”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”

”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” NYT Crossword Clue and Answer is available here. After the NY Times 9 December 2023 crossword puzzle was published, as a participant, you are very excited to find the “”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”” solution or answer to the clue. So, we (nytcrossword.info) shared the clue of ”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”. Additionally, we have tried to include hints for “”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” or similar questions with answers. So, let’s get ”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” NYT crossword clue and answer.

”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” NYT Crossword

NYT Crossword is a daily based word puzzle provided by the New York Times online platform. In this case, the latest “”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”” is a part of the NY Times crossword for the 9 December 2023 edition. So crossword lovers have to solve the ”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” hint with their knowledge.

”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”

Remember, there can be many clues for “”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”” for the crossword. But guessing the correct clue will depend on the specific Across and Down letter boxes. If you solve the puzzle, you will gain knowledge not only about the crossword but also about “”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!””.

”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” NYT Crossword Clue

Have you tried solving the ”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” hint? But couldn’t solve it so came here to find the solution? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide the latest used answer to ”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” hint.

”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” NYT Crossword

NYT Crossword 9 December 2023 : “”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”” answer is WHYNOTBOTH. This clue can have multiple answers. But in this case, as recently as 9 December 2023, the question ”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” appeared in the NYT crossword puzzle with the clue WHYNOTBOTH.

”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!” NYT Crossword Clue

Date 9 December 2023
Hint ”Let’s have our cake and eat it, too!”


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30 Nov 201953DTabletop, perhapsSLAB
5 Sep 19973DTabletop, perhapsSLAB
4 Oct 200651DMiami River's outletOHIO
27 Nov 20233DFirst word of many a letterDEAR
17 Jul 202240DLetter starterDEAR
15 Feb 202162DLetter starterDEAR
25 Jun 201844A___ John letterDEAR
7 Oct 201748DLetter openerDEAR
11 Oct 2015109AWith 28-Across, letter openerDEAR
5 Mar 201448ALetter starterDEAR
26 Jan 200912DLetter starterDEAR
4 Dec 200364ALetter openerDEAR
22 Jan 200368ALetter openerDEAR
12 Mar 19991DBillet-doux beginnerDEAR
8 Apr 200112DPart of a grain spikeletARISTA
1 Dec 201828A"___ Sylphides" (ballet)LES
10 Nov 2013111D"___ Sylphides" (ballet)LES
28 Nov 200812D"___ Sylphides" (ballet)LES
28 Dec 200258APoulenc ballet "___ Biches"LES
13 Dec 200826ALetters used to avoid listingETC
15 Aug 201945AWhat the first letter of 56-Down stands forEAR
25 Feb 201869AYou can lend one without letting go of itEAR
21 Mar 199947ASite of a helix and antihelixEAR
28 Jun 202313DCompletely disorientedATSEA
2 Feb 202055ACompletely lostATSEA
19 Oct 201553ACompletely puzzledATSEA
17 Oct 201114ACompletely confusedATSEA
20 Nov 200331ACompletely puzzledATSEA
12 Nov 199723ACompletely lostATSEA
21 Mar 199948DCalculus pioneerEULER
2 Apr 20158D[Another arrangement of the letters in the grid]REAR
22 May 202138DDeity that becomes a given name when its fifth letter is moved to the frontAMONRA
26 Apr 202118ABest possible athletic performanceAGAME
20 May 202015ASomething an athlete should bringAGAME
11 Apr 202016AGood thing for an athlete to bringAGAME
23 Jun 200811DWhat paper towels do to a toiletCLOG
23 Mar 200836ACompletely bungleBLOW
29 Apr 201153DGroup whose name combines the first letters of its members' namesABBA
14 Nov 199969ATrans World Dome playerRAM
6 May 199532AFordham athleticRAM
31 Mar 200165D"... let thy words be ___": Eccl.FEW
1 Sep 202123AWallet itemsIDS
6 Jul 201939AWalletfulIDS
18 Aug 201227DSome braceletsIDS
16 Feb 201240DWallet items, in briefIDS
24 Oct 20088DSome braceletsIDS
29 Jun 2008110DWallet items, informallyIDS
27 Sep 200769AWalletful, informallyIDS
3 Oct 200139AWallet cards, for shortIDS
6 Sep 200146ASome bracelets, brieflyIDS
26 Nov 200034AWallet itemsIDS
6 Dec 199721ASome braceletsIDS
12 Sep 199562DWallet itemsIDS
22 Feb 199435DWallet contents, for shortIDS
19 Dec 202351DBoxer Ali whose first name contains only the letters in "Ali"LAILA
24 Mar 201716ACompletely wiped outATEIT
27 Dec 20125ABit the bullet, sayATEIT
17 Jun 200772DHello ___, shop frequently seen on LettermanDELI
12 Feb 199426ASub outletDELI
7 Nov 202149DPallet pieceSLAT
10 Mar 202252DSwirl in a toilet bowl, sayEDDY
29 Mar 202031AWhat an aglet is for a shoelaceTIP
18 Jan 202351ALetters of amusementLOL
10 Mar 201957DLetters sometimes followed by 😀LOL
23 Nov 201147DRoulette betODD
23 Aug 200136DRoulette betODD
27 Dec 200039ARoulette betODD
14 Dec 200059ARoulette betODD
17 Dec 19964DRoulette betODD
25 Sep 202282ALetters to ___ (rock group)CLEO
29 Jul 20111ALethally poisoned ruler, familiarlyCLEO
4 Dec 201926DBirthstone that shares a first letter with its monthOPAL
18 Oct 201725DTelethon giveawayTOTE
13 Jun 202175AHigh school hurdle whose first two letters, phonetically, sound like one of its former componentsSAT
14 Nov 199667DCompleted a lap?SAT
5 Feb 202058DDeletedEXED
26 May 201157DDeletedEXED
19 Aug 200957DDeleted, with "out"EXED
29 Oct 20037DDeletedEXED
14 Oct 202261ALine on a letterSERIF
29 Jan 20206DStroke on a letterSERIF
9 Apr 201925ACans / Letter flourishSERIF
25 Oct 201714DFeature of a letter in the Times Roman typefaceSERIF
10 Mar 201728AEnd of a letterSERIF
26 Feb 201743DLetter featureSERIF
6 Oct 201633DLetter embellishmentSERIF
12 Sep 201143DLetter flourishSERIF
27 Feb 20117DLetter's end?SERIF
19 Oct 200958ATiny flourish on a letterSERIF
19 Jan 200835DLetter finisherSERIF
13 Apr 200745AThe letter O doesn't have oneSERIF
14 Mar 200754DLetter featureSERIF
9 Jul 200223ALetter adornmentSERIF
29 Nov 199811DPart of a letterSERIF
15 Jul 199860AFeature of many lettersSERIF
9 Aug 199827ASundial lettersXII
1 Jun 200416AStarlet's goalROLE
23 Jul 200234AHamlet, in "Hamlet"ROLE
10 Apr 200262AHamlet or OpheliaROLE
14 Feb 19974DHamlet, e.g.ROLE
7 Jul 200296DABC'sBASICS
21 Jun 199414AWearer of an aiguilletteAIDE
18 Jun 200914AMaker of Gauntlet and Area 51ATARI
31 Oct 200221DDraft outletTAP
14 Nov 199937DCommon thingSENSE
13 Apr 202165ACookie in the shape of its first and last lettersOREO
6 Aug 202046AWoman's name that means "violet"IONE
20 Aug 201630AGirl's name in which the last three letters are equivalent to the first?IONE
17 Jun 200946AThing depicted by this puzzle's circled lettersTREE
10 Apr 20216DAbbr. on a law firm's letterheadESQ
13 Sep 200760DAbbr. on a firm's letterheadESQ
17 Jul 202292ARoulette bets with nearly 1:1 oddsEVENS
22 Sep 201961ARoulette choiceEVENS
30 Sep 201412D18 of 38 roulette numbersEVENS
1 Oct 201325DRoulette betEVENS
1 Jul 200426DRoulette betsEVENS
17 Apr 200220ALetters of attorney?ABA
14 Nov 199957DArchaic attention-gettersLOS
11 Jan 202350A"Spring forward" or "fall back" lettersDST
25 Jun 201847D"Spring forward" lettersDST
31 Jul 201167ASummer lettersDST
9 Aug 200228AApril lettersDST
29 Nov 202361DLetters for debtorsIOU
12 Sep 202243APromise-to-pay lettersIOU
4 May 202132ADebtor's lettersIOU
5 Jul 202052ADebtor's lettersIOU
16 Feb 202039DLetters of credit?IOU
2 Aug 201946ADebtor's lettersIOU
19 Jun 201865DDebtor's lettersIOU
21 Jan 2018109DDebtor's lettersIOU
24 Oct 201763DMarker lettersIOU
11 Jul 201722ABorrower's lettersIOU
21 Jun 201656DPromising letters?IOU
31 May 201526ALetters of obligationIOU
28 Jan 201410DMarker lettersIOU
26 Dec 201248AMarker lettersIOU
16 Apr 20128DDebtor's lettersIOU
6 Sep 201161DDebtor's lettersIOU
24 Nov 201061DLetters from a debtorIOU
10 Aug 201022DLetters from a short person?IOU
17 Oct 200752ADebtor's lettersIOU
21 Nov 200621DLetters on a chitIOU
12 Sep 200661DMarker lettersIOU
15 Jun 200658ADebtor's lettersIOU
7 Nov 200510DLetters of debtIOU
14 Aug 200263DMarker lettersIOU
25 Jul 200120DLetters of credit?IOU
13 Oct 199938AMarker lettersIOU
11 Dec 199717ALetters often followed by a numberIOU
4 Sep 19976DLetters of creditIOU
18 Oct 199438DDebtor's lettersIOU
12 Dec 199333DDebtor's lettersIOU
25 Oct 2020107D"United States of ___," show for which Toni Collette won an EmmyTARA
25 Oct 201936AWhat Scarlett savedTARA
10 Jun 2018115AWhere Scarlett got a letter?TARA
25 Jul 201653DScarlett O'Hara's plantationTARA
10 Nov 201253ATV title role for Toni ColletteTARA
1 Feb 200993DScarlett's true loveTARA
