TALL is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for TALL in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "TALL" answer was first appeared in "22 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Fanciful, as a story". It was authored by Morton B. Braun. Recently, the "TALL" answer has been used for "6 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Hard to believe, as a tale". It was authored by Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight. "TALL" appeared 81 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "TALL" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
6 Dec 2023 53A Hard to believe, as a tale Peter A. Collins and Bruce Haight
19 Oct 2022 19D Seven-foot, say Ryan Patrick Smith
21 Aug 2022 12D Like one on stilts Brooke Husic and Will Nediger
2 Feb 2022 54A Like some tales Meredith Colton Hazy
12 Dec 2021 112D Starbucks size Daniel Okulitch and Doug Peterson
5 Nov 2021 49A Exaggerated Joseph Greenbaum
23 May 2021 52A Lofty Jennifer Nebergall
4 Apr 2021 75D Like some orders Angela Olson Halsted and Doug Peterson
28 Mar 2021 108A Like people who are much looked up to Olivia Mitra Framke
17 Jul 2020 24D Like Wookiees Rich Proulx
14 Jul 2020 60A Like tales you can’t believe Stella Zawistowski
29 Jun 2020 44D Like most centers in basketball Peter Gordon
24 Sep 2018 52D Always bumping one’s head on doorways, say Michael Black
6 Jul 2017 59A One way to stand Erik Agard
12 Jun 2016 91A Ironically, small Starbucks size Finn Vigeland
27 Mar 2016 38A Skyscraping Patrick Blindauer
17 Jan 2016 125A Fictitious Jeff Chen
21 Oct 2015 47A With 32-Across, whopper Mary Lou Guizzo and Jeff Chen
19 Feb 2015 44D One way to walk Jason Flinn
4 Feb 2015 26D With one’s head in the clouds? Julian Lim
19 Oct 2014 70D Kind of order David Phillips
23 Jul 2014 5A Like some orders or tales Howard Barkin
21 Feb 2013 57A Unbelievable, say Paul Hunsberger
14 Oct 2012 11A Men’s suit specification Todd Gross
26 Aug 2012 52D Starbucks size Amanda Yesnowitz and Doug Peterson
9 Jul 2012 40D Like basketball centers C.W. Stewart
9 Jan 2012 11D Like Dubai’s Burj Khalifa Michael Dewey
4 Sep 2011 45D Skyscraping Dana Delany and Matt Ginsberg
19 Dec 2010 100D Towering Kevin G. Der
13 Jun 2010 46D Like a difficult order Francis Heaney
23 Feb 2010 55D Like most N.B.A. players Joanne Sullivan
5 Nov 2009 44A One way to stand Patrick Blindauer
3 Jul 2009 55D Like Magic? Kevin G. Der
27 May 2009 57D Seven-foot, say Corey Rubin
29 Dec 2008 40D Like an N.B.A. center Kevin Donovan
23 Oct 2008 38D One way to stand Patrick Blindauer
1 Apr 2008 61A Like some orders Manny Nosowsky
15 Feb 2008 10D Albee’s “Three ___ Women” Patrick Berry
13 Dec 2007 62A Unbelievable John Farmer
15 Jan 2006 76A Hard to believe Richard Silvestri
21 Nov 2004 60D High Kumar Balani
13 Jun 2004 80A Hard to believe Richard Silvestri
9 Apr 2004 56D Looked up to? Bob Peoples
24 Mar 2004 60A Towering Norma Johnson
9 Sep 2003 33D Built like Wilt Robert Zimmerman
26 Aug 2003 67A Bumping one’s head on the ceiling, say Richard Hughes
20 Jul 2003 67D Farfetched Patrick Merrell
24 Mar 2003 26D Towering Alison D. Donald
11 Dec 2002 23A Like most N.B.A. stars Alan Arbesfeld
9 Nov 2002 18A Like some orders James E. Buell
7 Jul 2002 43D Unbelievable Lloyd E. Pollet
18 Jun 2002 16A Like some tales or orders Eugene W. Sard
28 Mar 2002 56A One way to stand Manny Nosowsky
11 Feb 2002 6A Like skyscrapers Peter Gordon
5 Sep 2001 19D Fanciful Lyell Rodieck
4 Sep 2001 56D Seven-foot, e.g. Randall J. Hartman
1 Jul 2001 36A Farfetched Manny Nosowsky
18 Dec 2000 28D Like a six-footer Nancy Kavanaugh
9 Jul 2000 14D Unbelievable Manny Nosowsky
26 Jun 2000 42A Like most basketball stars Peter Gordon
23 Jul 1999 36A One way to stand Joe DiPietro
16 Nov 1998 1A Like giants Nancy Salomon and Bob Frank
22 May 1998 36D Like many an order Brendan Emmett Quigley
9 Apr 1998 69A Exaggerated, as a story Betty Jorgensen
30 Mar 1998 18A Like a seven-footer Elizabeth C. Gorski
18 Nov 1997 47D Like most N.B.A. players Peter Gordon
17 Jul 1997 8D Ready to be mowed, as grass Wayne Robert Williams
11 May 1997 76A Like some stories Nancy Nicholson Joline
13 Jan 1997 4D Six-foot or more G. E. Paul
11 Nov 1996 37A Towering S. Spadaccini
9 Jul 1996 49D Seven-foot, e.g. Jonathan Schmatzbach
14 Feb 1996 66A Seven-foot, e.g. C. Lundberg
1 Nov 1995 5A Rangy D. J. DeChristopher
23 Feb 1995 21A Kind of order Daniel R. Stark
1 Jan 1995 131A Improbable Henry Hook
12 Dec 1994 29A Six-foot two, for example Joy L. Wouk
1 Dec 1994 9D Dark and handsome companion Harvey Estes
19 Aug 1994 45A Hard to believe Martin Ashwood-Smith
10 Jul 1994 92A Statuesque Alvin Chase
30 Apr 1994 41D Hard to believe Wayne Robert Williams
22 Dec 1993 49D Fanciful, as a story Morton B. Braun

Here you get TALL answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If TALL will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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