What’s going on?

What’s going on? NYT Crossword Clue and Answer is available here. After the NY Times 8 December 2023 crossword puzzle was published, as a participant, you are very excited to find the “What’s going on?” solution or answer to the clue. So, we (nytcrossword.info) shared the clue of What’s going on?. Additionally, we have tried to include hints for “What’s going on? or similar questions with answers. So, let’s get What’s going on? NYT crossword clue and answer.

What’s going on? NYT Crossword

NYT Crossword is a daily based word puzzle provided by the New York Times online platform. In this case, the latest “What’s going on?” is a part of the NY Times crossword for the 8 December 2023 edition. So crossword lovers have to solve the What’s going on? hint with their knowledge.

What’s going on?

Remember, there can be many clues for “What’s going on?” for the crossword. But guessing the correct clue will depend on the specific Across and Down letter boxes. If you solve the puzzle, you will gain knowledge not only about the crossword but also about “What’s going on?”.

What’s going on? NYT Crossword Clue

Have you tried solving the What’s going on? hint? But couldn’t solve it so came here to find the solution? Then you have come to the right place. Here we will provide the latest used answer to What’s going on? hint.

What’s going on? NYT Crossword

NYT Crossword 8 December 2023 : “What’s going on?” answer is ATTIRE. This clue can have multiple answers. But in this case, as recently as 8 December 2023, the question What’s going on? appeared in the NYT crossword puzzle with the clue ATTIRE.

What’s going on? NYT Crossword Clue

Date 8 December 2023
Hint What’s going on?


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History Of What In NYT

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12 Jan 20241AWhat might make the news, for short?TVCAM
15 Dec 202155DAnswer to the riddle "What can go up and down without moving?"ROAD
3 Dec 20212DAnswer to the old riddle "What's round on the ends and high in the middle?"OHIO
10 Mar 201660AAnswer to the old riddle "What's round on the ends and high in the middle?"OHIO
9 Sep 201236DWhat the French once called "la Belle Rivière"OHIO
23 May 201236DAnswer to the old riddle "What's round on the sides and high in the middle?"OHIO
23 Jan 200121AWhat the booby prize winner scoredLEAST
30 Oct 202282AWhat "..." sometimes meansETC
15 Oct 202222AWhat makes the short list?ETC
20 Jun 202157DWhat "..." may representETC
20 Aug 201541AWhat "..." may mean: Abbr.ETC
8 Apr 202036DWhat may have a ring to it?EAR
15 Aug 201945AWhat the first letter of 56-Down stands forEAR
31 Mar 201632DWhat an otoscope examinesEAR
26 Nov 201224AWhat a barber must cut aroundEAR
29 Oct 201264DWhat a headphone goes overEAR
13 Sep 2009119AWhat an aurilave cleansEAR
13 Jan 200931AWhat a barber has to trim aroundEAR
18 Feb 2007123DWhat barotrauma affectsEAR
13 Aug 201833DDamage somewhatMAR
7 Sep 201060D"Striving to better, oft we ___ what's well": Shak.MAR
14 Oct 202066AWhat each number in the starred clues representsDIGIT
17 Aug 201493DWhat you might use to put on a happy face?EMOJI
5 Sep 200813DNot knowing what to doATSEA
1 Oct 200656ANot knowing what to doATSEA
11 Feb 2018115AWhat Simon doesSAYS
30 Jul 202249DWhat a startled horse might doREAR
12 Jan 202032DWhat scared horses doREAR
20 Mar 202243DWhat makes the short list?ETAL
15 Sep 20147DWhat a butterfly emerges fromCOCOON
26 May 200722AWhat might prevent you from staying out?APNEA
23 Jun 200811DWhat paper towels do to a toiletCLOG
12 Dec 202315A"I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" singer/lyricistBONO
26 Feb 202027DWhat socks come inPAIRS
23 May 201768AFigure skating event ... or what the circled items always come inPAIRS
24 Mar 20141AWhat winds doBLOW
27 Jun 2021117DWhat might make a ewe turnRAM
15 Nov 201041AWhat may have the makings of a hero?DELI
7 Jun 201834D"So that's what you mean"ISEE
12 Oct 201557D"Ah, that's what you mean"ISEE
23 Mar 200964AWhat "video" means literallyISEE
15 Oct 200719A"Oh, that's what you mean"ISEE
6 Oct 20048DWhat a nod might meanISEE
3 Mar 200356D"So that's what you mean"ISEE
21 Apr 200153D"Oh, that's what you mean"ISEE
1 Jun 199433D"Oh, that's what you mean!"ISEE
19 Dec 1993140A"So that's what you mean"ISEE
22 Mar 202241ASound likely not made by a Tyrannosaurus rex, despite what "Jurassic Park" would have you believeROAR
11 Mar 202246AWhat noise cancelers may cancelROAR
28 Nov 201617AWhat lions and big engines doROAR
29 Mar 202031AWhat an aglet is for a shoelaceTIP
22 Feb 201738AWhat an insider might offerTIP
5 Feb 201742DWhat boats shouldn't doTIP
6 Jun 200625AWhat to do to hats and waitersTIP
10 May 202149AWhat many children begin to do in kindergartenREAD
21 Oct 201331DWhat library patrons doREAD
5 Feb 202368ASomewhat offODD
21 Oct 202110DWhat "10" is notODD
18 Apr 200311DWhat a person may go underALIAS
11 Nov 19996DWhat a thief might go byALIAS
5 Jul 202346D"What Richard Wright wrote" could be the first line of oneHAIKU
23 Sep 202153AWhat starts with janeiro, in RioANO
7 Apr 20212DWhat makes God good?ANO
16 Dec 201237AWhat mayo is part ofANO
19 Nov 200848AWhat makes God good?ANO
17 Mar 201947AWhat the "sans" refers to in Comic SansSERIF
5 Jan 20155DWhat an actor playsROLE
28 May 201326AWhat an actor playsROLE
6 Nov 200643AWhat a casting director tries to fillROLE
9 Oct 201118DWhat a raised hand may meanYEA
26 Jul 202042AWhat means most in the end?EST
2 Jan 201621AWhat most adjectives end in?EST
27 Dec 201359DWhat means the most at the end?EST
20 Jun 202312DWhat raises a lot of dough?YEAST
17 Apr 202330DWhat causes dough to expand and riseYEAST
2 Aug 202265AWhat's missing from matzoYEAST
20 Nov 201854DWhat Vegemite ultimately comes fromYEAST
2 Feb 201530AWhat a baker gets a rise out of?YEAST
6 Jul 201352DWhat a yo-yo lacksSENSE
12 Aug 201150AWhat the cogent makeSENSE
1 Jun 200048DWhat to try to make of this puzzle?SENSE
19 Apr 201063DWhat immortals never doDIE
3 Mar 200717AWhat some bars provideENERGY
8 Oct 2017109DWhat the upright yoga pose vrikshasana simulatesTREE
18 Feb 202245DChildren's character who asks herself "And what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?"ALICE
7 Jul 201225DShe asked "What IS an un-birthday present?"ALICE
19 Nov 202242DErroneous answer to "What are the odds?"EVENS
18 Jan 20194DWhat briefs are delivered in, in briefABA
28 May 201332A"What Do You Do With ___ in English?" ("Avenue Q" song)ABA
17 Dec 20095A"What Do You Do With ___ in English?" ("Avenue Q" song)ABA
22 Nov 202167AWhat the start of 17-, 29-, 45- or 61-Across is, in a bookstoreGENRE
6 Sep 20125DWhat Ariz. and Hawaii are the only two states not to haveDST
8 Jul 2007123DWhat to spring to when springing ahead: Abbr.DST
25 Oct 201936AWhat Scarlett savedTARA
23 Aug 200811DWhat often grows attached?IVY
9 Jul 202394AWhat might follow a recitative, in musicARIA
4 Jun 202255DWhat might be a strain in a theater?ARIA
14 Jun 201245DWhat the fat lady sings?ARIA
12 Feb 200258AWhat the fat lady singsARIA
14 May 199568DWhat the fat lady sings?ARIA
18 Dec 20233DWhat to do "if the shoe fits"WEARIT
14 Feb 200041DWhat computer programs doRUN
20 Oct 202270APart of what makes you youEGO
19 Jul 20218DWhat's all about me, me, meEGO
3 May 201759DWhat a rejection may crushEGO
20 Nov 199857DWhat makes you youEGO
17 Dec 2023109DWhat one star may meanEASY
1 Jul 202344DWhat one star may representEASY
5 Jul 201755A"I'm ___" ("Whatever you suggest")EASY
4 Apr 200656DWhat tars do to decksSWAB
18 Jan 202240D"What's the big ___?"IDEA
29 Nov 202156D"What's the big ___?"IDEA
30 May 20209DWhat a germ may becomeIDEA
23 Sep 201911DWhat a light bulb represents in the comicsIDEA
2 Jul 201851DWhat a light bulb indicates in cartoonsIDEA
4 Oct 201733AWhat a cartoon light bulb representsIDEA
15 Nov 201614AWhat you may think ofIDEA