15 Sep 200869AScarlett O'Hara's plantationTARA
16 Aug 200518AScarlett's homeTARA
22 May 200116AScarlett's homeTARA
1 Mar 199962AScarlett's homeTARA
22 Dec 19976DScarlett's homeTARA
18 Aug 199735AScarlett's estateTARA
28 Jul 199716AScarlett's plantationTARA
11 Jun 199732AScarlett's homeTARA
1 Oct 199657DScarlett's homeTARA
23 Apr 19961AScarlett's placeTARA
19 Mar 19967DScarlett's homeTARA
13 Jul 19965DColonial pamphleteer JamesOTIS
23 Aug 201952DPlant that sounds like two letters of the alphabetIVY
10 Feb 201148DA cabaletta is a short oneARIA
23 Jan 2022106DSomething swollen on a pro athlete?EGO
27 Nov 202127ADraft lettersIPA
28 Jul 202126ALetters at a barIPA
24 May 202110DBrewery lettersIPA
1 Feb 202045ABrewery lettersIPA
16 Dec 201869AIts first letter stands for "India"IPA
8 Dec 201621A"Let's not get too excited now"EASY
20 May 201159A"Let's not do anything crazy"EASY
17 Dec 2023122AApt word spelled from this puzzle's "covered" letters, top to bottomBYGONES
20 Nov 200557AThings best let be, proverbiallyBYGONES
18 Oct 200710AWith 68-Across, fish filet go-withCOLE
7 Jul 200936ACampus e-mail letters?EDU
19 Nov 201773ATemple athleteOWL
24 May 201721DLetter carrier at HogwartsOWL
8 Jul 201554ATemple University athleteOWL
9 Mar 200531AHogwarts letter carrierOWL
13 Dec 199662ATemple University athleteOWL
10 Feb 202228ALetters of qualificationIMO
18 Oct 20146DLetters with a viewIMO
13 May 202311DFast food chain whose name becomes another company when its last two letters are removedDELTACO
21 Mar 199935DClassic card gameUNO
21 Mar 199970D___ kingALA
13 Jun 201922ALayer of an Italian muffuletta sandwichSALAMI
7 Jun 201154ALettersMAIL
20 Jun 2010101ALettersMAIL
17 Jul 200751ALettersMAIL
17 Jan 200666ALettersMAIL
12 Jan 200433ALetters and packagesMAIL
15 Aug 199652DLettersMAIL
26 Sep 199452DDrop in a letter boxMAIL
4 Feb 201539ALetters on some kitsCPR
3 Oct 202326DChannel for armchair athletesESPN
11 Jan 202021A___ Daily, popular podcast for armchair athletesESPN
10 Jul 201346AArmchair athlete's channelESPN
13 Jun 20134AIts logo's letters have a stripe running through themESPN
24 Jun 200843AArmchair athlete's channelESPN
2 Apr 200729DChannel for armchair athletesESPN
26 Jul 200656DArmchair athlete's aidESPN
17 Oct 200558DArmchair athlete's channelESPN
12 Nov 199943AInterest of armchair athletesESPN
7 Nov 199656DArmchair athlete's channelESPN
27 Aug 199650AArmchair athlete's channelESPN
4 Aug 201061DStiff ballet shoe partTOE
24 Jul 199542ABallet dancer's digitTOE
17 Nov 201710DMormon lettersLDS
6 Feb 200447ALets mistakes passNODS
30 Jan 199931DBubbletops, e.g.DOMES
1 Feb 202361DOne of a pair of "bullets," in pokerACE
10 May 201953ASo-called "bullet"ACE
22 Sep 2013122ABullet, in pokerACE
10 Oct 201031AHold 'em bulletACE
13 Jan 2019118A"We'll teach you to drink deep ___ you depart": HamletERE
5 Jun 201643D"We'll teach you to drink deep ___ you depart": HamletERE
6 Jan 201330A"Let us part, ___ the season of passion forget us": YeatsERE
13 May 201211D"We'll teach you to drink deep ___ you depart": HamletERE
5 Mar 200950D"___ I let fall the windows of mine eyes": Shak.ERE
24 Apr 199843DObsolete prepositionERE
11 Sep 20217DLetter accompanying a personal statement, informallyREC
24 Jan 201965DSupporting letter, informallyREC
8 Jan 201819ALetter accompanying a college application, informallyREC
4 Sep 201653A___ letter (college app part)REC
4 Jan 20145D"___ did you nothing hear?": HamletNOR
27 Mar 201022D"___ the soles of her shoe?": HamletNOR
16 Dec 202340DCompletePURE
19 Apr 202331DNest egg lettersIRA
14 Jun 20223DNest egg lettersIRA
3 Nov 201059ANest egg lettersIRA
27 Apr 200430DNest-egg lettersIRA
18 Feb 200362DNest egg lettersIRA
25 May 200724AKey lettersCTRL
21 Jul 201353DGauntlet thrower's challengeDUEL
20 Jul 200868AClimactic scene in "Hamlet"DUEL
18 May 20233DChain letter?MALL
22 Oct 202216APlace for some outletsMALL
14 Jul 200263DCollection of outlets?MALL
7 Jul 200273ATropical growthLIANA
4 Sep 202039DLetters typed with the right ring fingerELS
21 Jul 201983ALoopy cursive lettersELS
27 Nov 200441AAthlete nicknamed "The Big Easy"ELS
10 Feb 201644APronoun in letter greetingsWHOM
12 Aug 200947APronoun in the starts of many lettersWHOM
25 Jun 200637DMaine radio station whose call letters spell a pronounWHOM
7 Jul 20026DSchool of the future?ROE
20 Jun 202156DLets hit it!NET
16 Jun 201331ABrooklyn athleteNET
15 Dec 202322DWarning letters with a Reddit linkNSFW
29 Sep 202346DOffice warning lettersNSFW
12 Nov 201748ALetters of warning on internet sitesNSFW
6 Jun 201743DWarning letters next to a web linkNSFW
26 Apr 201725AWarning letters next to a linkNSFW
7 Aug 2016113DWarning letters on some graphic videosNSFW
5 Jun 199650DPalette pigmentOCHER
29 Dec 199453APalette pigmentOCHER
26 Apr 200347DSeed in a spikeletOAT
21 Mar 199921AThe "O" of CheeriosOAT
14 May 202022DWord often shortened to its middle letterAND
17 Feb 201738AWord sometimes elided to its middle letterAND
13 Jan 199747D"How ___ love thee? Let me..."DOI
14 Nov 199957ASlip-upLAPSE
4 Sep 202252D"Colette" actress KnightleyKEIRA
20 Jan 202330DLetters that shouldn't be written big for air rescue (a single V or X is best)SOS
4 Jan 202349ALetters requesting helpSOS
14 Nov 202235DLetters spelled out with rocks on a desert island, in cartoonsSOS
1 Sep 202160AMessage often written in large lettersSOS
7 Nov 202053DLetters often meant to be read from afarSOS
4 Oct 201250AHelp-wanted lettersSOS
25 Aug 201230DLetters from desperate peopleSOS
23 Jan 201181DCall letters?SOS
1 Jun 200756DEmergency lettersSOS
7 Apr 200742AWorrisome letters to sendSOS
11 Feb 200771D"Help wanted" lettersSOS
13 Jun 200650ALetters of distressSOS
19 Apr 200444DLetters of distressSOS
17 Jan 19991AWhere Hawthorne wrote "The Scarlet Letter"SALEM
23 Dec 201421DStoried locale for the circled letters in 8- and 65-AcrossBEANSTALK
26 Jun 200142DChalet siteALP
9 Aug 200011DChalet site, perhapsALP
21 Mar 199975DSushi offeringEEL
16 Jan 200086A"The ___ of the Courtiers" from "Rigoletto"MINUET
11 Nov 200138APlace for a gimlet or screwdriverBAR
30 Sep 200156AMagician JillettePENN
11 Feb 199446DBallet movement with the toeFRAPPE
12 Apr 201416AAthlete in a shellOAR
8 Dec 202249DGrave lettersRIP
22 Jun 20224D"Let 'er ___!"RIP
17 Mar 202142ATombstone lettersRIP
11 Sep 201919AHeadstone lettersRIP
22 Aug 201935DHalloween decoration lettersRIP
28 Jul 2019100ADead letters?RIP
5 May 201931DGrave lettersRIP
28 Mar 201752AGravestone lettersRIP
29 Dec 201631DHalloween decoration lettersRIP
1 Oct 20146DEngraved letters?RIP
27 Feb 201363DLetters on Halloween decorationsRIP
29 Jan 20136DDead letters?RIP
25 Nov 201256AGrave lettersRIP
4 Aug 200936ATombstone lettersRIP
25 Sep 200740DBoot Hill lettersRIP
3 Apr 2005102ALetters for the dear departedRIP
16 Oct 200456DDead letters?RIP
2 May 200430ATombstone lettersRIP
19 Jun 20021DLetters sometimes inscribed above a nameRIP
31 Jul 200160DDead letters?RIP
22 Jun 199794AEn-graved letters?RIP
11 May 199748ATombstone lettersRIP
9 Apr 199617ATombstone lettersRIP
28 Jul 199558ALast letters?RIP
6 Aug 199411DFinal letters?RIP
16 Oct 201241DLike the athletes in the ancient OlympicsNUDE
8 Oct 201635DSomething odd in roulette?BET
22 Apr 201464AOdd or even, in rouletteBET
25 Apr 201532ABrand name with 2/3 capital letters in its logoTAB
1 Jan 202161AComplete a lap?SIT
30 Oct 202353DCommon sign-off in a letterLOVE
3 Mar 202131ALetter sign-offLOVE
17 Apr 201621ALetter sign-offLOVE
7 Sep 200732DInsurance lettersHMO
3 Jan 200455DInsurance lettersHMO
7 Jul 2002115DCigna plan: Abbr.HMO
11 Jul 201037ALettersPOST
19 Feb 2006121DLetters within the theme entries that are, literally, next to nothingITS
13 Jun 20221DElectrical adapter lettersACDC
4 Dec 202123DRock group whose name came from letters found on a sewing machineACDC
12 Oct 202034AElectrical adapter lettersACDC
27 Jun 201918A"Let There Be Rock" rock bandACDC
22 Sep 201460AElectrical adapter lettersACDC
5 Nov 201126ALike some outletsACDC
23 Apr 20093DElectrical lettersACDC
15 May 200753AElectrical lettersACDC
10 Dec 200356AOutlet optionACDC
4 Sep 20027DAdapter lettersACDC
18 Dec 200155DElectrical lettersACDC
1 Dec 200143ALike some outletsACDC
26 Mar 20016AFlexible, as an electrical outletACDC
27 Jan 199910AO.K. in any outletACDC
29 Mar 199840AOutlet typeACDC
1 Jul 199753DElectrical lettersACDC
9 May 202055D"A Letter to ___," 2010 documentary co-directed by Martin ScorseseELIA
18 Oct 199737DNoted English letter writerELIA
16 Aug 201237A"... might ___ quietus make": HamletHIS
25 Jun 202011DCompletely amazing, in slangEPIC
28 Sep 201568A"Toy Story" boy ... or, with the circled letters, a hint to 20-, 39- and 53-AcrossANDY
3 Aug 201926A"Let's ___!"ROLL
11 Mar 201926DToilet paper unitROLL
25 Feb 201427A"Let's ___!"ROLL
16 Mar 200340D"Let's ___"ROLL
25 Sep 200221A"Let's ___"ROLL
10 Jul 200576DBank lettersATM
1 Oct 202230D___ Postlethwaite, whom Spielberg once called "the best actor in the world"PETE
25 Sep 201023ABritish actor PostlethwaitePETE
20 Jul 202344ALetters in the classical spellings of "Homer" and "Helen"ETAS
