WED is an answer for the NYT Crossword puzzle. Here you can get the history and usage for WED in NYT Crossword from 1994.

This "WED" answer was first appeared in "5 Dec 1993" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Word after “I thee”". It was authored by Manny Nosowsky. Recently, the "WED" answer has been used for "9 Oct 2023" NYT Crossword for the hint of "Exchange vows at the altar". It was authored by Zachary David Levy. In the NYT Crossword, this answer has been used most frequently for the hint: "Tie the knot (8)". "WED" appeared 106 times in Shortz Era puzzles. So lets take a look for clue and answer history of "WED" word.

Date Grid Clue Author
9 Oct 2023 44D Exchange vows at the altar Zachary David Levy
5 Sep 2023 19A Exchanged rings, say Alan Siegel
3 Sep 2023 49D Unionized? Dylan Schiff
22 Jul 2023 5D Make one Robert Logan
18 Jun 2023 1D Joined tightly Joe DiPietro
13 May 2023 9D Middle col. on a calendar Spencer Leach
25 Aug 2022 22A Espouse Olivia Mitra Framke and Andrea Carla Michaels
1 Aug 2022 23D Middle column on a calendar: Abbr. Garrett Chalfin
25 Jul 2022 66A Married Michael T. Buerke
1 Jun 2022 19A Become one Chase Dittrich
7 Dec 2021 47D Get hitched Margaret Seikel
5 Dec 2021 81A Get hitched Chase Dittrich and Jeff Chen
1 Dec 2021 25D Calendar abbr. Christopher Youngs
25 Nov 2021 1D Join Chase Dittrich
5 Sep 2021 127D Get hitched to Grant Thackray
11 Jul 2021 57D Join with rings Ashish Vengsarkar
6 Mar 2021 8D Bond Sid Sivakumar
4 Feb 2021 1D Join together Derek Allen
22 Dec 2020 36A Join at the altar Amy Yanni and Jeff Chen
3 Sep 2020 42D Get unionized? Sid Sivakumar
29 Sep 2019 9D Tie the knot Tom McCoy
10 Sep 2019 39D Joined in matrimony Ethan Cooper
5 Aug 2019 66D Marry Tracy Gray
30 Jul 2019 23A “With this ring, I thee ___” Christina Iverson
28 May 2019 35D When U.S. election results are usually published: Abbr. Aimee Lucido
25 Nov 2018 114D Join Joon Pahk
10 Sep 2018 64A Marry Jacob Stulberg
12 Jul 2018 16A Joined Joe DiPietro
29 Jul 2017 29A Amalgamate Erik Agard
17 Apr 2017 65A Marry Peter Gordon
24 Feb 2017 56D Say 12-Down Andrew Zhou
11 Jan 2017 41D Enter an altared state? Peter A. Collins
18 Sep 2016 82D Put together Jeremy Newton
12 Mar 2016 59D One of the 63-Across: Abbr. Josh Knapp
13 May 2015 62D Take for better or for worse, say Jeffrey Wechsler
31 Aug 2014 11D Unite Joel Fagliano
5 Sep 2013 44D Not single Damon Gulczynski
6 Mar 2013 25A Got hitched Richard Chisholm
24 Feb 2013 101A Made one Joe DiPietro
19 Feb 2013 29D Tie the knot Barry Franklin and Sara Kaplan
2 Feb 2013 59D Jump the broom, so to speak Gareth Bain
24 Oct 2012 40A Unite Ian Livengood
20 Sep 2012 4D Lent’s start, e.g.: Abbr. John R. Conrad
2 Jun 2012 35D Not single Tim Croce
3 Apr 2012 31A Hump day: Abbr. Paula Gamache
15 Jan 2012 87D Bond Finn Vigeland
25 Sep 2011 5D Bonded Paul Hunsberger
10 Aug 2011 45D Tie the knot Elizabeth C. Gorski
11 Jul 2011 65D Say “I do” Ellen Leuschner
24 Sep 2010 36A Night that “Dynasty” aired for most of its run: Abbr. Mark Diehl
2 Aug 2010 26A Marry Diane Baker van Hoff
30 Jun 2010 63D Got hitched Kristian House
21 Mar 2010 123D Hitch up with Adam Fromm
11 Jan 2010 34A Tue. follower Ron and Nancy Byron
16 Dec 2009 41A United David J. Kahn
31 Jul 2009 62A Bond Mike Nothnagel
12 Jul 2009 25D Get together Alan Arbesfeld
23 Feb 2009 9D Thu. preceder Alan Arbesfeld
1 Nov 2008 21A Espouse Donald K. Willing
18 May 2008 88A Take to Vegas, maybe Brendan Emmett Quigley
20 Nov 2006 45A Tues. follower Bernice Gordon
25 Sep 2006 8D Said “I do” together Lynn Lempel
20 Mar 2006 63D Tie the knot Earl W. Reed and Nancy Salomon
31 Dec 2005 19A Not separate Robert H. Wolfe
5 Oct 2005 39D Made one Nancy Salomon
27 Apr 2005 25A Hitched, so to speak Lyell Rodieck
15 Jan 2005 24A Join Ed Early
3 Dec 2004 49A Couple Michael Shteyman
25 Mar 2004 28A Unite David Liben-Nowell and Ryan O’Donnell
4 Jan 2004 85A Came together Patrick Merrell
15 Nov 2003 23A Make one Patrick Berry
27 Oct 2003 66A Take “for better or for worse” Richard Miller
22 Jul 2003 40D Tie the knot Steven Kahn
25 Jun 2003 71A Joined Leonard Williams
21 Apr 2003 34D Join in holy matrimony Randall J. Hartman
19 Apr 2003 48A Joined Manny Nosowsky
11 Oct 2002 24A Not separate A. J. Santora
17 Jul 2002 57D Get a wife Peter Gordon
6 Feb 2002 65A Get hitched Joe DiPietro
21 Apr 2001 28D “___ rather go naked than wear fur” (slogan) David J. Kahn
29 Dec 2000 41A Get spliced David J. Kahn
12 Oct 2000 33D Joined A. J. Santora
29 Apr 2000 19A Make one Patrick D. Berry
29 Dec 1999 35A Take the plunge, so to speak Robert O. Dillman
21 Nov 1999 113A Ringed? Patrick D. Berry
10 Jul 1999 57D Together Rich Norris
21 Apr 1999 11D Tie the knot Mary E. Brindamour
7 Apr 1999 19D United Rich Norris
8 Jan 1999 30A Fuse Martin Ashwood-Smith and Brendan Quigley
23 Nov 1998 44A Exchange I do’s Elizabeth C. Gorski
28 Aug 1998 56D Have an “altar-cation”? Martin Ashwood-Smith
5 Apr 1998 100A Amalgamate David J. Kahn
8 May 1997 63A Get spliced David J. Kahn
18 Mar 1997 45A Married John R. Conrad
18 Jan 1997 62D Combine D. Niles
11 Nov 1996 48A Tie the knot S. Spadaccini
24 Sep 1996 11A Married S. Spadaccini
14 Mar 1996 27D Yoke R. Silvestri
30 Jun 1995 40D Couple Rich Norris
1 May 1995 69A Commit matrimony Sidney L. Robbins
18 Apr 1995 20A Marry Christopher Page
16 Feb 1995 9D Made a commitment to Christopher Hurt
9 Jan 1995 8D Tie the knot Sidney L. Robbins
28 Nov 1994 37A Marry Jonathan Schmalzbach
9 Aug 1994 40A Marry Jonathan Schmatzbach
5 Dec 1993 49D Word after “I thee” Manny Nosowsky

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