6 Sep 201616A"What's the big ___?"IDEA
27 Apr 201628DWhat comes to mindIDEA
4 Oct 20157DIt might begin with a "What if ...?"IDEA
21 Apr 201379D"What's the big ___?"IDEA
30 Dec 200829D"What's the big ___?"IDEA
16 Sep 200654DWhat comes to mindIDEA
16 Jun 20066AWhat a germ may becomeIDEA
20 Jun 200472DWhat comes to mindIDEA
15 Jan 200457DWhat a germ may becomeIDEA
24 Jul 200250A"What's the ___?!"IDEA
29 Jul 199624D"What's the big___?"IDEA
20 Jul 20208DWhat remains after a fireASHES
6 Sep 20167DWhat a phoenix rises from, with "the"ASHES
18 Feb 201893AWhat may follow a school period?EDU
18 Mar 202132DWhat one is known for, informallyREP
14 Nov 201745DWhat people know about you, informallyREP
20 Mar 201696AWhat they say about you, informallyREP
4 Oct 201135DWhat people think of you, for shortREP
16 Oct 202346A"Here's what I think," to emailersIMO
25 Nov 201460ATexter's "Here's what I think"IMO
7 Jul 201316DWhat's not yet due?UNO
2 Jun 201221AWhat's next to nothing in Nogales?UNO
1 Nov 201251DWhat's put before the carte?ALA
18 Jun 201649AWhat's this, Señor?ESTA
16 Dec 200057AWhat this is in SpainESTA
2 Apr 202061DWhat 17-Across raised money for, in briefALS
13 Nov 202012D"I'm good with whatever"UPTOYOU
20 Mar 201670D"I could go with whatever"UPTOYOU
28 May 202331AWhat a pump might squeezeTOE
29 Mar 202144DWhat a ballerina twirls onTOE
28 Nov 202022AWhat you might test the waters withTOE
28 Jun 2020124DWhat a digitigrade stands onTOE
31 Oct 202137AWhat's frequently used by poets?OFT
19 Jun 201967AWhat's frequently found in poetry?OFT
17 Dec 202339DWhat takes a toll?ONEPM
24 May 202063AWhat it all adds up toSUM
16 Nov 20178DWhat a mess!STY
23 Jan 200813DWhat a mess!STY
15 Mar 200160DWhat a mess!STY
29 Nov 199882AWhat a messSTY
2 May 199811DWhat a mess!STY
27 Apr 202116AWord repeated in "What's ___ is ___"FAIR
16 Oct 202025DWhat can come before longERE
27 Dec 202162AWhat's central in heliocentrismSUN
21 Oct 20192DWhat planets orbitSUN
4 Oct 201751DWhat Helios personifiedSUN
18 Feb 201862ASuggestion of what to do, slangilyREC
16 Jun 19986DWhat clematis plants doCLIMB
12 Oct 202240AWhat "XXX" might represent in comicsALE
29 Jul 201837AWhat's brewing?ALE
17 Aug 201621DWhat's brewing, maybeALE
27 Aug 201541APossible answer to "What's brewing?"ALE
9 Aug 201762DWhat Rick called IlsaKID
8 Mar 199931D"What ___ wrong?"WENT
25 Jun 202026AWhat makes the Impossible Burger possibleSOY
16 Dec 202325AWhat to call a kingSIRE
2 Aug 201858DWhat to call a kingSIRE
18 Oct 201014AWhat to call a kingSIRE
20 Jan 201014AWhat to call a crownSIRE
20 Jun 200753DWhat to call a kingSIRE
29 May 200051DWhat to call a kingSIRE
2 Apr 200718AGood for what ___ youAILS
15 Jun 200112D"What ___ you?" (doc's query)AILS
2 Nov 202122AWhat tides do about twice a dayEBB
14 Sep 202150DWhat high tides eventually doEBB
27 Jul 201354DWhat might put you through your paces?DUEL
4 Aug 202025DWhat a fountain may provideCOLA
3 Mar 200233AWhat 7-Up isn'tCOLA
28 Oct 201518DWhat can take people for a loop?ELS
13 Nov 201715AWhat some bills becomeLAWS
8 Oct 201210AWhat says "Miss America" on Miss AmericaSASH
11 Mar 20111DWhat the narrator "threw up" in "The Night Before Christmas"SASH
12 May 201737DWhat the Irish breatheAER
15 Dec 202334AWhat one might look at the night sky withCHILDLIKEWONDER
18 May 202310DWhat's rustled in a swishNET
18 Apr 202161AWhat's at the center of some court battles?NET
8 Jan 201638DWhat a birdie flies overNET
15 Nov 201333AWhat the Flying Wallendas refuse to useNET
10 Dec 201028AWhat flounder flounder inNET
10 Aug 201042AWhat a swish shot swishesNET
10 May 201055DWhat 51-Down connects to, with "the"NET
25 Jun 200936DWhat you keepNET
29 Mar 199924AWhat's left after deductionsNET
10 Aug 199842AWhat Yahoo! searches, with "the"NET
6 Jun 200843AWhat you might wind up withREEL
15 Dec 202318DWhat stubbles may becomeBEARDS
23 Jul 201553AWhat shadows become as they lengthenBEARDS
21 Jul 201927AWhat mattresses and spirits may doSAG
7 May 201863DWhat shoulders may do after a disappointmentSAG
1 Aug 201746AWhat some shoulders and pants doSAG
14 May 201774AWhat old couches tend to doSAG
30 Dec 20145AWhat bulldogs' jowls doSAG
22 Feb 201040DWhat mattresses do over timeSAG
27 Jun 199733AWhat spirits may doSAG
1 Nov 20095DWhat "two" meant, historicallyBYSEA
19 Oct 20238D"What happened next?"AND
12 Nov 202237A"What else …?"AND
21 Oct 202235A"So what?"AND
12 Mar 202238A"What do you want me to do about it?"AND
7 Aug 202149D"What of it?"AND
6 Aug 202128DWhat "n" might meanAND
26 Jul 202045A"So what?"AND
16 Jul 20205D"Then what happened ...?"AND
26 May 202028A"What else?"AND
7 Dec 201955AWhat's moreAND
4 Jun 20189D"What else?"AND
5 Oct 201712D"What happened next?"AND
26 Apr 201741D"So what?"AND
15 Dec 201627D"So what?"AND
13 Apr 201663D"What next?"AND
9 Nov 200955A"What's more ..."AND
24 Jul 200947D"What next?"AND
2 Nov 200849AWhat's moreAND
7 Oct 200829A"Then what happened?"AND
23 Jul 20087DWhat's moreAND
1 Jan 20084D"What else?"AND
3 Dec 20067D"Then what?"AND
8 Oct 2006117DWhat's moreAND
16 Dec 20057DWhat's moreAND
17 Oct 200413D"Then what?"AND
5 Jul 200456A"Then what ...?"AND
25 Feb 200412DWhat's moreAND
5 Dec 200210D"What happened next?"AND
3 Jul 20027DWhat's moreAND
11 Sep 20004DWhat's moreAND
22 Feb 200025D"Then what?"AND
15 Sep 199924A"What's more..."AND
18 Dec 199850AWhat's moreAND
15 Nov 199843AWhat's moreAND
30 Jun 199848A"What's more..."AND
7 Apr 19988D"What else?"AND
5 Dec 19974D"What else...?"AND
31 Aug 199759D"So then what?"AND
22 Dec 1996105DWhat's moreAND
8 Aug 199624A"What happened next?"AND
17 Apr 19968DWhat's moreAND
23 Mar 199639AWhat's moreAND
15 Sep 199521AWhat's moreAND
13 Aug 199592AWhat's moreAND
11 Jul 199520A"What's more..."AND
26 Aug 19944DWhat's moreAND
16 Oct 202276APhanerozoic ___ (what we live in)EON
2 Mar 2003105DWhat a waiting time may seemEON
8 Sep 202154A"What ___ care?"DOI
14 May 2006110A"What ___ care?"DOI
6 Mar 20107DWhat a person goes by in ParisNOM
21 Sep 20033DWhat you're called at Notre DameNOM
11 Nov 201449DWhat gets rubber-stamped?INKPAD
4 Apr 1999114AIn billiards, what the English call EnglishSIDE
4 Jul 202049DWhat a current flows intoANODE
16 May 201814AWhat a current flows throughANODE
28 Jan 201158AWhat you may do when you're beatNAP
13 Feb 201765AWhat the Ugly Duckling becameSWAN
9 Apr 201836AAll ___ (what a G rating means)AGES
29 Jun 202023AWhat unagi is, at a sushi barEEL
15 Jan 202012DWhat has a long history in ichthyology?EEL
9 Dec 201963DWhat a priest, a minister and a rabbi might walk intoBAR
10 Nov 200942AWhat a high jumper jumpsBAR
30 Oct 202340AWhat the number of spots on a ladybug represents, in a common misconceptionAGE
15 Jul 202232AWhat some films don't do wellAGE
18 May 202158AWhat tree rings indicateAGE
23 Feb 20211DWhat a tot might indicate by holding up fingersAGE
10 Jul 201841DWhat a tree's rings signifyAGE
26 Mar 201862DWhat the number of birthday candles representsAGE
4 Jun 201453DWhat liver spots may be a sign ofAGE
10 Sep 201339DWhat the number of birthday candles indicatesAGE
24 Nov 201042AWhat rings reveal about a treeAGE
7 Sep 200967AWhat the rings signify on a treeAGE
31 Dec 200735AWhat the number of birthday candles signifiesAGE
13 Feb 20063DWhat birthday candles signifyAGE
23 Aug 200444AWhat candles sometimes representAGE
26 Nov 20032DWhat rings may signifyAGE
27 Sep 199852AWhat candles may signifyAGE
10 Apr 199818AWhat candles may revealAGE
25 Feb 199739AWhat Dorian Gray didn't doAGE
9 Nov 201432DWhat you might bow your head to receiveLEI
17 Jan 201048AWhat you might bow your head to getLEI
15 Oct 202158AWhat air is not for an anaerobeNEED
14 Nov 200142AWhat have-nots haveNEED
4 May 200394DWhat the boss hasSAYSO
15 Dec 202052AWhat a boater might have hands-on experience with?OAR
2 Sep 201881AWhat's used to row, row, row your boatOAR
10 Jul 202241AWhat might accompany a grave admission?RIP
