TTYL is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for TTYL in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "TTYL" answer was first appeared in "28 Aug 2011" NYT Crossword for the hint of "“Gotta go,” in chat rooms". It was authored by Patrick Berry. Recently, the "TTYL" answer has been used for "5 Dec 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Texter’s sign-off (4)". It was authored by Nate Cardin. "TTYL" appeared 30 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "TTYL" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
5 Dec 2023 27A Texter’s sign-off Nate Cardin
13 Jul 2023 25D Texter’s “Bye for now” Hanh Huynh
25 Jun 2023 101A Texter’s toodle-oo John Westwig
4 Apr 2023 42D “Until next time,” in a text Andrea Carla Michaels and Christina Iverson
9 Oct 2022 17D “Cya!” Jessie Trudeau and Ross Trudeau
5 Jun 2022 95A “Chat another time!” in an I.M. Christina Iverson and Katie Hale
24 Apr 2022 109D “Bye 4 now!” Sam Ezersky
10 Nov 2021 54D Texter’s sign-off Max Chen Lauring and Benjamin Chen Lauring
10 Sep 2021 3D “G2G” Adrian Kabigting
22 Jul 2021 60D Texter’s farewell John Guzzetta
27 Nov 2020 51D Equivalent of “cya” in a text Robyn Weintraub
15 Dec 2019 45D Texter’s “ciao” Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen
30 Nov 2019 15D “Until next time,” in a text Joe Deeney
12 Aug 2019 59D “Bye for now,” in a text Jeffrey Wechsler
21 Jul 2019 13D Texter’s sign-off Jason Mueller and Jeff Chen
3 Mar 2019 54D Texter’s bye-bye Tony Orbach and Andrea Carla Michaels
20 Oct 2018 50A Texter’s valediction Ben Gross and James Somers
8 Jul 2018 69A Texter’s sign-off Bruce Haight
2 Jan 2018 71A “Gotta run,” in a text Zhouqin Burnikel
30 Nov 2017 69A “Gotta go,” in textspeak Trenton Charlson
11 Jun 2017 67A “So long,” for short Charles M. Deber
26 Oct 2016 31D Texter’s “ciao” Scott Yut
15 Feb 2015 104A “Bye for now,” in textspeak Ellen Leuschner and Jeff Chen
19 Jun 2014 5D What best-selling 2004 young adult novel was written entirely in the form of instant messages? Timothy Polin
26 Apr 2014 57D Modern farewell letters Evan Birnholz
31 Jan 2014 11D Texting ta-ta Chris A. McGlothlin
26 May 2013 42D Texter’s ta-ta Joon Pahk and Jeremy Horwitz
1 Dec 2012 43A Texter’s “bye now” Joon Pahk
18 Nov 2012 106D Texter’s “ciao” Timothy Polin
28 Aug 2011 53D “Gotta go,” in chat rooms Patrick Berry

Here you get TTYL answered all clues with dates, Grid, and Author info. If TTYL will be used in a new NYT Crossword, that will be updated here.

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