STU is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for STU in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "STU" answer was first appeared in "19 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Erwin of 50’s TV (2)". It was authored by John M. Samson. Recently, the "STU" answer has been used for "15 Nov 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "“Disco” dude on “The Simpsons”". It was authored by Gary Larson. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Early Beatle Sutcliffe (11)". "STU" appeared 167 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "STU" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
15 Nov 2023 36D “Disco” dude on “The Simpsons” Gary Larson
5 Aug 2023 58D Disco ___ (“The Simpsons” character) John Guzzetta
3 Jun 2023 54D Apt name for a worrier John Westwig
18 May 2023 36D Nickname that drops -art Kiran Pandey
16 Apr 2023 90A Apt name for a worrywart Mike Hobin
15 Jan 2023 5D Poker great Ungar Michael Schlossberg
27 Oct 2022 65D Apt name for a goulash chef Barbara Lin
24 Sep 2022 52D Alphabet trio Martin Ashwood-Smith
14 Aug 2022 111A Nickname that’s three consecutive letters of the alphabet Jeff Chen and Jim Horne
21 Jul 2022 61D Name found in consecutive letters of the alphabet Anne Marie Crinnion and Eric Bornstein
10 Jul 2022 66A Artless nickname? Christina Iverson and Scott Hogan
9 Jun 2022 24A “Rugrats” dad Dan Ziring
24 Apr 2022 74A “The Hangover” character who wakes up with a missing tooth Sam Ezersky
14 Apr 2022 28D Name that’s an alphabetic trio Ashish Vengsarkar and Narayan Venkatasubramanyan
7 Apr 2022 20A Apt name for a worrier Lucy Howard and Ross Trudeau
1 Apr 2022 57D Nickname that’s an alphabet trio Evan Mahnken
17 Mar 2022 30D Disco-dancing enthusiast on “The Simpsons” Daniel Bodily and Jeff Chen
30 Jan 2022 26A Apt name for a worrier Ross Trudeau
31 Jan 2021 85A ___ Lou Who of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Jim Hilger
25 Nov 2020 27D Disco ___ (“The Simpsons” character) John Guzzetta and Jeff Chen
20 Oct 2020 5A Disco ___ of “The Simpsons” Jeff Chen
30 Jun 2020 20A Early Beatle Sutcliffe Zachary David Levy
11 Jun 2020 49D Alphabet trio Peter A. Collins
10 Jun 2020 21A “The ___ Erwin Show” (1950s sitcom) Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
19 Apr 2020 121A VW predecessors? Jack Mowat and Jeff Chen
16 Apr 2020 12D Good name for a mess hall cook Alan Arbesfeld
29 Mar 2020 34D Man’s nickname found in consecutive letters of the alphabet Ricky Cruz
8 Mar 2020 56D Disco ___ (“The Simpsons” character) Laura Taylor Kinnel
5 Dec 2019 26D “Rugrats” dad Neville Fogarty
17 Nov 2019 6D Apt name for a cook? Randolph Ross
20 Aug 2019 15D Disco ___ (character on “The Simpsons”) Evan Kalish
23 Jul 2019 41D Disco ___ (“The Simpsons” character) Kyle Dolan
20 Jul 2019 30A Man’s name that’s an alphabet run Sam Trabucco
24 Apr 2019 54D Fox News commentator Varney, familiarly Evan Mahnken
14 Apr 2019 84A Artless nickname? Will Nediger
9 Dec 2018 116D Original Beatle Sutcliffe Ross Trudeau
30 Jul 2018 38A Original Beatles bassist ___ Sutcliffe Gary Cee
18 Apr 2018 53A Apt name for a worrier Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight
9 Nov 2017 57A Man’s name that’s three consecutive letters of the alphabet Bruce Haight
15 Oct 2017 72A Original Beatle Sutcliffe John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins
20 Sep 2017 32D Early Beatle Sutcliffe [19][20] Hal Moore
5 Sep 2017 60D Nickname formed by three consecutive letters of the alphabet Michelle Kenney and Jeff Chen