6 Nov 202130DWhat cognitive behavioral therapy might treat, in briefPTSD
29 Oct 201125AWhat has made some people miss the mark?EURO
13 Sep 200234DIt's somewhat less than a poundEURO
12 Jul 202339DWhat Ctrl+T might openTAB
14 Dec 201926AWhat might follow "Down, boy!"SIT
19 Feb 201439D"And ___ it moves" (what Galileo allegedly said in reference to the earth)YET
30 Oct 202314AWhat magma becomes when it's eruptedLAVA
2 Dec 2018108DWhat obsidian forms fromLAVA
30 May 201659DWhat a volcano eruptsLAVA
19 May 201762AWhat makes consumers blush?AVON
4 Sep 202016AWhat a lock on a bridge can symbolizeLOVE
14 Oct 200939DWhat summers doADD
5 Oct 200877AWhat "matar" means on an Indian menuPEAS
20 Jul 202331A"What ___ Like" (1998 hit by Everlast)ITS
3 Oct 200667A"For what ___ worth ..."ITS
19 Mar 200122DFor what ___ worthITS
7 Jul 200866AWhat gears doMESH
26 Dec 19934DWhat gears doMESH
29 Nov 202127DCara who sang "Flashdance ... What a Feeling"IRENE
3 Apr 20182DCara who sang "Flashdance ... What a Feeling"IRENE
22 Nov 20236DWhat's-___-faceHIS
10 Jan 202367DWhat's-___-faceHIS
1 Jun 202246DWhat's-___-nameHIS
16 Mar 202210DWhat a flat "b" palm facing a nearby fellow stands for, in A.S.L.HIS
18 Apr 202145AWhat's-___-nameHIS
13 Nov 201858A"___ Majesty" (what to call a king)HIS
17 Mar 201445AOld what's-___-nameHIS
20 Jan 201346DWhat's-___-nameHIS
24 Mar 200818DWhat the "H" of H.M.S. may beHIS
7 Jun 200434AOld what's-___-nameHIS
20 Dec 199922AOld what's-___-nameHIS
26 Jan 202015AWhat's called a cashpoint by BritsATM
16 Nov 200221AWhat theme parks doAMUSE
10 Jun 202246DWhat someone with anosmia cannot detectODOR
10 Nov 202132DWhat helium and nitrogen lackODOR
20 Jan 202118AWhat the nose knowsODOR
30 Nov 201658AWhat might make a nose wrinkleODOR
27 Oct 201565AWhat cologne may coverODOR
26 Aug 2012105DWhat the nose knowsODOR
20 May 200854DWhat wavy lines signify in the comicsODOR
8 May 200135DWhat wavy lines mean, in comicsODOR
31 Jul 200026DWhat the nose knowsODOR
13 Aug 19972DWhat the nose knowsODOR
4 Mar 19963DWhat the nose knowsODOR
29 Aug 202368A"What ___ is new?"ELSE
10 Mar 202352D"What ___?"ELSE
24 Jan 202234A"What ___ have you got?"ELSE
31 Aug 202113D"What ___ is new?"ELSE
1 Aug 202174D"What ___?"ELSE
19 Jul 202112D"What ___ is new?"ELSE
13 May 202128D"What ___?"ELSE
11 Aug 202050D"What ___?" (store clerk's query)ELSE
24 Oct 201923A"What ___?"ELSE
26 Sep 201936D"What ___ is there?"ELSE
16 Sep 20197D"What ___ would you like?"ELSE
30 Jun 201998A"What ___?"ELSE
25 Dec 201836DWord after who, what, when, where or whyELSE
16 Nov 201854D"What ___?"ELSE
15 Aug 201859D"What ___ is there?"ELSE
8 Jul 201843AWord after who, what, when, where, why or howELSE
2 Feb 201850AWord after who, what or anythingELSE
3 Nov 201749AWord after who, what, where, when, why or howELSE
15 Aug 201756D"What ___ is new?"ELSE
17 Feb 201753DWord after who, what or whereELSE
29 Jan 201761A"What ___?"ELSE
19 Jul 201623A"What ___ is new?"ELSE
14 Aug 201536A"What ___?"ELSE
25 May 201563A"So what ___ is new?"ELSE
30 Apr 201522AWhat may follow anything?ELSE
13 Apr 20154D"What ___ is new?"ELSE
11 Mar 201513D"What ___?"ELSE
21 Jul 201422A"So what ___ is new?"ELSE
16 Aug 20139DWord after who, what or where, but rarely whenELSE
22 Jul 201367A"So what ___ is new?"ELSE
18 Feb 201362A"What ___ is new?"ELSE
14 Sep 201249D"What ___?"ELSE
14 Apr 201225A"What ___?"ELSE
28 Aug 201196A"Or ___ what?"ELSE
31 Aug 201071A"What ___?"ELSE
5 Mar 200943A"What ___?"ELSE
23 Sep 200789D"What ___?"ELSE
26 Apr 200715A"What ___?" (clerk's question)ELSE
18 Jan 200618A"What ___?"ELSE
11 Jan 200651A"What ___ can I say?"ELSE
3 Apr 2005130A"What ___?"ELSE
30 Sep 20044D"What ___?"ELSE
17 Jan 200450D"What ___?"ELSE
13 Dec 200353A"What ___?"ELSE
15 Sep 20031A"So what ___ is new?"ELSE
2 Feb 200339D"What ___?"ELSE
3 Jun 200217A"What ___ is new?"ELSE
6 May 200247A"So what ___ is new?"ELSE
13 Mar 200263A"What ___ could I do?"ELSE
24 Oct 200162A"What ___?"ELSE
25 Jun 200113D"What ___ is new?"ELSE
5 Jun 200169A"What ___?"ELSE
8 Jan 200123A"So what ___ is new?"ELSE
14 May 200097A"What ___?"ELSE
28 Sep 199961A"So what ___ is new?"ELSE
5 Jul 1998117AWord after who or whatELSE
27 Apr 199868A"What ___ can I say?"ELSE
22 Dec 199736D"What ___ can I say?"ELSE
8 Sep 199713D"What ___ is new?"ELSE
5 Jul 19951A"What ___ is new?"ELSE
5 Oct 199463D"What ___ is new?"ELSE
2 Apr 201619AWhat you might have for bad eyesightGENE
30 May 20232DWhat rinks have and neat drinks don'tICE
17 Feb 202058DWhat's dispensed from the middle of many a soda dispenserICE
29 Jul 20198DWhat a "neat" drink doesn't come withICE
12 Mar 201961DWhat a "neat" drink is served withoutICE
15 Nov 201763DWhat 61-Down teams play onICE
8 Nov 201030DWhat most of hail isICE
5 Oct 202131DWhat the middle of 58-Across stands forOWE
23 Oct 201842AWhat debtors doOWE
13 Aug 201622AWhat many do at tax seasonOWE
14 May 201142AWhat unsettled people do?OWE
30 Aug 200221DWhat borrowers doOWE
7 Jun 200153D"To what do I ___ ...?"OWE
19 Apr 199876A"To what do I ___..."OWE
28 Apr 201823A"What was I thinking?!"DOH
27 Apr 200856A"What a moron I am!"DOH
19 Sep 200744D"What an idiot I am!"DOH
29 Oct 202321AWhat integrals calculateAREA
11 May 202361AWhat Heron's formula measures for trianglesAREA
20 Jun 202180DWhat an integral can be used to calculateAREA
2 Dec 201811DWhat a Mercator projection map notably distortsAREA
29 Jul 201819AWhat a line doesn't haveAREA
19 Apr 201814AWhat a salesperson may be assignedAREA
3 Feb 201621AWhat pi may be used to findAREA
4 Mar 200962AWhat a surveyor surveysAREA
6 Jan 200821AWhat pi may be used to findAREA
26 Mar 202360A"What's ___ …"MORE
21 Nov 202133DWhat 2 is vis-à-vis 1MORE
10 Jan 202057D"What's ___ ..."MORE
31 Oct 201957DWhat a glutton always wantsMORE
7 May 201957AWhat someone who's never satisfied wantsMORE
13 Dec 201436AWith 26-Across, somewhatMORE
22 Jun 200851AWhat greedy people wantMORE
2 Aug 200141AWith 42-Across, SomewhatMORE
19 Apr 200127AWhat's ___ ...MORE
1 Apr 202330AParent company of WhatsAppMETA
30 Jul 202252DWhatsApp ownerMETA
10 Oct 20227DWhat a protractor measuresANGLE
16 Feb 19981DWhat a protractor measuresANGLE
22 Jun 201822AWhat drivers try not to go overPAR
27 Aug 2017101AWhat one will never be, in golfPAR
5 May 2013109DWhat's expectedPAR
5 Sep 200541DWhat a golfer might shootPAR
5 Feb 200150AWhat golfers try to breakPAR
9 Apr 200089DWhat's expectedPAR
31 May 201636DGather what's been sownREAP
16 Jan 202136AWhat frozen foods may do in paper grocery bagsSEEP
24 Oct 2021110DWhat Vulcan's forge lay underneath, in mythETNA
22 May 202018AWhat Zeus trapped Typhon under, in mythETNA
5 Dec 202167DWhat seven did to nine, in a jokeATE
28 Oct 202144DWhat the D.E.A. might keep tabs on?LSD
10 Dec 202039AWhat "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" supposedly isn't aboutLSD
6 Dec 201168AWhat the "turn on" part refers to in "Tune in, turn on, drop out"LSD
24 Sep 200633AWhat "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" may or may not be aboutLSD
10 May 200161AWhat Leary tripped onLSD
22 Mar 199869AWhat Leary tripped onLSD
13 Apr 200962DWhat's tapped at a beer bustKEG
7 Nov 202020AChain restaurant ... or what a kangaroo might say?IHOP
15 Jun 201821AWith 29-Down, what someone who's a natural hasRAW
3 Nov 202352DWhat's the big fuss?ADO
27 Sep 201719AWhat a prep course preps forEXAM
13 Aug 200721DWhat a student crams forEXAM
2 Apr 202391AWhat a wristwatch wraps aroundULNA
4 Jan 201756DWhat's got the upper hand?ULNA
25 Jun 202350DWhat prices and hearts may doSOAR
22 Sep 202053AWhat kites do in the windSOAR
1 Feb 201942AWhat spirits can doSOAR
2 Jan 201819AWhat prices do during hyperinflationSOAR
25 Dec 201662DWhat spirits can doSOAR
19 Jun 2016102AWhat spirits may doSOAR
7 Jul 20111AWhat some prices and spirits doSOAR
4 Feb 200188AWhat prices may doSOAR
13 Mar 19961AWhat hopes may doSOAR