22 Mar 20219DGreek letters that rhyme with three other lettersETAS
19 Nov 200925ASome honor society lettersETAS
2 Feb 200668ASorority lettersETAS
26 Jan 20029DLetters from GreeceETAS
12 Jan 200256DLetters of ZenoETAS
24 Oct 200018ALetters from AthensETAS
21 Mar 199948AHellenic lettersETAS
3 Sep 199834AGreek lettersETAS
29 Mar 199711DSorority lettersETAS
1 Feb 199755DGreek lettersETAS
22 Sep 199691DGreek lettersETAS
27 Apr 199647ALetters from GreeceETAS
8 Sep 199535AGreek lettersETAS
3 Dec 199419AGreek lettersETAS
22 Apr 199458DGreek lettersETAS
6 Mar 199451AGreek lettersETAS
6 Apr 20182DLove symbol that names another love symbol if you move the first letter to the endEROS
5 Dec 201069DGreek god whose name is one letter off from 118-DownEROS
12 Dec 20236ALetter between Whiskey and Yankee in the NATO alphabetXRAY
26 Dec 201956DLetter in the NATO alphabetXRAY
12 Dec 20231APaper size longer than letterLEGAL
21 Mar 200567APaper size larger than "letter"LEGAL
1 Jun 201519ASound that completes the phrase "Just like ...!"SNAP
14 Feb 200765ACompletely lose patienceSNAP
22 Nov 201664ACasual sign-off in a letterBEST
3 Jun 200920ALetter sign-offBEST
15 Dec 200550DInformal letter closingBEST
29 May 200062ABrief letter sign-offBEST
7 May 200087AInformal letter signoffBEST
24 Feb 199462ALetter closingBEST
8 Apr 201267AAthlete wearing a calligraphic "D" logoTIGER
16 Feb 2003108AClemson athleteTIGER
20 Feb 19995DClemson athleteTIGER
20 Mar 199751AClemson athleteTIGER
31 Aug 202211DInternational athlete who twice made Time's list of the 100 most influential people in the worldMESSI
8 Dec 199861ADrops in the letter boxMAILS
8 Nov 202018DWord that sounds like its first letterOWE
11 Dec 201768A"Let's ___ a Deal"MAKE
28 Jan 20041AFord or ChevroletMAKE
11 Dec 202339DChevrolet S.U.V.TAHOE
30 Jun 202324DChevrolet offeringTAHOE
25 Dec 200527DChevrolet modelTAHOE
2 Feb 199634DTruckee River outletTAHOE
12 May 200564ACompletely uninterestingARID
6 Nov 202340DAppropriate missing letters in _c_ _ _geAREA
14 Nov 199954ASecondsMORE
28 Sep 202131DRelationship of the circled letters to the apt words they connect to in this puzzleANGLE
30 May 201072DTarget for certain athletesPAR
10 Nov 202225DApt letters missing from assimil_ _ _dATE
24 May 202032AWord that sounds like a number ... and is a letter backwardATE
13 Mar 2022105ALetters that might change your mind?LSD
29 Sep 201831ACommercial name that becomes a Native American tribe if you move its first letter to the endIHOP
1 Oct 200755DBreakfast restaurant lettersIHOP
18 Nov 200610DChain letters?IHOP
6 Sep 201141ACompletely untrainedRAW
7 Jul 200281ASun, e.g.ORB
7 Oct 200515AOne of a skeletal pairULNA
29 Apr 200553DSkeleton componentULNA
12 Jul 200151DSkeleton partULNA
19 Jun 199754DSkeletal unitULNA
24 Oct 199658DSkeleton partULNA
18 Oct 199566ASkeleton partULNA
21 Mar 1999107AActress CarrereTIA
16 Sep 202038DTheater sign lettersSRO
13 Aug 201865DLetters suggesting a selloutSRO
1 Aug 201825D"No seats left" letters at a theaterSRO
25 Jun 201655DPacked letters?SRO
2 Jan 201649A"Packed" lettersSRO
21 Aug 201516ALetters that delight angelsSRO
8 Nov 201329ASmash lettersSRO
12 Oct 201326ADiscount ticket lettersSRO
21 Mar 201329APacked letters?SRO
4 Mar 201356A"No seating" letters on BroadwaySRO
21 Jul 200922ALetters that please angelsSRO
18 Sep 200744DSellout lettersSRO
28 Jul 200448DAngel's favorite lettersSRO
30 May 2004119ALetters of successSRO
27 Feb 20049DLetters of successSRO
4 Aug 200342ABroadway hit lettersSRO
13 Jan 200144ALetters that please an angelSRO
14 May 200076DAngel's favorite lettersSRO
1 Oct 199953DBoffo lettersSRO
12 Sep 199971ALetters that please 42-DownSRO
15 Aug 19996DHit lettersSRO
3 May 199850ASmash lettersSRO
10 Mar 199736DBox-office lettersSRO
15 Jan 199645ABox office window lettersSRO
22 Oct 199510DHit lettersSRO
2 Feb 199566DLetters angels love?SRO
14 Nov 199991ARead the U.P.C.SCAN
21 Mar 199992D"___ Smile" (1976 hit)SARA
1 Aug 2021112D"___ over" (words after letting off steam)RANT
24 Nov 200620ALet off steamRANT
9 Dec 200552ALet off steam, maybeRANT
26 Jun 202265ACountry whose name together with its capital city has only eight lettersPERU
15 May 201181DTabletPAD
10 Dec 200636DTabletPAD
1 May 200031AWriting tabletPAD
2 Apr 202210DCampaign fund-raising lettersPAC
14 May 2006109AGillette brandORALB
15 Dec 200553DNot let happenAVERT
18 Apr 202196AProduct whose sizes have lettersBRA
9 Sep 201818ABullet ___ (1950s fashion fad)BRA
11 Jul 202339DPercussion instrument with a malletGONG
27 Sep 202244AInstrument played with a malletGONG
3 Jun 201536DMallet targetGONG
13 Oct 201063AInstrument played with a malletGONG
8 Mar 20196DLetterhead abbr.TEL
27 Dec 201726ALetterhead abbr.TEL
17 Sep 201640ALetterhead abbr.TEL
31 Mar 201524ANo. in a letterheadTEL
5 Aug 201164DLetterhead abbr.TEL
20 Jun 20094DLetterhead abbr.TEL
28 Apr 2002117DLetterhead abbr.TEL
10 Dec 202381AExtreme lethargySOPOR
9 Jul 201010DLethargySOPOR
14 Sep 200710ALethargySOPOR
12 Mar 200024ALethargySOPOR
26 Aug 199744ALethargySOPOR
2 Dec 199535DLethargySOPOR
1 Sep 201332A41-Across athleteELI
20 Sep 200320AAthlete who's earned a "Y"ELI
14 Nov 199917D"Boola Boola" singerELI
18 Dec 19976DLetter "Y" wearerELI
5 Feb 202247D"___ Mutual Friend" (Dickens's last completed novel)OUR
17 Dec 202051DCopland ballet with a hoedownRODEO
9 Apr 199861ACopland balletRODEO
15 Sep 199651DCopland balletRODEO
14 Oct 199517ABallet subtitled "The Courting at Burnt Ranch"RODEO
17 Oct 202327ANickname that sounds like two letters of the alphabetARI
25 Apr 202134AName that sounds like two letters of the alphabetARI
25 Jun 201351DMan's name that sounds like two letters of the alphabetARI
21 Mar 1999103AJackie's secondARI
14 Jan 201854DInsurance giant whose name begins with a silent letterAETNA
5 Feb 201620AFortune 100 company whose name starts with a silent letterAETNA
5 Mar 201234DObsoleteOLD
5 Jun 201761DLetter after 22-AcrossTEE
17 Feb 201445ALetter after essTEE
12 Dec 1999113AAthletic supporter?TEE
17 Aug 19945DAthletic supporter?TEE
21 Jan 202346DMemo lettersASAP
26 Jan 20214DLetters of urgencyASAP
21 Oct 20195ALetters on a rush orderASAP
22 Feb 201956AExpress letters?ASAP
9 Nov 20187DUrgent lettersASAP
18 Jun 20181ALetters meaning "Make it snappy!"ASAP
26 Jun 201519AMemo lettersASAP
13 Feb 201031DExpress letters?ASAP
20 Mar 200961ADreaded letters for a procrastinator?ASAP
21 Jan 200790DOrder lettersASAP
9 Mar 20035AExpress letters?ASAP
22 Oct 200249ALetters akin to P.D.Q.ASAP
6 Feb 19998DExpress lettersASAP
21 Nov 199859ARush letters?ASAP
22 Oct 199715ALetters of urgencyASAP
8 Apr 201877DCutlet?SNIP
9 Apr 200454DCutlet?SNIP
21 Mar 199968DActor CalhounRORY
8 May 200555AToiletry itemTALC
5 Apr 201216ACry spelled with an accent on the last letterOLE
24 Dec 201119AMotivator for ManoleteOLE
19 Mar 200358DMotivation for ManoleteOLE
18 May 202273A"The ___ is silence": HamletREST
14 Nov 201239DDodge bullet dodgerEARP
19 Oct 202153DSport with malletsPOLO
30 Mar 202015ASport with malletsPOLO
23 Mar 201943DGame that becomes another game when its last two letters are switchedPOLO
25 Aug 201415ASport with malletsPOLO
16 May 200542ASport with malletsPOLO
17 May 200331DMallets are used in itPOLO
11 Apr 200016ASport with malletsPOLO
15 Dec 199836AGame with malletsPOLO
14 Aug 199514AGame with malletsPOLO
23 Jul 1995111DScroogian expletiveBAH
7 Jul 200220AStreakedTORE
22 Jun 20177DDoctor of letters?SEUSS
7 Jul 2002104A"There's a Wocket in My Pocket!" writerSEUSS
19 Mar 199428ASticking point, to HamletRUB
10 Jan 202312DWeb connection lettersISP
8 Jul 20176DConnection lettersISP
13 Aug 2023109DLink lettersURL
14 May 2023113AAddress that's often shown in blue lettersURL
27 Apr 202364DLink lettersURL
26 Oct 20145DAddress lettersURL
4 Oct 200973ALink lettersURL
15 Apr 2007111DLink lettersURL
7 Nov 200327DLink letters?URL
1 Jun 20231DFraternity row letter with a homophone in this clueRHO
19 Jul 202232DLetter after piRHO
14 Jun 202256DLetter after piRHO
14 Nov 2021121DSorority letterRHO
19 Sep 202165DLetter two before tauRHO
1 Sep 202122ALetter after piRHO
1 Jun 202135DLetter after piRHO
30 May 202154AFraternity letterRHO
8 May 202110DSorority letterRHO
13 Apr 20216DGreek letter that looks like a "P"RHO
2 Apr 20219DLetter seen in a ChristogramRHO
27 Nov 201956DFraternity letter that's a homophone of where fraternities might be foundRHO
28 Oct 201856ASorority letterRHO
8 May 201862DLetter after piRHO
14 Feb 201740DLetter before sigmaRHO
26 May 201639ASecond letter before 7-DownRHO
13 Apr 201557DLetter between pi and sigmaRHO
7 Apr 201442ALetter after piRHO
7 Oct 201336ALetter after piRHO
4 Mar 201335DGreek letter that sounds like the end of 16-, 22-, 36-, 47- or 58-AcrossRHO
19 Feb 20138DLetter after piRHO
12 Oct 201216ASweater letterRHO
12 Aug 201260D55-Down letterRHO
18 Jul 201220AFraternity letterRHO
25 Oct 201113DLetter before sigmaRHO
18 Apr 201162DLetter before sigmaRHO
9 Feb 201155AFraternity letterRHO
1 Jun 201041DLetter after piRHO
7 Oct 200932ALetter in Socrates' nameRHO
17 Aug 200965DLetter between pi and sigmaRHO
