THE is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for THE in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "THE" answer was first appeared in "9 Sep 1994" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Last word of “Finnegans Wake” (2)". It was authored by Bob Klahn. Recently, the "THE" answer has been used for "5 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Fill-in-___-blank (2)". It was authored by Nate Cardin. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Everyday article (10)". "THE" appeared 152 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "THE" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
5 Dec 2023 56D Fill-in-___-blank Nate Cardin
15 Oct 2023 94D Not just “a” Jeff Chen and Juliana Tringali Golden
24 Jul 2023 39D Not just *any* John Ewbank
20 Mar 2023 21D With 23-Down, a person’s soul mate Adam Vincent
28 Jan 2023 5D With 3-Down, title setting of a 1937 Agatha Christie mystery Kevin Christian
26 Jan 2023 41D All-time go-between Dan Ziring and Quiara Vasquez
22 Dec 2022 71A French beverage David Steinberg
16 Oct 2022 118D Beverage at un café Paolo Pasco
11 Aug 2022 37A With 40-Across, what’s fatefully “cast” in a quote attributed to Julius Caesar [German] David Tuffs
25 Jul 2022 60A Most common English word Michael T. Buerke
5 May 2022 41D An alternative? Adam Wagner
3 Mar 2022 41A Not just “a” August Lee-Kovach
13 Feb 2022 92D All-time connector David Steinberg
6 Feb 2022 15D On-line connection? Stephen McCarthy
14 Jul 2021 61A With 14-Down, what “Fin” might mean Amanda Rafkin and Ross Trudeau
7 Jul 2021 72A See 38-Across Peter A. Collins
16 May 2021 56A By-way connection Joe DiPietro
13 Mar 2021 52D When italicized, word before something exemplary John Guzzetta
26 Jan 2021 59D With 61-Down, org. once headed by George H. W. Bush Peter Gordon
9 Sep 2020 54A Fill-in-___-blank Jakob Weisblat
21 Feb 2020 42A Helpful word in solving cryptograms Erik Agard and Anne Flinchbaugh
24 Dec 2019 22A Alternative to café Alex Eaton-Salners
1 Dec 2019 74D Not just any Patrick Merrell
23 Jun 2019 1A Word in Facebook and Disney Channel’s original names David Liben-Nowell and Victor Barocas
31 May 2019 11D Not just any Sam Ezersky
26 May 2019 11D Alternative to café Ruth Bloomfield Margolin
4 Feb 2019 40D First word of every “Friends” episode title Ali Gascoigne
16 Jan 2019 40A Not just any Bruce Haight
17 Dec 2018 66A “What ___?!” (cry of surprise) Brian Thomas and Andrea Carla Michaels
25 Oct 2018 29A Common article Neville Fogarty
10 Sep 2018 25A With 39-Down, last words in many an old movie Jacob Stulberg
2 Sep 2018 89A Italian “il” or French “le” Tom McCoy
22 Aug 2018 32D “What ___?!” John Lampkin
22 Mar 2018 59D Not just a Ross Trudeau
4 Mar 2018 106D Alternative to café Byron Walden
16 Nov 2017 23A Not just any old Alex Eylar
8 Aug 2017 9D Word ignored when alphabetizing Dan Flanagan
11 Jul 2017 52A Something that’s definite? Zhouqin Burnikel
6 May 2017 52A With 51-Across, two steps away from AA, informally Joe DiPietro
9 Apr 2017 9D With 36-Across, a Dr. Seuss book Byron Walden
1 Sep 2016 63D Not just any Ben Tausig
15 Jun 2016 61D Not just a Jason Flinn
18 May 2016 38D Article with no equivalent in Russian Zhouqin Burnikel
4 Mar 2016 63D With 68-Across, end of a Hemingway title Evans Clinchy
2 Aug 2015 100A Beverage that may be served au lait Matt Ginsberg
28 Jun 2015 77A Start of many Batman villain names Jeremy Newton
9 Mar 2015 27D Part of “btw” Debbie Ellerin
3 Feb 2015 24A B*W Joe Krozel
3 Dec 2014 40A A cousin? Patrick Blindauer
22 Oct 2014 9D United States Constitution’s first article Patrick Blindauer
1 Sep 2014 25A First word in many newspaper names Allan E. Parrish
12 May 2014 24D Start of many band names Gary Cee
15 Apr 2014 69A Word ignored in alphabetizing Gary Cee
5 Mar 2014 64A Not just “a” Evan Birnholz
31 Oct 2013 57D Start of 19 John Grisham novel titles David Kwong
26 Aug 2013 64D Word usually ignored in alphabetization Ian Livengood
23 May 2013 32A Not merely a David Levinson Wilk
11 Apr 2013 35D With 36-Down, jail, slangily Jim Hilger
29 Mar 2013 35A With 40-Across, “Inside ___” (postgame show) Josh Knapp
2 Jan 2013 37D Everyday article David Steinberg
23 Aug 2012 65D Café alternative Mark Feldman
15 Aug 2012 7D Everyday article Elizabeth C. Gorski
12 Jul 2012 37A See 24-Across Pawel Fludzinski
22 Jan 2012 86A Last word of “Finnegans Wake” Adam Fromm
12 Dec 2011 20A Not just any Gary Cee
7 Nov 2011 54D Article seen in many places David Steinberg
25 Oct 2011 47D Everyday article C. W. Stewart
24 Oct 2011 26D French tea Lynn Lempel
5 Aug 2011 4D With 5-Down, what iconoclasts break Barry Silk
14 Aug 2010 4D Dijon drink John Farmer