15 Oct 20226DWhat classic sonnets doSCAN
7 Feb 201967AWhat optical readers doSCAN
10 Jan 201964AWhat photocopiers doSCAN
17 Apr 201668DWhat covers parts of 80-Down?SARI
11 Sep 201927DWhat some eyeglasses lackRIMS
21 Nov 20166AWhat eyeglass lenses fit inRIMS
22 Jul 199856DWhat swish shots missRIMS
26 Apr 201942DWhat "pizza" means in ItalianPIE
5 May 201415ACountry located in what was once the Inca EmpirePERU
5 Oct 202368AWhat might elicit "Get a room!," in briefPDA
7 Mar 202125AWhat a third wheel might see, in briefPDA
1 Sep 201242AWhat a hand-held - or hand-holding - may be, brieflyPDA
10 Dec 2023128AWhat a haggler hopes to payLESS
9 Mar 20231AWhat slackers do vis-à-vis non-slackersLESS
17 Jan 2021125AWhat's more, it's saidLESS
28 Aug 201833DWhat frugal people make do withLESS
12 Jun 201756DWhat 1 is to 2 and 2 is to 3LESS
24 Apr 201510DWhat irregulars go forLESS
17 Jun 2012107DWith 34-Across, what "<" meansLESS
24 Jun 200662AWhat dieters eatLESS
14 Sep 199458AWhat you pay at salesLESS
19 Jan 201946AWhat one of the five Olympic rings stands forASIA
16 Aug 200154DWhat one of the five Olympic rings stands forASIA
4 Sep 202228AWhat a net might attach toRIM
11 Feb 202136AWhat a swish missesRIM
23 May 201733DWhat an air ball missesRIM
18 Sep 201640AWhat swish shots missRIM
7 Dec 201154DWhat a swish shot doesn't touchRIM
8 Dec 200862DWhat a "swish" basketball shot doesn't touchRIM
21 Aug 200124AWhat a tire fits aroundRIM
16 Jul 200139AWhat an air ball doesn't touchRIM
11 Oct 199926AWhat a swish shot doesn't touchRIM
25 Oct 202037DWhat you're doing at every momentAGING
22 Dec 201830DIt's what everyone's doingAGING
22 Apr 201725DWhat may involve the calf muscles?RODEO
26 Mar 20162DWhat calves may get caught inRODEO
22 Mar 202091AWhat's not a good fit?IRE
23 Apr 202055DWhat it takes years and years to growOLD
4 Apr 201932AWhat one gets after many years of workOLD
30 Mar 201733AWhat it takes decades to growOLD
15 Sep 201716AWhat's big in Texas?TEE
22 Oct 200910D*What "fore" may precedeTEE
17 Jun 202233DWhat a colon might meanISTO
15 Feb 202147D"What ___ be done?"ISTO
21 Oct 201950DWhat ":" stands for in an analogyISTO
5 Mar 201942AWhat ":" means in an analogyISTO
13 May 201754AWhat ":" can meanISTO
8 Oct 201258A"What ___ be done?"ISTO
9 Feb 20121AWhat ":" means on some examsISTO
29 Dec 201048A"What ___ be done?"ISTO
14 Apr 200942ALenin's "What ___ Be Done?"ISTO
26 Jul 200826DWhat a colon may meanISTO
20 Feb 200657D"What ___ become of me?"ISTO
15 Feb 200348AWhat two dots may meanISTO
17 Aug 200218DWhat a colon may meanISTO
5 Dec 199972AWhat a colon may meanISTO
11 Oct 202223AWhat gives a doc inside info?MRI
19 Jun 201720A"From what ___ seen ..."IVE
21 Feb 202198AWhat goes right to the bottom?TALC
13 Feb 200123AWhat might follow catch or latchONTO
31 May 202263AWhat many do on the SabbathREST
21 Nov 202139AWhat remains, with "the"REST
13 Apr 20206AWhat to do on the Sabbath, per the BibleREST
14 Dec 201497AStop what you're doingREST
29 Apr 2012104AWhat's leftREST
21 Dec 200819DWhat remainsREST
7 Sep 2008112DWhat's leftREST
23 Feb 200842AWhat's leftREST
21 Feb 200654DWhat is leftREST
16 Sep 200411DWhat the defense may doREST
30 Oct 200218AWhat's leftREST
5 Dec 199533DWhat's leftREST
19 Jun 201414AWhat sport has divisions called chukkers?POLO
6 Aug 20176A"What nonsense!"BAH
14 May 200623D"What nonsense!"BAH
3 Nov 200297D"What nonsense!"BAH
7 Jul 201742DWhat may have a strong net effect?BOT
15 Jul 2018107AWhat the "s" stands for in "scuba"SELF
30 Apr 201840AWhat "I" or "me" refers toSELF
5 Jun 200818DWhat a person who's out may be inCOMA
4 Apr 20067DWhat a conk on the head may produceCOMA
3 Jul 200410AWhat someone who is out might be inCOMA
6 Oct 200013DWhat an out patient may be inCOMA
14 Feb 200068AWhat you might be in when you're outCOMA
1 Jan 201957AWhat's shaped at the gym, informallyBOD
26 Sep 199743A"What a ___!" (beach comment)BOD
2 Mar 199639AWhat lats and pecs adornBOD
17 Feb 201343AIt's good for what ails youSPA
16 Oct 201450AWhat you get for bringing someone homeRBI
6 Oct 201838AWhat finger wags indicateNONOS
2 Jan 20229DWhat's the point of leatherwork?AWL
5 Oct 2008117DWhat each starred clue — and its answer — containsTYPO
19 Aug 200133DWhat a follicle holdsOVUM
10 Mar 20158DWhat spin classes provide, informallyCARDIO
5 Sep 201221AWhat to call a ladyMAAM
3 Mar 200434DWhat to call a ladyMAAM
14 Jun 20016AWhat to call a ladyMAAM
6 Jul 199741AWhat to call a ladyMAAM
16 Dec 199661AWhat a cowboy calls a ladyMAAM
4 Jun 202119AWhat's always found in bed?OCEAN
23 Nov 201630D"What, me worry?" magazineMAD
30 Jul 20121D"What, me worry?" magazineMAD
4 Jun 201265D"What, me worry?" magazineMAD
21 Jan 201054AWhat might charge a going rate?LOO
11 Jan 202370AWith 71- and 72-Across, commits perjury … or what can be found four times in this puzzleLIES
17 Jul 201610DWhat may follow a breakdownTOW
12 May 201539DWhat tugboats doTOW
23 Sep 201042AWhat you might need after a breakdownTOW
8 Jun 200920AWhat a broken-down car may getTOW
18 Jun 199959DWhat you need after a breakdownTOW
30 Dec 201952DWhat a dog-walker holdsLEASH
3 Jan 201138AWhat a dog walker holds on toLEASH
22 Jun 202244AWhat you've got going for youASSET
25 Oct 201413DWhat you will?ASSET
17 Oct 20058DWhat usurers doLEND
8 Jun 200051DWhat libraries doLEND
3 Mar 201622AWhat the second letter of 17-Down stands for: Abbr.CAL
10 Jul 201433DWhat a punch may result in, brieflyTKO
1 Jan 20119DWhat stops swings, brieflyTKO
9 Jun 202326DWhat some QR codes containURLS
9 Dec 202326DWhat might be heard before a bustHITME
24 Apr 202040AWhat a person in trouble -- or performing on stage -- wantsHAND
7 Apr 201560AWhat's held in hold'emHAND
23 Jun 201431AWhat a card player is dealtHAND
28 Sep 201662DWhat "whisky" is to "whiskey": Abbr.VAR
20 Oct 202342AWhat red might indicateDEBT
16 Oct 20181DWhat many college students accrueDEBT
17 Sep 201712DWhat may grow with interestDEBT
18 Jan 20099DWhat shoppers may go intoDEBT
19 Oct 200361AWhat a marker indicatesDEBT
28 Oct 200944AWhat you might get in a boothTAN
21 Aug 200831D"Whatever shall I do?!"AHME
9 Jan 200667A"What is to be done?!"AHME
16 Jan 201652AWhat nobody can stand to make?LAP
21 Feb 201369AWhat cats and waves doLAP
14 Jul 201125DWhat cats do ... or sit onLAP
29 Jan 199822AWhat you stand to lose?LAP
12 Sep 201667AWhat a lipstick print signifiesKISS
2 Sep 199846AWhat X may representKISS
22 May 202157AWhat might help you get out of a rough spot?IRON
3 Jun 20137DWhat bodybuilders pumpIRON
30 May 200535DWhat spinach is rich inIRON
19 Dec 202225D"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
26 May 202063A"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
15 Jan 201819A"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
10 Apr 201758A"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
29 Jul 201426D"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
4 Feb 200318A"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
15 Apr 200266A"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
14 May 20018D"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
29 Sep 199761D"What's gotten ___ you?"INTO
31 Jul 199562AWhat's gotten ___ you?INTO
2 Aug 20122DWhat a keeper keepsINN
10 Mar 201161DWhat a keeper may keepINN
15 Oct 2006119AWhat a keeper may keepINN
13 Dec 200132DWhat a keeper may keepINN
24 Jan 200024AWhat a swollen joint should beICED
28 Nov 202337AWhat a street musician may use to collect tipsHAT
20 Mar 2022103DWhat, in multiple senses, might get tippedHAT
13 Mar 200564DWhat a tipper tipsHAT
23 Jul 20048DWhat androphobes fearMEN
21 Jul 202343AWhat I might beONE
6 Jan 202314DWhat a pointer finger can representONE
18 Nov 20224DWhat a raised index finger might representONE
27 Oct 202161DWhat the tangent of 45° is equal toONE
26 Mar 202126DWhat a raised index finger may stand forONE