3 Mar 200816ALetter before sigmaRHO
28 Jan 200870ALetter between pi and sigmaRHO
30 Apr 200761DLetter between pi and sigmaRHO
25 Jan 200762ALetter from the CorinthiansRHO
23 Nov 200632AFraternity letterRHO
22 May 200566DFraternity letterRHO
12 Jun 200434DSweater letterRHO
24 Jan 200447DSorority letterRHO
17 Dec 200357DFraternity letterRHO
31 Oct 200355AFraternity letterRHO
11 Sep 200265DFraternity letterRHO
27 Dec 20005DSweater letterRHO
17 Aug 200031DLetter on some college jacketsRHO
14 Jun 199935ALetter before sigmaRHO
12 Dec 199859AFraternity letterRHO
5 Nov 199842ASorority letterRHO
16 Mar 199833ALetter after piRHO
25 Dec 199740DFrat letterRHO
16 Nov 199789DChristogram letterRHO
20 Aug 199565DFraternity letterRHO
12 Jun 199534ALetter after piRHO
4 Feb 19953DFraternity letterRHO
29 Nov 199425AFraternity letterRHO
28 Nov 199457ALetter before sigmaRHO
8 May 1994112DFraternity letterRHO
29 Apr 199453DSorority letterRHO
3 Feb 199459DGreek letterRHO
7 Jul 2002105DA.S.A.P. in an E.R.STAT
16 Jun 20076DIt might let off some steamSPA
21 Mar 199913DTakeoff place?SPA
16 Dec 201825ALetters before single, double or tripleRBI
31 Oct 19992DDiamond lettersRBI
3 Dec 202253DTropical isletCAY
2 Jun 201726ASandy isletCAY
5 May 201142AIsletCAY
4 Jun 200339DIsletCAY
2 Jul 200056AIsletCAY
27 Aug 200020DLetter drop, e.g.TYPO
2 Apr 2017120AOpening letters?ACRONYM
13 Jun 199657AWhere Jackie Robinson letteredUCLA
7 Feb 19976DMotivation for ManoleteOLES
1 Sep 20124D"Give ___ the play" (line from "Hamlet")OER
19 Jul 2009102D"Give ___ the play": "Hamlet"OER
31 Dec 1995119ALets touch themNETS
23 Mar 202246D___ roll (Brits' term for toilet paper)LOO
24 Jun 20136DBrit's toiletLOO
9 Dec 202358A"Let's have our cake and eat it, too!"WHYNOTBOTH
9 Dec 202356A19th-century garb completed by top hats and glovesOPERACAPES
3 Mar 201622AWhat the second letter of 17-Down stands for: Abbr.CAL
12 Apr 201627DFight-ending lettersTKO
28 Sep 201140DEnd-of-fight lettersTKO
16 Apr 201154DDecision lettersTKO
7 Jul 200218DFight finisherTKO
26 Feb 199934DRing lettersTKO
8 Dec 2002108DLinks lettersPGA
14 Nov 1999105AGrp. with holes in its organizationPGA
20 Jan 199925DLinks lettersPGA
7 Feb 199651ALinks lettersPGA
28 Nov 20034DLet have itTAN
10 Feb 199516AItem in a giblets packageNECK
15 Jul 200727AComplete circuitLAP
21 Dec 20215ARock band whose name also forms the call letters for a rock radio station in San AntonioKISS
26 Jun 20207DOne letting off steamIRON
27 Aug 201111DOne letting off steamIRON
2 Jun 201064AIt may let off steamIRON
27 Dec 199961DVitamin tablet supplementIRON
25 Jan 19996DVitamin tablet supplementIRON
6 May 20176DOvernight letter?INN
12 Nov 201625AOvernight letter?INN
5 Oct 200248DOvernight letter?INN
6 May 20208DPhone button that lacks lettersONE
24 Feb 20209DTelephone button that doesn't have lettersONE
30 Jan 201644AIt lacks letters on a telephone keypadONE
17 Mar 201543AScrabble value of every letter in RELATIONSONE
28 Mar 20122DTelephone key with no lettersONE
8 Jun 201151DSnake eye (as this completed puzzle depicts)ONE
25 Nov 201065ANumber of tiles per Scrabble set for the letter at the end of the answer to each starred clueONE
18 Oct 201051ASingletonONE
7 Mar 201062ANumber of states whose last two letters are its own postal abbreviationONE
7 Feb 2010139DLetterless phone buttonONE
6 Nov 200752ASingletonONE
9 May 200519ASingletonONE
4 Jul 200152ASingletonONE
5 Jun 200165DPoint value in Scrabble of every letter in this puzzleONE
28 May 200143ATelephone button that lacks lettersONE
27 Aug 199759DSingletonONE
2 Dec 19968DSingletonONE
1 Jul 199641ASingletonONE
3 Mar 199699ACompleteONE
21 Mar 199928AParts that are thrown awayRINDS
23 Apr 201660DWord that sounds like a letter of the alphabet that's not in itAYE
9 Mar 201621AWord that becomes its own synonym when its first letter is moved to the endAYE
26 Aug 201273AWord that keeps the same meaning if you move its first letter to the endAYE
22 Jun 199737AFan letdownTIE
2 Sep 201236ALets a ground ball go through one's legs, sayERRS
21 Nov 201743AAnimal whose name sounds like a Greek letterGNU
20 Mar 199424DAbbr. on company letterheadsESTD
23 Jun 2019108DFour-letter U.S. city with the highest populationMESA
7 Dec 201493AU.S. city that becomes another U.S. city if you move the last letter to the frontMESA
12 Aug 202359ACompany whose name sounds like its last two lettersESSO
10 Jun 201567AClassic roadside logo name with red lettering in a blue ovalESSO
5 Jul 200764ABrand name that sounds like two letters of the alphabetESSO
7 Jul 200238DSinclair rivalESSO
17 Aug 200848AAdd or delete, sayEDIT
8 Nov 199451DDelete, with "out"EDIT
18 Jul 202059DPlié, in balletDIP
12 May 202354ALetter after phiCHI
15 Feb 202342ALetter after phiCHI
6 Dec 20221DLetter before psiCHI
27 Apr 202128DSecond letter before omegaCHI
13 Dec 2020118DWith 78-Down, Greek letters that together sound like a world capitalCHI
28 Jan 20198DSecond letter after upsilonCHI
18 Mar 201529ALetter after phiCHI
5 Sep 201325DFraternity letterCHI
2 Nov 200948AGreek letter XCHI
2 Sep 200359DSorority letterCHI
18 Nov 200256ASorority letterCHI
21 Sep 20024DCampus letterCHI
14 Nov 199983DMidwest city, on scoreboardsCHI
21 Nov 199754AFrat letterCHI
5 May 199736DLetter before psiCHI
2 Mar 199778AFraternity letterCHI
16 Jan 19977DGreek letterCHI
13 Mar 19944DFraternity letterCHI
24 Jun 201365DDavid Letterman's networkCBS
10 May 201011ADavid Letterman's networkCBS
2 May 200731ALetterman lettersCBS
8 Nov 20057ALetters for LettermanCBS
7 Aug 200154ALetterman's networkCBS
13 Mar 200134ALetterman's networkCBS
3 Feb 199824ALetterman's networkCBS
14 Apr 19964ALetterman's turfCBS
15 May 199485ADoubletTWO
7 Dec 202351DComplete stranger, in slangRANDO
8 Dec 202049AComplete stranger, slangilyRANDO
21 Nov 200479AHaving the toilet paper roll put on the "wrong" way, e.g.PEEVE
9 May 20001DToilet paper rolled the "wrong" way, e.g.PEEVE
28 Jul 202269AWith the circled letters, a hint to solving seven Across cluesCUT
3 Jan 201057ALet goCUT
30 Jan 200031AFourth Spanish letterCHE
20 Jan 199531AFourth Spanish letterCHE
10 Jul 201745D"Let me reiterate ..."ASISAID
6 Sep 200436D"Let me repeat ..."ASISAID
24 Sep 202339ALet outEMIT
15 Apr 202337DLet outEMIT
15 Dec 201831DLet offEMIT
26 Jul 201859DLet outEMIT
2 Apr 20182DLet outEMIT
10 Feb 201717ALet outEMIT
29 Jan 201414ALet offEMIT
4 Mar 2012105DLet outEMIT
10 Jan 200910DLet offEMIT
13 Nov 200827DLet outEMIT
13 May 200562ALet outEMIT
22 Nov 199653DLet outEMIT
30 Jun 19964DLet offEMIT
3 Oct 20238DLetters before ://HTTP
27 Oct 202051DLink lettersHTTP
26 May 201855DLetters before a colonHTTP
6 Aug 201519ALetters before ://HTTP
22 Nov 201444ALetters at the top of a pageHTTP
19 Aug 20128DLink lettersHTTP
7 Feb 201210ALetters starting an addressHTTP
4 Feb 201047DLink lettersHTTP
24 Oct 200636DLetters before ://wwwHTTP
7 Dec 202331AOrg. that is often referred to by just its first letterYMCA
14 Apr 202254DFacility often referred to by its first letterYMCA
19 Jul 20193DOrg. offering athletic membershipsYMCA
22 Oct 201431DFacility often referred to by its first letterYMCA
9 Mar 200918DVillage People hit whose title completes the line "It's fun to stay at the ..."YMCA
23 May 200659AUrban athlete's locale, in briefYMCA
3 Jul 199519DCommunity athletic events sponsor: Abbr.YMCA
6 Aug 202126DWoman's name that becomes a different woman's name when its third and fourth letters are switchedELSIE
19 Jul 201869AWoman's name that sounds like two letters of the alphabetELSIE
25 Jul 201236DGirl's name that sounds like two letters of the alphabetELSIE
14 Sep 19971D___ Fjord (inlet of the Skagerrak)OSLO
4 May 202212DWoman's name that sounds like a letter of the alphabetELLE
4 Aug 201450DWoman's name that sounds like a letterELLE
8 May 201244DMagazine whose name sounds like a letter of the alphabetELLE
14 Jan 20214DWhat a letter needsLEASE
24 Aug 201462DLetter arrangement?LEASE
28 Jul 2002120ADocument from a letterLEASE
5 May 200140ALetLEASE
7 Oct 200028AA letter provides oneLEASE
11 Jul 199751DLetter paper?LEASE
28 Nov 199530DLetLEASE
29 Oct 202332DGalette fruitPEAR
12 Jul 2009129ABartlett, e.g.PEAR
15 Feb 199543ABartlett, for onePEAR
20 Feb 202227ALetter between November and Papa in the NATO alphabetOSCAR
29 Jul 202143ANATO alphabet letter in "NATO"OSCAR
20 Oct 201746AOne letter of "NATO" in the NATO alphabetOSCAR
4 Jun 20163DNATO alphabet letterOSCAR
4 May 202354AWith 22-Across, former senator whose name can be spelled using only the letters in NEBRASKA (his home state)BEN
3 Jan 200243ALettuce servingBED
3 Nov 200032ALettuce arrangementBED
16 Jun 199681ALettuce arrangementBED
9 Jan 202351DCoral islet chainATOLL
18 Oct 202139DTelepathic lettersESP
14 Jun 201658DClairvoyant lettersESP
24 Dec 201510DClairvoyant's lettersESP
21 Feb 201149AParanormal lettersESP
8 Nov 200546ATelepathic lettersESP
14 Sep 200472ALetters for a psychicESP
25 Apr 200023AParanormal lettersESP
2 Jun 201561AName that completes the old slogan "Dirt can't hide from Intensified ___"TIDE
7 Jul 200243DUnbelievableTALL
5 Mar 201521AFrequent word from a valetSIR