1 May 2017 45A Early Beatle ___ Sutcliffe Ed Sessa
16 Apr 2017 88D “Rugrats” father Timothy Polin
13 Jul 2016 39D Good name for a guy who’s seething? Tom McCoy
12 Jul 2016 35A Disco ___ (“The Simpsons” character) Samuel A. Donaldson
25 May 2016 37D Bad name for an anger management counselor? Andrew J. Ries
15 May 2016 60A Erwin of 1950s TV Patrick Berry
24 Jan 2016 103A VW head? Francis Heaney and Brendan Emmett Quigley
12 Jan 2016 43D Poker great Ungar Zhouqin Burnikel
24 Aug 2015 35D Nickname that’s an alphabet trio Lynn Lempel
28 May 2015 5D Good name for an R.V. inhabitant? Jeff Chen
3 May 2015 58A Original Beatles bassist Sutcliffe Dan Schoenholz
30 Apr 2015 65D Man’s name that’s an alphabet run Herre Schouwerwou
6 Apr 2015 20A Disco ___ of “The Simpsons” Finn Vigeland
19 Mar 2015 58D Country singer Phillips Todd Gross
15 Mar 2015 12D Political analyst Rothenberg Dan Feyer
6 Mar 2015 57D Bassist Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival David Phillips
1 Mar 2015 9D Guy’s name that’s an alphabet run Finn Vigeland
23 May 2014 8D World Series of Poker champion ___ Ungar David Steinberg
16 May 2014 44D Good name for a worrywart? Martin Ashwood-Smith
13 May 2014 61D Early Beatle Sutcliffe Tracy Gray
22 Jan 2014 12D Ungar of poker Jared Banta
7 Dec 2013 45A Sportscaster Nahan with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame James Mulhern
4 Jul 2013 26D Early Beatle Sutcliffe Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
1 Jun 2013 27D Good name for a brooder? Barry C. Silk
28 Jan 2013 31D Springfield resident Disco ___ Jaime Hutchison and Victor Fleming
23 Jan 2013 49A Apt name for a chef? Joel Fagliano
15 Jan 2013 45D Original Beatle Sutcliffe Peter A. Collins
12 Dec 2012 66D Grimson of the N.H.L. Peter A. Collins
5 Jun 2012 50A Poker champ Ungar Sharon Delorme
20 May 2012 122A Apt name for a 1-Across? Alan Arbesfeld
27 Mar 2012 48A Poker legend Ungar Todd McClary
22 Dec 2011 23A Original Beatles bassist Sutcliffe Kristian House
4 Nov 2011 53D ___ Redman, hero of Stephen King’s “The Stand” Patrick Berry
28 Jun 2011 6A Disco ___ of “The Simpsons” Tom Baring
19 Jun 2011 34D “Rugrats” father Patrick Berry
12 May 2011 34D “Rugrats” dad Patrick John Duggan
23 Apr 2011 9D Afro-sporting character on “The Simpsons” Mike Nothnagel
7 Mar 2011 51A Disco guy on “The Simpsons” Mike Torch
7 Jan 2011 54D Poker legend Ungar Joe DiPietro
21 Nov 2010 101A Disco fan on “The Simpsons” Clive Probert
13 Apr 2010 40A Early Beatle Sutcliffe Alex Boisvert
9 Nov 2009 8D Disco guy on “The Simpsons” Lynn Lempel
5 Aug 2009 48A Early Beatle Sutcliffe Donna S. Levin
16 Jun 2009 60D “The ___ Erwin Show” of 1950s TV Paula Gamache
11 Jun 2009 34A Poker champ Ungar Alex Boisvert
8 May 2009 26A Lantz of the 1960s-’70s N.B.A. John Farmer
3 May 2009 27A Disco ___ of “The Simpsons” Caleb Madison
2 Sep 2008 37D Alphabetic trio Stanley Newman
25 May 2008 120D Disco guy on “The Simpsons” Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 May 2008 25D Good nickname for a cook? Brendan Emmett Quigley
18 Mar 2008 24A Disco ___ of “The Simpsons” David Pringle
3 Mar 2008 33D Sutcliffe of the early Beatles C. W. Stewart
8 Feb 2008 4D Longtime Lakers commentator Lantz Mike Nothnagel
2 Feb 2008 33A “Rugrats” dad Natan Last
4 Oct 2007 61D Disco guy on “The Simpsons” Sheldon Benardo
13 Sep 2007 61D Good name for a flight attendant? Joe Krozel & Victor Fleming
15 Jul 2007 108A Erwin of 1950s TV Patrick Berry
15 Mar 2007 23A VW front? Michael Shteyman
14 Mar 2007 26D Poker champion Ungar Peter A. Collins