7 Apr 201994AWith 95-Across, what often seems to disappear in a dryerONE
12 Mar 201839AWith 32-Across, what the answers to the starred clues each haveONE
21 Aug 201668AWhat might replace you?ONE
27 Jun 201446AWhat I can beONE
12 Sep 200944AWhat I might indicateONE
8 Jan 20067DWhat I will always be?ONE
8 Feb 20039DWhat I might mean?ONE
27 Jun 199741AWhat I may meanONE
14 Jan 2018107DWhat has casts of thousands?IMDB
15 Oct 202257ABoy who said "Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you what Christmas is all about"LINUS
8 Oct 201210DWhat a meteor looks like in the skySTREAK
8 Dec 202338DWhat's going on?ATTIRE
2 Jan 201020AWhat goes on?ATTIRE
5 Jun 201663DWhat the pros sayAYE
8 Dec 202350AWhat old memories often causeSENIORMOMENTS
8 Dec 202346AWhat a nod might indicateBID
6 Sep 201221AWhat a raised hand may signifyBID
30 Jun 202161DWhat might get under your collar?TIE
14 Jun 202082AWhat might be broken by doing a flip?TIE
9 Oct 200452DWhat 21-Across 51-Down isTIE
16 Nov 201535DWhat this means: 🙁SAD
8 Apr 201264DWhat a texter of ":-(" might beSAD
26 Nov 202028D"What can ___?"IDO
22 Mar 2015110D"What'll ___?"IDO
18 Oct 200623DPunch line to "What's the longest sentence in the English language?"IDO
8 Dec 202310AQuestion suggesting "What odd behavior!"WHODOESTHAT
8 Dec 20231D[So what?]SHRUG
12 Jun 202232AWhat seat selection on an airplane often comes withFEE
26 Apr 202019AWhat a plastic bag might come with, nowadaysFEE
9 May 201318DLiterary character who says "Gentle reader, may you never feel what I then felt!"EYRE
6 Apr 201215D"Gentle reader, may you never feel what I then felt!" speakerEYRE
4 Oct 202244DWhat a spell checker's red squiggly line indicatesERROR
26 Jun 20194DWhat autocorrect correctsERROR
13 Dec 201618DWhat "oopsy" signalsERROR
12 Aug 200747DWhat "[sic]" may signifyERROR
2 Aug 200611DWhat thsi clue hasERROR
31 May 201841DAnswer to the riddle "What cheese is made backward?"EDAM
24 May 201836DWhat queso de bola is another name forEDAM
15 Sep 199690DWhat's wrapped up in the whole ball of wax?EDAM
1 Jan 202343AWhat a V-sign might indicateTWO
17 Aug 202058DWhat it takes to tangoTWO
9 Oct 201832AWhat it takes to tangoTWO
12 Sep 201859AWhat the V sign can also representTWO
25 Sep 201730DWhat it takes to tangoTWO
23 Jan 201733DWhat it takes to tangoTWO
18 Jun 201339AWhat it takes to tangoTWO
4 May 200925AWhat it takes to tangoTWO
27 Feb 200665DWhat the "bi" in bicycle meansTWO
16 Oct 201725DWhat Doctors Without Borders providesAID
27 Jan 202138AWhat's what, in ItalyCHE
9 Jan 201623AWhat's what in Italy?CHE
8 Mar 2015114DWhat's that in Italy?CHE
20 Sep 201237AWhat's that in Italy?CHE
1 May 200863AWhat: It.CHE
14 Oct 200178DWhat's that, Carlo?CHE
18 Dec 202118DWhat may come as a relief?ALOE
14 Jul 20168DWhat may come as a relief?ALOE
13 Jul 200413DWhat stylophiles collectPENS
30 Nov 202246DWhat tomato sauce may do to a shirtSTAIN
4 Feb 200869AWhere "you can do whatever you feel," in a hit 1978 songYMCA
18 Apr 202160DWhat "/" may meanPER
22 Mar 20188DWhat "/" might signifyPER
10 Aug 20177DWhat a "/" may meanPER
21 May 201037AWhat a building inspector inspectsSITE
27 Sep 202313DWhat ":" might represent in a textEYES
19 Jul 202365AWhat some butterfly wings appear to haveEYES
13 Jun 2021107DWhat most spiders have eight ofEYES
14 Apr 202133AWhat the giant Argus has 100 of, in Greek mythEYES
7 Jun 202097DWhat contacts contactEYES
7 Sep 201815DWhat a colon might denoteEYES
30 Oct 201365AWhat a colon represents in an emoticonEYES
11 Sep 200656DWhat the starts of 18-, 27-, 43- and 57-Across all haveEYES
9 May 199665AWhat rakes makeEYES
9 Feb 202312DWhat is she in France?ELLE
25 Jun 201563AWhat the French might call 62-AcrossELLE
11 Dec 201022AWhat an aspiring model may readELLE
11 Mar 202137AWhat might come with a flat feeLEASE
14 Jan 20214DWhat a letter needsLEASE
4 Oct 201947DWhat an out-of-shape person might do while exercisingPUFF
18 Nov 202244DWhat you always get on your birthdayOLDER
16 Aug 20186DWhat you get, with timeOLDER
22 Oct 200868AWith 70-Across, what the end of 17-, 33-, 42- or 63-Across describesBED
22 Jan 2023113D"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" feelingESP
18 Sep 202130AWhat a ganzfeld experiment tests forESP
19 Jun 201964D"I know what you're thinking" feelingESP
7 Jan 201970A"I know what you're thinking" feeling, for shortESP
31 Dec 201785AIf you have it, you might know what this answer is without reading the clueESP
18 Sep 2016114DYou thinking what I'm thinking?ESP
23 Jun 201519A"I know what you're thinking" abilityESP
22 Apr 201333A"I know what you're thinking" ability, in briefESP
3 Jan 201258D"I know what you're thinking" skillESP
28 Apr 201059D"I know what you're thinking" skillESP
24 Dec 200747A"I know what you're thinking" claimESP
3 Jul 200723D"I know what you're thinking" abilityESP
22 Sep 202231AWhat some toy horses doROCK
28 Apr 2013101AWhat a fist might representROCK
26 Jun 202239D"What she said"YEAH
2 Apr 20198DWhen sung three times, what follows "She loves you"YEAH
14 Apr 201997ASome breads ... or a homophone for what bread loaves doRYES
26 Jul 201567D"Yeah, whatever you say"IBET
31 Jul 2022103DWhat concealer might concealACNE
23 Feb 201942AWhat ancient Egyptians treated with honeyACNE
15 Sep 201015AWhat adolescents may fightACNE
24 Jan 200050DWhat pack rats doSAVE
22 Oct 199842AWhat Band-Aids aidCUTS
1 Apr 20097DWhat is actor Stewart Granger's family name?STEWART
5 Dec 20232DWhat the Portuguese "senhor" meansSIR
26 Sep 202239AWhat to call a knightSIR
6 May 201932AWhat Marcie calls Peppermint Patty in "Peanuts"SIR
1 Nov 201570DWhat Marcie calls Peppermint Patty in "Peanuts"SIR
17 Jan 200935AWhat 16-Across has been called since 1998SIR
14 Nov 200550AWhat to call an officer, maybeSIR
25 Aug 200440DWhat a person may become when kneelingSIR
10 Dec 200250DWhat to call a knightSIR
7 Oct 20023DWhat to call an officerSIR
15 Mar 200066AWhat Marcie called 52-DownSIR
27 Oct 199966DWhat to call a baronetSIR
7 Jun 199916AWhat to call a sergeantSIR
18 May 201567AWhat crosswalks cross: Abbr.STS
26 Jan 201246AWhat may come from a sock?BAM
26 Jun 202296D"What did I tell you?"SEE
5 May 202262A"What'd I tell you?!"SEE
27 Sep 202154D"Get what I'm saying?"SEE
1 Apr 202122AWhat the Cyclops couldn't do after Odysseus tricked himSEE
4 Dec 201964A"What'd I tell you?"SEE
5 Mar 201763A"What'd I tell ya?"SEE
14 Sep 201556D"Get what I mean?"SEE
19 Aug 201419A"What did I tell you?"SEE
9 Jun 201431D"What did I tell you?"SEE
11 May 201473D"What'd I tell you?"SEE
29 Jul 201026A"What did I tell you?"SEE
5 Jan 201025AWith 46-Across, be angry ... or what you can do inside the answers to the six starred cluesSEE
30 Sep 200244A"What'd I tell ya?"SEE
12 Jun 200265D"What'd I tell you?!"SEE
15 Jun 200060D"What'd I tell ya?"SEE
20 Feb 200039A"What did I tell you?"SEE
16 Jun 199954D"What did I tell you?"SEE
21 Apr 199655A"What did I tell you?"SEE
5 May 202345DWhateverANY
13 Aug 201632AWhateverANY
1 Aug 201623DWhateverANY
13 Aug 20134DWhatever numberANY
24 Aug 20116DWhatever amountANY
13 Jun 201020DWhateverANY
14 Mar 20104DWhateverANY
24 May 200970AWhateverANY
10 Jan 20088DIn whatever quantityANY
14 Nov 200766AWhatever amountANY
12 Jul 200563DWhateverANY
23 May 2004117DWhateverANY
9 Jun 200291AWhateverANY
24 Nov 200131DWhateverANY
12 Nov 19997DWhateverANY
10 Sep 199812DWhateverANY
31 Mar 199430DWhateverANY
23 Aug 202244AWhat makes clay clammy?EMS
25 Mar 201762DWhat moms have that dads don't?EMS
8 May 201455DWhat dialing 911 may bringEMS
13 Feb 200110AWhat "m" is in F = maMASS
11 Oct 202354A"Whatevs"MEH
23 Aug 201546D"Whatever"MEH
4 Mar 201327D"Whatever"MEH
14 Oct 201268D"Whatever"MEH
13 Apr 20196DSay "what?," sayASK
27 Dec 201144A"___ not what your country ..."ASK
14 Nov 19999D"What would you like to know?"ASK
22 May 201833DWhat landlubbers don't like to beASEA
16 Jun 202344A"What's happening?"SUP