7 Nov 20101DLetter startSIR
7 Aug 200955DQuaint letter startSIR
14 Nov 200836DBusiness letter recipient?SIR
1 Oct 200828ATerse letter openerSIR
20 Jan 2008118DHow every letter to The Economist beginsSIR
6 Dec 200441A"Dear" letter recipientSIR
7 Jul 200212DCamelot honorificSIR
3 Oct 201940D"Let me tell ya ...!"BOY
12 Dec 201039A22 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, in D.C.STS
3 May 1998124DMost letters in D.C.STS
17 Jun 200746ALetters from AtlantaCNN
20 Jan 200156DLetters for a King?CNN
6 Dec 202335AHandle lettersAKA
9 Oct 20237DLetters before an aliasAKA
2 Aug 202338DAlias lettersAKA
16 May 202358ALetters before a criminal's alias, maybeAKA
5 Dec 202219ALetters on a wanted posterAKA
8 Aug 202258ALetters preceding an aliasAKA
28 Apr 202221ALetters before an alternate nameAKA
28 Feb 202246ALetters before an aliasAKA
4 Feb 20221ALetters between two namesAKA
25 Jul 2021119ALetters before an aliasAKA
1 Sep 20202DLetters on a "Wanted" posterAKA
31 Aug 202067ALetters before an assumed nameAKA
31 May 202040AAlias lettersAKA
25 Nov 201926DLetters before an aliasAKA
29 Oct 201923ALetters next to an aliasAKA
23 Oct 201963DLetters in front of an aliasAKA
16 May 201956DLetters between two namesAKA
11 Sep 201843ALetters on a wanted posterAKA
3 Apr 201837DRap sheet lettersAKA
21 Nov 201734ALetters on a wanted posterAKA
18 Sep 201752ALetters before a pseudonymAKA
7 Mar 201710DLetters on a "Wanted" posterAKA
23 Feb 201766ALetters preceding a pseudonymAKA
18 Jan 201758DRap sheet lettersAKA
11 Sep 2016100ALetters between two namesAKA
3 Aug 201647DLetters between namesAKA
26 Jun 201664DPolice blotter lettersAKA
19 Jun 201623AHandle lettersAKA
17 Nov 201513DLetters before an aliasAKA
29 Sep 201540ALetters before an aliasAKA
25 Aug 201542ALetters before a monikerAKA
12 Aug 201526ALetters on a wanted signAKA
1 Sep 201435ALetters before an aliasAKA
7 Jul 20146DLetters before an aliasAKA
5 May 201451ALetters on a wanted posterAKA
17 Feb 201429ALetters before an aliasAKA
12 Feb 201415DLetters on a perp's recordAKA
1 Jan 201466ARap sheet lettersAKA
7 Oct 201348DAlias lettersAKA
26 Jun 20138DLetters between namesAKA
27 May 201355ALetters before an aliasAKA
9 Apr 20136ALetters before an aliasAKA
20 Jun 201265DBlotter lettersAKA
7 Feb 201261DAlias lettersAKA
26 Dec 20116DLetters before an aliasAKA
11 Nov 20119DWanted letters?AKA
23 Sep 201022ALetters between a name and a nicknameAKA
22 Jun 201014ALetters on a wanted posterAKA
7 Jan 201030DLetters between two namesAKA
12 Jul 200955DWanted poster lettersAKA
3 Jan 200929ARecord lettersAKA
16 Dec 200833ARap sheet lettersAKA
10 Nov 200826DLetters before an aliasAKA
10 May 200844DBooking lettersAKA
21 Mar 200834ALetters between two namesAKA
12 Feb 200835ARap sheet lettersAKA
26 Nov 200732DLetters before an aliasAKA
16 Nov 200757ALetters before a street nameAKA
5 Jun 200753ALetters before a pseudonymAKA
12 Mar 200724DLetters before an aliasAKA
25 Apr 200640ALetters between two namesAKA
17 Mar 200610DBooking lettersAKA
11 Jan 200610ARap sheet lettersAKA
15 Aug 200561ALetters before an aliasAKA
12 Aug 200452APolice blotter lettersAKA
16 Oct 200356ALetters on an F.B.I. listAKA
7 Jul 200354ALetters before an aliasAKA
4 Dec 200211DAlias lettersAKA
20 Nov 200211DWanted lettersAKA
5 Jul 20024DLetters on a posterAKA
5 Jun 20021DBlotter lettersAKA
5 May 200236DPolice sheet lettersAKA
11 Jul 200111DBlotter lettersAKA
25 Feb 20012DLetters on a police reportAKA
3 Jan 200158AWanted-poster lettersAKA
23 Sep 200034DLetters before a nameAKA
28 May 200099DBlotter lettersAKA
18 Jan 200059DWanted-poster lettersAKA
7 Jan 200043AWanted lettersAKA
22 Jun 199929ALetters introducing some namesAKA
3 May 19997DLetters before an aliasAKA
25 Nov 199844ARap sheet lettersAKA
22 Jul 199843DDossier lettersAKA
15 Feb 199831ARap sheet lettersAKA
16 Mar 199618ALetters in an F.B.I. fileAKA
13 Dec 199540AWanted-poster lettersAKA
3 Dec 199537ABlotter lettersAKA
30 Dec 199411DPolice-blotter lettersAKA
19 Sep 199433DLetters before an aliasAKA
11 May 199439AMost-wanted poster lettersAKA
3 Apr 19945DRap-sheet lettersAKA
10 Dec 202156D"Let's ___ ..."SEE
13 Mar 201022A"Let's ___"SEE
12 May 200250A"Let me explain ..."SEE
2 Feb 202359DAmbulance lettersEMS
28 Dec 202127AAmbulance lettersEMS
12 Jan 202055ALetters on an ambulanceEMS
4 Dec 20179DLetters on an ambulanceEMS
29 Aug 201755DAmbulance lettersEMS
1 Feb 201748AAmbulance lettersEMS
24 Jan 201743DLetters on many ambulancesEMS
31 Aug 201647DRescue squad lettersEMS
30 Sep 201537DAmbulance lettersEMS
17 Mar 201430DAmbulance lettersEMS
23 Jan 201432DRescue lettersEMS
16 Apr 201336AAmbulance lettersEMS
11 Mar 201345DLetters on an ambulanceEMS
27 Feb 201343DAmbulance lettersEMS
30 Jun 201261D911 lettersEMS
2 Apr 201244AAmbulance lettersEMS
6 Jun 201092DAmbulance lettersEMS
1 Mar 201028ALetters on an ambulanceEMS
21 Dec 200965AAmbulance lettersEMS
10 Jun 200825DAmbulance lettersEMS
3 Apr 200860DAccident lettersEMS
27 Feb 200853DAmbulance lettersEMS
5 Jul 200712DAccident lettersEMS
31 Jan 200722AAmbulance lettersEMS
2 Jan 200746AAmbulance lettersEMS
17 Jul 200626ALetters after elsEMS
9 Mar 200633AMommy's triplets?EMS
24 Jan 200529DLetters on an ambulanceEMS
12 Aug 200464AFat lettersEMS
31 Jan 200445AFat lettersEMS
20 Oct 199616DMommy's tripletsEMS
16 Apr 199623AAmbulance lettersEMS
5 Oct 19946DFat lettersEMS
19 Aug 202319AWord shortened from a three-word phrase that can be further shortened by dropping its first, fourth and fifth lettersEMCEE
14 Nov 19999D"What would you like to know?"ASK
25 Nov 201841ALongtime athlete on the U.S. Davis Cup teamASHE
13 Oct 201831DTrailblazing athlete of the 1970sASHE
15 Jul 2018100AAthlete honored on Richmond's Monument AvenueASHE
22 Mar 201862AAthlete posthumously awarded a Presidential Medal of FreedomASHE
24 Nov 201366DAthlete who wrote "A Hard Road to Glory"ASHE
19 Jun 20117DAthlete who wrote "Off the Court"ASHE
21 Apr 20114DAthlete who posthumously won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1993ASHE
22 Jul 199766AAthlete with a statue in Richmond, Va.ASHE
6 Apr 199775A"A Hard Road to Glory" athlete-authorASHE
8 Feb 199827A"___ of troubles": HamletASEA
31 Aug 202322DTempleton of "Charlotte's Web," for oneRAT
9 Mar 202260DTattletaleRAT
4 Jun 201746DTempleton from "Charlotte's Web," e.g.RAT
19 Jan 20144DTempleton, e.g., in "Charlotte's Web"RAT
7 Jul 200297AJudasRAT
7 Jul 200255DGift alternativeLOAN
8 Oct 202353DVerb that sounds like a letterARE
20 Apr 202310DWord often abbreviated to its middle letter in textsARE
21 Sep 202264AVerb that sounds like its second letterARE
13 Apr 202123AWord that sounds like its middle letterARE
8 Oct 202018AWord that sounds like its second letterARE
17 May 201931DWord whose first letter is dropped in contractionsARE
17 Mar 201991AVerb that's a homophone for a letterARE
6 Sep 2015123DWord often shortened to its middle letter in textsARE
5 Mar 201429DWord often abbreviated to its middle letter, in textsARE
29 Dec 2013119DWord often shortened to one letter in text messagesARE
2 Sep 201273AWord often shortened to one letter in text messagesARE
10 Apr 199498DDeleteriousBAD
14 May 201426DBiathlete's needsSKIS
12 Aug 201920APerson to exchange letters with overseasPENPAL
2 Nov 201043ALetter-writing prisoner, perhapsPENPAL
31 Aug 20061APerson of letters?PENPAL
31 Mar 199910DLetter getter, maybePENPAL
13 Jul 19966DMan of letters?PENPAL
22 Jan 2012105DBallet bitSTEP
7 Jul 2002106DFlight segmentSTEP
8 Oct 202313DHome to the Reef Runway, the first major airport runway built completely offshoreOAHU
1 Apr 201869DFour-letter island name with three syllablesOAHU
7 Jul 200263ADiamond Head localeOAHU
10 Aug 2003108D"Let me sleep ___"ONIT
7 Mar 202189DLetters on some badgesFBI
26 Apr 201457DModern farewell lettersTTYL
12 Feb 202121DLetupRESPITE
14 Nov 199918DEx-Yankee GuidryRON
4 Aug 200958AGenetic lettersDNA
7 Sep 200326AChain letters?DNA
6 Feb 200229DChain letters?DNA
22 Sep 199625DForensic lettersDNA
1 Aug 201945AWorld champion athlete under two different namesALI
22 Jul 201939AAthlete who said "Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer"ALI
6 Mar 20142DAthlete with the autobiography "The Soul of a Butterfly"ALI
30 Oct 200725A"Sting like a bee" athleteALI
19 Jul 200751AKentucky's Athlete of the CenturyALI
16 Nov 201962DThe letter ÆASH
25 Apr 202364DPronoun that sounds like its last letterYOU
29 Jan 201732DWord shortened to its last letter in textsYOU
15 Sep 201442DWord that completes the song titles "___ Baby" and "Baby It's ___"YOU
28 Jul 201432DWord pronounced the same when its first two letters are removedYOU
4 Dec 202352DBullets and suchAMMO
26 Apr 202352ABullets, e.g.AMMO
1 Feb 202139ABullets and suchAMMO
12 Oct 202030DBullets and suchAMMO
2 Jul 201815ABullets and BBsAMMO
28 Sep 20155DBullets, informallyAMMO
20 Apr 201551ARounds of bulletsAMMO
4 Aug 201423DBBs and bulletsAMMO
16 Sep 201362DBullets, BB's and suchAMMO
22 Jul 201327DBullets and suchAMMO
4 Jun 20127DBullets, informallyAMMO
15 Aug 201119ABulletsAMMO
11 Apr 201110DShells and bulletsAMMO