3 Jan 2007 12D Early Beatle Sutcliffe Kim Seidl
12 Nov 2006 74A Sutcliffe of the early Beatles Patrick Berry
22 Jun 2006 5D Name that’s an alphabetic trio Christina Houlihan Kelly
22 Mar 2006 46A Early Beatle Sutcliffe Jim Hyres
30 Aug 2005 50A Disco ___, “The Simpsons” character Leonard Williams
5 Aug 2005 31A “Rugrats” dad David Ainslie Macleod
31 Jul 2005 112D Three-time World Series of Poker champ ___ Ungar Mark Feldman
27 Jun 2005 33A Man’s name that’s an alphabetic string Kurt Mengel and Jan-Michele Gianette
20 May 2005 22A “The Simpsons” character Disco ___ Harvey Estes
21 Feb 2005 34A Man’s nickname that’s an alphabetic run Sherry O. Blackard
20 Dec 2004 40D TV classic “The ___ Erwin Show” Kyle Mahowald
14 Nov 2004 84A Comic Gilliam Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
26 Sep 2004 7D Good name for a worrier? Joe DiPietro
28 Jul 2004 37A Name that’s an alphabet trio Mark Elliot Skolsky
30 May 2004 84D Good name for a flight attendant? Brendan Emmett Quigley
26 May 2004 20A R-V connection? David J. Kahn
16 Mar 2004 52A Early Beatle Sutcliffe Ron Sweet
15 Mar 2004 45D VW predecessors? Patrick Merrell
23 Oct 2003 27D RV contents? Michael Shteyman
21 Aug 2003 34A Alphabet trio Patrick Merrell
10 May 2003 45A Good name for a chef Bob Klahn
12 Feb 2003 5D 1950’s-70’s senator Symington, for short Ed Early
12 Dec 2002 26A R-V interior? Michael Shteyman
17 Oct 2002 54D “Rugrats” dad Todd McClary
11 Aug 2002 111D Actor/comic Gilliam Harvey Estes and Nancy Salomon
6 Dec 2001 8D Erwin of early TV Richard Silvestri
29 Jul 2001 63D Erwin of early TV Michael Ashley
4 Jun 2001 23A Trio after R Patrick Jordan
19 Feb 2001 62D R-V link Peter Gordon
12 Oct 2000 69A Comic Gilliam A. J. Santora
12 Aug 2000 46A Letter run Rich Norris
13 Jun 2000 44D Good name for a cook Peter Gordon
4 Mar 2000 58D Alphabet sequence Rich Norris
13 Jun 1999 52A Actor Erwin Rich Norris
18 Apr 1999 91A Longtime Missouri Sen. ___ Symington Frank Longo
3 Feb 1999 45D Actor Erwin Glenn E. Sykes
16 Jan 1999 33D Good name for a hash house employee Rich Norris
16 Oct 1998 27A Good name for a cook? Martin Ashwood-Smith
2 May 1998 39D Grimson of hockey Jeff Herrington
26 Mar 1998 9D TV actor Gilliam Cathy Millhauser
1 Mar 1998 5D Jeff’s “77 Sunset Strip” partner Cathy Millhauser
29 Jan 1998 24A Erwin of 50’s TV Frances Hansen
21 Dec 1997 93A Good name for a chef? Frances Hansen
10 Nov 1997 55D Trio after R Grace Fabbroni
9 Nov 1997 20D R-V connection Rich Norris
2 Nov 1997 31A ___ Sutcliffe, early Beatle Nancy Nicholson Joline
1 Aug 1997 35A Good name for a cook? Gerald R. Ferguson
7 Jan 1997 4D Alphabet trio J. Schmalzbach
15 Dec 1996 44D Good name for a cabin attendant R. Ross
19 Nov 1996 54A Early Beatle Sutcliffe G. E. Paul
18 Nov 1996 36D Alphabet trio F. & L. Sabin
6 Nov 1996 30A Alphabetic run M. E. Skolsky
12 Oct 1996 24A Actor Erwin R. Norris
22 May 1996 66A Actor Erwin R. Hughes
22 Feb 1996 5D Good name for a cook? C. Deodene
3 Jan 1996 54A Alphabet trio W. R. Williams
24 Dec 1995 92A Erwin of early TV Frances Hansen
17 Sep 1995 99D Queue after R Stanley Newman
8 Jul 1995 53A Alphabet trio Randolph Ross
11 Jun 1995 14D Erwin of old TV Coral Amende
19 Apr 1995 47A Early Beatle Sutcliffe Alfio Micci
28 Apr 1994 53A Good name for a cook? Randy Sowell
2 Feb 1994 19A Early Beatle Sutcliffe Robert Katz
24 Jan 1994 35A Actor Erwin Janie Lyons
10 Jan 1994 20A Ex-Knick coach Jackson Randolph Ross
19 Dec 1993 101D Erwin of 50’s TV John M. Samson

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