13 Jul 202147A"Yo, what's happening"SUP
29 Apr 201620A"What's hangin'?"SUP
11 Aug 202237AWith 40-Across, what's fatefully "cast" in a quote attributed to Julius Caesar [German]THE
14 Jul 202161AWith 14-Down, what "Fin" might meanTHE
17 Dec 201866A"What ___?!" (cry of surprise)THE
22 Aug 201832D"What ___?!"THE
5 Aug 20114DWith 5-Down, what iconoclasts breakTHE
22 Feb 200630A"What ___ ...?"THE
18 Feb 199611D"What___..." (cry of surprise)THE
25 Sep 201223AYear of the ___ (what 2008-09 was)RAT
28 Feb 202015AWhat mustache-twirling might suggestEVIL
24 Nov 201647DWhat superheroes battleEVIL
9 Jan 201611D"___ is whatever distracts": KafkaEVIL
12 Feb 200133D"Who knows what ___ lurks ..."EVIL
22 Oct 199721DWhat lurks in the hearts of menEVIL
29 Nov 202136A"What ___ the chances?"ARE
27 Jun 202138AWhat might follow youARE
30 Aug 202054AWhat may come after youARE
20 Dec 201913DWhat "r" might signifyARE
14 Aug 201952A"What ___ the odds?"ARE
10 Aug 201958DWhat you can take that I can't?ARE
24 Jul 201943AWhat "bist" means in the 1930s hit "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen"ARE
21 Jun 201849AWhat you may have that I can't?ARE
1 Jun 201859AWhat the French "es," "sont" and "sommes" all meanARE
3 Feb 201666A"What ___ the odds?!"ARE
24 Feb 201461D"What ___ the chances?"ARE
19 May 201383AWhat often follows youARE
13 May 201355A"You ___ what you eat"ARE
18 Mar 20112DWhat may be coming after youARE
16 Aug 20105D"What ___ the chances?"ARE
21 Apr 201057A"What ___ the chances?"ARE
8 Jul 200869A"What ___ the chances?"ARE
4 Mar 200838A"What ___ the odds?"ARE
2 Feb 200380DWhat may follow youARE
9 Oct 200062A"What ___ our chances?"ARE
22 Mar 199937D"What ___ you getting at?"ARE
9 Aug 199835D"What ___ the odds?"ARE
2 Jul 199866A"What ___ you saying?"ARE
2 Dec 199725A"What ___ the odds?"ARE
2 Sep 199642A"What ___ the odds?"ARE
24 May 20073DWith 2-Down, what a villain may come toBAD
9 Dec 202052DWhat incubators provideHEAT
14 Jan 201874AWhat a conductor might conductHEAT
1 Jul 201249DWhat a thermometer measuresHEAT
25 May 200557AWhat mobsters packHEAT
23 Mar 200068AWhat mobsters packHEAT
31 Aug 201956AWhat Denver's airport has a special carousel forSKIS
23 Dec 200034AWhat a pickup might pick up?TON
27 Sep 201422AWhat was once cool?KEEN
21 Mar 200352DDoing what needs to be doneONIT
19 Jun 20145DWhat best-selling 2004 young adult novel was written entirely in the form of instant messages?TTYL
7 Jul 20159DWhat's even on a ship?KEEL
18 Mar 201533DWhat a ship's ribs are connected toKEEL
24 Feb 202227DWhat makes you uniqueDNA
4 Feb 2018119DWhat makes you you?DNA
5 May 201356DWhat makes you you?DNA
30 Aug 201742AWhat comes in waves?RADIO
11 Nov 201752DWhat a marker may markMILE
25 Sep 199628DWhat a marker may markMILE
8 Feb 202129DWhat's left in a fireplaceASH
5 May 202035AWhat's flicked from a cigaretteASH
29 Jul 201942AWhat's dropped off a cigaretteASH
24 Oct 201510DWhat a firefighter might leave footprints inASH
5 Mar 202378DWhat goes "up to 11," in "Spinal Tap"AMP
16 Jan 202331DWhat a guitar cable might plug intoAMP
13 Dec 201061DWhat a guitar may be hooked up toAMP
30 Oct 201619AWhat sweet gestures may meanALOT
28 Dec 20001AWhat this puzzle is designed to elicitAHS
20 Jun 200451DWhat E. coli eatAGAR
27 Mar 201649DWhat a bandoleer holdsAMMO
19 Feb 20142DWhat might go on a beltAMMO
30 Dec 202226AWhat comes before a finalSEMI
22 Dec 201848DWhat Brits call an "articulated lorry"SEMI
7 Mar 201549AWhat often produces passing thoughts?SEMI
18 Nov 202029D"What's the big ___?"DEAL
5 Nov 201971A"What's the ___?"DEAL
18 Oct 202362AWhat a server may "serve"EMAIL
14 May 2023105DWhat might have attachment issues?EMAIL
9 Feb 202134AWhat a "swoooosh" sound may signal is on its wayEMAIL
13 Sep 202074AWhat a pointless meeting probably should have been handled byEMAIL
7 Aug 200831DWhat a server may serveEMAIL
1 Apr 201921DWhat cigarette filters are supposed to blockTAR
10 Feb 201987DWhat "light" cigarettes are lower inTAR
28 Sep 201720AWhat naphthalene is distilled fromTAR
9 Aug 200630AWhat a steamroller steamrollsTAR
7 Jul 201913DWhat dashes may represent in internet searchesNOTS
8 Aug 202040AWhat was originally used as a yellow dye before its best-known property was discoveredTNT
19 May 201542AWhat can make molehills out of a mountain?TNT
28 Sep 201150DWhat might make molehills out of a mountain?TNT
16 Jan 200959ASomewhat denseSLOW
7 Jan 202039AWhat the "E" stands for in HOMESERIE
30 Sep 201967ALake ___ (what separates Ohio and Ontario)ERIE
4 Dec 202361AWhat a toddler in a snowsuit might be pullingSLED
11 Dec 202215AWhat a cafeteria tray can be used asSLED
9 Mar 202156DWhat every make of auto hasNAME
27 Aug 201947A"What's in a ___?" (line from Juliet)NAME
20 Dec 200542A"What's in a ___?": JulietNAME
20 Aug 1995108AWhat Lucy Stone kept at her 1855 weddingNAME
12 Mar 2017117DInternet ___ (what we live in)ERA
14 Oct 201535AWhat a shutout lowers, for shortERA
8 Jun 200022AWhat DiCaprio isn't, astrologicallyLEO
27 Dec 202169AWhat's inside an inner tubeAIR
6 Feb 201638AWhat some pockets are filled withAIR
24 Jun 202255DWhat Salt-N-Pepa were not, despite their nameDUO
4 May 202158AWhat coaches on star-laden teams must handleEGOS
19 Jul 201934DWhat team leaders must frequently manageEGOS
28 Jul 200859DWhat modest people lackEGOS
11 Mar 202352DU.S. government product made at twice the cost of what it's worthCENT
12 Jul 20106DWhat buffalo do in "Home on the Range"ROAM
16 Sep 200855AWhat nomads doROAM
1 Dec 201926DWhat avengers getEVEN
28 Jul 201634DWhat people who are hurt may try to getEVEN
18 Nov 199866AWhat feuding families may getEVEN
25 Apr 199756DWhat one isn'tEVEN
11 Oct 201936AWhat often follows thunder and lightningBOLT
31 May 201818DNot what Indiana joneses forASPS
17 Nov 202347AWhat may be behind the curtainTUB
27 Nov 201810AWhat may hold a bather or butterTUB
16 May 201865D"What a shame!"TSK
30 Jul 202124AWhat "2" can meanTOO
17 Jan 202060AWhat precedes the season?TIS
4 Feb 201663AWhat precedes the season?TIS
8 Dec 202231AWhat a monkey has that an ape doesn'tTAIL
2 Mar 200950AWhat you might catch a tiger by, in a sayingTAIL
2 Jun 200854DWhat a donkey gets at a children's partyTAIL
3 Dec 202374AWhat a token may resembleCOIN
28 Nov 202356DWhat you might say as you crack open a beerTGIF
26 Dec 201958D"What a long week!"TGIF
25 Sep 201252D"Whew! What a long week!"TGIF
10 Aug 202362DWhat's added atop a croque-monsieur to make it a croque-madameEGG
18 May 201511DWhat might be cooked once over easyEGG
22 Mar 201427DWhat an 18-Across's capacity is measured in, brieflyMEGS
16 Jul 201815AWhat a fisherman might bring home even if he doesn't catch any fishTALE
22 Sep 201321AWhat X-O-X lacks?TAC
8 Feb 201598DWhat a general may leadJUNTA
7 Apr 201064AWhat "........" means to a typesetterSTET
18 Nov 2007106DWhat a line of dots may signifySTET
21 Dec 201725AWhat does follow?STAG
22 Oct 199648DWhat does attractSTAG
25 Aug 201236DWhat some gurus are calledSRI
29 Jul 201142DWhat a guru might be calledSRI
22 Apr 200665DWhat many an Indian is calledSRI
8 Jul 201949DWhat an email filter filtersSPAM
22 Sep 2019105AWhat it is to kill a mockingbird, in "To Kill a Mockingbird"SIN
31 Aug 201522AWhat a priest may absolveSIN
19 Nov 200710DWhat it is "to tell a lie"SIN
4 Oct 201512DWhat knows the drill, for short?ROTC
13 Nov 202366AWhat's tugged in tug of warROPE
2 Aug 202140AWhat's pulled through a pulleyROPE
5 Nov 20214DWhat something bacillary is shaped likeROD
9 Jan 201943AWhat Gollum calls "my precious"RING
14 Nov 201619DWhat the best man holds for the groomRING
3 Nov 202318DWhat a pluviometer measuresRAIN
8 Jan 201627AWhat Indiana University's superimposed "I" and "U" looks likePSI
21 Sep 200211DWhat Hercules captured from GeryonOXEN
2 Nov 202155DWhat's black and white and a threat all over?ORCA
29 Aug 202182D"What's ___, Doc?" (old Bugs Bunny short)OPERA