30 Jun 2010 5D Everyday article Kristian House
17 Jun 2010 39D French beverage Corey Rubin
23 Mar 2010 23A “I’ll alert ___”: Hobson, in “Arthur” (with 25-Across) Kurt Krauss
20 Jan 2010 30A Word unlikely to end a sentence Trip Payne
15 Jul 2009 43A With 45-Down, “Trust No One” series Joon Pahk
1 Jun 2009 58A With 59-Across, TV home for this puzzle’s five featured TV personalities John Farmer
22 Mar 2009 86D French beverage Joon Pahk and Matt Matera
4 Dec 2008 64A See 63-Across Barry C. Silk
16 Nov 2008 19D Useful article Merl Reagle
22 Sep 2008 11A With 66-Across, where this puzzle’s circled things can all be found Peter A. Collins
4 Sep 2008 62A With 63-Across, go Dutch Matt Ginsberg
24 Jul 2008 40A Order at a French restaurant Matt Ginsberg
27 May 2008 53A Everyday article Adam G. Perl
28 Feb 2008 52A It’s definite Matt Ginsberg
14 Nov 2007 19A It’s definite Jim Page
7 Aug 2007 15A First word of every Robert Ludlum title but one Daniel Kantor
20 Jun 2007 1A With 1-Down, 1982 Richard Pryor/Jackie Gleason film Bonnie L. Gentry and Victor Fleming
21 Mar 2007 40A Quote, part 2 Ed Early
28 Dec 2006 6A Start of a quote on obstinacy by James Russell Lowell Ed Early
30 Nov 2006 51D Word often preceding 35-Down Patrick Merrell
10 Oct 2006 38D Not just “a” Tyler Hinman
5 Oct 2006 21A Definite article Joe DiPietro
3 Oct 2006 11A Opening word usually skipped in alphabetizing Ed Stein
22 Aug 2006 11A Not just “a” Michael J. Doran
23 May 2006 27A With 39-Across, a 60-Across play Alan Arbesfeld
3 May 2006 32D With 49-Down, interest rate setter Lisa Wiseman
5 Apr 2006 23D With 28-Across, popular retailer Patrick Merrell
26 Feb 2006 26A Beverage served with le dessert Randolph Ross
22 Feb 2006 30A “What ___ …?” Nancy Salomon
25 Jan 2006 48D Café alternative John Farmer
26 Jul 2005 67A It’s definite Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon
20 Jul 2005 32A Café alternative Roy Leban
17 Jul 2005 67D After-dinner serving in France David J. Kahn
29 Jun 2005 60D Everyday article David Liben-Nowell
30 Apr 2005 4D With 21-Down, sitcom of 2001-02 Nancy Salomon
17 Apr 2005 32A Genuine article? Manny Nosowsky
16 Jan 2005 48D Café alternative Damon J. Gulczynski
28 Dec 2004 29D It’s definite Elizabeth C. Gorski
21 Nov 2004 104D Café alternative Kumar Balani
7 Oct 2004 37A See 28-Across or 4-Down Patrick Merrell
11 Jul 2004 44A With 43-Across, comic book superhero Randolph Ross
28 Mar 2004 45A Alternative to café David J. Kahn
29 Aug 2003 27A Not just any Gilbert H. Ludwig
6 Jul 2003 118D French beverage Robert H. Wolfe
29 May 2003 1A “Thanks for ___ Memory” Jim Page
4 May 2003 38D French beverage Tyler Hinman
18 Mar 2003 7D Everyday article William Schaub
1 Feb 2003 35A With 36-Across, rhinologist’s study Rich Norris
29 Sep 2002 121D Many a title starter Randolph Ross
17 Mar 2002 65A With 51-Down, old movie finale David J. Kahn
12 Jul 2001 6D U.S. Constitution’s first article William I. Johnston
7 Jul 2001 48A With 46-Down, famous provider of hospitality Robert H. Wolfe
19 Apr 2001 46A With 9-Down, something to feel Manny Nosowsky
7 Mar 2001 60D Many a 65-Across starter Noah Dephoure
19 Feb 2001 63D “___ end” Peter Gordon
8 Nov 2000 63D Everyday article Elizabeth C. Gorski
5 Aug 2000 21A Not just any Manny Nosowsky
10 May 2000 43A Uncapitalized word in titles Zack Butler
28 Mar 2000 13D With 33-Across, Montreal’s subway Fred Piscop
11 Mar 2000 4D Beyond any other Randolph Ross
23 Feb 2000 32D Everyday article Fred Piscop
28 Apr 1999 35D Frequent title starter Nancy Salomon
16 Apr 1999 55D Café alternative John Wolting
17 May 1998 82D Definitive word David J. Kahn and Hillary B. Kahn
9 Mar 1998 73A Word before “more” and “merrier” Randall J. Hartman
8 Feb 1998 5D Common article Manny Nosowsky
28 Dec 1997 20D Not just any Matt Gaffney
7 Sep 1997 111D Not just any Randolph Ross
28 Jun 1997 38D Nice hot drink? Bob Klahn
20 Apr 1997 66D Useful article Charles M. Deber
11 Oct 1996 59D Everyday article F. Longo
3 Apr 1996 24D More and merrier preceder M. Gaffney
18 Feb 1996 11D “What___…” (cry of surprise) Norma Steinberg
13 Jun 1995 58D Charades “little word” Trip Payne
20 May 1995 21A One of Webster’s articles Manny Nosowsky
13 May 1995 19A Tea, in Toulouse Nancy Joline
25 Jan 1995 32A Pooh’s middle name? Norma Steinberg
10 Jan 1995 7D Word before more and merrier Christopher Page
1 Dec 1994 45A Not just any Harvey Estes
1 Oct 1994 33D Bozo’s middle name? Bob Klahn
15 Sep 1994 1D Word ignored in indexing Fred Piscop
9 Sep 1994 24A Last word of “Finnegans Wake” Bob Klahn

Here you get THE answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If THE will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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