2 Mar 201060DBulletsAMMO
17 Aug 20097DBullets and BBsAMMO
28 Aug 20061ABullets and suchAMMO
19 Oct 200532APellets, e.g.AMMO
24 Jan 200533ABB's and bulletsAMMO
1 Sep 200318ABullets, e.g.AMMO
24 Dec 200257DBB's and bulletsAMMO
18 Mar 200245DBulletsAMMO
5 Nov 20015ABulletsAMMO
24 Sep 200167ABulletsAMMO
1 Jan 200134ABullets, e.g.AMMO
11 Jan 200049DBullets, e.g.AMMO
27 Apr 199915ABulletsAMMO
10 Aug 199810ABullets and suchAMMO
10 Mar 199758DBullets and suchAMMO
8 Dec 199690DBulletsAMMO
22 May 199553DBulletsAMMO
17 Mar 199546DBulletsAMMO
4 Dec 202350DLetter-shaped beamIBAR
28 Dec 202118ALetter-shaped bridge supportIBAR
3 May 202110DLetter-shaped construction supportIBAR
20 Sep 202037DLetter-shaped beamIBAR
22 Apr 201958ALetter-shaped beamIBAR
28 Mar 201619ALetter-shaped girderIBAR
9 Mar 201557DLetter-shaped beamIBAR
12 Mar 20147DLetter-shaped construction componentIBAR
29 Jan 201366ALetter-shaped supportIBAR
11 Jul 201134DLetter-shaped structural supportIBAR
15 Feb 201164ALetter-shaped beamIBAR
17 Dec 20075ALetter-shaped structural pieceIBAR
27 Aug 200747ALetter-shaped building supportIBAR
2 Aug 200727DLetter-shaped part of a grateIBAR
3 Jul 200715ALetter-shaped beamIBAR
2 Apr 200764ALetter-shaped girderIBAR
3 Jul 200654DLetter-shaped girderIBAR
15 Dec 200328DLetter-shaped building beamIBAR
19 Oct 199452DObsolete for "obsolete"OLDE
25 Aug 201932A"Let's shake on it"DEAL
28 Dec 200876ALet one's anger showVENTED
27 Feb 200248ALet offVENTED
11 May 201924DMessage on a tablet, sayEMAIL
23 May 201850DLetters that don't need stampsEMAIL
15 May 201750DLetter that doesn't need an envelope or stampEMAIL
9 Oct 20146DLetters that don't go to the post officeEMAIL
6 Aug 20091DModern lettersEMAIL
11 Apr 200626A'Net lettersEMAIL
16 Aug 20056DLetters on screensEMAIL
22 Jul 20031ALetters that lack stampsEMAIL
16 Jun 200367AOnline letterEMAIL
19 Mar 200324AScreen lettersEMAIL
5 Jan 200355DLetters that can't be found at the post officeEMAIL
30 Sep 200252ALetters that don't need stampsEMAIL
20 Sep 200249AScreened letters?EMAIL
17 Jul 200258APC lettersEMAIL
28 Jan 200019AIt's opened without a letter openerEMAIL
17 Nov 199957DModern lettersEMAIL
6 Oct 19994ALetters in cyberspaceEMAIL
28 Dec 199827D90's-style lettersEMAIL
1 Apr 199825DScreen lettersEMAIL
29 Nov 19973DLetters, of a sortEMAIL
24 Oct 199863DComplete a streetTAR
13 Jul 201922ADemolition lettersTNT
6 Jun 201843DDemolition lettersTNT
28 Sep 201724ALetters on a cartoon stickTNT
29 Aug 201746ALetters on exploding boxes in Angry BirdsTNT
4 Jul 201748ABig bang lettersTNT
19 Nov 201430DDischarge letters?TNT
2 Oct 20135DBig bang lettersTNT
11 Aug 201258DLetters on some sticksTNT
12 Nov 201022ALetters of discharge?TNT
4 Dec 200659DExplosive lettersTNT
18 Feb 20062DLetters of dischargeTNT
30 Nov 200533DReport letters?TNT
3 Dec 200448ADischarge letters?TNT
29 Mar 200446AExplosive lettersTNT
17 Nov 200357AExplosive lettersTNT
12 Jun 20039DDischarge letters?TNT
26 May 199851AExplosive lettersTNT
24 Jan 199758DCable lettersTNT
12 May 199650DCharge lettersTNT
22 May 1994106DLoaded lettersTNT
26 Jun 201913ACompleteOVER
22 May 20196DCompletedOVER
19 Nov 200230DCompletedOVER
23 Apr 20013DCompletedOVER
16 Jul 200018ACompletedOVER
14 Jul 199811DCompletedOVER
23 May 199435D"Reply completed," to a ham operatorOVER
5 Feb 200840DLake ___, outlet of the Maumee RiverERIE
9 Feb 200611DWith 34-Across, engineering feat completed in 1825ERIE
16 Sep 19982DCuyahoga's outletERIE
21 Feb 199751AWelland Canal outletERIE
29 Jul 199525AWelland Canal outletERIE
3 Aug 201814DSkeleton vehicle, in the OlympicsSLED
8 May 20239DLet inADMIT
31 Jan 201931ALet in or let onADMIT
11 Feb 201633ALet inADMIT
22 May 200730DLet inADMIT
11 Apr 20052DLet inADMIT
5 Oct 1997106DLet inADMIT
7 Aug 2011117DEdwardian expletiveEGAD
28 Jun 200981DOld expletiveEGAD
20 Aug 200255DDated expletiveEGAD
5 Dec 202217AOnly three-letter zodiac signLEO
8 Jun 202034AOnly three-letter sign of the zodiacLEO
10 Sep 201853AOnly three-letter zodiac signLEO
16 Jan 201823AOnly three-letter astrological signLEO
24 Nov 201437DOnly three-letter zodiac signLEO
8 Nov 2015114DPOW/___ bracelet (popular 1970s wear)MIA
14 May 200048DPull off a complete reversalTURNTHETABLES
20 Nov 200544DRoulette betEVEN
10 Jan 200118DRoulette betEVEN
2 Jan 200158DRoulette betEVEN
28 Dec 201610ALethal injection providers?ASPS
27 Oct 201342DSources of some lethal injectionsASPS
25 May 201223DLethal injection administerersASPS
25 Aug 2019101ARed letters?USSR
25 Apr 201856DRed letters?USSR
3 May 201266ARed letters?USSR
2 Aug 200640D"Red" lettersUSSR
4 Feb 200552ARed letters?USSR
18 Jul 199845ARed letters?USSR
21 Jul 199510ARed lettersUSSR
7 May 1995102ARed lettersUSSR
25 Jan 20184DMusic boomlet of the mid-'90sSKA
10 Mar 201032ALetterman list, e.g.TOPTEN
19 Feb 200153ALetterman's nightly listTOPTEN
18 Jan 20139DBrown letters?UPS
7 Jul 20064DBrown lettersUPS
28 Apr 202021DComplete foolTWIT
29 Jul 201822A___ card (wallet item)DONOR
23 Jun 20216AWord repeated by Hamlet before "solid flesh"TOO
29 Jun 200649A"Let's not forget ..."TOO
7 Jul 2019121AYuletide contractionTIS
9 Sep 201632AContraction in Hamlet's soliloquyTIS
2 Feb 200837A"___ now the very witching time of night": HamletTIS
21 Jan 202243D"Let's weekend!"TGIF
13 Jun 202189ATitle letters chanted in a 2011 Katy Perry hitTGIF
8 Mar 201947DOffice letters that bring happiness?TGIF
18 Jun 201052DOffice workers' lettersTGIF
23 Mar 201023DLetters said with a shoutTGIF
10 Jul 200357DLetters of reliefTGIF
25 Jan 200357DLetters exchanged by employees?TGIF
20 Mar 199952ALetters for nine-to-fiversTGIF
24 Aug 199717DLetters of rejoicingTGIF
29 May 200152DSend a Dear John letterJILT
29 May 199657DSend a Dear John letterJILT
28 Jun 19941ASend a Dear John letterJILT
17 Sep 201848DOmelet or quiche ingredientEGG
20 Aug 20078DOmelet ingredientEGG
21 Mar 199548DOmelet needEGG
9 Mar 201325APast-tense verb that is the same as its present-tense form minus the fourth and fifth lettersALIT
3 Dec 202385A"Let's Make a Deal" optionDOORONE
15 Sep 202331A"Let's Make a Deal" optionDOORONE
15 Sep 202138D"Let's Make a Deal" choiceDOORONE
29 Sep 20153D"Let's Make a Deal" choiceDOORONE
5 Jul 201238AOption on "Let's Make a Deal"DOORONE
12 Jul 200157ASpanish letter addenda?TILDES
14 Aug 2022111ANickname that's three consecutive letters of the alphabetSTU
21 Jul 202261DName found in consecutive letters of the alphabetSTU
29 Mar 202034DMan's nickname found in consecutive letters of the alphabetSTU
9 Nov 201757AMan's name that's three consecutive letters of the alphabetSTU
5 Sep 201760DNickname formed by three consecutive letters of the alphabetSTU
12 Aug 200046ALetter runSTU
15 Nov 20081DBullet-biting typeSTOIC
9 Sep 200844DOne who bites the bulletSTOIC
14 Dec 20075DBite-the-bullet typeSTOIC
5 Feb 200687ABite-the-bullet typeSTOIC
4 Jan 202265AProofreader's "Actually, don't delete this"STET
17 Nov 202128D[Do not delete]STET
16 Aug 202050D[Actually, don't delete this]STET
26 Apr 202029A[Let it stand]STET
1 Oct 2017127DLet stand, editoriallySTET
8 Aug 201665AEditor's "Let it stay"STET
19 Jul 2015120ALatin for "let it stand"STET
11 Apr 200667A"Let stand" directionSTET
13 Mar 200669ANot deleteSTET
1 Jun 2003117DLet it beSTET
10 Feb 200364AEditor's "let it stand"STET
23 Jul 200260DLet stand, in editorial parlanceSTET
26 Sep 200132DEditor's "let it be"STET
1 Nov 199951D"Let it stand"STET
22 Sep 199839DLet it be, editoriallySTET
20 May 199836D"Let it stand"STET
13 Mar 19971DLet it standSTET
29 Nov 199658D"Don't delete this"STET
21 Jul 199526DLiterally, let it standSTET
26 Jun 199529DLet standSTET
5 Jul 20176AHonorific that becomes another honorific if you reverse its last two lettersSRI
12 Dec 201049AMany unopened lettersSPAM
15 Mar 201010AUsually deleted e-mailSPAM
9 Oct 200956DUnwelcome lettersSPAM
25 Jun 200912DRarely read lettersSPAM
2 Dec 200519ARelatively common lettersSPAM
11 Aug 201433DCamera lettersSLR
13 Apr 202321APlayletSKIT
27 Apr 201952DPlayletSKIT
7 Feb 201224DTheater playletSKIT
22 Dec 20115APlayletSKIT
10 Nov 200358DPlayletSKIT
12 Nov 200161DPlayletSKIT
12 Jun 200061DComical playletSKIT
23 Oct 199854DPlayletSKIT
2 Jan 199560DComical playletSKIT
22 Jun 202263DMissing letters in "transgre_s_o_," appropriatelySIN
22 Oct 201024ALet one's god down?SIN
13 Jul 200334DBay Area airport lettersSFO
21 Jan 200367DBay area airport lettersSFO
30 Jan 2011114ADriller's lettersROTC
9 Dec 201622ALike tritium and tripletsRARE
25 Apr 200934DOf particular interest to a completistRARE
14 Nov 199972AA pluviometer measures itRAIN
20 Nov 202347AGreek letter after chiPSI
26 Sep 202362DLetter before omegaPSI
21 Mar 202358APenultimate Greek letterPSI
21 Feb 202333ANext-to-last Greek letterPSI
4 Jul 202236DThis Greek letter: ψPSI
23 Jun 202256DLetter resembling Indiana University's logoPSI
19 Jun 202250AThree-pronged letterPSI
14 Apr 202213DPitchfork-shaped letterPSI
27 Apr 20214DLetter before omegaPSI
23 Sep 202056DLetters on a tirePSI
3 Sep 202055ATrident-shaped letterPSI
4 Feb 202061ATrident-shaped letterPSI
29 Aug 201960DFraternity letterPSI