26 Nov 201534D"What's ___, Doc?" (classic Bugs Bunny short)OPERA
29 Mar 200055AWhat the fat lady sings?OPERA
9 Oct 202143D[I can't believe what I just read]OMG
15 Jul 201834DWhat dark clouds might representOMEN
6 Nov 201510DWhat a mystic might look forOMEN
9 Oct 201470AWhat a prophet may look forOMEN
18 Jul 200556DWhat a prophet readsOMEN
4 Nov 20216DWhat secures a kimonoOBI
9 Oct 201824AWhat a kitten is picked up byNAPE
25 Apr 201770AWhat a ponytail partially coversNAPE
17 Nov 201554DWhat's exposed by a ponytailNAPE
4 Jun 201554DWhat a collar may coverNAPE
25 Jun 202360AWhat's said in passing?NAH
22 Aug 199933DWhat Mr. Brown can do, in a Dr. Seuss titleMOO
2 Dec 201756DWhat doesn't go to great lengths?MINI
6 Aug 20121AWhat a slob makesMESS
25 Apr 201220DWhat a slob leavesMESS
16 Mar 20231AWhat Do You ___? (popular modern party game)MEME
2 Dec 202239AWhat may come as a relief?MAP
13 May 202120AWhat's on the agendaITEM
29 Apr 200192DWhatsisITEM
11 Apr 202310DWhat is offered when you call 411INFO
13 Dec 201654DWhat a help desk providesINFO
12 Feb 202329AWhatsApp transmissions, brieflyIMS
22 Aug 20194DResponds to on WhatsApp, sayIMS
6 Nov 201629DUses WhatsApp, sayIMS
24 Apr 201648DWhat a limo may be forHIRE
17 Jan 201260DWhat a seamstress may take upHEM
17 Apr 201438AWhat pitchforks pitchHAY
12 Jul 201030DWhat a farmer balesHAY
23 Jul 200334AWhat "that" ain'tHAY
10 Feb 199410DWhat "that" ain'tHAY
2 May 201953AWhat's packed in a backpackGEAR
15 Nov 20226AWhat Jupiter and Saturn are made ofGAS
12 Sep 202236AWhat electric cars don't needGAS
5 Nov 202033AWhat the sun and Sunoco have in commonGAS
1 Mar 201615D"What a ___!"GAS
9 Aug 202361DWhat "Gras" means in "Mardi Gras"FAT
14 Mar 20231AWhat butchers trim awayFAT
12 Jul 20219DWhat Jack Sprat couldn't eat, in a nursery rhymeFAT
6 Mar 20171DWhat the "Gras" of Mardi Gras meansFAT
29 Mar 201661DWhat beef marbling isFAT
21 Mar 2021101ATarget of the heckle "What game are you watching?!"REF
2 Oct 20121DOne who knows what it means to travelREF
3 Nov 200555D"A Wild ___" (cartoon in which Bugs Bunny first says "What's up, Doc?")HARE
8 May 199829AWhat rhabdomantists doDOWSE
4 Nov 201644D"What a knockout!"OOLALA
5 Sep 201922AWhat filler necks connect toGASTANKS
19 Nov 201522AWhat may give an artistic bias?EASEL
23 Nov 202119A"What time?"WHEN
2 Apr 199850DUnder what circumstancesWHEN
23 May 199446DAt what time?WHEN
3 Dec 202355AWhat nocturnal polysomnography may detectSLEEPAPNEA
8 Feb 201363AWhat might be treated with vitamin A megadosesMEASLES
9 Jul 201856AWhat a relaxed soldier is atEASE
19 Apr 201753DWhat pros handle things withEASE
1 Apr 201566AWhat you might solve a puzzle withEASE
25 Oct 201434DWhat a soldier may be at?EASE
12 Jul 201225DWhat Fred Astaire danced withEASE
22 Aug 2010113DWhat lotus-eaters enjoyEASE
10 Sep 202241A"What's the ___?"PLAN
14 Sep 201726AWhat comes before a clue?GET
19 May 202357DWhat might address a gray areaDYE
10 Sep 202255DWhat gray is usually notDYE
30 Jul 201524DWhat a title may come withLIEN
14 Sep 201539AWhat a fawn might grow intoDOE
8 Oct 202364AWhat's the holdup?LAG
26 Feb 201269DWhat echoes doLAG
10 Jul 202348AWhat might be arranged after one swipes rightDATE
10 Aug 202312DSomewhat offAWRY
8 Apr 201745DWhat's often debuggedCODE
17 Jun 200833DWhat a programmer writesCODE
27 Mar 201166AWhat you used to be?THOU
23 Jun 199447DWhat you used to beTHOU
26 Feb 202313DWhat's still in cartoons?CEL
27 Dec 201645AWhat framed Roger Rabbit?CEL
27 Jun 201212DWhat framed Roger Rabbit?CEL
18 Mar 202345AWhat a retractable pen lacksCAP
10 Jun 201221AWhat a koala really isn'tBEAR
10 Aug 200658AWhat the king of diamonds holdsAXE
10 Mar 200411DWhat Carry Nation carriedAXE
12 Apr 200237AWhat a feller needsAXE
2 Dec 202325AWhat to do?AGENDA
13 May 20164DWhat a chair coversAGENDA
9 Aug 201571AWhat a chair might provideAGENDA
20 Dec 201354AWhat a chair needsAGENDA
19 Aug 2012120AWhat a chair may holdAGENDA
7 Aug 201118DWhat a chair should cover?AGENDA
19 Jul 1998128AWhat to doAGENDA
20 Jun 202256DWhat you park in a driveway or drive on a parkwayAUTO
26 Nov 202156DWhat you might unthinkingly be onAUTO
7 Sep 202156DWhat thoughtless people may be on?AUTO
23 Jun 201513AWhat drives on a parkway and parks on a drivewayAUTO
23 Feb 201518AWhat a garage protectsAUTO
24 Sep 202355AWhat a metronome setsTEMPO
14 May 201469AWhat a metronome regulatesTEMPO
8 Apr 201232DWhat [wink wink] may signifyHINT
29 Oct 201918A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
4 Sep 201840D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
27 Oct 201462A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
27 Dec 201064A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
22 Dec 200818D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
22 May 200742A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
16 Nov 200452D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
12 Oct 200458D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
24 Aug 200335A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
31 Oct 200141A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
14 Sep 199961D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
17 May 199917D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
13 Oct 199857D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
10 Feb 199770A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
28 Feb 199624D"What's___for me?"INIT
26 Dec 199419A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
28 Feb 199423A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
26 Feb 201523AElvis's "What'd I Say" vis-à-vis "Viva Las Vegas"ASIDE
27 Jun 20206DWhat to do if you'd like a handANTE
16 May 201069DWhat you may need to do to get a handANTE
5 Mar 20031DWhat you may do to get a handANTE
23 Jun 199854DWhat's required to be "in"ANTE
2 Dec 202340AWhat's spread all over southern France?TAPENADE
4 Sep 2022119AWhat parallel lines never doMEET
20 Dec 20182DWhat parallel lines never doMEET
4 Sep 201222AWhat nonparallel lines do eventuallyMEET
29 Aug 201132DWhat a murder suspect needsALIBI
2 Mar 201125DWhat an accused perpetrator needsALIBI
3 Dec 200717AAlda of "What Women Want"ALAN
8 Jun 20174D"Our deeds still travel with us from ___, / And what we have been makes us what we are": George EliotAFAR
7 Jul 2013125DWhat this puzzle may make you sayAHA
19 Oct 201135DWhat a teacher likes to hear from a pupilAHA
25 Dec 200270AWhat you may say when you crack the caseAHA
24 Nov 199750A"So that's what you meant!"AHA
13 Jul 199528D"So that's what you mean!"AHA
8 Oct 2023105DSomewhatABIT
17 Sep 20236DSomewhatABIT
8 Mar 202361ASomewhatABIT
8 Jun 202239DSomewhatABIT
5 Jun 202221ASomewhatABIT
7 Feb 202216ASomewhatABIT
10 Feb 201950DSomewhatABIT
22 Jan 201822ASomewhatABIT
17 Aug 20171ASomewhatABIT
10 Aug 201747DSomewhatABIT
30 Mar 201721ASomewhatABIT
6 Jan 201527DSomewhatABIT
29 Dec 201427ASomewhatABIT
14 Jul 201355ASomewhatABIT
5 Mar 201340DSomewhatABIT
6 Sep 201211DSomewhatABIT
7 Nov 201134ASomewhatABIT
10 Oct 20112DSomewhatABIT
23 Aug 20117DSomewhatABIT
7 Jul 20102DSomewhatABIT
11 Mar 201036ASomewhatABIT
16 Dec 20086DSomewhatABIT
26 Jul 200756DSomewhatABIT
3 Oct 200639DSomewhatABIT
28 May 200615ASomewhatABIT
5 Dec 200040ASomewhatABIT
6 Jul 199785ASomewhatABIT
18 Aug 202044A"If ___ doesn't make us better, then what on earth is it for?": Alice WalkerART
16 Jun 202062DWhat curators curateART
11 Mar 202034DWhat MoMA knows best?ART
28 Nov 20189D"What you can get away with," according to Andy WarholART
16 Sep 201814DWhat's better when it's fine?ART
24 Nov 201724DWhat we have "in order not to die of the truth," per NietzscheART
2 Sep 201652D"What you can get away with," according to Andy WarholART
18 Nov 201562D"Not what you see, but what you make others see," per DegasART
27 May 201513DMuch of what is auctioned at Sotheby'sART
29 Jul 2007114A"What Is ___?" (Tolstoy essay)ART
