26 May 2003 37D One of the Fab Four Lynn Lempel
31 Mar 2003 1D Lennon bandmate Patrick Merrell
27 Dec 2001 65A Singer Kay Patrick Berry
14 Mar 2001 33A First Super Bowl M.V.P. Greg Staples
19 Dec 2000 30D Brenda of the comics Fred Piscop
3 May 2000 31A Inquisitive Ken Nancy Salomon
10 Apr 2000 39A Kenneth with a report Ed Early
27 Jun 1999 41A 1998 report producer Robert Malinow
11 Apr 1999 62A Clinton antagonist Matt Gaffney
10 Apr 1999 28D “You’re Sixteen” singer A. J. Santora
3 Apr 1999 12D First Super Bowl M.V.P. Pat M. Hugel
18 Feb 1999 1A Belle of the old West Robert H. Wolfe
9 Sep 1998 44A Fictional reporter Brenda Richard Hughes
14 May 1998 34D “Oh My My” singer, 1974 Frank Longo
10 May 1998 95A Judge Kenneth Rich Silvestri
28 Feb 1998 46A Best successor David J. Kahn
8 Feb 1998 38D “Wheel of Fortune” songstress, 1952 Manny Nosowsky
5 Jan 1998 53A A Beatle Mark Moldowsky
18 Nov 1997 31A Brenda of the comics Peter Gordon
17 Dec 1996 5A Belle or Bart G. E. Paul
15 Jan 1995 122A See 87-Across Ernie Furtado
12 Apr 1994 9D Legendary Packers QB Ernie Furtado
24 Jan 1994 28D One of the Beatles Janie Lyons

Here you get STARR answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If STARR will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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