8 Aug 20195DLetter that sounds like an expression of reliefPSI
20 Jun 201937APenultimate letterPSI
14 Apr 201978DNext-to-last letterPSI
15 Mar 20199DPenultimate letterPSI
13 Feb 201963DLetter after "X"PSI
22 Nov 201810DLetter that appears twice in the Schrödinger equationPSI
25 Jul 201825ALetter before omegaPSI
11 Sep 20171APitchfork-shaped letterPSI
20 Mar 201722DGreek letter before omegaPSI
6 Dec 201588ATrident-shaped letterPSI
5 Oct 201550ATrident-shaped Greek letterPSI
15 Jun 201558DTrident-shaped Greek letterPSI
17 Nov 201459DTrident-shaped letterPSI
6 Oct 201433DLetter before omegaPSI
26 Feb 201437ALetters on a radialPSI
28 Jan 201455ALetter before omegaPSI
6 Dec 201357DPenultimate Greek letterPSI
19 Nov 201324ANext-to-last Greek letterPSI
31 Dec 201265ALetter before omegaPSI
15 Jan 201221DFourth letter after 49-DownPSI
28 Dec 201153DTire lettersPSI
8 Aug 201136ALetter after chiPSI
4 Jul 201138ANext-to-last Greek letterPSI
23 May 201123DPitchfork-shaped letterPSI
31 Aug 200951APitchfork-shaped Greek letterPSI
16 Jun 200958DLetter before omegaPSI
21 Jan 200954ALetters on tiresPSI
24 Mar 200834ALetter before omegaPSI
11 May 20062DPitchfork-shaped letterPSI
2 May 200639ALetter after chiPSI
17 Apr 200622ALetter after chiPSI
24 Dec 200558D23rd of 24 lettersPSI
14 Dec 20055DTire lettersPSI
7 Oct 200540AGreek letter spelled out at the start of a Beatles title?PSI
28 Mar 200564DLetter before omegaPSI
16 Feb 20051AFraternity letterPSI
26 Jul 200453ANext-to-last Greek letterPSI
1 Apr 200433ACollege sweater letterPSI
6 Nov 20037AGreek letterPSI
21 Apr 20038DLetter before omegaPSI
26 Aug 200225ALetter before omegaPSI
29 May 20025DTrident-shaped letterPSI
20 Dec 199848DFraternity letterPSI
14 Sep 199759DSorority letterPSI
8 Oct 1995106DCampus letterPSI
17 Jul 199553ALetter before omegaPSI
2 Mar 199430ANext-to-last Greek letterPSI
2 Feb 199447ALetter from GreecePSI
30 Oct 202337DBallet bendPLIE
19 Jul 202355DDemi-___ (ballet move)PLIE
18 May 202335DBallet bendPLIE
9 Jan 202332ABallet dancer's knee bendPLIE
25 Oct 202251DBallet dipPLIE
2 Aug 202221ABallet movePLIE
16 Feb 202255DBallet bendPLIE
17 May 202157DBallet bendPLIE
17 Dec 202030ABallet basicPLIE
11 Nov 202027DBallet movePLIE
22 Apr 202053ABallet movePLIE
2 Jan 202014ABallet movementPLIE
4 Nov 201962AElegant ballet bendPLIE
11 Apr 201939DBallet movePLIE
22 Feb 201950A"Grand" or "demi" ballet movePLIE
12 Feb 201959DBallet bendPLIE
1 Jul 20175DBallet movePLIE
29 Sep 201625ADemi-___ (ballet move)PLIE
1 Nov 201475DBallet movePLIE
27 Sep 201455AIntroductory ballet instructionPLIE
5 Apr 20145DBit of ballet instructionPLIE
17 Sep 201346ABallet bendPLIE
2 Dec 201047ABallet bendPLIE
5 Aug 200961ABallet bendPLIE
16 Feb 20091ABallet bendPLIE
12 May 200812DBallet bendPLIE
24 Mar 200846ABalletic bendPLIE
1 Apr 2007106DBalletic bendPLIE
7 Mar 200647ABallet movePLIE
19 Dec 200532ABallet movement in which the knees are bentPLIE
14 Jul 200523DBallet bendPLIE
29 Jun 200365DBallet bendPLIE
2 Apr 200225DBallet bendPLIE
17 Dec 200112DBallet bendPLIE
11 Jul 200136ABallet movementPLIE
12 Jun 200125ABallet bendPLIE
6 Aug 200053DBallet bendPLIE
8 Feb 200012DBallet bendPLIE
6 Sep 1998140DBallet movementPLIE
11 Aug 1996133DBallet movementPLIE
11 Jun 199517DBalletic bendPLIE
19 Feb 199557ABallet bendPLIE
18 Dec 1994140ABallet bendPLIE
5 Dec 199463ABallet movementPLIE
23 Nov 19948DBallet movementPLIE
5 Jun 199448ABallet movePLIE
24 Nov 199352DBallet bendPLIE
21 Mar 199971ATreasure on the Spanish MainORO
20 Sep 202250DMammal made from the first four letters of 49-DownORCA
7 Jul 200281DMarine menaceORCA
1 Feb 201628D"Carmen" or "Rigoletto"OPERA
9 Sep 19945DWith no letupONEND
8 Jun 199460AWith no letupONEND
30 Oct 20119DLetters of surprise, in text messagesOMG
9 Apr 201116AShakespeare's "temple-haunting martlet" is a good oneOMEN
21 Apr 20231DTrade lettersNYSE
26 Nov 200960ATrading lettersNYSE
16 Dec 200863DBig Board lettersNYSE
8 Dec 200555DWall St. lettersNYSE
14 Jun 20055AWall St. lettersNYSE
19 Oct 200414AWall Street lettersNYSE
14 Jan 2001107DTrading lettersNYSE
7 Feb 1999105ATrading lettersNYSE
17 Aug 199460DLetters from Wall StreetNYSE
12 Jul 202231DCounterpart of rouge, in rouletteNOIR
11 Nov 201336DAlternative to rouge in rouletteNOIR
14 Oct 201347DRoulette bet that's not rougeNOIR
8 Sep 200367ABlack, as roulette numbersNOIR
27 Feb 200118DRoulette colorNOIR
9 Jun 200057DLike some roulette numbersNOIR
16 Mar 200048DRoulette betNOIR
9 Jun 199812DRoulette betNOIR
23 May 199762ARoulette betNOIR
16 Jan 202359ABody part covered by a mulletNAPE
7 Jul 202218DPart of the body covered by a mulletNAPE
16 Jul 201262AComplete foul-upMESS
7 Jul 200251AKind of dropLEMON
12 Mar 201858APart of a list with bulletsITEM
3 Jan 201822AFollower of a bulletITEM
5 Aug 201742ABullet pointITEM
1 Jun 201340DBullet followerITEM
30 Sep 200927DBullet pointITEM
8 Dec 200525ABullet pointITEM
3 Oct 200419ABullet accompanierITEM
23 Apr 201862DChoice from a painter's paletteHUE
25 Jul 200628DPalette selectionHUE
25 May 202226ASomething to take up or let outHEM
29 Apr 201043ASomething that may be let outHEM
10 Apr 20229DLanguage that's a letter off from 26-AcrossERSE
7 Aug 201215ACompany name whose second letter is capitalizedEBAY
26 Jan 20197DLetters for potential college studentsETS
11 Oct 201867ALetters for college applicantsETS
1 Oct 20114DLetters for college-bound studentsETS
21 Mar 199918DCertain celeb news showsETS
16 Jan 201422ABartlett's, e.g.REF
27 Mar 200564DOne whistling at athletesREF
23 Jun 200124DWebster's or Bartlett'sREF
5 Sep 202348ABrazilian named "Athlete of the Century" by the International Olympic CommitteePELE
3 Oct 202043AAthlete who once served as his country's Extraordinary Minister for SportPELE
1 Sep 201839AAthlete known as "The Black Pearl"PELE
16 Oct 201632DAthlete on Time's list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th centuryPELE
4 May 201638AOne-named athlete whose real first name is EdsonPELE
28 Nov 201360DOne-named sports star who was once the highest-paid athlete in the worldPELE
18 Jun 20114DAthlete nicknamed "O Rei"PELE
8 Mar 200990AAthlete who won the 1978 International Peace AwardPELE
17 Jan 200951ALegendary athlete on the 6/23/75 cover of Sports IllustratedPELE
15 Jun 199720ANoted Sao Paulo-born athletePELE
8 Dec 199332DAthlete from Tres Coracoes, BrazilPELE
16 Jul 201775DD.C. athleteNAT
27 Dec 201563DD.C. athleteNAT
15 Jan 199939APendleton of Dr. Kildare filmsNAT
11 Sep 19981DActor PendletonNAT
28 Aug 19983DPendleton of "Northwest Passage"NAT
2 Feb 199632AActor PendletonNAT
21 Nov 1993118DActor PendletonNAT
7 Mar 201755DProp found near a paletteEASEL
18 Apr 201528AAthletic unitINNING
23 Dec 202114ALet upEASE
10 Apr 201733ALet (up)EASE
30 Jun 201219ALet upEASE
8 Jun 201136ALet (up)EASE
26 Feb 200868ALet (up)EASE
4 Sep 2005107DLet upEASE
11 Sep 200453DLet upEASE
16 Jun 200121ALet upEASE
10 Mar 200113DLet upEASE
16 Jul 199754DLet upEASE
24 Dec 199583ALet upEASE
5 Dec 199539ALet (up)EASE
6 Oct 199439DLet upEASE
22 Jul 201927DJuliet Capulet or Holden Caulfield, agewiseTEEN
22 Jul 200650DViolet, maybeDYE
15 Oct 201128ALike depleted uraniumDENSE
28 Jul 20238DBiblical man's name that becomes a body part if you move the first letter to the endENOS
26 Mar 201750DLetter headerDATE
30 Oct 199752DNumber in a letterDATE
23 Feb 20185DFour-letter fruit pronounced in three syllablesACAI
21 Feb 19994DDecathlete O'BrienDAN
14 Oct 201246DNot burn completelyCHAR
16 Jan 201330DLet goAXE
17 Feb 201121DLet goAXE
29 May 200832ALet goAXE
16 Mar 200715ALet goAXE
10 Nov 200619ALet goAXE
4 May 200350ALet goAXE
11 Jul 200160DLet goAXE
1 Nov 199871DLet goAXE
8 Nov 2015121AIt may be filled with bulletsAGENDA
10 Oct 201761AModern prefix with complete or correctAUTO
26 Jan 201627DPrefix with completeAUTO
2 Aug 201437DCompletely bareBALD
17 Jul 200951DCompletely smoothBALD
28 Nov 199333AWith complete accordASONE
5 May 201418DMonogram letter: Abbr.INIT
10 Jul 200446ALetterhead?: Abbr.INIT
19 Apr 19982DLetter of approval?: Abbr.INIT
30 Mar 201255ALet go to pot?ANTE
15 Jul 202341ANickname that sounds like its second and third lettersARTIE
18 Feb 202131DMan's name that sounds like two letters of the alphabetARTIE
25 May 201833DMan's nickname that sounds like two lettersARTIE
24 Nov 201635AListing on an athletic scheduleMEET
30 Mar 20075DAn athlete might swim in itMEET
4 Dec 19935DAthletic eventMEET
9 Apr 202255DTablet collectionAPPS
7 Nov 202115ATablet purchasesAPPS
2 Apr 20121DDownloads for tabletsAPPS
13 Nov 202062AEarly tablet userMOSES
13 Sep 201459AOne advised to take two tabletsMOSES
24 Apr 201444ATablet smasherMOSES
11 Feb 200635ATaker of two tabletsMOSES
22 May 200451DOne ordered to take two tabletsMOSES
26 Mar 200250DHe took two tabletsMOSES
28 Jan 199948DHe took two tabletsMOSES
12 Aug 201916AStory that lets you off the hookALIBI
10 Apr 199642AIt might let a person offALIBI
13 Jul 201910DBoy's name that becomes a girl's name if you move the first letter to the endALAN
12 Mar 200837ACompletely wowedAGOG
18 Mar 202230DLet develop, in a wayAGED