23 Sep 202324AWhat might be found in a bedORE
23 Mar 202119AWhat's mined to keep?ORE
10 Jan 201540DWhat might be grabbed in a rushORE
19 Jun 20148DWhat is 1/100 of a Danish krone?ORE
1 Dec 201317DWhat a picker may pickORE
25 Jun 201316AWhat may be under a mountaintopORE
18 Jan 20138DWhat to take the lead fromORE
4 Jul 201092DWhat's mined to keep?ORE
2 Aug 20203D"What's your ___?" (question to a guest en route)ETA
26 Oct 201463DWhat fog might delay, for shortETA
14 Nov 201211AWhat a clock checker might want to know, in briefETA
14 Apr 201979AWhat you might write to someone you likeODE
27 Jul 201722AWhat might be written to a famous personODE
21 Jul 202319AWhat follows both the living and dead?END
14 Jan 201884D"To what ___?"END
15 Nov 201771AWhat curtains may signifyEND
31 Aug 201741AWhat a Möbius strip lacksEND
28 Dec 201163DWhat this is, fittinglyEND
2 Feb 200942AWhat boring things never seem to doEND
11 Sep 202210DWhat three dots might meanESS
20 Jun 202114DWhat "..." may representESS
12 Feb 201791AWhat's right in front of the tee?ESS
11 Mar 201614DWhat makes a top stop?ESS
18 Mar 201541AWhat makes a cat scat?ESS
28 Aug 201441AWhat makes a top stop?ESS
14 Nov 201220AWhat opens and closes safes?ESS
23 Apr 201133DWhat may come after an heir?ESS
22 Sep 201013DWhat's extracted from soil to get oil?ESS
14 Sep 20101DWhat makes a pin spin?ESS
20 Aug 202343DWhat makes her hear?ANA
9 Aug 201822AWhat Alabama cheerleaders often request?ANA
1 May 200743AWhat Alabama cheerleaders say to "gimme" four timesANA
23 Dec 201852DWhat comes before "B"?ORAL
13 Jul 202342AWhat a nod usually meansYES
20 May 202121D"What is it?"YES
17 May 202167AWhat the circled letters all meanYES
14 Jan 202133AWhat a nod may signifyYES
1 Sep 201967DWhat the thumbs-up emoji can meanYES
19 May 2019111AWhat the Czech word "ano" means in English, paradoxicallyYES
29 Oct 201830AWhat "I do" meansYES
2 Sep 201868A"What is it?"YES
2 Sep 201551D"What is it?"YES
17 Sep 201360DWhat "aye" meansYES
5 Feb 201365AWhat a nod may meanYES
21 Jan 201144D"That's what I'm talkin' about!"YES
13 Jun 200742DWhat a nod may meanYES
25 Jan 200236DWhat a nod may meanYES
27 Jul 201627A"That's what ___ said!"SHE
18 Oct 201221D"That's what ___ said"SHE
18 Sep 2011105D"What ___ said"SHE
14 Aug 200039D"What ___ Is" (1988 #1 country hit)SHE
11 Jul 201534AWhat may be attached to cortexes?NEO
14 Sep 202361DWhat an impostor tries to sellLIE
18 Jun 202324DWhat many people do on their dating profilesLIE
7 Nov 202257AWhat hips don't do, per a Shakira hitLIE
5 Jan 202230A"Thanks, it's just what I've always wanted," oftenLIE
17 Sep 201223AWhat "can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes," per Mark TwainLIE
18 Nov 2007101ASay what isn't soLIE
5 Jul 201631DWhat may be pictured on a 59-AcrossISLE
8 Apr 201875AWhat a Möbius strip lacksENDS
13 Jan 20107DWhat circles lackENDS
25 Jun 200968AWhat circles lackENDS
5 Sep 200673AWhat a ring doesn't haveENDS
26 Sep 199422AWhat a ring lacksENDS
31 Aug 20234D"What ___ missing?"AMI
26 Oct 202146A"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
18 May 202021D"What ___?" (end of a riddle)AMI
27 Mar 201763D"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
24 Aug 201536A"What a good boy ___!": Little Jack HornerAMI
22 Jan 201363D"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
21 Jul 201156D"What a good boy ___!"AMI
18 May 201018A"What ___ to do?"AMI
28 Oct 200830D"What a good boy ___!"AMI
9 Feb 200358A"What Kind of Fool ___"AMI
26 Mar 200257A"What Kind of Fool ___?"AMI
26 Jun 200144A"What a good boy ___!"AMI
8 May 200111D"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
23 Jan 200143A"What Kind of Fool ___?"AMI
22 Nov 200010D"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
31 Aug 200029A"What ___ to do?"AMI
19 Jul 200043A"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
27 Jun 200024A"What a good boy ___!"AMI
14 Dec 199940A"What Kind of Fool ___" (1962 hit)AMI
24 May 199857A"What Kind of Fool ___"AMI
21 Apr 199840D"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
16 Mar 199548A"What a good boy ___"AMI
14 Sep 199433A"What Kind of Fool ___"AMI
23 Aug 19944D"What ___, chopped liver?"AMI
17 Feb 201327AWhat a faker may put onACT
6 Jun 20081DWhat a scene is seen inACT
25 Jan 1998112DSomewhat exotic meatEMU
6 Jan 201069AWhat every inning has three of?ENS
7 Jul 199736DWhat may be followed by improved service?LET
18 Oct 202011DWhat Mrs. Potts and Chip serve in "Beauty and the Beast"TEA
17 Sep 201359DWhat a caddy may holdTEA
1 Jul 20106DWhat the Mad Hatter pours on the Dormouse to wake it upTEA
10 Aug 200930DWhat the Hatter and the March Hare drankTEA
25 Jun 200519DWhat some balls are filled withTEA
20 Jan 200557AWhat's brewing, perhapsTEA
29 Jul 201530AWhat a line drive lacksARC
23 Nov 201449DWhat doesn't come full circle?ARC
13 Apr 201475AWhat pop-ups doARC
5 Apr 20204D"What a relief!"AAH
30 Mar 20162DWhat a doctor may have you sayAAH
1 Mar 201025DWhat to say to a doctor with a tongue depressorAAH
22 Oct 200761DWhat a doctor might ask you to sayAAH
1 Feb 200640A"What a relief!"AAH
2 Aug 200029D"What a relief!"AAH
22 Nov 19987DWhat to say to a doctorAAH
26 Jan 199742DWhat's all the screaming about?IDOL
3 Nov 202240AWorks at a restaurant … or what many diners experience at popular restaurantsWAITS
29 Oct 201918A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
4 Sep 201840D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
27 Oct 201462A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
27 Dec 201064A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
22 Dec 200818D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
22 May 200742A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
16 Nov 200452D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
12 Oct 200458D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
24 Aug 200335A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
31 Oct 200141A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
14 Sep 199961D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
17 May 199917D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
13 Oct 199857D"What's ___ for me?"INIT
10 Feb 199770A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
28 Feb 199624D"What's___for me?"INIT
26 Dec 199419A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
28 Feb 199423A"What's ___ for me?"INIT
2 Jul 201133AWhat may appear after washing or bakingSODA
26 Oct 202265D___-compliant (what public facilities must be, in brief)ADA
29 Oct 202224DWhat the instruments erkencho and shofar are made ofHORNS
21 Feb 201619DWhat the Olympic sport of skeleton involvesSLEDS
19 Apr 201710DWhat a radius is part ofARM
9 Mar 201524AWhat a sleeve coversARM
22 Jun 201520A"What goes around comes around" principleKARMA
25 Feb 201065AWhat a getaway car may be waiting inIDLE
8 Oct 202054DOrg.? What org.?NSA
12 Feb 202132ACompany whose most famous product once claimed it "does what Nintendon't"SEGA
2 Mar 200435A"___ does what Nintendon't" (old slogan)SEGA
28 Jul 202318AWhat some leads doGOCOLD
3 Sep 201760AWhat the Tower of London was for over 850 yearsGAOL
25 Mar 202328AWhat can follow follow, sneak or checkUPON
11 Feb 201532DWhat Vegas doesn't have?LAS
9 Aug 202237AWhat "C" faucets are in Italy, confusinglyHOT
5 Feb 2023115DShow with a "What's Up With That?" segment, for shortSNL
30 Nov 202313DWhat Tupperware containers do, helpfullyNEST
30 Oct 201547DWhat matryoshka dolls doNEST
29 Jun 200647DWhat Dr. Mom administersTLC
30 Jun 200560DWhat patients need, for shortTLC
6 Jun 200495AWhat good R.N.'s dispenseTLC
17 Feb 200265DWhat a hosp. may provideTLC
13 Aug 201354AWhat horizontal head shakes signifyNOS
26 Aug 2007111DThey were worth $5 each on "What's My Line?"NOS
29 May 202242AThey watch what you eat, for shortFDA

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