19 Dec 199812DLet sitAGED
23 Jan 202296DBallet sectionsACTS
3 Nov 201041D"Hamlet" has fiveACTS
12 Sep 200026D"Hamlet" has fiveACTS
10 Apr 199926A"Rigoletto" trioACTS
28 Jun 199837D"Hamlet" quintetACTS
31 May 199842D"Rigoletto" has threeACTS
11 Jan 199841D"Hamlet" has fiveACTS
6 Feb 199555D"Hamlet" has five of themACTS
14 Feb 20225D___ tear (athlete's injury)ACL
14 Jun 202135ACommon injury locale for an athlete, in briefACL
8 Dec 202061DKind of tear for an athleteACL
1 Mar 2020110DTarget of an athlete's M.R.I.ACL
22 Dec 20194D___ tear (athlete's injury)ACL
17 Mar 202038DCompleted perfectlyACED
28 Jun 201733DGot completely correctACED
16 Oct 19961DCompleted effortlesslyACED
7 Mar 202110DLetters on many towersAAA
4 Nov 201723ABig tower lettersAAA
19 Mar 201342ALetters on a motel signAAA
2 Aug 201134DEnergizer lettersAAA
9 Aug 200657DBumper sticker lettersAAA
9 Jan 200135ABumper sticker lettersAAA
19 Jun 199559DAuto club lettersAAA
9 May 199524AAuto club lettersAAA
7 Jul 200239ATeutonic cryACH
15 Sep 201057DAstronaut's lettersNASA
2 Sep 200835ALetters on EndeavourNASA
28 May 200252DCanaveral lettersNASA
2 Aug 20101DLinkletter who hosted TV's "House Party"ART
16 Dec 200457DObsolete form of "to be"ART
2 Oct 19951DMr. LinkletterART
15 Nov 202333DFraternity letterETA
15 May 202339ASecond letter after epsilonETA
10 Oct 20229DLetter after zetaETA
22 May 202263DSecond letter after epsilonETA
16 Jan 202246DGreek letter that might follow "z"ETA
26 Sep 202190DLetter that rhymes with three other lettersETA
11 Aug 202136DLetter before thetaETA
21 Dec 202021ASecond letter after epsilonETA
13 Nov 202019ALetter after 53-AcrossETA
16 Feb 202025DLetter in the classical spelling of "Athena"ETA
30 Jul 201959DSecond letter after epsilonETA
28 Jan 201919ASecond letter after epsilonETA
27 Nov 201842ASixth letter after alphaETA
29 Apr 2018118DSecond letter before 115-DownETA
6 Jul 201756DSecond letter before iotaETA
9 May 201740DLetter between zeta and thetaETA
19 Feb 201791AFraternity letterETA
27 Nov 201667ALetter at the end of three other lettersETA
16 Sep 201522ALetter that rhymes with 34-Across and 21-DownETA
20 Jul 20159DSecond letter after epsilonETA
12 Apr 201534ALetter that rhymes with three other lettersETA
1 Jun 201424DLetter between two others that rhyme with itETA
14 Mar 201444ACampus letterETA
19 Jan 201426AFraternity letterETA
28 Jul 201377ASeventh letterETA
4 Jul 20135DLetter that's an anagram of 16-AcrossETA
24 May 201342DFraternity letterETA
21 Nov 201217AFraternity letterETA
9 Sep 2012114DLetter that's an anagram of 111-DownETA
28 Jan 201229ATouchdown lettersETA
27 Sep 201154ALetter from Homer?ETA
24 May 201155ASecond letter after epsilonETA
1 Feb 201149ASecond letter after epsilonETA
6 Jan 201041DSorority letterETA
26 Nov 20092DLetter after ZETA
9 Mar 200922DSeventh Greek letterETA
3 Feb 200912DSecond letter after epsilonETA
31 Mar 200760DFraternity letterETA
18 May 200631DFraternity letterETA
1 Mar 200623ALetter from GreeceETA
2 May 200560ASecond letter before iotaETA
20 Mar 2005117DSeventh letterETA
7 Mar 20059DThird letter after deltaETA
28 Nov 200445AFraternity letterETA
15 Nov 200454ASecond letter after epsilonETA
6 Sep 200459DGreek letterETA
25 Jul 2004126ASorority letterETA
18 May 200378DLetter from abroadETA
19 May 200260DSorority letterETA
14 Apr 200271ASorority letterETA
3 Feb 2002121DLetter from CorinthETA
28 Jan 200249ALetter after zetaETA
7 Jan 200249AFraternity letterETA
25 Dec 20012DFraternity letterETA
31 Mar 200163DSorority letterETA
3 Jun 200029ALetter of a chapter?ETA
6 May 20004DFraternity letterETA
13 Sep 19997DFraternity letterETA
17 Mar 199947DSched. lettersETA
1 Feb 199943DGuesstimate lettersETA
15 Nov 199886DLAX lettersETA
2 Oct 19986DStation lettersETA
2 Jul 199837ASchedule lettersETA
9 Apr 199835DFraternity letterETA
14 Mar 199838AFraternity letterETA
9 Oct 199760DGreek letterETA
28 Apr 199744DGreek letterETA
12 Mar 199717AFraternity letterETA
8 Dec 1996107DGreek letterETA
13 Jun 199656DSorority letterETA
30 Apr 199645ALAX lettersETA
27 Feb 199649ASorority letterETA
22 Jan 199650AGreek letterETA
13 Nov 199541AFraternity letterETA
7 Aug 199565DSecond letter after epsilonETA
9 Jul 199588AHonor society letterETA
29 Jun 199529DSorority letterETA
18 May 199552DLetter from PlatoETA
7 May 1995101ALetter from AthensETA
30 Apr 1995119DLetter from GreeceETA
8 Jan 199513DSecret-society letterETA
7 Aug 199482ASorority letterETA
21 Jun 199457DSeventh Greek letterETA
27 Feb 199415DLetter in a fraternity nameETA
4 May 19958DCompleteEND
12 Sep 202250ALetter before teeESS
26 Jul 202130DSerpentine letterESS
2 Jul 201941ASerpentine letterESS
24 Apr 201927ACurvy letterESS
28 May 201843DCurvy letterESS
6 Feb 201869ALetter before teeESS
5 Jun 201722ALetter after "ar"ESS
24 Feb 201212DLetter on Kal-El's costumeESS
12 May 200827DLetter before teeESS
2 Mar 200867ASquiggly letterESS
4 Dec 200612DLetter before teeESS
6 Aug 2006103ATwisted letterESS
18 Sep 20036DLetter on Superman's chestESS
31 May 199963DSquiggly letterESS
19 Apr 199961DSwirly letterESS
12 Jan 199946DSnaky letterESS
15 Apr 199651ACurved letterESS
22 Mar 202087ASpanish letter with a tildeENE
15 Aug 200939A16th letter of the Spanish alphabetENE
14 Nov 199963DTampa-to-Orlando dir.ENE
21 Feb 20182DTaken in tablet form, sayORAL
24 Aug 20075DPassed on by taletellersORAL
12 Aug 200167A___-B (Gillette division)ORAL
17 May 202167AWhat the circled letters all meanYES
10 Jan 1999125A"Let's do it!"YES
14 Oct 202015AWord that becomes its own opposite if its first letter is removedSHE
15 Jan 202059DGender-neutral pronoun spelled with a slash between the first and second lettersSHE
1 Nov 20194DMarine mollusk exoskeleton vendor, in a tongue twister?SHE
24 May 201948ALa saison de juilletETE
28 Nov 201823AJuillet's seasonETE
18 Jun 201636AJuillet's timeETE
27 Mar 201613DJuillet et aoûtETE
29 Dec 201437DJuillet's seasonETE
14 Aug 201210DJuillet seasonETE
19 Aug 200942AWhen juillet and août occurETE
30 Oct 200733AJuillet's seasonETE
23 Sep 200556DIt includes juilletETE
4 Oct 2009116D"Go Green!" newsletter org.EPA
29 Aug 201916ALetter in the W.W. II phonetic alphabetOBOE
4 Jul 201821ALetter before Peter in a phonetic alphabetOBOE
8 Jun 201744ALetter before Peter in the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic AlphabetOBOE
10 Aug 201449DLetter before Peter in a phonetic alphabetOBOE
9 Mar 201152DLetter before Peter in an old phonetic alphabetOBOE
23 Aug 200744ALetter before Peter in old radio lingoOBOE
3 Jun 200779DRadio letter between Nan and PeterOBOE
5 Apr 200414AOld radio word for the letter OOBOE
4 Jul 200112DCompletesENDS
25 Nov 200649ABillet-doux recipientAMI
27 Jul 201735D"Hamlet" divisionACT
23 May 201342ASome of Vanna's letters?ENS
20 Nov 200238ANew Deal lettersNRA
14 Nov 1999115DTad's dadABE
7 Jul 200224DIt may be iced or spicedTEA
2 May 202320AShape of this answer's third letterARC
28 Jul 202116ASports event in which athletes try to avoid being touchedEPEE
5 Jul 202036DOlympic pentathlete's needEPEE
25 Nov 201616APentathlete's needEPEE
15 Apr 2012120DAthlete's pointer?EPEE
3 Jan 200312DModern pentathlete's needEPEE
5 May 201418DMonogram letter: Abbr.INIT
10 Jul 200446ALetterhead?: Abbr.INIT
19 Apr 19982DLetter of approval?: Abbr.INIT
26 Mar 20223DTube lettersADA
4 Nov 202141AToothpaste tube lettersADA
8 Aug 201254AToothpaste box lettersADA
18 Apr 201213DToothpaste lettersADA
11 Jan 201126AToothpaste tube lettersADA
30 Nov 200632AToothpaste tube lettersADA
15 Nov 200441DLetters on a toothpaste tubeADA
11 Sep 200264DToothpaste tube lettersADA
24 Feb 200063AToothpaste box lettersADA
21 Feb 201619DWhat the Olympic sport of skeleton involvesSLEDS
24 May 20186DInletARM
7 Jul 20027DOne may be in a castARM
29 May 19947DInletARM
26 May 20236ACompany whose name, aptly, is an anagram of GAMES minus a letterSEGA
5 Apr 202034AFive-letter world capital that locals spell as two wordsHANOI
20 Jul 201843DFive-letter capital written as two words in its native languageHANOI
6 Oct 202013AWhen Hamlet sees his father's ghostACTI
1 Feb 20054DWhen Hamlet sees the ghostACTI
18 Aug 200423DWhen Hamlet sees his father's ghostACTI
7 Jul 200245A___ Paulo, BrazilSAO
24 Apr 20121AWith 10-Across and the circled letters, a best-selling novel, with "The"GIRL
7 Jul 200293DPart of U.N.L.V.LAS
23 Jul 202110DLetters that can fill in the blanks of "_A_D_ER" to make an appropriate surnameSNL
12 May 201534DPre-Letterman gig for Paul Shaffer, for shortSNL
19 May 200727DMr. Bill's outlet, once: Abbr.SNL
4 Mar 202221ALetter opener?ELL
26 May 202061DLetter after kayELL
25 Dec 201654ALetterhead?ELL
8 Jul 201521ALetter after kayELL
29 Nov 200913DHead of lettuce?ELL
9 Sep 20066DHead of lettuce?ELL
14 Oct 200747ALetters of compassionTLC
9 May 200318ALetters of concernTLC
24 Jan 200311DLetters of concernTLC
26 Jan 200037DLetters of compassionTLC
1 Jun 199636ALetters from mom?TLC
18 Oct 202052DBullet alternatives: Abbr.NOS
1 Jun 201737ALetters of approvalFDA
4 Oct 201311DTablet banner, say, brieflyFDA

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